Putting Cam Newton’s rookie season in perspective


Team P.R. staffs from time to time send out emails touting the accomplishments of their players.  Few such emails raise more eyebrows than the one circulated today by the Panthers.

We all know by now that rookie quarterback Cam Newton is having a special season.  The email from the Panthers’ P.R. staff makes clear just how special it has been.

Newton already has set the all-time rookie record for passing yards, with 3,893 and counting.  And he has surpassed Peyton Manning’s 3,739 yards in 1998 with 83 fewer attempts.  That’s right, 83 fewer attempts.

Several weeks ago, Newton broke the all-time quarterback record for rushing touchdowns.  He has 14.

Those 14 rushing touchdowns put him only one score behind a three-way tie for second place in all-time rookie rushing touchdowns.  Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, and Ickey Woods each scored 15.  (Eric Dickerson holds the record, with 18.)

Combining the 14 rushing touchdowns with 20 passing touchdowns, Newton has shattered the all-time mark for total touchdowns accounted for by a rookie, surpassing the 27 from Charlie Conerly of the Giants in 1948.

So while some continue to believe that Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton should be named the offensive rookie of the year if his team qualifies for the postseason, Newton’s historic first season should make the decision a no-brainer.

And if there’s any doubt, the AP voters should ask themselves one simple question:  Who would you rather have on your team, Newton or Dalton?

162 responses to “Putting Cam Newton’s rookie season in perspective

  1. Stats don’t mean anything if your team isn’t making the postseason. This year, I’d take Dalton.

    As for the future, the best QB’s (Brees, Brady, Rodgers) are pocket passers. With Cam’s willingness to run all the time, he’s eventually going to start getting hurt and miss games. I would not want a oft-injured QB that’s good half the season like Vick.

  2. If Bengals make playoffs, I’d rather have Dalton. Stats are great, and Cam’s are very impressive, but I’d rather win.

  3. Too bad he has the shadow of Kerry Collins and Jake Dellhomme to operate under. Those guys were Panthers legends at QB…

  4. I’ll give the kid credit, he wasn’t a bust.

    Hard working, solid effort.

    I’m not one to tout a college kid as “the next great thing”, I’ve seen that blow up way too many times, but Newton looks like he’s he real deal, no Jamarcus Russell.

  5. Cam is the man in Carolina and hopefully will be for years and years to come. He is a special kid with special talents that will take us (yeah I said us!) to the Super Bowl within the next 2-3 years. I have watched him play every game this year and it is a special treat that I get to watch him grow right in front of my eyes. A great pick by Hurney who somewhat deservedly gets ripped locally for his questionable personnel moves.

    I am grabbing hold of Cam’s cape for this ride!!!

  6. …and everyone thinks Brees is better than Marino even though it took him 78 more COMPLETIONS to break his season yardage record…

  7. “Those 14 rushing touchdowns put him only one score behind a three-way tie for second place in all-time rookie rushing touchdowns. Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, and Ickey Woods each scored 15. (Eric Dickerson holds the record, with 18.)”

    Never heard ot those guys before! When did they play in the NFL??

    Hope the above list does not expand and include Mr. Newton!!

  8. Dalton.

    Yards and TDs and other statistics are fantastic. But if they account for nothing, what does it matter? Statistics are meaningless, unless its a statistic labeled W.

    Would you rather have a guy winning games, or a guy padding his stats?

    Newton appears to be a really nice guy, and someone who may eventually win a lot of games. But Dalton is winning games right now. In his rookie year.

  9. I agree with most people on here. Dalton is who I’d start my team with. Life is not as easy as stats. Dalton has made a bad team decent. Playoffs or not, he’s the rookie of the year.

  10. Winning shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Why is Dalton a better offensive player because he has a better defense behind him? Didn’t Peyton win it, overwhelmingly? With slightly less stats? What is the difference between Peyton and Newton? Oh….wait….

  11. Great athletes are fun to watch, but I prefer a winner. Dalton is winning on a team that Carson Palmer thought so little, he semi-retired. I’ll take Dalton any day.

  12. What’s up with all these dumb “I’ll take the winner” comments? Cam can’t control how terrible the Panthers defense is. Give him the benefit of the Bengals’ top 10 defense, and obviously Cam would be more of a “winner” too.

    Only a complete and utter moron would take Dalton over Newton. Dalton is a solid talent, don’t get me wrong. But Newton is a potential superstar who is rapidly reaching that status already. The choice should be obvious.

  13. @stoutfiles: Have you watched Cam play this year? At the beginning of the year yeah he wanted to run often. That is what he did. Then as the season wore on he seemed to force passes and hesitate too long to run and missed a lot of good chances to get out of the pocket and make positive yards. He was trying too hard to NOT run. Now towards the end of the season, you can tell it is starting to click as he is making better passing choices and better running choices too. It hasn’t hurt that our schedule got softer at the end of the year, but hopefully that will build us some confidence going forward.

    Just imagine what a full off season and camp with coaches and teammates will do for his learning curve. A couple more good players would be great too. I truly believe that the sky is the limit with this cat. (pun intended)

  14. I hope Teblow makes it to the playoffs. Then Elway will be stuck with the Full Back because their idiot fans think he’s actually good.

    I remember when the Wild Cat worked too, and Ronnie Brown was in the league… 3 years later and they’re both basically gone.

  15. austrianpanther says:
    Dec 30, 2011 11:29 AM
    “Those 14 rushing touchdowns put him only one score behind a three-way tie for second place in all-time rookie rushing touchdowns. Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, and Ickey Woods each scored 15. (Eric Dickerson holds the record, with 18.)”

    Never heard ot those guys before! When did they play in the NFL??

    Hope the above list does not expand and include Mr. Newton!!


    How old are you? Mike Anderson was a very good back. Clinton Portis youve never heard of? And youve never seen the Ickey Shuffle? Im judging at most you are 20. And I dont mean that as bad…just that to say you dont know who Ickey Woods is kind of dates you.

  16. Panthers fans. So uneducated they don’t recognize the names of players from other teams. How can you not know who Eric Dickerson was?! Heck, even Clinton Portis should be a name actual football fans should recognize.

    BTW, I’d probably take Dalton. I wonder what kind of stats Dalton would have with 2 great running backs. A future HOFer in Steve Smith. Two great Tight Ends. Nobody seems to be paying attention to the fact that, on offense, Newton is surrounded by a ton of talent. Sure, his defense is weak, but those kinds of playmakers will make average look good and good look great.

  17. Wow, people thinking that W’s are a team stat… I would take Cam ten times out of ten if I had to choose between em.

  18. Here’s the only question I have. Where would the Bengals and Panthers be without Dalton and Newton? If anyone thinks the Bengals would be worse off without Dalton than the Panthers would be without Newton, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    Dalton also regressed in the second half. There is no debate here folks. Wins and losses have nothing to with this. It’s not the MVP. This is about offense. Nothing more. And Newton should be the hands down winner.

  19. I strongly suspect that the Bengals will take a step back next season, given they have yet to show themselves as more than a one-season wonder from time to time. The Panthers, on the other hand, show they can play tough with any major opponent, and I really like Newton’s attitude and the way he conducts himself both on and off the field. Once their defense gets built up, the Panthers will be a tough team to beat for the next several seasons.

