Owens is indeed considering IFL offer

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When a report surfaced Thursday that former NFL receiver Terrell Owens had been offered a job by the Allen Wranglers of the IFL, many believed it to be a publicity stunt.

It’s not.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Owens is considering an offer that, according to the Wranglers’ website, would pay him in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 for one season of football lite.

Owens is considering the offer despite the fact that the Wranglers’ G.M., former Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson, has spoken about Owens in negative terms, as one reader with a better memory than yours truly has pointed out.

For example, Pearson compared an outburst from then-rookie receiver Dez Bryant to the kind of behavior that Owens would exhibit.  “I think it was more the T.O.-type emotion,” Pearson said of Bryant’s conduct in November 2010, via NBCDFW.com.  “I think that emotion was more individually oriented or individually based.”

Apparently, the Wranglers aren’t worried about the downside of any T.O.-type emotion; if they can land a fish like Owens and sell tickets and generate buzz because of it, the only emotion that will matter will be the feeling that comes with swimming in cash.

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  1. I can’t tell you how gratified I am that this bloated, me-me-me jackwagon is out of football. The game is better off without him.

  2. DAMN! I was trying to get TO to come play for my flag football team. I can’t compete with 250-500K! I did however offer to buy his beers after the game.

  3. It must be difficult for an ego fueled athelete to let go of his playing days. T.O. really believes he has something to offer, yet only a team from the IFL wants anything to do with him, and thats just to sell tickets.

  4. “When a report surfaced Thursday that former NFL receiver Terrell Owens had been offered a job by the Allen Wranglers of the IFL, many believed it to be a publicity stunt.

    It’s not.”


    I most respectfully disagree.

    It is.

  5. I have no sympathy for someone who should have tens of millions of dollars in the bank who is now crying that he is broke. Live like the rest of us.

    On a side note, anyone else notice the correlation between the Bengals getting rid of their 3 problem players and their turn around with a bunch of rookies? I hate the Bengals, but I hate Crybaby Carson, Loudmouth TO, and Jabberjaw Ocho way more. Get rid of the problems, and you suddenly have a team again.

  6. All jokes aside I think it is a good idea for TO.

    Take the money, play the one year there, use it to prove to the NFL that you can still hack it. Sign a veteran minimum contract in the NFL next season.

    Not saying that NFL owners and GM’s would be all about a guy coming out of the IFL but thats his agents job… not his.

  7. Most people would consider this a smack in the face , a offer from a IFL team. Not T.O., he is so full of himself he doesn’t see that he is being laughed at by ALL. This sounds like the depression days when the carnies would have a fluke to sell tickets. Step right up see the magnificent T.O. catch the ball.

  8. Hate to sound like a broken record, but the fact is- and if anyone has any evidence to the contrary I’d love to see it- the TO has always been a good soldier in Year One everywhere he’s gone.

    I am stunned that given some of the dreck drawing checks in this league that someone didn’t take a flyer on him this year for the league minimum. One year, low risk, possible high reward.

    I wouldn’t see any point to doing it now, but if I ran a team I would certainly consider if for next season.

  9. Humble thyself and play.

    There a lot of people, including many on this message board, that would LOVE to play in the IFL for $250K.

    If you have bragged and gloated @ the top……expect the sarcasm and the snark on the way down buddy.

    Ain’t that America.

    Be happy you have the opportunity.

  10. If he came back, he wouldve made the probowl no matter what fans voted for. Look at the probowl roster for the AFC it makes me want to puke. Rivers? He’s been putrid. Joe Thomas? I’ve watched him every Sunday. He gets blown up like Clevelands entire line. He’s going to make the probowl every year cause of his name. Underrated LT is Jared Veldheer. He shut out Carter and Dumervil (probowl DE’s this year). He dominated Jared Allen. He started slow against Julius Peppers but after the first quarter he dominated him. He’s played phenominal all year against high quality players and Joe Thomas gets the nod. I watched Joe Thomas get pushed around by no names all year. Just pathetic however they pick the probowl. Really Champ Bailey over Joe Haden? Polumalu over anybody who actually made plays this year. He had a down year (0 interceptions) and I watched him blow coverages. Logan Mankins and Waters? Waters I agree with but Mankins is not a top 3 guard in the AFC. I actually don’t even like Richard Seymour over Tommy Kelly. Kelly leads the team in sacks again this year. He made more plays than Seymour all year and has been consistant. Of course Gates made it, Dustin Keller, Hernandez, even Jard cook all had arguably (and statistically) better years. I’m sick of the same names every year. Why can’t they just give it to whoever leads the league in more catagories statistically? Except for tackles on D because that just means the O sucked. But really T.O probably could’ve made it just cause of his name. It’s sad

  11. Everyone seems to be a comic around here….

    but the fact remains that this guy is a first-ballot HOF’er, he caught 9 TDs in 14 games as recently as 2010, and he comes at little cost and no risk to a team that takes a chance on him.

