Kyle Shanahan calls his shot for 2012

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Sunday’s game between the Eagles and Redskins was meaningless.  But Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan used the pregame as the occasion to throw down the gauntlet for 2012.

The proclamation didn’t come publicly, but it was overheard by our colleagues at CSN Washington.

“Hey, about an hour ago, all right, their [defensive] coordinator [Juan Castillo] told us, told [offensive line coach Chris] Foerster, that [if] the Giants would have lost last week, they were in the playoffs,” Kyle Shanahan said.  “He didn’t mention that they had to beat us today.  F–k him, f–k these guys.  In 2012 the Redskins are gonna be the NFC East champions, and that starts right f–king today.”

Kyle Shanahan’s remarks fall squarely within the realm of trying to fire up his team, not within the category of a true public guarantee.  Still, with the 2011 regular season winding to a close, it’s never too early to start thinking about next season — even if an outside chance remains that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder won’t be able to resist the urge to hire a new coaching staff.

After all, no coach not named Joe Gibbs has lasted more than two seasons in Washington during Snyder’s time as the owner.

Chances are that both Mike and Kyle Shanahan will be back.  The same may not be true as to many of the men to whom Kyle Shanahan’s message was directed.  If the Redskins indeed plan to win the division in 2012, they need to get better players.

30 responses to “Kyle Shanahan calls his shot for 2012

  1. You wanna look really stupid, Kyle? Guarantee it and fail three years in a row like Fat Boy.

  2. Talk is cheap, Kyle.

    We’ll see in a year if your comments holds water. My money is that your words are a farce.

  3. Now here’s a guy who worked his way up the coaching ladder, I mean he really put in the hard work…oh wait, never mind, he’s where he’s at because of his dada…

  4. Rex Grossman isn’t making any guarantees happen, unless you’re guaranteeing 4th. You better find a QB before you start popping off at the mouth.

  5. 1. Worst owner in football, actually worst person in D.C… see Times article

    2. Horrible QBs

    3. John Elway created coach

    4. No offensive talent to build around

    Good luck in 2012

  6. Just saying with the way the NFC East was this year, if you look at Washington, they aren’t far from contender their defense is as good as any in their division, they have found 3 solid RBs for next year, and they have a shot at RGIII or Manning. I think they will throw “stupid” money at a number one receiver too and they are in contention.

  7. guarantee you redskins have a top 10 pick in next years draft and kyle is fired in 1 year and mike is fired in 2 years and the redskins are in the basement of the division once again.

  8. Kyle, make sure you and Daddy get a QB, then a right tackle, left guard, and some defensive backs. In that order. And keep focusing on the run.

  9. Schneider can’t fire Shanahan, not now. If he doesn’t give Shanny an extended period to rebuild that mess, he’s going to be reduced to hiring college assistants or promoting from the fired coach’s staff like Al Davis was. For reputation and fairness sake, the Shanahans get 2 more years. 1 if they don’t get a QB in FA or the draft.

  10. Well it sure looked like a foregone conclusion out there today, Kyle. The funny thing is both teams would probably be better off if neither of these coordinators were still with their respective teams at the start of next season.

  11. Nice call Kyle. F this and f that. Kinda wished you hadn’t f ing said that now huh…stupid f ing idiot. Lol

  12. I don’t know why teams allow reporters or any visitors in the locker room for their pre and post game speeches, it just seems to lead to ridicule and being taken out of context to those who have never competed or have ulterior motives (i.e. site hits).

  13. Are Kyle and Vince Young friends? Just keep cleaning the NFC East basement Washington, you’ll know when it’s your turn and it aint going to be soon.

  14. I really like the direction they are going they are younger at almost all positions, we know have 3 young running backs,with all the injuries and suspensions on the oline. The young guys that stepped in played well under the circumstance and just gained expierence. We are getting better it takes time and I hope we contend next year! But saying all this we need a QB real bad.

  15. That would be a really great f–king speech if the Skins hadn’t been blown out f–king 34-10.

  16. Life has taught me to consider the source. Coming from this jackass, who rode Daddy’s saddle, I’d say the hoof is bigger than the foot. There are to 2 football teams in Washington, the Redskins and the Shanahan’s.

  17. Wow. What an idiot.

    Just more signs that this regime is as clueless as the rube they replaced.

    Call me when someone real comes to coarch.

  18. What i hate more than anything are people who write on blogs and spew out crap that is far from accurate!!!!!!!

    first to all of you who think kyle rode his dads coat tails to coach are sooo wrong.

    Kyle was a coach on the UCLA staff then an assistant with the Tampa Bucs under Gurden Then he was the wrs coach for the Texans then promoted to QBs coach a few years later… then promoted to O. cord. and led the Texans to a high flying offense before joining his father in Washington! He made it on his own! So DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TALK CRAP MORONS!

    Second…To all of you who use that same old inaccurate statement “Shannahan could only win with Elway”

    Ok…. for your information…Mike was the Qbs coach for Elway under Dan Reeves for 3 Super bowl losses in Denver then was the Qbs coach for Steve Young in San Fran. then came back to Denver as head coach and elway didn’t get a ring in 3 tries under mike was his head coach and built a running game behind him…..Elway was OLD when Mike was his head coach…So you can look at the glass half full or half empty…So the same argument ccan be made the elway couldnt get it done until Mike came!

  19. Just, “how kool (sic) is this?” … asks the NFL.

    Today’s date- 12/30/2013
    Shanahan Dumped by Washington Redskins. Clash of Egos out-trumps pigskin!

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