  20. Dalton and Newton are both good for very different reasons. I’m not trying to discredit Dalton, but he does have a better defense than Newton, which could explain the difference in wins and losses.

    Either way, they’re both fantastic young QBs and the future is very bright in both cities.

  21. ask Cam Newton, would you rather have the records or the chance to be in the playoffs,

    Newton has had the advantage of Steve smith, the two tight ends and the two running backs also.

    If it was my team for the future I would take Dalton. It’s a proven in the NFL that the Pocket Passers win Championships.

    Defenders in this league are big and just as fast, eventually they will get you running the ball. How many games has Vick missed the last teo years?

    No denying though Newton had a really ggod year

  22. Can’t believe all the fools saying Dalton over Newton because of wins…..TEAMS win games, not a single player.

    Bengals are top-10 in defense (both points and yards) while the Panthers are in the bottom 10. With that big a difference in the defenses…..it’s even more of amazing that Newton has managed just 3 less wins than Dalton (and maybe only 2 less come Sunday)

  23. Do you nitwits who are saying Dalton really think Newton wouldn’t have as good of a record if not better than Dalton’s if he was on the Bengals? And that Dalton would have a better record as Panthers qb than Newton has led them to?

    Child, please.

  24. To all those who are saying Dalton because he has more wins…

    You don’t think those wins have something to do with a defense and running game?

    Cam Newton has the support of neither. His defense is ranked 9th in Points Scored; the Panthers are ranked 25th in Points Scored.

    You can really tell how bad the Panthers defense is by comparing the points scored by the Panthers to the wins and losses. The Panthers are 5th in Points Scored this season (Bengals 18th) and have a terrible record.

    If Cam had had the Bengals defense and running game this year, and Dalton had the Panthers defense and running game, you better believe Cam Newton would have more wins than Andy Dalton.

    Ultimately, if Cam had gotten any support from his defense this year, Cam would be the running away favorite for rookie MVP.

    It shouldn’t even be a question. Cam Newton has been on a tear this year.

  25. Wow. Seems like a little too much love on here for Dalton. Although Dalton is also having a great year, his team hasn’t beaten a single playoff team this season.

  26. Losing teams don’t expect to win with rookies. Maybe if Cam had played defense too they would have won more. Cincinnati’s defense won a few games for Dalton. Cam should be voted rookie of the year based on how he played his position. MVP is based on wins.

  27. Dalton isn’t winning games by himself. The defense is the difference between the two teams. The Panthers offense is top ten. Say Dalton is a better QB than Newton is like say James Starks is a better RB than Adrian Peterson because the Packers are winning.

  28. Though Dalton has been great, Cam only helped his team win every week. If he had Cincy’s D, they’d be 10-6.

    The fact that he’s throwing over 4,000 yards as a rookie and rushing for 14+ TD’s is absolutely insane.

  29. Here’s the question you all should ask yourselves: If Andy Dalton and Cam Newton switched teams, would the teams get better or worse? How ridiculous would Cam’s numbers be if he had AJ Green to throw to? Would Andy make Steve Smith look like an all-pro again the way Cam has? I don’t think there is any question that Cam with the Bengals would already be in the playoffs instead of fighting for a spot. And a Panthers team with Dalton could very well be a winless team. Cam makes the players around him better. I don’t know that the same can be said for Dalton. Doesn’t mean that he’s not a player, just means that he is no where close to having the kind of talent Cam has.

  30. It’s a little unfair to lable Newton as just a “regular season stats choker guy” after just one season in the league. Last year the Panthers had no stats, it wasn’t fun. Believe me, I watched every snap. The impact he has had on this offense is incredible. His development has probably shaved 1-2 years off the rebuild process. Might be a good year for co-offensive rookie of the year nods.

  31. Give me Andy Dalton all day! Did anyone of you THINK that the Bengals would be a play-off contender at the beginning of the season?! I’ll tell you I didn’t think the Panthers or the Bengals would be, and Andy Dalton’s Bengals are probably in and Cam Newton’s Panthers are just like we thought they were… The outside looking in….

  32. Amazing how the incessant Tebow debate has diluted folks’ ability to see the difference between INDIVIDUAL achievement and TEAM accomplishment. Andy Dalton is throwing to the best rookie WR this side of Randy Moss, has a stout rushing attack backing him up, and is getting further help from a top 5 defense. Cam has none of that, yet his numbers are through the roof. Thus, he’s the better INDIVIDUAL player. It’s indisputable that Dalton plays on the better team, but wins and losses don’t come into play here…unless we’re also going to make the case that Trent Dilfer’s SB ring makes him a better QB than Dan Marino…

  33. austrianpanther says: Dec 30, 2011 11:29 AM

    “Those 14 rushing touchdowns put him only one score behind a three-way tie for second place in all-time rookie rushing touchdowns. Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, and Ickey Woods each scored 15. (Eric Dickerson holds the record, with 18.)”

    Never heard ot those guys before! When did they play in the NFL??

    What are you 12?

  34. This idea of assigning wins and losses to an individual player within the context of a team sport is ridiculous.

    If you are trying to “assign” wins to Dalton, based in large part on the performance of the other 21 starting players for the Cincinnati Bengals, then you seriously need to rethink your understanding of football as a team sport.

    Furthermore, if we are going to defend this stupid individual W/L ridiculousness and speculation, how come the W/L guys never take it a step further and consider how many more W’s the Bengals would have if Cam Newton was the QB *instead* of Dalton??

    For me, the question is a fun thought experiment, but ultimately meaningless, though no more or less meaningless than assigning wins and losses to a specific player. Look, a team’s record when player X is starting is a valuable piece of data, yes. But making that the single determining factor in evaluating one player against another, especially if those players play for RADICALLY DIFFERENT TEAMS is outright absurd.

    It’s just silly.

    Look at the team as a whole. Take the player’s performance in context. Can you REALLY say that the Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals have essentially the same talent levels at every other position on the field, minus their respective quarterbacks?

    Certainly not.

  35. I’d take Newton over Dalton any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Bo really does know.

    “When you speak of Cam Newton, I’ll put it to you just like this: He has the arm strength and power of Dan Marino and John Elway combined,” Jackson said. “He is quicker than Michael Vick, faster than Michael Vick. And he will run over you with the power of a Jerome Bettis, Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell. That’s the kind of guy he is.”

  36. I dont understand the “Dalton is winning games now and Cam isn’t” argument. Look at the team Dalton is surrounded with compared to Cam’s, THATS not even close. The Bengals defense alone crushes the Panthers Defense. “You people” are acting like it’s BECAUSE of Cam that the Panthers are losing games. You’d be silly not to select Cam judging off this one year sample size.

  37. Newton has been great, he’s a machine in piling up stats. But I would take the winner in Dalton. Andy’s stats are pretty good as well.

    Would you rather have Vick or Eli? RG3 or Luck? Tebow or Ben? Cunningham or Montana? Tarkenton or Bradshaw?

