Eagles offense finishes on a high note

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DeSean Jackson’s contract status will be one of the biggest issues for the Eagles to deal with this offseason and he left the team one last reminder of what he can do on the football field in Sunday’s 34-10 win over the Redskins.

Jackson got loose for a 62-yard bomb from Michael Vick in the fourth quarter, giving the Eagles a look at the kind of combination that they expected to see a lot more of during this season. Instead, they got very few positives from Jackson — Sunday’s score was one of the few big plays he hit all season — and a lot of headaches. One play shouldn’t have that much impact on a big contract decision, but it certainly was a flash of Jackson’s best to chew on as the offseason gets underway.

The second half as a whole was a reminder of what could have been for the Eagles this season. While their defense had much more to do with how badly things went for the Eagles this year, they didn’t get to see much of their offense at its best for a variety of reasons. But Sunday saw Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Brett Celek put up big numbers as Vick wound up with 355 yards and three touchdowns against a Redskins defense that didn’t really show up for the final half of the season.

Sunday’s win allows the Eagles to finish the year at .500 while the Redskins stumbled to 5-11. There will certainly be questions about Mike Shanahan’s future as a result and it is hard to feel particularly optimistic on that front unless and until the ‘Skins get better quarterback play.

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  1. Yeah, so did the Rams. Terrible disappointment, I thought they were going to be a lot better. All you can really say though is, ” Dream team, hehehe.” Priceless!

  2. Started the pre-season as the Super Bowl “Dream Team”, finishes 8-8 and out of the playoffs ….

    Yeah, in Philly, that constitutes a great season!

    Seeing this team self-destruct was almost as much fun as watching thet Yets!

    Thanks for an interesting season, Iggles!

  3. great….we can officially put the TOTALLY annoying 2011 eagles and jets seasons to bed. six months of no dream team or rex ryan talk….thank GOD.

  4. This season was a failure of course, but four straight wins is something to build on. It’s a brand new year.

  5. Redskins Fan New Years Resolutions
    1) This year, I will stop expecting for Mike Shanahan will be successful in Washington (DONE)
    2) I will stop wasting three hours every Sunday watching these guys and spend time with my family.
    3) I will stop getting worked up in April and throughout the preseason about how they’re going to be better. I’ll expect an 0-16 record and I’ll never be disappointed.
    4) I will stop trying to understand why Rex Grossman cannot help but to throw interceptions. It is the way it is.
    5) Take up a new hobby which is less depressing than watching the ‘Skins, like watching CSPAN.

  6. Fail, Redskins really really suck. I would never ever admit to anyone what a loser I must be if I thought these bums are ever going to be good with those idiots in charge. It is a crime, there fans deserve better than what you have gotten for years. Reamaber – FAIL to the REDSKINS……

  7. cowboysfan18 – your team will choke tonight and the Eagles crushed them twice. Same old story – Romo to choke again, nothing changes except he is getting older and breaks down more.

  8. Hey, Shanny, by now Danny is just itching to spend some money. Get Matt Flynn, and a right tackle, and some god darn DEFENSIVE BACKS!!!!

  9. I’m certain this January win against a team who didn’t show up will really translate to a hot streak 9 months from now.

    This is why all the ‘fire Andy’ stuff in October & November was such a joke. The outrage from Eagles fans is just bluster, they always come running back and gladly accept whatever bone the franchise throws them.

    Same goes for the ‘media’ the cover the Eagles locally. With a few exceptions the people covering the team are just as blindly loyal as the fans are.

    Nothing will change next season in Philadelphia, including the continued quest for a championship.

  10. Nobody doubts Jackson’s talent. It’s his head that’s going to cost him the contract that he ideally wants.

    – Flashes of brilliance are great, but were we getting maximum effort from DeJax all year?
    – Where was his head at when he flipped the ball to a Giants’ coach in Week 11 and cost the team a 50-yard reception?
    – What was he thinking a few years ago against the Cowboys when he decided to spike the ball before he got into the end zone?
    – Do his past concussions make him a future injury risk?

    To paraphrase Bull Durham, he’s a million dollar talent with a five cent head. While the world seems to be made for people who aren’t cursed with self awareness, I wonder if Jackson realizes that it’s his maturity, not his ability, that will cost him the contract he wants.

  11. You just don’t understand. This is just the way our team does things. They leave us thinking at the end of every season that chemistry is building, that the coaching staff has found a clue, that things will be better next year. This is so we Eagles fans don’t jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge. It is very kind of them.

  12. Eagles motto in 2012: Win or else. Last chance for Reid, Banner, Roseman and Vick. Either get this team deep into the playoffs (better yet, win the SB), or find yourself in the street looking for work.

  13. I don’t see how any Beagle fan can take anything positive from this season. And ownership is indicating that you’ll do the same thing for another year and just hope for better results…

  14. 5-1 in the division yet were not in the playoffs. Whoever wins the cowboys-giants game is out in the first round

  15. Instead of evaluating this year’s college quarterbacks Mike Shanahan should’ve spent all his time evaluating the Eagles.

  16. “While their defense had much more to do with how badly things went for the Eagles this year”
    Actually I think the offense with it’s 40 turnovers deserves the lion’s share of the blame.

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