Rob Ryan boasts of a Cowboys’ win

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It’s possible that Rob and Rex Ryan’s New Year’s Resolutions will include putting a sock in the place where they like to put pie.  But it’s not yet January 1, so they have at least one more day (or part of a day) to keep talking big.

Rob, who coordinates the Cowboys’ defense, ramped it up on Friday with the team that just beat Rex last Saturday.  You know, the same team that is 2-0 against the Ryan twins in 2011.

They’re going down there to watch me become a champion again,” Ryan said of his family members who have arrived in New York for Sunday night’s playoff play-in game, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News.  “That’s what they’re there for, all of them.  Hell, it’s a costly endeavor, but I want them to be there when we win the [NFC] East, and I’ll probably steal a couple T-shirts and make sure they get them.  Because that’s what we’re there for.”

It’s not quite an overt guarantee, but a Cowboys victory is implied.  Unlike past Ryan proclamations, however, Rob has pre-acknowledged the possibility of failure.  “If it doesn’t work out, I’ll be pissed off because everything we got is in this one,” Rob said.

Maybe that’s the new approach for Rob and Rex.  Boldly predict victory, and admit that there’s a chance they’re wrong.

Given that they seem to be wrong a lot, it could be the smartest thing they’ve ever done.

75 responses to “Rob Ryan boasts of a Cowboys’ win

  1. Reporters should just stop interviewing them. Imagine how awesome it’d be if nobody showed up at their post game press conference.

  2. Not a fan of either Cowboys or Giants) team, but I’d love to see a Miami win against the Jets and a Giant win on Sunday–that way BOTH would be sitting at home and maybe they’ll learn to keep their mouths shut.

    They’d then be 0-5 in their predictions–Rex never predicted a win over the Eagles.

  3. I’m a Cowboys fan. I wish he would shut the hell up. His Defense sucks and he talks like it’s the 2000 Ravens. Shut the hell up. We’re all tired of it, you’re not your brother. You’ve never had a good defense and if you get your ass handed to you on Sunday again you should resign. A#$hole.

  4. I don’t believe that this guy has ever had a winning season as a defensive coordinator , nor do I think that he has ever made the playoffs as one.

  5. Boy, when it comes to making brash comments
    that have the potential to make one look like an idiot, the Ryan brothers sure are slow learners…

  6. Rob and Rex Ryan’s words are empty meaningless echoes bouncing from side to side in that vast empty wasteland know as a Ryan cranium……

    After football (which might be quicker then they both think). The Ryan brothers should have their own show. Talking about something they actually know about. They can be the Siskel & Ebert of food…..

  7. For a while I thought Rob was doing a fine job, and then I was told that a defensive coordinator’s job is to make the defense stop the other team, not make sure everyone on defense is wearing matching outfits.

  8. Shut up fat man. Work on getiing the D ready for a change. Thus far you have been a failure in Dallas. With all of the talent on defense, you should be ashamed.

  9. Well, I didn’t know how the game was going to go tomorrow, but now I think I have to figure out a way hold back the vomit as I place a bet on the Giants.

  10. Rob gets his ass kicked every time he talks smack. After the Cowboys lose tomorrow, Jerry needs to put a gag order on this dummy. Some teams will not allow media access to assistant coaches. Maybe the Cowboys should take that approach? Just sayin!!!!!

  11. Oh no, a coach in confident and talks up his teams chances to the media.

    Cry me a river you useless, piece of crap whiny fans. Like seriously, they say it to the media instead of just saying to their players behind closed doors like all the other coaches, big deal.

    Bunch a clowns. Hate more, please keep hating because end of the day, they have millions in their bank accounts and the best job in the world and you’re in your shack pounding on a windows 98 keyboard.

  12. They have one win this year against a team with a winning record….Back in Sept.. Have lost 3 out of the last 4 games, his defense has blown leads, but the blowhard can’t stop yappin…..A champion……Yeah, ok…….

  13. Next year, Rob Ryan lobbies to have football games reduced to only 45 minutes. That way his defense might actually look decent.

  14. Do the Ryan Brothers ever shut their Pie Holes, they always make the talk but can not make the walk. As long as Jerry is involved with his micro-managing (sp)…… the Cowboys are doomed for failure. As a 52 year old man and grew up loving the Cowboys, I am ashamed of the piece of garabage that they have turned into, under Jerry’s ownership. The have a very weak Q/B, no H/C, no D/C, and most of all NO G/M. I just hope that the NFL will stop the massacre at the start of the fourth quater, so the people in this great state don’t get embarassed real bad………….