    Give me the winner, not the athlete with big stats…

  38. Wins and losses are the result of a TEAM’s effort. This year Cam was a better offensive player than Dalton. How is this a discussion? “I’ll take Dalton cause of the wins”… Ok I’ll take flacco over Eli or rivers or stafford. Alex smith MVP anyone???? yeah thought so…

  39. @acieu (first comment)
    “except on the scoreboard”? “Newton or Tebow”? What are you insane? The scoreboard is where it’s at. Newton leads one of the highest scoring offenses in the league averaging 30 something points a game on that scoreboard. Tebow? I want to shout the question back at you like Mora did when asked about the playoffs. It’s absolutely ridiculous to compare the two of them like that. I think Tebow is great and hope he continues to succeed but come on man. If Tim Tebow was playing football like Cam Newton for the Denver Broncos they wouldn’t be winning games so dramatically they would be murdering their opponents.

  40. Have some of you critics ever seen Cam in person? Why do people compare him to Vick. Cam is about 60 lbs. heavier, 7 inches taller than the dog fighter. Pretty soon Cam will start hurting defenders. And you morons who would rather have Tebow: Cam can throw the ball… and NOT FUMBLE! Congratulations to Dalton on a great rookie year, but Cam is the winner of rookie of the year. If he didn’t have a wet-paper bag as a defense, his team could be in the hunt for the wildcard.

  41. Did anybody stop to think why Cam’s stats are the way they are? They are 26th in scoring Defense, and they haven’t lost all of their games, so the points and yards have to come from somewhere. I will take Dalton over Newton, Newton is almost identical to a young Brett Favre, except faster and not as many wins. Brett put up monster numbers, and he was a pretty good scrambler, but he also threw mind-numbing picks, and made horrible decisions in his career. Cam is the same way, he will awe you with the deep ball, and then awe you with some stupid interception or fumble or poor decision. Andy Dalton could go to any team and be succesful in terms of wins, Cam needs to have a team that can bail him out of mistakes for him to be succesful, regardless of his stats.

  42. The Bengals D is giving up almost one fewer touchdown per game than the Panthers D, in large part because two Pro Bowl linebackers were injured in week one and two. Cam and the offense has taken the lead late in all but one game, but until recently, the D kept giving the game away. That, coupled with 17 guys on IR is why Dalton is winning more games – not because he’s a better QB.

  43. If only all these guys spouting “I’ll take Dalton & the W’s” knew the Mr. Newton doesn’t play on both sides of the ball.

    If they tighten up that D in off-season, plus get key injuries back. The Andy Dalton show is suddenly going to pale in comparison to the Panthers.

    Then they can DA DA Daaalton! All they way back to mediocreville.

  44. @mightleemoon:

    Two great tight ends?

    You mean the old and decrepit Shockey? I’ll give you one good tight end, but let’s be reasonable.

    And I would rather have Jermaine Gresham than both of those tight ends.

    Dalton has the support of Bernard Scott and Cedric Benson. You think DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are that much better? Wrong. Cedric Benson has already broken 1000 yards, Williams will not come anywhere close.

    And as for the WR situation, AJ Green has been outstanding this year.

  45. You hippocrates make me laugh. Oh dalton is better then cam cause of wins? I don’t think so! He had the worse defense in the league and 1 good reciever. Flacco has won more game then ANY QB EVERRRRRR in his first 4 years and all you idiots do is call him a scrub. It’s a team
    effort and Andy is on a better team. Cam is without a doubt no argument whatsoever ROTY

  46. Also, Dalton is leading comebacks in the 4th quarter, proving that he is winning the games for them and not his D. I believe that 5 of their 9 wins are comeback wins.

    And Dalton isn’t throwing to anyone who entered the year with more than 16 starts, and his RB is Benson.

    Newton has all the weapons needed to succeed and still can’t win.

  47. Deja vu all over again?

    I remember when ALL the football world was salivating at a QB-like Cam- who “broke the mold”. A top pick, a game changer, the city at his feet-like Cam. He even went to Green Bay and beat the Packers-in the playoffs no less! Cam has not-yet.

    But then it all went south…..

    Ron Mexico. False bottomed water bottles. Flipping off fans. Investigations. Lies. Prison.

    But even his football skills were eroding before he donned prison blues. In his last full year with the Falcons he threw a career high 13 picks. His last 2 full years with the Falcons they failed to make the playoffs. In 8 full NFL seasons he has played in every game only ONE season.

    Cam Newton is never going to be JaMarcus Russell or Vince Young. But its a good bet he may end being Michael Vick redux.

  48. A player can only do his job, he can’t make his defense player better. I’m glad we have Andy Dalton, but it strikes me as absurd to suggest that Dalton is having a better year than Newton.

    Newton received a lot of criticism before the draft and was considered hyped.

    He’s gone out and had a season for the ages for a rookie that no one could have expected. He’s actually over performed, even for the 1st pick of the draft.

    I’m a white guy, but it strikes me as racist that Newton isn’t more celebrated for his season and the fact that Dalton is even mentioned to be Offensive Rookie of the Year shouldn’t be able to be said with a straight face.

    You make Dalton black and Newton white and Newton would be more celebrated than Tim Tebow right now. Newton would be the most celebrated person in the NFL.

    BTW. On a personal level, I didn’t like Newton as a person during the draft.

  49. Bottom line Cam is the real deal the kid is special he’s talented with both his arm and legs. I’ve watched him play 15 games now and he sits in the pocket just like peyton manning. If you bash Cam for what he has done in the last 15 games your not only a idiot but you don’t understand football or just how bad panthers defense has been hit with injury. Your all pro starting linebacker goes down 3rd quarter of the first game for the year….enough said. In the NFL media all people want to do is talk about tebow and romo. Bottom line I would take Cam (the rookie) over Romo, Bradford, Sanchez, Tebow or Cutler any day of the week and if you disagree then you don’t understand football and your a fake fan.

  50. Hands down.

    Dalton is also a nice QB. But Newton’s season is off the charts. Panthers fans must be the most psyched fans ever of a 6-9 team.

  51. For all of you comparing teams defenses, you are negating the teams differences in offenses.

    If Dalton were throwing to Steve Smith and had 2 great RBs and TEs, and a decent OL, you dont think he would have great stats too?

    Dalton for sure.

  52. Stats and team records aside, Newton is clearly so much more talented than Dalton. Just watch the two of them play. Dalton’s ceiling is that of a Flacco or Ryan. Newton’s ceiling is Steve Young or Elway. The nincompoops who think Dalton is better because of his team’s record probably think Dilfer is better than Marino because he won a championship.

  53. He had a great year.

    If he was in a major media market it would be a much bigger story.

    I haven’t even watched one of their games.

    To me, the Panthers and Jags are boring expansion teams.

  54. Take Dalton. He has won games with a rookie not all pro wr a running game that ranks 18th in the league. Besides bring crushed by the Steelers in one game ever Bengals loss has been by 7pts or less (11 to the Texans. What has Cam really done? He benefits from the 3rd ranked rushing game and had DW rushing for an average 5.3yrds per carry opening up the passing game and lets not forget the most important thing- w-l. Make home out to be a hero when the only teams he can beat are Jax Tampa Washington and a a Texans team who are without there star QB and WR. Ill say it again; I’m taking Dalton.

