Jerry Jones: Garrett’s job safe “no matter what the score is”


No matter how many times Jerry Jones says it, people keep putting Jason Garrett’s name on lists of coaches that might get fired when the season ends.

It happened at PFT on Friday, the same day that Jones made his latest proclamation to the contrary. On his radio show Friday morning, Jones said that there won’t be a coaching change even if the Cowboys get routed at the Meadowlands by the Giants on Sunday night.

“That’s just ridiculous. We’re just getting started with Jason,” Jones said on 105.3 FM, via the Dallas Morning News. “It’s just not the case at all. Nobody is worried about the coach’s job here. We’ll answer this thing as many ways as you want to answer it with as many circumstances, his job has no bearing and is not a part of this ballgame. Yes, he’s going to be our coach next year period no matter what the score is.”

It’s a bit surprising that Jones has had to answer this question so many different times in so many different ways. When Jones upped Garrett’s salary beyond that of other offensive coordinators to convince him to not take the Baltimore job in 2008, it was clear that the owner viewed him as a head coach-in-waiting. It doesn’t make much sense that he would suddenly change his mind about Garrett’s ability to do the job after a year-plus that’s resulted in a winning record. The team has lost some games they should have won this season, but there hasn’t been much sign that Garrett can’t do the job.

On top of that, Garrett hasn’t seemed overly uncomfortable with Jones’ desire to micromanage every detail of football operations. Jones isn’t going to change his ways, so it’s important that the team has a coach that’s willing to put up with sideline visits during games and the assorted other realities of life under Jones.

All that said, we’d expect to hear more calls for Garrett’s job should the Cowboys lose on Sunday night. If nothing Jones has said to this point hasn’t convinced the masses, they aren’t going to be convinced until Week One of the 2012 season.

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  1. “The team has lost some games they should have won this season, but there hasn’t been much sign that Garrett can’t do the job.”

    Really? Icing his own kicker, bad clock management, etc.

  2. I hate how people always criticize Jerry or for that matter any coach for being too involved with their team. If I spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a sports team that I happened to be a die hard fan of, loved the game, then I would be just as hands on if not more than what Jerry is.

  3. I feel for Garrett. The guy just looks stressed and harried at every game. Having your boss micromanage everything you do and scrutinize every decision you make is so nerve-wracking. I can only imagine what that must be like when it’s also nationally televised.

  4. Good lord, can this guy keep himself out of the news for half a day? Between injury reports and votes of confidence for his coach, he’s making these statements multiple times a day. Just sit in your box and keep making questionable personnel decisions Jurrah.

  5. These stories are manufactured. Jerry doesn’t fire coaches after one season.

    Dallas fans were screaming for Wades job 2 years before he was fired. These stories just attract page views. Anything with the Cowboys does. Even though they’ve been mediocre at best for going on 20 years they are still the biggest draw.

    But everyone just goes with it.

  6. We have an owner here in Cleveland that seems like he doesn’t give a rip about his team and NEVER EVER does interviews (be accountable). We would give anything to have an owner who is out in front and actually has high expectations for success. Here in Cleveland tickets are always cheap and easy the 2nd half of every season because they are out of the playoff hunt year in and year out.

  7. Garrett is a good man to have at the helm. He’s made some dumb mistakes for sure. But he’s the kind of coach that has plenty of upside potential. I’d rather have a quiet, serious coach like him than a crude, loudmouth.

  8. Like I said earlier in the season, the Cowgirls will finish 8-8. Their glorified QB’s coach will go the way of those who have tried before him (Jim Zorn, Josh McDaniels). They start 8-8 and the downward spiral continues after that. Jerry Jones should take his head out of his a*s and hire someone who can take this talented team somewhere respectable.

  9. Worst job in football. Just behind the guy who has to clean the bathroom in the Head Coaches office at Jets HQ.

  10. People keep bringing it up because Garrett has produced average results and some quite questionable calls. Most importantly Jones has changed his mind despite loud endorsements.

  11. You can bet Garret is toast if the Cowboys suffer a bad loss on natl TV. just count how many owner’s box shots the NBC producer punches up. Can you say Jeff Fischer?

  12. I really wonder why there is so much drama around the cowboys franchise. There are several other franchise owners that don’t meddle as much or are in so much in limelight. Successful ones too!

  13. Good news for the rest of the NFC East

    Eli’s Coming
    And so is JPP and the rest of the gang
    Expect a long evening in Giant Stadium
    Happy New Years

  14. I think Jones will not fire Garrett. I think that is very unfortunate. The Cowboys’ game plans have been marginal, at best. The Cowboys had wins vs the Jets, Kittens, Pats, Pigeons(Cards), and the Gnats – all blown because of bad playcalls and time management issues. Vs the Jets – when you have 1st down on the 1, run the ball, among other mistakes. Vs. the Kittens-once up 27-3, run the ball and if there is a pick 6, maybe run the ball, not continue to throw (another 2 ints – including another pick 6). Vs. the Pats – too conservative vs. a defense that had no CBs (now they use WRs in the defensive backfield). Vs the Cards – inside the Pigeons 40 – 4 x = no scores, no timeout called, iced kicker on a timeout (a 1st), also had 10 days to prepare and the Cards were 4-7. Vs. the Gnats – blown coverage multiple times, 3rd/5 goes for a long pass, rather than a screen or easier pattern (was a good throw by Romo, Austin blew it), blocked field goal (no adjustments on the line), up by 12 with 3 1/2 mins and lose. Overall, the Cowboys have no desire or discipline and that comes from the head coach.

  15. “worldwidebleater says: Dec 30, 2011 6:36 PM

    No matter what the score?
    Seasons- 21 Playoff Wins -1

    How bout that score Jerra?”
    Hey genius….I’m a jerra hater but get your facts straight.
    1/1996 super bowl win against steelers
    12/1996 playoff win against vikings
    1/2010 playoff win against eagles…

    Still pretty dismal.

  16. why would you tell a coach that no matter how
    badly he handles what basically is a playoff game
    his job is still safe. He should be putting a little preassure on Garrett so maybe he doesn’t
    screw up. Maybe his pregame speech might
    be a little more inspiring. Unfortunately Garrett has managed to screw up without any pressure.
    Maybe JJ should have said “we all know that
    every year some coaches are fired and just as
    many are hired”.

  17. Nah. Garrett will be back next year. For Jason to get the axe, it would be the unspoken admission that Jones was wrong about Garrett ~ ~ TWICE! And In Jerry’s world, he is never wrong. Garrett has one year ~ next year ~ and if it flops, Jones will throw him under the bus before the season ends. Jerry is desperate and it shows. It is not beyond the pale that Jones might even do what Al Davis did ~ ~ take over as head coach. Senility makes one do strange things ~ and if you really listen to Jones, it sounds like he is losing any grip on reality that he might have once had.

  18. I grew up there, and it is so obvious the Cowboys will never do anything as long as he owns that team. The Dallas Cowboys may be the biggest draw on tv, but it is only because 3/4 of the audience wants to see them lose. I write this with no joy.

  19. Jerry Jones is everything you poor b@$!ards wish you were! Quit hating on the man cause he desperately wants perfection even if it means pissing off a coach or two, you would do the same thing!!
    !!!!!Jerry Jones for President!!!!

  20. Of course Jerrah will keep him. He’s got the perfect “yes man” in position who will put up with Jerrah’s undermining him before, during, and after each game. Makes perfect sense that Jerrah doesn’t actually want a real coach that might actually demand that Jerrah stay in his box where he belongs and let him (the coach) do the job he was hired to do.

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