Cameron responds to Flacco’s criticism

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The Ravens sat on an early lead against the Browns last Saturday, which led Joe Flacco to lobbing a request through the media to his offensive coordinator.

“There [have] been games this year where we’ve come out throwing the ball because we’ve been down a lot, and you guys have all complained about it,” Flacco said via the Baltimore Sun. “And now this week we came out and we honestly played conservative, and when we didn’t, we missed a couple of plays.

“I wish you guys would help me out a little bit and start complaining that we played a little bit too conservative and put pressure on our coaches not to do that.”

Flacco said it with a laugh to show it was all in good fun. But he was only half-joking. Like any good humor, there was a large element of truth to it.

Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron responded during the week.

“Number one, I’m not going to listen to anything you guys say,” Cameron told reporters Thursday. “But no, we’ll listen to what Joe has to say. I almost thought of telling Joe, ‘Those words are hurtful. You’re not coming to the pancake social.’”

Well played. Cameron says the team looked more conservative than they intended against the Browns because of a lack of execution. There were three drops and a Flacco interception in the second half.

Without Anquan Boldin, the already-limited Ravens passing attack looks more erratic. Ray Rice should be the centerpiece of the offense.

Then again, the Ravens would be playing to the Bengals’ defensive strength by simply pounding the ball this Sunday. They need Flacco to come through.

“I know this, Joe and I will be on the same page,” Cameron said.

If not, Flacco and Cameron could be playing on the road next week instead of enjoying a bye.

58 responses to “Cameron responds to Flacco’s criticism

  1. Gregg.

    Cameron’s “pancake social” remark was a joke. There’s a local Geico cavemen commercial here where the caveman says that to Brian Orakpo.

  2. That commercial isn’t “local” and Flacco is sounding more and more like a neandrathal himself. He’s Mark Sanchez with a better supporting caset.

  3. This wasn’t a ‘criticize Flacco’ article, it was a ‘criticize Cameron’ article. Which I’ve heard LOTS of Ravens fans doing on the local sports talk radio shows, for the past 3 years – so Flacco is in good company with his comments!

  4. The Cameron Copout – “lack of execution.”

    We’ve heard it over and over again. And then when he gives Ray Rice only 7 touches in a game it’s “we should’ve given Rice the ball more. He’s our playmaker.” It takes all the guys on the field and the sideline to really play the game but this is getting tiresome. I used to give Cameron the benefit of the doubt but he’s beginning to look like one of those egotistical coaches where it’s his way and his way only. While I obviously don’t know that for a fact, when the teams owner gives you an ultimatum at the end of last season it doesn’t exactly bode well for you as a coach.

  5. Yet, everytime they try to be agressive Flacco’s there to remind them he’s nothing more than a Trent Dilfer clone, a caretaker at best, 9 out of 10 times they need him to be something else he will throw an INT or another boneheaded throw… Flacco’s not a 2nd tier QB, he’s right there with Colt McCoy and the rest, Matt Moore’s more talented than he is.

  6. This is the same kind of snide comment Flacco made in the off season about Cameron. How is it that Harbaugh has allowed that issue to still be unresolved?

    I would put more weight behind Flacco’s comment if his name was Brees or Brady. But then again Brees and Brady are way too smart to do something so stupid.

  7. I think Lee Evans could be the difference for this team going forward – Just kidding – What a bad trade.

  8. “But no, we’ll listen to what Joe has to say. I almost thought of telling Joe, ‘Those words are hurtful. You’re not coming to the pancake social.’”

    +1 Cam Cameron

  9. For a team that is considered an elite team and one that has a legit chance to get to the Super Bowl they sure cry a lot. They must pick this up from their coach, it is a Hairbaall trait.

  10. Too many changes in one year for Flacco. Removal of a QB coach (perviously held by Jim Zorn and Hue Jackson before that). Loss of “hands” recievers of Mason and Heap. All told, the adjustments have gone well. Thank you Torrey Smith for stepping up. But dust ups with the OC have not been buffered by a QB coach and I have definite sense that Cameron and Joe are not on the same page at times.

