King: Fisher’s presence at Bucs’ hotel was coincidental


The presence of free-agent football coach Jeff Fisher at the Buccaneers’ team hotel on Saturday in Atlanta has created a major buzz in the Tampa/St. Pete press corps and among the team’s fan base.

But any connection between Fisher being spotted there and the still-occupied head-coaching job with the Bucs is coincidental, according to Peter King of Sports Illustrated and Football Night In America.

King reports via Twitter that Fisher did not meet with Buccaneers officials in Atlanta, and that Fisher was in town simply because his son, Trent, had a bowl game at the Georgia Dome with Auburn.

Still, it’s unclear why Fisher was at the Bucs’ hotel.  As pointed out earlier, he could have been visiting with former Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.  Or Fisher simply may have wanted to conduct a social experiment regarding the extent to which merely passing through the lobby would prompt the media to breathlessly connect the dots back to the head-coaching job in Tampa.

Regardless of the reason, Fisher had to realize that this would create a stir.  And maybe it’s all part of ensuring that his name makes it to the top of everyone’s “A” list in the coming days, which will give him maximum leverage when the time comes to work out his next contract.

Teams that are or could be searching for a new coach include the Dolphins, Chiefs, Jaguars, Chargers, Rams, Bucs, and Colts.  There also could be a wild-card or two, as there always seems to be.

14 responses to “King: Fisher’s presence at Bucs’ hotel was coincidental

  1. I don’t understand this guys hype….

    .542 regular season record
    .455 record including the playoffs
    6 winning seasons out of 17 seasons coached…
    -or- 35% of the time he finished above .500


  2. I once watched Peter King eat an entire meal without ever closing his mouth. No joke.

  3. Too bad Fisher has always been better at maintaining his image than he been at maintaining a decent football team. If you look even deeper than his record in Tennessee, you see he fielded defenses consistently ranked in the bottom third of the league despite his supposed expertise in that area. His “good” years also happened to overlap with Steve McNair playing at an MVP level despite being handcuffed by Fisher’s overly-conservative style (Titans were top 10 in rush attempts yet dead last in yards per attempt during McNair’s MVP season). Yet I have no doubt some team will pay him 5 or 6 million a year and ruin all of their standing football relationships to get Fisher. Have fun with that….

  4. Jeff Fisher gets over-rated because he managed to have a long tenure. His success was pretty limited in that long span. Long contracts aren’t always proof of big success.

  5. Fisher hired T.O.’s former publicist to say “Jeff Fisher has $20 million potential reasons to coincidentally be in that hotel”.

  6. Is it that crazy to think that he chose that hotel to SLEEP at? Is it also possible that he went through the lobby because that is how you typically leave a hotel??? Sheesh!

  7. Needed to get to and from the GA dome and booked a hotel at the same convenient hotel he has used whenever he has stayed had to get to and from the GA dome.

    Pure coincidence. No story.

  8. The Glazers won’t pay for a high priced coach like fisher. They will go young and cheap.

  9. “Regardless of the reason, Fisher had to realize that this would create a stir”
    Or maybe, he has stayed at that same hotel before and since he was in town, decided to stay there again?? And just maybe he didn’t give a crap about “creating a stir.”

  10. @orthomarine:

    Thank you for taking care of the post it is usually left up to me to write. I am sure everyone else is sick of me constantly posting Fisher’s mediocre-at-best record every time he gets written about on here.

    But facts are facts. He’s just not that good. He’s get hyped by the media because he treats them well. Period.

    Brian Billick could be spied standing in the office of an NFL owner and no one would report it because the media doesn’t want to see him get another job, despite his clearly superior record to that of Fisher.

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