    Giants…….. 35

    Cowboys…. 21

  15. this ryan was LB coach for the pats in 2002-03. in 03 the pats were sb champs.

    the other one was dc for the ravens sb champs.

  16. Wahooooooooooo!!!!! Yessss this clown gets to embarrass the Ryan Bozo bunch once again……Jeeeeez I wish Gilbride would have clocked that idiot Buddy , just like i wish once and for all these clowns would shut up……They are turning this whole pregame /post game comments thing into wrestling bull crap…..#1- Get a haircut , and quit bringing negative attention to your team Einstein—My God this guy really does think he is funny and really does think he is somehow a part of the game… #2- Just GO AWAY already , GO breed your horses or whatever in Kentucky with your loudmouth dad and hopefully Rexy and SHUT UP…..If the media would just ignore these idiots and quit printing their lame guarantees maybe they would shup up. They aspire to be like shock jock coaches ….UGGGGGGGHHHHH …I hate everything about those two clowns….Their dad ran his mouth and won nothing just like these two jerks…The one time Old dumb hair Rob won was when he was kept silent by belichick!!!

  17. They just don’t learn, do they? I have been waiting for this all week. Surprised it took until Saturday morning.

    My guys are going to carve up his secondary again for 400 yards passing.

  18. As a Giants fan, I have to admit Perry Fewell has not lived up to the hype as the D coordinator. But given that BOTH teams have the NFC’s two most inconsistent defenses, I have to say I appreciate that Perry has at least kept quiet this week. I think the only really fair way to discuss this game is to ask which defense will screw up the least? That will be the team that will win. Not dominate, not dictate the pace of the game, not show flashes of greatness – just which one screws up the least.

  19. All kidding aside, this man has a serious eating disorder.
    I mean, look at him!
    After Sunday, The Biggest Loser TV show will have two reasons to get him on their program.

  20. This guy will never get a head coaching job.

    Between his big mouth, the way his defense has gotten completely undressed in big games this year, and his brother showing everyone in the league what a pain in the neck it is when your head coach constantly writes check with his mouth that his coaching talent can’t cash, He is getting farther and farther away every day from getting a head coaching gig.

  21. jg725 says:
    Dec 31, 2011 1:45 PM
    And BTW – when has rob ryan ever been a champion?


    He was a defensive coach (not the DC) with the Pats when they won the Super Bowl in ’03 and might have also been with them in ‘o4, just not sure. But unlike Garret, Belichick would have never allowed him to pop off like he does now.

  22. So let me get this straight…if you win the extremely pathetic NFC East, you can consider yourself a champion? Really? Kind of like winning the NFC West the last several years? Wow, that’s really stretching it. The worst division in the NFL, outside the AFC East of course, probably shouldn’t have a team that can call itself a champion.

  23. Question for Jerry,

    Why can’t your head coach tell his D-Coordinator to not flap his gums?

    It’s not like the Ryan Family braggadocio works. At least half the time they have to eat crow.

  24. “Hell, it’s a costly endeavor, but I want them to be there when we win the [NFC] East, ”


    Yeah, can you imagine what the food bill alone for that family would be like….?

  25. “It’s possible that Rob and Rex Ryan’s New Year’s Resolutions will include putting a sock in the place where they like to put [toes].”

    There, fixed it for you!

  26. I just dont get why these to fat loudmouthed jerky Ryan brothers have to constantly run their mouths…they are like the school bully that constantly pumps himself up but secretly is a very insecure little weasel……The NFL fines players for wearing the wrong kinda socks or doesnt tuck in their jersey properly for crying outloud , yet these 2 jokers get to keep their little (oooops , sorry LARGE ) sideshow freak thing going on ….How many guarantees do they get wrong before somebody in the legit media says hey pal shut up with the guarantees, your 0 for 100….. Old Buddy sure brought a winner to phoenix years ago didnt he, sure brought one to philly didnt he…..and his 2 bozo sons pull the same crap….. 3 grown men that talk non-stop and never produce when it counts….Id rather they both keep eating more and more, at least there would be less time to yap about how good they are!!!!

