David Akers sets points record with a flourish


David Akers has been a busy man this season and it has paid off for him.

Akers set an NFL record for most points in a season by a kicker with an extra point in the third quarter against the Rams. Akers, who has also taken and made the most field goals in a season, now has 165 points on the year. Gary Anderson had 164 points for the Vikings in 1998.

Adding some extra fun to the big moment was the fact that Akers’ PAT came after his first career touchdown pass. The Niners lined up for a field goal, but kept Michael Crabtree split all the way out by the sideline. The Rams didn’t notice Crabtree, so he was uncovered when the snap came directly to Akers for an easy pass and touchdown.

The Niners now lead 27-10 at the start of the fourth quarter.