    If Ravens are one and done, or if they struggle on the offensive side in the playoffs and this Sunday Cameron is gone.

    I love the “Joe meet Norv” comment. I would have no issue with that at all.

  11. outsiderj says:
    Dec 30, 2011 9:41 AM

    Cameron’s “pancake social” remark was a joke. There’s a local Geico cavemen commercial here where the caveman says that to Brian Orakpo.


  12. Caveman: “Joe, what’s that word?”

    Joe Flacco: “Flaccoed? It’s another word for interception.”

  13. outsiderj says:
    Dec 30, 2011 9:41 AM

    Cameron’s “pancake social” remark was a joke. There’s a local Geico cavemen commercial here where the caveman says that to Brian Orakpo.

    What is it about that article that makes you think he didn’t know it was a joke?

    I’m pretty sure that’s why Gregg said “well played”. Instantly defused the situation by making a humorous reference that anyone who has watched 10 minutes of an NFL game in the last month would get.

  14. “Joe Flaccos mouth has been bigger than his arm”

    Im sure the Steelers don’t think so. And Bengals, oh yeah and the Texans. All potential playoff teams he had good passing game against. Sorry my facts interrupted the ignorance. My bad.

  15. It was obvious the writer knew the “pancake social” remark was a joke … he even provided a link. Yet, the sarcasm flew right over someone’s head. Sum peepel is stoopid.

  16. At least us CLE fans can live vicariously through the Purple Browns. There’s no way CLE fans would be nit-picking the QB/OC like you Baltimorons or would need a BOGO to sell out a freaking win-and-in game like the toothless-nati’s! Pathetic fans all of you! You don’t deserve playoff teams – the REAL Browns fans do!

  17. Joe is being snide with the media not Cam. Joe is constantly compared to Roethlisberger and he doesn’t get why Ben is treated like a future HOFer and he’s treated like the problem by the media. Joe will probably have his third year in a row with 3600 yards. Ben didn’t get 3600 yards until his 6th season. Joe has never thrown for more than 12 ints while Ben had 23 in one season and has more ints than Joe this season. Joe played through an injured foot his second season, but was never considered a hero. He’s been to the playoffs and won a playoff game each year. He’s never been in trouble outside of football. And yet the local media in Baltimore would choose Ben over Joe mainly because they’ve bought the national hype that Ben is an elite tough as nails QB while Joe is a QB that can’t win the big games.

  18. @barklikeadog

    And that’s the difference between the “most loyal fans in football” Browns fans and Ravens fans. Ravens fans complain, unjustly or rightfully so, because they have rarely had terrible years since 2000. A playoff berth is great but after 3 years straight of not progressing, it gets old. There comes a point where the playoff’s are simply not enough anymore. Browns have had 1 playoff game/2 .500+ seasons since they’ve come back. Shame on you for not complaining about your constantly mediocre team/drafting abilities. Joe Thomas and Josh Cribbs are rotting away on that team. You shouldn’t have to vicariously live through your old team when the NFL is set up to where most teams are competive every couple of years. Hell, even the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl.

    As for the BOGO comment, has that ever been done before because I agree with you on that one.

  19. Cam Cameron needs to be putting his head in the playbook and devising some serious schemes for the playoffs….instead of making his stupid comments….reason being, if he doesn’t he is gone.

    It is obvious him and Flacco just do not get along. Truth be told, Cameron has held the Ravens back for years. He has NO feel for the game and no ability to put people in position to win. He needs to go.

    The only way he’s staying is if the Ravens win the SB. That is his only chance he has at staying. So, if the Ravens lose, at least we will upgrade things on the offense.

  20. rmc1995

    Ben is considered elite because with the game on the line, he’s been known to deliver a 58 yard pass on third and long against an allegedly stout defense.