  55. Everyone’s tired of the “Dalton’s a winner” argument, well I’m tired of the “Bengals defense is carrying the team” argument. The Bengals were 4-12 with that defense a year ago. “Experts” looked at that defense, that “weak” schedule, and Dalton and said the Bengals would be lucky to win two games. They also looked at Newton and the Panther’s pourous defense and ranked them higher in the preseason.

    No one was touting the Bengals D in the preseason, and now it’s the main excuse why Dalton isn’t a legit ROY candidate.

    Yeah, give me a leader that fills a giant void left by a former franchise quarterback.

  56. It the nfl folks!!! Ws over stats every time!!! U can make all the excuses u want, but cam had the chance to win 3 games this year and blew it. Doesnt matter if the score is 3-7 or 33-37 the qb mist be a difference maker not a stat maker. Dalton all the way.

    End of line

  57. Though i agree Cam has had a great season as a rookie QB, those are great stats they posted, however they seem to have left out his other stats, the ones that fans seem so often to forget about, INTs, Fumbles Lost, and Sacks taken, the ones that help lose games. Cam has 16 picks this season, also the most by any rookie QB this season, but yet we blame the def for the losses, Cam has 33 sacks, 2nd most of the Rookie Qbs, and has 2 fumbles leads the rookie Qbs, though for the amount of attempts thats not that bad. So a total of 18 turnovers by Cam, which doesn’t help a team win. Win Win and Win,the top category for determining a winning QB, Cam has 6 of them.

  58. I honestly can’t believe the stupidity in these comments (I know, it’s the internet, so that’s usually the norm, but even taking that into consideration…).

    Saying you would rather have Dalton because he has more wins:
    a) last time I checked, football was a team sport and it’s obvious that the Bengals have a better team (especially defense… only six more teams have given up more points than the Panthers)
    b) yes, the QB position is the most important, but saying a QB is better because his TEAM has more wins would mean that Alex Smith is better than every QB in the league other than Rodgers (and on par w/ Brees/Brady) or the equivalent of saying that Trent Dilfer must be one of the top 28 QBs of all time.

  59. Not to take anything at all away from Newton, but those numbers are much more impressive in 1998 than they are in 2011. Same with Brees breaking Marino’s single season yardage record. These are the result of across-the-board stat inflation.

    Newton and Brees would still be highly impressive, but the game has changed and these numbers are much easier to achieve in 2011 than in 1998, to say nothing of 1984.

  60. Give Newton the Bengals D and this isn’t a discussion… I respect Dalton for the whole Palmer thing, but strength of schedule is a push , and I’d take Green and Gresham over Smith and Olsen…


  61. rayriceisnice says:
    Dec 30, 2011 12:03 PM
    You hippocrates make me laugh. Oh dalton is better then cam cause of wins? I don’t think so! He had the worse defense in the league and 1 good reciever. Flacco has won more game then ANY QB EVERRRRRR in his first 4 years and all you idiots do is call him a scrub. It’s a team
    effort and Andy is on a better team. Cam is without a doubt no argument whatsoever ROTY


    Word to the wise: When trying to make a point, especially both loudly and somewhat obnoxiously, make sure you can spell the word “hypocrite” correctly.

    And this comes from someone in the Newton camp, as well as a fellow Ravens fan.

  62. Everyone downing Dalton saying he’s done so well because of the defense and having a good running game. Newton has a far better running game in Stewart and Williams and better receivers in Smith alone not a rookie in AJ Green. He also has two stud TE’s to help him out. Newton has far and away the better supporting cast. He has 700 more yards passing than Dalton while throwing 20 more time. Not much there but they both have the same amount of TDs with Newton having 3 more INTs. Newton has also been sacked 10 more times than Dalton. Also about Newtons 14 rushing TDs, 5 of those were over 6 yards and only one was over 20 which was a 49 yarder. He had around 5 1 yd TD runs which has to piss off Stewart and Williams cause all that reminds me of is the year LT broke the record and the ungodly amount of 1 yard scores to pad the stats. He had an incredible year but Dalton’s year is equal with far less firepower to work with. Plus Dalton is in the position to take his team to the playoffs with a win this week while Newton is just playing to pad some more stats.

  63. jonkoethe says: Dec 30, 2011 12:15 PM

    Give Newton the Bengals D and this isn’t a discussion… I respect Dalton for the whole Palmer thing, but strength of schedule is a push , and I’d take Green and Gresham over Smith and Olsen…

    Are you serious. A rookie over one of the most explosive players in the NFL and another young TE over Olsen and Shockey. Wow you are reaching trying to push for Newton. Get real, that is such an idiotic comment and you look so foolish saying that.

  64. So does this mean some of you believe Randall Cobb should be ROTY because the Packers won the most games? And if the Bengals record should influence who wins the award, why do you automatically assume Dalton gets it? Why not AJ Green?

    The award is rookie of the year, not Most Valuable Rookie. (Though even then, I’d argue Newton has been pretty valuable, taking the Panthers from last in offense to top-5.) Newton has had the most impressive season for a rookie by far.

    Yes, he has folks like Smitty, DeAngelo, Jonathan Stewart, etc. Aside from the two TEs, many of those weapons were there last year and look at how anemic the offense was then. And the stats aren’t padded because they always played from behind. In fact, the defense actually blew leads pretty consistently.

    Newton has made everyone around him better while putting up great numbers himself. Yes, Dalton has helped the Bengals to a great year as well. But if team wins determined this award, what would be the point in voting on it?

  65. Wins are all that matter, which is why I put Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Alex Smith on the same level.

  66. Forget the argument about who has a better defense and I’ll talk Dalton. For all those who want to look at stats I’m all for that idea so let’s look at why I take Dalton. Td-int ratio against teams that are in are still fighting for a playoff spot. Cam 8-13 Dalton 13-9 do I have to say anymore.

  67. Some are making the argument that a QB is measured by wins, not stats. By that reasoning, Trent Dilfer was the best QB in the NFL when the Ravens won the Super Bowl with him. His stats were mediocre, at best. Wins are a ridiculous way to evaluate QBs.

  68. I’m sorry but is/was Vick, Russell, Mexico, or Young involved in a countless number of community services? Umm, no.. Saying Newton will end up like one of those guys is a blunt effort of hatred.

    Maybe read CBS’s most recent article on Cam stating “That’s right, we said it. Cam Newton’s season with the Panthers is the greatest rookie season ever.”

    Now I’m no expert on statistics but don’t they usually determine the winner of rookie of the year? And if he has had the best rookie season ever…. Is there really a debate?
    I’m a stats & math major, by the way.

    Y’all keep hating. We’ll go into next season the underdog; it’s not a problem with me.

    Newton > Dalton.
    Superman > Ginger.

  69. @eagleswoot

    Who are these two GREAT running backs and tight ends for the Panthers you speak of? Surely you’re not referring to DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Surely you’re not referring to Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey.

    Sure, Steve Smith is a better WR, but he’s not so much better that it makes Cam’s passing accomplishments null and void.

    For the record, I would rather have the Bengals backfield and Jermaine Gresham.

  70. Did you forget Carolina had the most difficult schedule in the league and if Dallas were to lose and we win, we would have only lost one more game than a play off team?

    Or maybe the fact that we had 21 players on the IR.. Most in franchise history.

