Out of challenges, Lions lose a touchdown on blown call


The Detroit Lions lost what should have been a touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford to Titus Young today in Green Bay when a bad call on the field was compounded by the fact that they were out of challenges already.

Young caught the pass in the corner of the end zone, got one foot down and clearly dragged his other foot, for what should have been a touchdown. But the official missed the second foot touching down and ruled the pass incomplete.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz was irate, but there was nothing he could do about it: The Lions were out of challenges because Schwartz had already challenged twice and lost one of those two. Schwartz called a timeout after the play, apparently just because he wanted time to yell at the officials. (The challenge Schwartz lost was very close: Kickoff returner Stefan Logan appeared to be down before he lost control of the ball on the play in question, but the referee ruled that there was no conclusive replay angle that showed Logan down before the ball came loose. So the ruling on the field of a fumble stood.)

If Young’s catch had been ruled a touchdown on the field, it would have been reviewed automatically. But because it was ruled incomplete on the field, it could only be reviewed by a coach’s challenge, which the Lions didn’t have. Coaches can only get a third challenge if both of their first two were correct.

Detroit ended up settling for a field goal on the possession. The Lions trail the Packers 24-19.

71 responses to “Out of challenges, Lions lose a touchdown on blown call

  1. Please dedicate an entire article tomorrow to the officiating of this game. It has been the worst I have ever seen. Periera is talking more than the announcers. It is an embarrasment to the NFL

  2. What is the use of having replay when the officials are still blowing calls? The officiating has been inconsistent and just plain awful this season. Please don’t berate me Mike Pereira for calling out your lackeys.

  3. Refs should call every questionable call in the end zone a td seeing that it will be reviewed anyway

  4. These referees should be fired. BOTH plays the Lions had to challenge shouldn’t have had to be challenged at all. It was BLATANTLY obvious that both players were down when the ball came out, but this INEPT crew awarded GB the ball!

    Beyond that, these rules are horrible!

  5. this game is being as officiated as poorly as the packers-giants game.


    can there be a bigger shill / propagandist for the nfl than perreira?

  6. I’m getting sick and tired of the refs deciding in advance who’s going to win and then making their rulings during the game make their choice come to fruition. The refs have too much power. EVERYTHING should be able to be reviewed and the coaches should have an unlimited amount of challenges…but once they lose all their time outs they’re out out of challenges.

  7. I also suppose its the refs fault for johnson dropping a wide open touchdown pass in the middle of the field? And of course refs fault for hanson missing a gimme FG.

  8. oggreengold says:
    Jan 1, 2012 2:42 PM
    perhaps its immy “maddawg” schwartz’s fault for wasting his 2nd challange

    Maybe he shouldn’t have to use 2 challenges on plays where GB strips the ball after the player is obviously down.

  9. Ref’s are human it happens, but the issue is with the challenge system itself. Has to be the worst in all of sport!

    Hockey does it the best but that can’t translate to NFL but I find it hilarious that NCAA football does it 10x better than the NFL

  10. If the refs are gonna blow calls then teams should get more challenges than 2. If you can’t see the guy laying on the ground before the ball gets ripped out, then you shouldn’t be an NFL official.

  11. Receiver didn’t have control. Ball was still moving when he hit the ground. Sorry. Detroit fans act like their coach. All mouth and whiney.

  12. Lions fans-
    Welcome to what life has been like for the last 40+ years as a Raider fan.

    11 vs. 18. Every time, every game.

  13. hey detroit, would you like some delicious cheese with your whine? hahahaha btw suh is a total non factor, is he even playing?

  14. You people talking crap about Schwartz are MORONS! How would you not be pissed about what transpired?!

  15. Not to mention how these Packer WR’s and Pushing off all season… WTF????????
    How the hell are they getting away with this crap? I implore you all to watch if Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver and company if they don’t catch a pass, they automatically throw their arms in the air trying to draw the call. I know many players do it, but they do it on every missed catch/ball. What a bunch of BullSHI@! If you look closer, watch Jordy Nelson’s TD, I’ve seen him push off more than any other WR this year. Once again… favoritism rules it’s ugly head

  16. nflfollower says: Jan 1, 2012 2:41 PM

    Please dedicate an entire article tomorrow to the officiating of this game. It has been the worst I have ever seen. Periera is talking more than the announcers. It is an embarrasment to the NFL

    It really is, it’s almost disgusting to watch.

    The Scheffler “drop” that turned into an INT that had to be challenged.

    The Logan “Fumble” when I thought it was pretty clear he was down.

    The Titus Young “incompletion.”

    Can someone explain why college football gets it’s officiating right more often than the NFL?

  17. Am I the only one who saw the ball moving the entire time he was on his way to the ground?

    Lions did get screwed on the kickoff return fumble, though. Karma gave the ball back on the Flynn pic.