    He has a reputation for being clutch.

    Ben also has a career yards per attempt that is 4th in NFL history, while Flacco is captain checkdown.

    Ben doesn’t have the oline that the Flacco has, yet he can deliver under pressure, while Flacco has been known to put the ball on the ground.

    Brady’s passer rating was always around mid 80’s low 90’s until 2007, but no one questioned how good he was because he delivered in the clutch. You’re questioning Roethlisberger’s status because he’s had a few bad seasons?

    What’s this season for Flacco? He can barely complete 50% of his passes with a very good o-line, an amazing running back, and one of the best possession receivers to play the game. This is despite the fact that he only attempts 6 yard pass plays.

    This is a bad season for Flacco, no doubt, but the reason why everyone questions his ability is BECAUSE of Roethlisberger. If it weren’t for Ben, Flacco would have played in two Superbowls and he would have 2 division titles in his short career.

  21. barklikeadog – RIGHT!!!!!!LOL

    Being a fan means having the ability to criticize one’s team..not blindly accept everything they do.

    It is obvious Brown fans (or at least YOU) have forgotten what it is like to even BE a fan of a true team…..been too long huh!!!

    But, if you want to cheer for the Ravens, go ahead. I don’t blame you. We took a pathetic organization (the old Browns)…a team so pathetic and in such cap hell as to not even have a practice squad… a SB winner in a matter of 4 years. What do you still have?…a pathetic team! LOL

  22. @ Runrickyrun43 and Barklikeadog

    What you have to realize is that the vocal majority in many cases is the minority. If you actually speak to Ravens fans, mostly knowledgeable Ravens fans, you will find that they think Flacco is a young quarterback who is pretty good but needs to improve. I would say that is a pretty fair take on Joe. Yes there are some crappy fans who call into talk radio, post on blogs, and bash the team, but for the most part Ravens fans are good loyal fans who understand how talented their team is and want that team to be successfull. Not to mention that Ravens fans have to constantly see Steeler fans rub their 6 rings in everyones faces.

    It’s kind of like how every guy wants a hot woman, if you get a 7 your happy with it but the guy who you hate more than anything else in the world gets an 8… all the sudden your 7 isn’t good enough anymore. You want to start showing off a 9. Lucky for me I ended up with a 10+… S*CK it!!!

  23. This is despite the fact that he only attempts 6 yard pass plays.

    FYI Flacco leads the league in passes attempted over 20 yards….

    FYI Ravens recievers are 5th in the league in dropped passes, many of them on those long pass attempts.

    Not making excused but you shouldn’t make random comments when you don’t know if your right or not

  24. golonger: that’s pretty much what I was saying! Your words don’t hurt as much as the suffering we have endured as Browns fans. All I’m saying is I remember when our NFL team (Browns) were in the playoffs (purple browns) or in position to be in playoffs (bungles) and we didn’t snipe at the HC/OC or have to be offered BOGO tix to sell out! Hell, we’ve sold out very game since they came back! This fan base has been through enough – we need a winner!

  25. noquickreactionshere

    Yards per attempt: 6.7

    If he leads the league in 20 yard attempts, that means most of his passes are about 4 yards.

    Torry Smith has bad hands. Boldin doesn’t. His tight ends are quietly turning in solid performances.

    Doesn’t Rice lead the league in receiving this season? Most running backs don’t catch the ball more the 6 yards out, which explains Flacco’s poor yards per attempt.

    It’s not all on him either. This really is just a bad season but that was my point. The person who I was responding to was basically saying Flacco was better than Ben because Ben has had some bad seasons. Anyone who knows anything knows that’s a dishonest assessment.

  26. @ Johntonioholmes

    His yards per attempt has nothing to do with the number of times he has attempted a pass over 20 yards. That stat is the number of yards divided by the number of overall attempts.

    Yes a lot of his throws are checkdowns…. if Ray Rice was my checkdown option I would check down to him a lot too….

