Carroll: The plan is to stick with Tarvaris Jackson


The Seahawks took a big gamble on Tarvaris Jackson as their starting quarterback after the lockout ended.

We believe Jackson has met the expectations of the Seattle coaching staff, and probably exceeded the expectations of those outside the Seahawks building. The plan, for now, is to roll with Jackson again in 2012.

“That’s where we are,” coach Pete Carroll said via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to look at the draft really hard and all of the opportunities. We’ll always do that at every position. But [for] T-Jack, understanding what this season has been like for him is really important.”

Jackson played through a pectoral injury to throw 13 touchdowns and 12 interceptions so far. He’s above .500 as a starter (7-6) and a slightly below average NFL starter in quarterback rating and yards-per-attempt. He’s shown signs he could keep improving.

Jackson has been in the league long enough to know that nothing is guaranteed.

“That’s a vote of confidence,” Jackson said. “That’s good. But you know how fast things can change. I understand that part of the game. It’s not going to affect me, period.”

The Seahawks will be picking in the middle of the first round. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Seattle pair Jackson with a young quarterback to groom for the future.

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  1. So paraphrasing, Carrol said: yeah, he’s our guy and we’re sticking with him… but we’re always on the lookout for improving our team. And that’s with EVERY position.”

    Yep, ringning endorsement. I’m sure Sean Payton says the same thing about Drew Brees, right?

  2. When did the NFL begin to assign QBs a won/loss record like a MLB pitcher? Football is a team sport. A QB cant get a good won/loss record if his OL sucks, not to mention WRs. Or is this QB won /loss record purly media driven? Maybe a Center can have the same won/loss record as his QB? Or RT, RG, et al. But thats not sexy for a linemen. You guys in the sports media should take a few days off. Go see grandma or something.

  3. Well that is a testament to the quality of QB’s around the league if they are willing to stick with someone as mediocre as him.

  4. Until you go all in for Barkley next year?

    Pete Carroll will be run out of the league but none other than, Jim Harbaugh.


  5. While Tarvaris will never be an elite NFL passer, he has always been a team player with a good attitude and some pretty good skills. Congrats to him on his “success” in Seattle.

  6. What happen to always compete? He used to open every position very off season. I guess always compete ran off like Carroll did once he saw the dark clouds hanging over SC. What a hypocrite PC is.

  7. Really? People are criticizing Carroll? What’s he supposed to do? He doesn’t exactly have a lot of options. With Barkley returning to USC, Luck is like the only pro-ready QB in the draft (or at least pro-ready with the starter potential) and he’s going to go #1 overall. Even Griffin III, with how his stock is skyrocketing, likely should sit for a year or two. Jackson’s no all-star, but he can be a decent stop-gap for another year while they groom a young QB.

  8. In other words;

    “We’re going to let the Niners win this division every year….”

    Are you kidding me? Might as well bring in Vinny Young for a run for the spot too then.

  9. How can Sea see Rodgers Brady Newton and Brees and then think yeah, we can compete with TJ?
    Seattle isn’t that far away. A legit QB and another weapon on Offense and they can be in the mix.
    If I were Seattle I’d look at Matt Flynn and then draft a guy in round 3.
    The last Matt from GB took you to a Super Bowl.

  10. Hang in there T-Jak. You people who think he’s bad, well he’s aurguably the best QB in the division. Think about it, Bradford hasn’t done a thing, Smith let’s just say Jim and Pete are both still looking, Kolb PLEASE. I’m not saying i’m just saying hmmmmm.

  11. Let the smokescreens start lol!!!
    I mean what is Pete going to do say were looking for a replacement..? T-Jax been threw enough with the outside world bashing him. Until their is a better option in place what good would saying “We’re looking for a new starter” be? Tavares showed signs but after him theirs… Oh Josh Portis. When Pete said they still look in the draft read between the lines “Competition at every position means your job is never safe… We jus have to get more competitors than Josh Portis.” This was just Pete’s way of saying “It’s your job to lose”.

  12. He said the same thing about Hasselbeck last year so I’d say that this means less then zero. He knows this team is a QB away from being really good.

  13. “The plan is to get the hell out of college before the scandal hits, go back to the NFL, even though I said I would never go back, where they’ll welcome me with open arms and suspend players who did relatively nothing in comparison.

    That’s the plan.”

  14. Gotta love how they take things out of context to suit their needs. No way Seattle sticks with Jackson long term. Next season while they wait for the QB they want to come along…maybe, but I expect they will still draft and sign a free agent QB to compete with Jackson. They would be stupid not to.

  15. This team is easy to make fun of but you have to admit Pete made them a better team. I’d like to see what he can do with two more years of rebuilding the roster, and see what he can do with a better QB at the helm.