  18. The replay official should be allowed to request a review on any play from the 1 yard line. It happens every couple of games that a play ruled no TD is in fact a TD. The points that don’t go on the board are as important as the points that do.

    It won’t change though until a championship game is decided by an obvious TD that is not ruled a TD.

  19. This is the worst officiated game I have ever witnessed in my life. They are indecisive and it seems that if the play is in question, they just decide to go with a decision that favors the team with the better record. Clearly Scheffler was down and so was Logan, no need for those plays to have gone to the Packers whatsoever. Also, love how Nelson pushed off on Smith on his free play, but no call there. This league is a joke to watch and Perriera comes off as an absolute clown. This league is becoming more and more like the NBA every week and they give star calls more and more.

  20. “i thought all scoring plays were automatically reviewed anyway? what happened?”

    Here is a clear example of someone commenting on the article before actually reading it.

  21. In real time it looked like the guy didn’t drag the second foot. I can’t hardly blame the refs for that one. The other 2 were pretty blatant bad calls.

    All told, it’s 4 points. Lions got screwed for the TD and took the field goal. 4 points lost by Detroit.

    Time before that, they got screwed but intercepted anyways and kept the ball. No points lost by Detroit, no points gained by GB.

    Time before that, it was ruled Lions ball. No points lost by Detroit, no points gained by GB.

    If they lose by 3 they have a gripe. Otherwise, that’s life in the NFL. And if you can’t win big against the backups, you’re going nowhere fast anyways.

  22. Yeah blame it on GB that the nfl’s officiating and rules are systematically flawed. Detroit isn’t gonna be playing past next weekend regardless of what happens in this game and who they play next week, they are undisciplined and their coach is one of the most unprofessional coaches ever. And, Stafford just got picked off by Jered Bush..hahaha

  23. The NFL Replay system is so dumb!!! If you get a challenge right, why don’t you get it back!?!?!?!? You have to get both right to get one back – it’s the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever heard. If the refs blow a call and you challenge it and get it correct, you should get that challenge back!!!

  24. Just do away with coaching challenges and review every play up top. Just get the call right. The league needs to implement logical rules like that rather than changing kickoff rules

  25. Seems silly to only automatically review plays that are called TD’s and not potential TD plays that were not called a TD. Any potential TD questionable play should be reviewed.

  26. Great acting by Stafford on those two personal “fouls”. He probably has more potential as an actor than a QB.

    Keep complaining about the refs like 12 other teams have this year. When fans blame the refs, all you’re saying is that your team isn’t in the same league as Green Bay. And that’s ok…no team is. You’re struggling to beat the Packers with Rodgers, Matthews, Woodson, Jennings, and Cobb on the sideline. You have most immature coach and team in league history. Enjoy your one and done in the playoffs.

  27. Matt says:
    Jan 1, 2012 3:36 PM
    Matt Flynn is the second best QB on the Packers and the second best QB in the NFC North.

    Agree. He’s outperforming the “great” Stafford. BTW, where’s Suh on the stat sheet? Oh right, nowhere!

  28. If I were a Lions fan I would be far more upset that the Packers aren’t starting their QB, RB, and two best defenders yet are still in this game. Go cry some more, losers.

  29. why is it that the teams that are always on the top of the list for the most personal fouls are always the ones that are complaining that the refs are against them. Then you add the whiney coach of the lions in the equation and they just are not going to get the calls your way.

  30. The officials have been terrible all year because all these silly rule changes have them as confused as the rest of us.

  31. Wow, a lot of complaining by Lions fans about the refs, dating back to last years non touchdown vs Chicago. You’re a winning team this year – grow up and act like one.

  32. The way Detroit fans talk about their team you’d think they could beat GB easily with so many starters not playing. I guess you need to whine and complain about the refs to make excuses for it. Never seen so many whiney fans, players and coach as the Detroit Lions.

  33. I am just laughing at the Lions as the are acting as if they have accomplished something by beating the Packers back up players. How hysterical!

  34. Did you guys just hear this?

    “That is the end — of the third quarter,” over the stadium speakers.

    What’s wrong with this statement?

    It was made at the 2 minute warning in the fourth quarter.

    Lay off the Cook’s next year guys, maybe you’ll call a better game.

  35. The lions D gave up 45 points to a backup QB and that is a concern. However, that does not dismiss the officiating, which affected the outcome of this game. No excuses for that crap.

  36. Schwartz is just a whiner. Titus Young did not control of the ball so the correct call was made.

  37. I am a Lions fan but I know we didn’t deserve to win because we can’t catch a ball. Officials will always get calls wrong. You just hope it’s not important when they do. ie Minnesota. It’s never going to change just like the packers fans arrogance. I recall when you all used to suck too before the world wide web. So talk all you want, you’ve just gotten a bigger bullseye put on your back. Does anyone remember who was favored last season? Was is Green Bay? Didn’t think so. Just admire how soon you forget you can’t always be on top. Enjoy it while it lasts and then I don’t want to hear you cry about anything ever.