    And on that Ray Rice leads the team in receptions, Torry Smith and Boldin both have more yards. This isn’t uncommon in teams with dynamic pass catching running backs like Rice, Matt Forte as an example. Better example Marshall Faulk lead the 99 Rams (Greatest show on turf) in receptions, that team had Tory Holt and Rev. Issac Bruce. With a player like Rice you expect him to get 17-20 carries and 8-9 receptions every game…. that’s not a knock on Flacco.

    I’ll never enter the argument about anyone being better than Ben because Ben is a guy like Michael Vick… you cannot compare anyone to him. He is just a different style of player. I honestly believe that Flacco is a better pure passer than Ben, Ben is just a special Talent who can do things that no other player can do. When the play breaks down, it’s not over till he is on the ground but if you contain him, and make him throw from the pocket he is pretty average. See his stats against the Ravens, the game against the niners (Had to stay in the pocket because of injury) Etc…

  27. @johntonioholmes
    Ben is elite because blind fan and media loyalty make believe like hes’s elite. Clutch against one team doesn’t make a QB elite. Ben’s olines have been really good. Good enough to preduce a great rushing attack through the years. Ben holds on to the ball way too long and has left plenty of points on the field. He was horrible in all three super bowls and his best statistical years have led to no post season. Much of his clutch play comes as a result of his poor play. You prove my point with Joe. He’s being compared to Ben for wins that Ben
    gets credit when the credit should go to defense and running game. Bens olineman gets blame even though he holds onto the ball too long. He’s called clutch after throwing an int that led to the go ahead TD. The blind belief that Ben is elite is baffling.

  28. @golonger… Thanks for my fries sir. Make sure you stop by and get your ky warming gel for you and your boyfriend.

  29. steelersownyou – well…not surprising you would talk about boyfriends….given the looks of the women from Sh1ttsburgh. Not sure how you can tell the difference between the men and women. Is it the size of the few teeth they have? or do you count the pottmarks on their face and assume the men have more….LOL…..Dind ding…..your break is over, time to get back to scrubbing those rest stop toilets!…and again, good luck on the GED exam!

  30. Well i’ve been to rest stops and the truckers there told me that you’re the best lot lizard they know. I’ve been to baltimore numerous times & ive seen all your fat cellulite chicks in that homeless ghetto of a town! You baltimorons should be gay after what ive seen down there. Im sure their crotches reek of crabcakes too…make sure youre here sunday after your sorry ravens get worked. I wouldnt want you to miss my afc north champions steelers rant.. Now throw your headset back on & get back to mickey d’s drive thru…next time I ask for no onions on my burger, you better get it right pimple face!

  31. @ ‘barklikeadog’…….

    ‘this fan base needs a winner’;

    You’re right……every fan base needs a winner. The difference is you had one; his name…..Bill Belichick. You fired his a$$, and he then goes and wins three big ones up in Pat land.

    Before moaning about not having a winner, you better check you didn’t have one in your hands in the first place…….

  32. @londonbengal…amazing belicheat was nobody til he had the 2nd best QB ever..brady..montana being #1.. Belicheat is nothing without brady. Unless brady was on the browns belicheat alone would of never won there. I don’t care how much videotaping he would of done…brady made belicheat! And that’s the bottom line sucka! Know what youre talking about before you make dumb posts. You almost sound as stupid as ravens fans!

  33. steelersownyou….LOL

    1) Maybe when you do finally get your GED, you might be able to come up with some original comments….instead of just regurgitating what I say….then McDonalds also might consider hiring you….be glad to give you a recommendation….you are used to fat and grease given your heritage.
    2) You, along with all the other Squealers fans, are the ones that come in and “brag”, then disappear when your pathetic team tanks…
    3) It will be enjoyable beating the squealers again in the playoffs…. if we get the chance….you’re pathetic excuse for a team isn’t going very far.LOL

    …now…ding ding…back to the electronics counter!

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