    I am stunned nobody wants to take the plunge.

    Go ahead, thumbs down if you want!

  12. I could care less if does/does not do this….however, if he does…better watch your knees and/or head.

    These players make about $500 a game…and they want to pay TO about $500K?????

    He may not make it out alive once all is said and done…but his NFL career is dead so I guess if you need the money……

  13. I live in Allen, TX and have been to one of the Allen Wranglers’ games. I would be surprised if there were 1000 people attending. The Event Center is tiny. I played a year of AF2 and got paid very little. Everyone had the same contract. I think this is only for publicity for the Allen Wranglers, because I do not see how they can make a profit. They have a lot of merchandise for sale, that doesn’t sell well and the tickets and concessions will not make up the difference for all the expenses that will be incurred. The Event Center says it can seat 8100… maybe if you can handle someone sitting on your shoulders. It would be neat to see this, but T. O. is unaffordable… maybe when he’s 48 years old.

  14. blaz0037 says:
    Dec 30, 2011 11:02 AM
    Everyone seems to be a comic around here….

    but the fact remains that this guy is a first-ballot HOF’er, he caught 9 TDs in 14 games as recently as 2010, and he comes at little cost and no risk to a team that takes a chance on him.

    I am stunned nobody wants to take the plunge.

    Go ahead, thumbs down if you want!


    You don’t get a thumbs down because you are partially right.

    But also keep in mind he is 37 and coming off of major knee surgery. He has had attitude problems in the past and while I do agree that he has improved in his time with Cincy and Buffalo he still has that track record. With all of this there is no need to bring him in unless you are desparite.

    No teams who are out of the hunt would bring him in, statement of the obvious but why waste the time, energy, money.

    Of the teams still left in Baltimore and San Fran are the only teams that make sense, they are the only contending teams who struggle on offense. That being said would you want a strong personality like TO in your locker room with Joe Flacco or Alex Smith? Why do you think Baltimore cut Derick Mason.

    Aside from those teams who would sign him? Green Bay, NE, NO, Atlanta, Pitt? Doesn’t make sense, they have great chemistry of offense and no matter how good TO is (Coming off of injury still a question mark) there are only so many balls to go around. I personally wouldn’t take catches from Welker, Branch, or Gronkowski to bring TO in.

  15. Well, that’s good news!
    Since nobody covers the IFL, we won’t have to hear another word about him. Right?

  16. It doesn’t matter what any of you say about him being a good fit for an NFL team at the vet minimum. There are 32 owners that have a better idea of what he would do to their team than you do. They all have decided to pass on this future HOF’er.
    Even Jacksonville passed on him!

  17. This is fun! This is hilarious! And it’s a very interesting, very high risk, move for T.O.

    If T.O. plays in the IFL, he will need to dominate or face total humiliation. Every game will be viewed as an episode of Pros vs. Joes. T.O. will need to set record numbers, and his team will need to go undefeated.

    He will also have to play virtually error-free every game. If he drops a pass, it will be all over SportsCenter, and the sports section of every local TV newscast.

    The other big thing is that he’ll need create some very positive relationships with his (Joes) teammates to rehab his personal reputation. If he goes into the locker room and mocks the locals, ala Randy Moss’s return to the Vikings, that a-hole image will become his identity for the rest of his life.

    For the IFL … it’s a chance to generate a lot of publicity, sell out games when the T.O. show is on the road, and maybe generate some additional TV interest. Relatively speaking, it’s a small wager bet that should at least break even.

  18. Truly a shame. Although I did disagree with his antics at times, I will miss TO’s field presence. The game was already more boring this year then any I can remember in the past 10. With all the superstars disappearing only to be replaced by overprivileged youth the NFL future is starting to look bleak. Bring the excitement back!

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