Mort: Jets will revamp offensive coaching staff

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The Jets quietly will assess in the offseason, if their candlelight vigil fails to result in a playoff berth, the status of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Jets also will revamp the offensive coaching staff.

Mort reports that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer could be fired, despite being owed $3.2 million through 2013.  Mort suggests that Chargers coach Norv Turner and Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, if either is available, could be pursued.

So what does any of this mean for Ryan, who has in the past week strongly endorsed both Sanchez and Schottenheimer?  If Ryan wants to keep Schottenheimer and those above him in the organization want to move on, would Rex draw a line in the sand that could prompt his own ouster?  He wouldn’t be the first head coach to leave a team based on a refusal to endorse the firing of an assistant coach.

In the end, Rex may have to choose between voting with his feet or once again eating his words.

37 responses to “Mort: Jets will revamp offensive coaching staff

  1. LOL… I see what you did there! You made a joke about Rex Ryan and feet. Hilarious and original. Saying something about him being fat too would be so funny. But seriously its about time we got someone who can call another play besides a handoff or screen to LT on 4th & long.

  2. Let’s see if rex stands for his o.c. or if he is gona let him get fired after he said he got his back, a lot of drama for jets fan n their 4straight superbowl rings

  3. “Mort: Jets will revamp offensive coaching staff”

    Since Rex is about as “offensive” as you can get, should I consider him gone?

  4. If this report is true, then apparently, fat Rexy shot his big mouth prematurely about Schotty being safe…. before talking with Woody about it. This is too funny. Now all we need is for his big mouth brother Rob and the Cowgirls to lose. Then we can have the twin big mouth blowhards suckin s**t through a straw at the same time.

  5. No way would Woody fire a guy who has won two straight Super Bowls and is a mere candle away from a third.

  6. Schottenheimer is not to blame. Sanchez is not that good. They should run the ball more, but this is a passing league. Pass to run. Same in San Diego – was it Norv’s fault when River’s wasn’t doing well and many thought he was hurt? And the lockout hurt all teams in some form, albeit alot more for some.

  7. Anyone know the connection between McDaniels & the NYJ? I would think Josh would only consider this if he is estranged from Belichick. Or if he does take the NYJ OC job, his picture will join Manginius’ & Brian Daboll’s on Belichick’s Dartboard.

  8. Rex said it was 50:50 Schotty would be back. The NY press have reported all week how he was far more equivocal in his support for Schotty than he was for Sanchez. Now you suggest Schottenheimer leaving would force Rex to eat his words?

    You’re just not listening closely enough.

  9. The Norv Turner bridge is probably burned, which is unfortunate, because he turned Phil Rivers’ career around. I don’t like the McD idea. Honestly he’s nothing worthwhile outside of New England. No one is talking about the Bronco or Ram offense. Schotty needs to go, though, and I think Callahan should replace him. Not worth losing Schotty if it means losing Rex though. Don’t kid yourself; before him, we have to go far back to find two good consecutive seasons.

  10. Rex knows his job is on the line so he is going to hire Norv Turner. He needs an experienced OC. Everyone knows McDummy is going to the Chiefs to join Crennel and Pioli and to get two shots a year at the Donks.

  11. like Norv Turner would ever consider working for Rex after the comments he made before NYJ played SD.

    And the Jets are going to stick with Sanchez and see what he does under a new offensive coordinator. They have invested too much $ and time to not see it through.
    I never understood why Brian Shottenheimer was so highly regarded in the first place. Take away his last name and what does he really have on his resume?

  12. They could have a coaching staff of Bill Belichick, Bill Walsh, Paul Brown, and Tom Landry. It doesn’t matter with Sanchez under center.

    But hey, they went to two AFC Championship games if you haven’t heard. Most teams wouldn’t brag about that, but losing in the playoffs is an epic accomplishment for that organization.

  13. People seem to forget A rookie head coach And a rookie quarterback… Back into the playoffs With a 9-7 record Beat the Bengals. And the Chargers…. It’s not Rex it’s not Sanchez…. Brian sh*tinheimer must go…. And “IF” We suck again….. I say sell the team lol……..J.E.T.S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!

  14. Please: Rex was never taking a principled stand about his OC, but trying to silence distractions by speaking up for him. He didn’t make any sort of statement where accepting a change would be eating his words.

    I see the official swing here, though, of TPTB simply putting up plenty of Jets articles to reap the windfall of all the hits where people scramble to insult and joke about Rex and, instead, joining in on the festivities.

  15. Josh McDaniels.

    Josh McDaniels?


    How many chances does this guy get? Other than being on Bill Bellichick’s staff for a few years, what exactly is on this guy’s resume that makes people think this guy is qualified to do ANYTHING.

    Runs the Broncos in the ground. Chases away Jay Cutler. Fails miserably.

    Goes to St. Louis. Runs the Rams offense into the ground. Oversees the massive regression of a 50 million dollar QB. FAILS MISERABLY.

    What exactly does a guy have to do in this league to prove incompetence? Norv Turner, despite being an absolute train wreck as a head coach, has an extremely solid record of running offenses and would be a great hire.

    The fact that he and McDaniels are mentioned in the same book, much less the same sentence, is simply stupefying.

  16. Good news Jets fans. They just completed a pass downfield against the Dolphins.

    Bad news, Jets fans. The pass was thrown by Jeremy Kerley.

    It was the first tight spiral thrown by a Jets player this season.

  17. I have no doubt that Wrecks, the man who guaranteed two back to back Super Bowls, as well as a retroactive guarantee of a Chargers Super Bowl, will have no problem eating his words again… Much to the chagrin of his stomach bypass

  18. If McDaniels gets hired as the OC, I might just find another team to be a fan of. The only positive about it would be, in the unlikely scenario that the Jets succeed with him, it would upset Pats fans greatly. But I don’t have a lot of faith in that happening.

  19. I still don’t get the hate for Rex. He’s fun. But Sanchez is the biggest problem, and he refuses to see it.

  20. tsutton84 says: Jan 1, 2012 12:32 PM

    Rex will never win a SB with Sanchez. Never.


    Sanchez will never win a SB with Rex. Never.

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