  38. 1.) Flynn is awesome! He got a franchise record, kudos to him! I’m disappointed that Packers fans belittle “2nd” string… I would never want to play another season for you. How inconsiderate and unappreciative can you be? It’s really sad that a Lions fan is more appreciative of your “bench” than you are!

    2.) Titus Young got that touch down. No question about it! The cool thing is – For once we are able to give to charity.

    3.) Run your mouth on here cause you’ll never do it in Detroit… We are savage and ruthless, Lions fans are loyal and worthy, while others ride band wagons, we cheer even in loss… If Robocop had been at that game, blood would have been spilled for injustice!

    Please take time to find humor in this message. I’m a Lions fan, no doubt about it! If not for Les at the “Pawn Shop” I wouldn’t be able to type this message. I paid my phone bill with a loan from “American Jewelry and Loan”

    For you “Cheese Heads” I hope your cheese gets old and moldy in the playoffs!

    Happy New Year!

  39. Couple of things here…

    1. If u think the Titus TD wasn’t a TD then you either dont know the rules, are lying or didnt watch the game. He had more control on his catch than Jennings did on the bogus TD catch against the Giants when the ball was knocked from his hands and he never had control of the ball.

    2. Schwartz shouldn’t have had to use either challenge when he did. Both fumble calls were blown calls by the refs.

    3. Jordy Nelson fumbled the punt and it was totally ignored by officials and the announcers, until it was conveniently too late.

    Its starting to become obvious that the league favors certain teams. The most telling stat is the fact that the Packers are, by far, the least penalized team in the league. Even though they have LBs that consistently hit the qb late and an aging CB who piggybacks every WR he faces and gets away with it.

  40. Ah Yes, Corruption. It is very interesting that the Titus Young catch was not called a completion by the ref. This ref was staring at Titus Young’s feet with no obstruction in his line of sight and he was unable to see the second foot dragging along the Endzone. The second foot was on the same side as the ref, so the left foot could not obstruct his view. If you view the highlight of the game you can see the ref in the video staring right at Young’s feet. Now, the only thing that the ref can call at this point is a touchdown. But, that means the play would be reviewed. Oh, Detroit has no challenges left, so the ref calls out of bounds which is very interesting. The NFL has been picking teams to go to the Super Bowl for decades. I have witnessed many interesting calls over the years, which leads me to believe that the NFL is in violation of the RICO Act. Big Money. Los Vegas. You get the picture. It is amazing that the Refs have to help the Green Bay Packers win against the Detroit. Lions. The real question is whether the Green Bay Packer are truly a good team, or are they as good as the refs and official allow them to be. It is not just Green Bay. New Orleans, San Francisco, New York Giants, you get my point. You just have to watch one football game after another to see how corrupt the refs and officials are. It is a no brainer. You can add all the reviews you want, but it doesn’t stop the corruption.

  41. Ummmm.conspiracy theory much…crazy talk.Schwartz shouldn’t of challenge two plays in that fast of a fashion. Yes the second one shouldn’t of needed to be tossed. There was no fumble but that was the call and no good angles on review to overturn. Same call would’ve happened if it was ruled no fumble and green bay challenge it call on field would’ve stances. Titus young was a beast today. Stafford did what he was supposed to do too Green bays backups but there backups whooped the defense..granted our secondary is not 100%free healthy but that shouldn’t of happened

  42. 1. The refs in the NFL suck. True
    2. The refs favor certain high profile teams. True
    3. All calls should be reviewed. False

    To review all calls would force the NFL to admit that statements 1 and 2 are indeed true. If you sucked at something, but had the power to never admit that you sucked, would you? No, you would keep covering it up with bullsh*t rules in the hopes that the fans will keep forgetting about it.

    PS Not a fan of either team

  43. It is no theory, it is based on facts. The major problems with refs and the official started in the early 80’s to present. If that ref staring at Titus Young’s feet could not see his feet in the end zone in real time, than the question is, Should he be officiate a game? Again you can see the side judge in the frame of the video. Also, where is the back judge? It is a shame to ruin a sport for Big Money and Los Vegas. The RICO Act was created just for this purpose. If you can not see how refs willingly call one sided games–you have your head in the sand and it is not just the Loins games and just didn’t start this season. This has been going on for years. The NFL picks its favorites and they will not allow the opposing teams to challenge their favorites with out running interference. The only why they can run interference is through the Referees and now the have reviews. If you think that review improve on officiating–you are sadly mistaken. It is another way they can manipulate the game.

    I hope that some day good men rise up to resolve this problem in all sports. The RICO Act is one tool–Use it.

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