  71. @scyankee

    The rush yards per attempt is skewed in the Panthers favor because of Cam Newton’s rushing ability. Thank you for proving our point for us.

    Benson has over 1000 yards. Williams has only 780.

    Subtract Newton and who has the better rushing attack?

  72. Looks like most bengals fans are just about as smart as their owner,this is why they always have and always will be the laughingstock of the entire NFL.All you guys keep talking and remind us all how ignorant you really are, otherwise we might somehow forget hahahaha

  73. are people serious with the Dalton over Newton argument based on a win loss record…the awards is an individual award…I’d rather have Newton over Dalton, he started the season on fire and never let up…both players remarkably improve their franchises but again it’s an individual award…also why do people say Cam can’t throw in the pocket just because he’s mobile, when it’s obvious he can, generating the yards he did this year, do you people think every pass he threw he was running out of the pocket…

  74. @scyankee

    Where are you getting your stats?

    Cam has 20 TDs with 16 picks.

    Dalton has 20 TDs with 13 picks.

    Are you using stats from week 8?

  75. “Dalton has the support of Bernard Scott and Cedric Benson. You think DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are that much better? Wrong. Cedric Benson has already broken 1000 yards, Williams will not come anywhere close.”

    haha, dude that’s just dumb… Benson has had 260 carries for 1000 yards, with Scott having 100 carries for 350 yards! Now lets compare:

    Deangelo Williams has 150 carries with 800 yards,
    Jon Stewart has 130 carries for 700 yards,
    and Cam Newton has 120 carries for 700 yards.

    Put that with 4000 passing yards by Newton and this SERIOUSLY should not even be a discussion!

  76. Newton, hands down………..Dalton is going to be a nice QB, but Newton was off the charts………this coming from a fan of neither team. Also, hey Joe from Toronto……..your quote from Bo Jackson….must be Bo does not know football, because no way Cam Newton is faster than Michael Vick.

  77. Andy Dalton is a good QB, no question about that, but he is no where as good as Newton.

    For all the people who are saying that Newton has the best talent around him, please answer this question.

    Why is Jimmy Clausen on the bench with street clothes on?

    I am not saying that D. William, J. Steward, and Smith are sorry, but they are not effective without a good to great QB.

  78. I can’t believe this is even an argument. I can’t believe Newton draws comparisons to Vick, when he’s a better passer than Pre-Philly Vick ever was. I can’t believe people are still trying to judge QBs by wins, ignoring the fact that a rookie has turned an offense that had many of these same pieces last year, and ranked near the bottom of the league, into a scoring machine. Andy Dalton is good, but Cam Newton is playing on par with the top QBs in the league as a rookie. Anybody who takes Dalton over Newton just isn’t paying attention.

  79. Winning is a team stat and the OROY is an individual award.

    Would any of you say Dalton’s rookie season is better then Peyton Manning’s was because Dalton has many more wins? Are Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer better QB’s then Dan Marino and Jim Kelly because they have SB rings?

    Cam is CLEARLY the OROY to anyone with a brain.

  80. I really don’t get the win/loss argument. The award is for “Offensive Rookie of the Year”, not “best team with an offensive rookie”. I am not hating on Dalton, but if Cam scores 34 TDs and Dalton scores 21 TDs how can you say Dalton is the reason his team won more games. And, yes Cam has 3 more INTs than Dalton, I know. I just don’t get how people can’t grasp the meaning of the award. Individual stats trump wins in this case.

  81. This discussion is ludicrous. The Panthers offense was 30th last year with basically same players. It is 4thnice this year. Yes they added shocked and Olsen which helps, but the difference is Cam. Dalton had a great year and if I was a Cincy fan I would be happy, but he is nowhere near the player Cam is. This is an offensive award, period.

  82. From the draft through the preseason, I thought this kid was nothing but a hyped up “runner”. I didn’t see much in his college play that would have said he could be a big-time passer in the NFL. He had arm strength, but the rest of the skills (touch, reading defenses, football IQ, etc.) were suspect. From his first NFL game he has proven the doubters wrong and he looks to be a very effective passer in the NFL. He has shown he has the skills and his drive is good enough for long-term success. Because of his previous statements (“icon” etc.) I’m still not sold on him being a team player but he has said all the right things this season. I’m sure Carolina fans are grateful their team picked the right guy.

  83. @scyankee9999: seriously? Now we can only look at stats that are favorable for Dalton? I’m not saying he isn’t good. I’m just sating Cam deserves the award.

  84. To those of you who say you want Dalton over Newton, your mental illness is affecting others. Dalton has one of the top defenses in the league where as Newton has the worst. I’d bet anything that when Newton is excelling next year with the playoff bound Panthers, that Dalton’s 2nd year struggles put the Bengals back to the team Marvin Lewis usually has. Mike Zimmer has made that team, not Andy Dalton.

  85. Cam is legit. no doubt.
    Dalton is legit. Dalton gets more wins cuz his team has a top ranked D.
    You cant win games with a weak D. unless you got the discount double check.

  86. I’m a Bengals fan, I love Andy Dalton and what he brings to the table, but even I would say Offensive ROY has to go to Newton. I’m not sure I’d say that I’d rather have Newton on the Bengals roster over Dalton, as I believe Dalton is a better fit for what this team wants to do, but Newton has definitely had a far more superior year “individually” – which is what this award is about. HOWEVER, I think AJ Green should be more in this ROY discussion than Dalton. AJ Green looks like the next great WR in this league and has put up some eye-popping numbers and athletic plays, whereas I see Dalton as maybe someday being a “future” top 5-10 QB in this league. As another poster has put it, I believe Cam’s ceiling is higher than Dalton’s.

  87. 13xworldchamps says: Dec 30, 2011 11:43 AM

    It’s a proven in the NFL that the Pocket Passers win Championships.

    Tell that to Packer fans or Steeler fan! Just because there are more Pocket Passers than Scramblers is the only reason it “appears” to be proven!

    Oh wait! You ARE a Packer fan! Apparently you don’t watch AR because he is a Scrambler too if it means extending the play to make the big one!

  88. To all you Cam Haters out there. Cam was way more productive than Dalton this year. The reason the record was so bad was because of the “D” and special teams play. How about doing your homework before shooting off at the mouth.

  89. scyankee9999 says:Dec 30, 2011 12:34 PM

    Forget the argument about who has a better defense and I’ll talk Dalton. For all those who want to look at stats I’m all for that idea so let’s look at why I take Dalton. Td-int ratio against teams that are in are still fighting for a playoff spot. Cam 8-13 Dalton 13-9 do I have to say anymore.
    While I agree that Cam hasn’t been the best against the contenders, you’re skewing the stats a bit.

    First, I’m not sure where you’re getting 13-9 for Dalton. I see a 10-7 ratio against Denver, SF, Tennessee, Pittsburgh (two games), Baltimore, and Houston.

    Two of those games were against defenses (Denver and Tennessee) who are in the bottom half of the league (17th and 23rd, respectively). He had a 5-0 ration against them. In the remaining six games against top 10 defenses, his ratio is 5-7. Still not bad, but certainly more down-to-Earth.