  16. Expected him to say that eventually. The only way this is a bad move is if they don’t draft a QB this year. Which would be a horrible decision BTW. But I think they will, then TJ will play next year until he either gets benched/injured and the new guy takes over.

  17. addict2sport says:
    Dec 30, 2011 11:25 AM
    What happen to always compete? He used to open every position very off season. I guess always compete ran off like Carroll did once he saw the dark clouds hanging over SC. What a hypocrite PC is.
    every team that says all positions are open to competition are usually on the mediocre end of league.

  18. What would you expect a coach to say? Luck, Barkley, and Griffin are not coming to Seattle anytime soon. The Seahawks will make every effort to upgrade the position but if Tavaris Jackson is their best option at quarterback next year he is the starter. Nobody else on the roster can play the position. The same statement could be made about the Right Guard starter or any position on the team, but nobody from the press asks the coach the status of the Right Guard for 2012. I expect the Seahawks to draft a quarterback project in the second or third round and to possibly make a run at Matt Flynn.

  19. Im a 49ers fan, but the Seahawks are a very good team and will be much improved next year. Jackson is actually a big surprise this year, i know us 49ers fans were laughing our @sses off when they signed him but he’s played very well considering his main WR has been injured and Jackson showing no signs of being starting QB in Minnesota The NFC west is suddenly going to be very competitive next season with the Seahawks, 49ers and Cardinals all playing very well.

  20. Do most of you guys even watch football?

    All the Pete Carroll shots are laughable. The guy took over an aging team with no talent and in only two seasons helped transform them into a the 2nd youngest team with a top 10 defence and an impressive running attack.

    Im sure Pete knows nothing about the NFL and the secondary going from a bunch of midgets to 3 potential Pro Bowlers has nothing to do with him.

    The team has a tough-minded identity in only two seasons. Im sure that has nothing to do with the head coach either.

    Tjack is a stopgap and like Rosenthal said is playing beyond the expectations from the team/league. Thats pretty damn good for a cheap filler on a rebuilding team. And his record is over .500.

    It says a lot that hes not extending Tjack any time soon. Contract is just 2 yrs and hes getting the most of a relatively poor field of options. Its not like hes giving him Kevin Kolb money.

  21. “Call the team the USC hawks.”

    …I love these idiotic comments that are still hilarious two years later. Yeah, we’ll call them the USC Hawks, because they have all of FIVE USC guys on the roster.

  22. This will sound like I’m making excuses for T-Jack: he had a pectoral injury for the second half of the season. It’s hard to throw a football in that condition.

    This will sound like a player anybody would want on their team: he played thru the injury and didn’t give up on his team. Even after losing his star receiver and three of his starting O-line, he kept his team fighting for a playoff spot…came somewhat close to making it, too.

    Say what you will about his skills. He’s tough. He doesn’t quit. He keeps his offense focused. And unless/until the ‘hawks find someone better, he’s the kind of guy you can support, work with, help to make him better.

    My only real gripe is that he doesn’t know when to get rid of the ball as the backfield fills up with defenders. He keeps thinking he can still make a play, but more often than not it ends up with lost yardage on a sack. Fix that, and the ‘hawks control the ball longer.

  23. RUSSELL WILSON with our 2nd round pick!

    Let Whitehurst walk.

    Take a look at Matt Flynn in free agency.

    And, hell, if Tennessee happens to part ways with Matt….bring him back home where he belongs!

  24. Theres no reason he can’t be the starter in that pathetic division.With a full training camp and preseason under his belt he will be just fine.What makes my fellow seahawk fans think somebody in the draft will be better is beyond me.Barkley?Are you kidding me?Ya USC has had a long history of great qbs. Peete, Rob Johnson,Maranovich,Sanchez,Palmer,Leinart.Please!!! Get a grip!

  25. RG3, Tannehill? Who you going to draft?Never take a qb in the 1st round.You can grab a young backup somewhere or draft one in the later rounds.Look at Matt Flynn, Although I Think he just proved with his performance that Rodgers is a system qb.

  26. Gee I must be listening to another coach named Pete Carroll because that isn’t what I hear. Either that or this is another attempt by the media to put words is somebodies mouth. The truth is the Seahawks can only do so much so fast and franchise quarterback is a very tough spot to fill. It’s not as simple as spending money or “just draft one”. All we have right now is Tavaris because he’s the best they’ve been able to get. They are doing all in there power to up-grade at QB & every position of the team. Carroll was very clear on this but some in the media prefer to twist words for some self serving reason. Very 3rd grade if you ask me. And they didn’t “get rid of Matt” . He left for more money and it was the right move for everybody.

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