  27. wrm1230

    give it a rest. the giants and the cowboys…and the eagles for that matter if they werent already eliminated….could put a scare into any team in the league. they had a down year, but they arent the worst division in football….that would be the nfc west, again, the afc west, or the afc south.

  28. Every time he goes off blabbing he undermines the head coach. Why do the Cowboys (Jones & Garrett) allow him to shoot off his mouth in the media??? He is not the head coach. He should not be allowed to speak with media like this and it should be Garrett’s function to speak to the media as the sole voice of the coaching staff.

  29. Why don’t the Ryan blimps shut up until they win something?
    The only parade Rex is going to have down the streets of New York is when he’s fat enough to float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  30. theripster30 says:

    The Ryan bros need to learn self control. They are glutenous and loud. Just grotesque. People like them are why the terrorists hate us.


    The terrorists hate us because they are religious zealots, we are non-believers of their religious faith, and we are powerful. They hate us all evenly, as a whole, and as an entire non-believer society….not specifically because of people like the Ryan brothers. Aside from that you are correct. They are glutenous and loud.

  31. Any chance to open the flood gates for more cowboy bashing.

    I find it even more annoying that jacobs and the she-men keep running their mouths about how much they hate the cowboys and hate their fans. thats ok though no big headlines about that.

    I hope the she-men go down in flames and jacobs has a career ending injury and lets hope old red face lives through the entire game.

    Now thats some hatin right there for all you she-men lovers!

  32. I don’t have a horse in this race as I am a Patriot fan, but unless the Giants just implode, I don’t see Dallas leaving New York with a win.

    Either way, this is compelling TV and I will be glued to my flat screen tomorrow. Yes, mostly to see Faith Hill, but…..

  33. “the giants and the cowboys…and the eagles for that matter if they werent already eliminated”

    The key point you conveniently miss is that only ONE of those three mediocre teams is even going to be in the playoffs. “Put a scare in someone”? Seriously? I think every single team actually good enough to qualify for the playoffs would love to see an NFC East team, no matter which it is, as their first opponent.

    The NFC East is full of enormous media hype and coverage and completely barren of a single team worth a damn. End of story. If they don’t like that hung on them, they can do one thing….WIN MORE GAMEs. Until then, they are pretenders….or worse. Deal with it.

  34. How much longer do we have to listen to these fat slobs pollute the airwaves with their babble. Neither one has accomplished enough to deserve the pulpit which they have claimed-their old man’s legacy only goes so far.

    The league should consider how stupid and ridiculous they are and shut them up. Let both Fat Boys take lessons from real coaches, Belicek, Harbaugh Brothers, Tomlin, just to name a few.

  35. So Belichick, Weiss and Crennel (Mangini and McDaniels were also coaches or assistants on that team) drag Rob Ryan’s sorry, fat carcass to a SB win in 2003 and somehow HE is the champion? Sure. Whatever.

    And realnflmaster, hate to break it to you, but I earn more than Rob does. And I think my job is pretty cool.

  36. themartymcfly says:
    Dec 31, 2011 1:29 PM
    which one is this again, dumb or dumber?


    LOL, stupid is as stupid does.

  37. Im a die hard cowboy fan and rob and rex talk to much ,cowboys dbs especially safetys are garbage and terrance newman is not even average hope we can get out in front of the giants tommorrow and the gmen have to play ctach up again

  38. @backindasaddle

    The terrorists hate us because they are religious zealots, we are non-believers of their religious faith, and we are powerful. They hate us all evenly, as a whole, and as an entire non-believer society….not specifically because of people like the Ryan brothers. Aside from that you are correct. They are glutenous and loud.

    Relax, guy. I’m taking a shot at them

  39. Many years ago, someone actually wrote a song about the Ryan twins.

    “Hey! You over there, I know about your kind
    You’re like the Independent Network News on Channel 9
    Everywhere that you go, no matter where you at
    I said you talk about this, and you talk about that
    When the cat took your tongue, I say you took it right back
    Your mouth is so big, one bite would kill a Big Mac

    You talk too much You never shut up
    I said you talk too much Homeboy you never shut up”

    – Run DMC, 1985 –

  40. Rob needs to know he’s an ASSISTANT. Such bravado and predictions should come from the HEAD coach. It’s all about chain of command and Robby has usurped Garrett’s coaching authority. No wonder the Cowgirls are a mess.

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