    But back to the original point, people saying Dalton should win because he has more wins is, again, flawed. If this is the case, Alex Smith should finish top-5 in the MVP voting.

  90. Im not going to make the argument for Dalton here.
    But I will say this, Dalton has not been the reason we lost in any game.
    This great defense, gave up 300 yards to Tavares Jackson in less than 4 full quarters.
    This great defense gave up a 23 point lead to JOHN SKELTON.

    Andy puts this team in position to win.
    The lack of running game kills the offense.

  91. To all you Cam lovers, Newton will never be an elite, winning quarterback because for him it’s about Me instead of about Team.

    It’s beyond human reason how you fools snuggling up to Cam can be so blind as to not see that with his Superman BS in the endzone and his huge ego in interviews and his obviously burning desire to be a cultural icon that he’ll never be an elite Team Oriented Winner.

    Yeah, he’ll break records until he gets hit in the knees on one of those run plays but he’ll never have a winning record that’ll compare to Andy Dalton’s.

    Print out this post and stick it on your wall because this is the truth, and I expect apologies in the future when I’m proven correct from all the tools who are currently kissing Cam’s ring after he led the Panthers to one of their worst win-loss seasons ever.

  92. First of all in the NFL its all about winning–it doesnt matter how many records the thief has broken, the panthers are still losers 6-10, and everybody in the football bleeding world knows that the panthers have done as well as they have is because of the two TE set that extends the field and takes the double team off of smith. something they did not have last year. The Bengles are playoff bound because of Dalton and Green, not because of the defense. And as far as the rushing TD’s for newton—everybody knows that williams and steward would have scored them if newton didnt think it was all about him

  93. As a Bengals fan, I’d honestly rather have Dalton and I preferred him even when there was a thought that Newton could be had at #4. (I honestly feared we would take Cam and promptly ruin him.) Dalton fits better for our team and the offense we run.

    That said, Cam is an excellent player with incredible talent and definitely worthy of the ROY honor (which I’m sure he’ll win btw). In a different year I think Dalton would hands down get the honor (as would, for that matter, AJ Green). They are both great young QBs.

    There’s no need to go into the quality of the players around them. The Bengals have a better defense…now…but last year that wasn’t so much the case. The Panthers have more established veteran receivers. The Bengals line has jelled quite unexpectedly. It all comes out in the wash.

    For fun let’s look at the 5 games Dalton and Newton have had against common opponents (Jax, Ten, Indy, Hou, Ariz). I will add that Dalton did, on average face these teams slightly later than Newton did.


    98/161 1149 yards 5 TD 2 INT 87.7 QB Rating
    38 rush 208 yards 2 TD 0 fumbles
    3 wins 2 losses

    102/163 1003 yards 9 TD 1 INT 95.7 QB Rating
    11 rush 53 yards 0 TD 1 fumble
    4 wins 1 loss

    Pretty close comparison when you look at common games.


  94. Cam is unreal I didn’t think he would be able to do this much but I was WRONG! He is a beast not down on Dalton but not even close Cam has all then weapons…

  95. wow at people saying dalton should win because he’s winning games. this isn’t the MVP! wins and losses are not taken into account for ROY awards….look at last year. sam bradford won ROY and his team stunk…was he a winner?

  96. I’d cast my vote for A.J. Green before Dalton. Good season for Dalton, but I think Green’s had more impact.

  97. Cam is not only the rookie of the year, he has had arguably the best rookie season EVER.

    4 of Cam’s losses (since he is individually responsible for W’s & L’s) came on a Punt Return TD to Patrick Peterson, Punt Return TD to Devin Hester and 2 misses by the kicker Olindo Mare as time expired.

    If the Panthers offense is so awesome, why didn’t Jimmy Clausen put up similar #’s last season?

    The Panthers run offense looks so good statistically because Cam has 700 rushing yards, Deangelos best runs this season were run out of an option set where the defense crashed down on Cam leaving DeAngelo wide open.

    The great Steve Smith, had 1500 yards for the last 2 seasons combined before Cam arrived and everyone thought he had lost a step and was over the hill. Steve was demanding a trade in the offseason… The Panthers draft Cam and all of the sudden Steve is great again and wants to finish his career as a Panther.

    The Panthers “great” offensive line is without 2 starters who are on IR and they start an undrafted rookie at RT.

    The # 2 rec for most of the season was Legadu Nannee.

    The Panthers average 5.8 yards per punt return 30th in the league with a season long of 14, good for dead last.

    Cam Newton best rookie season ever.

  98. Wins(Team Effort)>Stats(Individual Effort)


    Awards for Wins:
    Playoffs, Superbowl…etc

    Awards for Stats:
    Rookie/Offensive/Defensive Player of the Week/Month/Year, Probowl…etc.

    Cam has a bigger wang than Dalton.
    Your Mom!!!

  99. Wow all the haters! For all the people saying things like “call me when he has more wins than losses” or “I’d rather have Tebow the winner”, let’s not forget that Cam was the number 1 overall pick, meaning his team was the worst in the NFL last year. If Cam had that Bronco’s defense this year he would have won way more of the games Newton kept the team competitive in. And what has Tebow won anyways? A few lucky regular season games?

  100. People who say Andy Dalton is a better ROY candidate than Cam Newton because Dalton has more wins this year are nothing more than Bengals homers or just plain haters.

    Alex Smith is 12-3 right now…..the same record as Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Does that make Smith as good as Brees and Brady? Of course not – Both Brees and Brady are having record breaking seasons…….and so is Cam Newton.

    By this stupid win/loss logic…..Trent Dilfer must be a better QB than Dan Marino cause Dilfer won a Superbowl and Marino didn’t. Sheesh!

  101. whichever one of you dumb dumbs just said that you would take Cincy’s backfield and Jermaine Grisham over Williams/Stewart and Olsen/Shockey is…

    I don’t no. I just don’t know.

  102. There have been many times I have read these comments and been tempted to register but with what some of you are saying this is the first time I have. Some of you are complete idiots you talk about the talent he has on offense you mean old washed up Jeremy Shockey who the Saints cut and Greg Olson who is good not great. Steve Smith who everyone thought was done following his year with Jimmy Clausen at Qb and Deangelo Williams who everyone was calling one of the biggest overpays on his new contract. Andy Dalton has Aj Green if you haven’t noticed one of best rookie wide receivers ever and Jermaine Gresham a first round pick at TE and also very good. You want to talk about Cams running game vs Dalton um did you not notice that Cam contributes to his running game. Dalton has the far superior defense and can actually hold a lead. You all must not have seen the Vikings game Cam scored them a TD just to have his D let the Vikes one of the worst offensive teams in the league drive and score then Cam brings his team back down the field and scores another TD only to have Steve Smith commit a penalty and have it negated then have his kicker miss a chip shot field goal.

    And to the guy above who compared Cam to Vick you are one of the biggest idiots on here. This is why people think race is a factor in his criticism. On a pure football standpoint Cam is about 40 pounds heavier than Vick and 7 inches taller and already is a better pure passer than Vick was in all his years in Atl. Cam also is nothing like Vick personality wise he was in trouble off the field exactly once and it was for buying a stolen laptop hardly a horrible offense. He has shown he is nothing like Vick and Vick had problems with his personality even before he got in his big trouble.

    Last comment rookie of the year is an individual statistical award Cam has had the better individual year so he should win the award. Wins are a team accomplishment and Dalton’s award is a shot at the playoffs.
    Sorry for the rant but this upset me

  103. Nfloracle
    To all you Cam lovers, Newton will never be an elite, winning quarterback because for him it’s about Me instead of about Team.

    It’s beyond human reason how you fools snuggling up to Cam can be so blind as to not see that with his Superman BS in the endzone and his huge ego in interviews and his obviously burning desire to be a cultural icon that he’ll never be an elite Team Oriented Winner.

    Yeah, he’ll break records until he gets hit in the knees on one of those run plays but he’ll never have a winning record that’ll compare to Andy Dalton’s.

    Print out this post and stick it on your wall because this is the truth, and I expect apologies in the future when I’m proven correct from all the tools who are currently kissing Cam’s ring after he led the Panthers to one of their worst win-loss seasons ever.

    Um dude last year they won 1 game I’m pretty sure they’re happy with how this season turned out especially with that defense and all the injuries. I guess Aaron Rodgers will never be a winner because he wants to be too much of an icon with his championship belt celebration and commercials he’s not team oriented enough.

  104. thekingofnewyork says:
    Dec 30, 2011 11:45 AM
    Newton has had a great season, but his stats are a bit inflated as his team routinely plays from behind forcing him to pass a lot.

    Get a clue bro. We have lead in every game but one this season. Cam comes out of the gate passing. That has been the gameplan from day one. All you people that are bagging on Cam have not seen him play. That will change next season as Carolina will be back into some primetime games after a two year John Fox induced hiatus.

  105. I’d take Cam over Dalton 6 days a week and 3 times on Sunday. Those that say otherwise don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

  106. Sometimes, I wish people who know nothing about football would stop posting. It’s frightening the lack of a coherent thought process would make on the stupidity of a comment.

    Take this Newton/Dalton thing: There are some who would say that they would take Andy Dalton over Cam Newton. And they say it because the Bengals won more games than the Carolina Panthers.

    OK, well if you keep that logic, then you would have to take Donovan McNabb over Drew Brees, then. McNabb has more wins, right? Or Randall Cunningham over Joe Theismann? Or Favre over Marino?

    See how silly that sounds? Well that’s how silly you look when people who actually know a little about football read your comments.

  107. Um dude last year they won 1 game I’m pretty sure they’re happy with how this season turned out especially with that defense and all the injuries. I guess Aaron Rodgers will never be a winner because he wants to be too much of an icon with his championship belt celebration and commercials he’s not team oriented enough.

    @sjsuraider, hey, dood, even Ray Lewis is calling Cam on the phone and telling him to stop being a whiny baby with a towel on his head and to start being a leader to his team. If anyone on the Panther squad is “happy” about this season’s record, I’d be very surprised. Anyone happy with this year’s sorry record is a loser and needs to be cut or shipped off to another coaching job.

    Your Aaron Rodgers comment is so stupid it doesn’t even deserve response, but to help enlighten your little pea brain I’ll point out that Rodgers has already won a SuperBowl and I’ve never seen an interview with him where he came off as being anything but team-oriented and humble. You obviously haven’t watched any of Cam’s ME ME ME and MORE ME interviews.

  108. sjsuraider says: Dec 30, 2011 2:05 PM

    …”he was in trouble off the field exactly once and it was for buying a stolen laptop hardly a horrible offense. ”

    No he stole it, he was allowed to plead to a lesser offense. He is a thief, but w/ nitwits like you, that is not a problem.

  109. Cam and Dalton have both had amazing years. Neither was expected to do much this season and neither team was expected to do anything. What make this argument easier is that both the Panthers and the Bengals played five of the same teams. (Arizona, Tennessee, Indy, Jacksonville and Houston) If you look at the stats from those games it makes the argument it paints an interesting picture.

    Against those five teams Newton had 3 wins, 1149 passing yards, 208 rushing yards, 5 passing TD’s, 2 rushing TD’s and 2 INT. Over those games his QB rating avg. 89.72

    Against the same five teams Dalton has 4 wins, 1003 passing yards, 53 rushing yards, 9 passing TD’s, 1 INT. with a passer rating of 96.82.

    If you look at the schedules both tams played this season ) Dalton has played 10 games against top 10 Defenses this season (*per NFL.com – SF-4th, JX -5th, SEA-9th, 1st -PITx2, 3rd-BALx2, 10th-CLEx2, 2nd-TX) while Newton had the benefit of facing only 2 top 10 defenses (Jacksonville & Houston while also playing 7 games against the worst 10 Defenses in the NFL (* per NFL.com – 30th-GB, 26th-NOx2, 25th-MN, 27th-IN, 30th-TBx2)

    Dalton has benefited in the W colume due to a suprising defense (remeber the Bengals were picked to go 0-16 at the beggining of the year) but throw in the fact that Dalton’s primary target is a fellow rookie (A.J. Green)while Newton’s is a 6 time Pro Bowl Reciever (Steve Smith) and its even more interesting.

    Both are amazing QB’s and I hope the NFL figures out a way to get them more covereage in the future because both of them are exceptional .

  110. Oh yeah Almost forgot. If the NFL places value on individual stats for the ROY why is it that Andy Dalton is going to the Pro bowl and Cam is not??

  111. If Cam Newton got to play the NFC West and the AFC North sans Peyton Manning, plus a average Broncos team and a terrible Buffalo team with their non-dividsional games, with the addition of Cleveland twice a year… he would probably be a “winner” too.

  112. It doesn’t matter who you think is going to win the ROY award. It is going to be Cam. Besides the Bungles haven’t even made it to the playoffs yet. There is alot that has to happen for them to make it in. First of all they have to beat the Ravens this weekend. Good luck with that. So since you guys wont even make the playoffs that pretty much puts a who cares on Dalton’s wins. So again Cam will win the ROY award!!!

  113. Interesting how some of these Cam lovers quickly forget that Dalton has to play the Steelers and Ravens twice each this year — that’s 4 games against the TWO BEST DEFENSES in football.

    I’d like to see how Cam does against them instead of padding his stats against a joke of a team like the Buccaneers twice in one season. How many fantasy stats did he get with his two outings against that abomination?

  114. Cam of course. Doing more with far less than Dalton have, and has kept the Saints far more competitive against tough competition, despite having nobody around him. The Bengals have a far better defense and receiving core, yet the Bengals have still played like crap against all the good teams on their schedule (8-0 against under .500 and 1-6 against over .500 teams). Cam has also re-vitalized Steve Smith’s career.

  115. @maddogwhite

    I guess you forgot to mention that we also play the Saints and Falcons twice a year too. Oh yeah, and you guys play the Browns. When you look at it like that it doen’t quite work the same way does it? Since when does Fantasy have anything to do with the ROY award?

  116. @crip2nite

    Not sure whether you can read, but Dalton isn’t going to the Pro Bowl. AFC selections were Brady, Berger and Rivers.

  117. Not to mention Dalton’s stats against the big-bad Steelers and Ravens so far are:

    50-for-99 (50.5%)
    708 yards
    4 Touchdowns
    5 Interceptions
    66.4 QB Rating

    Yeah, he plays some tough defenses. He just doesn’t do well against them.

  118. @maddogwhite

    2011-2012 NFL season Strength of Schedule:

    1. Panthers

    27. Bengals

    Thread over

  119. You know the look on someone’s face when they first learn that Sam Bowie was selected before Michael Jordan in the 1984 draft? Five or ten years from now, people will have the same expression when you tell them that there once were a lot of people who thought Andy Dalton was better than Cam Newton simply because Dalton’s team won a couple games more than Newton’s in his first season. Of course, people were making the same argument in favor of Tebow over Newton just 3 weeks ago.

  120. Cams stats wouldn’t be so great if his defense was better. He wouldn’t have to put up ridiculous numbers. I’m sure if Andy didn’t have a good defense, he would have to throw for ridiculous yards also. Same goes for running the ball.

    Both qbs are great. It’s comparing apples to oranges though

  121. Cam just played the Texans who have the best defense in the NFL this year and put 28 on them and played very well. So he is fine against tough defenses.

    Meanwhile Dalton wins because he played Jax, Indy, Cleveland x2, Denver, Buffalo, St. Louis, Seattle, and Arizona

    Most of the NFL would win 8 or 9 games when 66% of their schedule or these guys.

    The only good teams CIN have played are SF, Pitt x2, and Baltimore.

    If only Cam had that schedule instead of GB, Chicago (with Cutler), Atl x2, New Orleans, and Detroit he would be more of a “winner”.

  122. Oh yeah. And as I mentioned Cam played Houston also. Incredibly tough non-divisional schedule.

  123. Not sure if the people saying Cam has a much better offense realize this, but Jimmy Clausen also had Steve Smith, a good line, and two great running backs. And he couldn’t even throw for 2000 yards in 10 games.

    So you Bengals fans should probably stop making that argument since it’s literally the dumbest point you could possibly try to make. Especially to a Panthers fan.

  124. How can Dalton be even considered as ROY … all you sports media guys had him as the worst starting QB in the NFL this year after pre-season.

    If Newton stats are so great how come he was not picked for the Pro Bowl?

  125. I think that Newton proved people wrong with his arm…At first teams were worried about his ability to run, and he burned them through the air. I have seen plenty of times where he could have taken off running, but stayed back and threw anyways.

    This season has been impressive because of his throwing ability, everyone knew he could run, but putting up almost 4,000 yards as a rookie? Wow…

  126. Cam should be ROY, but let the light of reality shine on all these Cam cultists who shout racism and ignore facts.

    Dalton will have faced a top 10 D 10 times this year.
    Cam faced a top 10 D 2 times.

    Dalton did not face a bottom 10 passing D.
    Cam faced a bottom 10 passing D 7 times.
    –Tampa is a bad college team and Cam got them twice.

    Stewart/Williams 1465 10 TD 5.2 avg + 59 catches.
    (like pro bowl backs)
    Benson/Scott 1366 8 TD 3.7 avg + 25 catches.
    (below league average)

    Shockey/Olsen 87 977 9 TDs
    Gresham/Lee 60 630 6 TDs

    Smith 73 1308 6 TDs
    Green 63 1031 7 TDs

    Simpson/Caldwell 82 988 7 TDs
    LaFell/Naanee 78 1053 4 TDs

    Cam had the superior weapons facing far inferior talent. Congrats on the landslide ROY. Both should be solid QBs for 10 years.

    Nothing about this season predicts Newton will be the superior QB unless you think the 2010 Tampa 10 win season predicted a big run in 2011 for them.

  127. I’ll once again state that I thought Cam Newton was never going to throw more than 15 touchdowns in his career, much less throw 20 in his first season AND score 14 more on the ground.

    I was wrong. Please forgive me.

  128. saying Dalton deserves the rookie of the year award is like saying Dalton is completely responsible for his teams success.A.J has torn it up and without his ability to catch the ball, Dalton’s not even part of the discussion. And for that matter,the bengals Def shouldnt even be recognized for their stellar play. Cam broke 2 records,A passing record(Through multiple receivers) and a rushing touchdown rookie record. What records has Dalton broken? This comment in no way should down Dalton because he has been better than anyone has thought but Newtons scary good.

  129. Great year, proved his first couple games were not flukes. Wins will come, anyone focusing that on a rookie is being unfair.

  130. I am a Panthers fan Cam is going to be great .If you look back we went into 12 games leading at halftime and 10 leading at some point in the 4th.we need some help on defense but if you passing all game the defense is dead tired in the 4th.If you look at the games we won they gave the ball to the running backs and let them do their job.Steve Smith 2nd in receiving yards but hardly getting into the endzone .We gave so many games away passing to much.Everytime our backs touch the ball 8 to10 yrds two pro bowl type runners great tight ends and the QB more rushing TD’s than the both name another team that don’t use their backs.

  131. Cam Newton is over rated and over hyped. Yes, he has had some note worthy moments, but over all I’d give him a C + for the season. I get tired of hearing that he has no help, that’s totally false. He has arguably one of the best receivers in the game and a solid tight end to throw to.

    IMO, Dalton will have a better career. He may not make it to a super bowl, however, I’d rather build a team around Dalton than Newton.

    Bottom line is that people are desperate to see an elite black QB in the NFL. Hate to burst your bubble folks, but Cam isn’t going to be it. He will put together some solid seasons, but he’s not going to be the great black QB people are hoping for. Drew Brees is a veteran, I understand that, but he made Newton look like a Pop Warner reject today.

  132. Mark Sanchez just won his first few years in the league too. I don’t think anyone is going to make a case for him being a great QB. What about football being a team sport do people not understand?

  133. Why is everyone acting like Cam is surrounded by amazing players? Steve Smith has been irrelevant since his last 1,000 yard season back when the Panthers made the playoffs in 2008. Neither D. Williams nor J. Stewart rushed for 1,000 yards, which neither of them have since both doing it in 2009. Yeah, they’re not bad and they have talent, but they’re nothing without Cam Newton. Having Benson/AJ Green is debatably equivalent to having Williams/Stewart/Smith.

  134. caperi says:Jan 2, 2012 1:10 PM

    Why is everyone acting like Cam is surrounded by amazing players?
    They do it because it helps to pad their unrealistic arguments.

    And, did someone actually compared RG III to Luck? I’d take RG III over Luck in a heartbeat. Andrew Luck is Blaine Gabbert with a slightly better arm and Pro-style college training.

    It’s clear many of you haven’t learnt a darn thing from Barnum Bailey…

    How many of the media “chosen next great” QBs gave gone on to have successful careers regardless of all the help they’ve gotten courtesy of the media blaming everyone else for their failures?

    Out of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Rodgers, which ones were chosen by the media to be the “next great” QB….NONE. The only reason why Peyton Manning is hyped the way he is, is because he was a media chosen QB. Rodgers, Brees and even Eli all have what Manning has, one Superbowl ring. Yet, Peyton is forever placed above them. Why is that…Because a “sucker is born every second,” and our media nows that.

    By the way, there is a guy name Tom Brady who was not a media “chosen next great” QB who owns more rings than Peyton, by the way.

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