PFT’s postseason awards coming tonight

The AP won’t announce their postseason awards until the week before the Super Bowl, even though the deadline for voting comes at 12:00 p.m. ET Monday.  As a result, the outcome will be somewhat anticlimactic.

So we’ll fill that four-plus-week void by announcing our own recipients for each of the Associated Press awards (MVP, offensive player of the year, defensive player of the year, coach of the year, comeback player of the year, offensive rookie of the year, defensive rookie of the year), along with Executive of the Year, after tonight’s game.

Yes, it’s technically a tease.  But since we haven’t decided on the awards yet, there’s really nothing more we can say right now.

Other than tune after midnight for more.

37 responses to “PFT’s postseason awards coming tonight

  1. I’ll spare everyone the suspense…

    MVP, Aaron Rodgers
    offensive player of the year, Drew Brees
    defensive player of the year, Jared Allen
    coach of the year, Jim Harbaugh
    comeback player of the year, Plaxico Burress
    offensive rookie of the year, Cam Newton
    defensive rookie of the year, Aldon Smith

  2. Considering what Matt Flynn did today, Rogers looks like a system QB and is not deserving of MVP honors…give it to Brees…

  3. Steelerhypocrite said it right… Rodgers is nothing more than the chris bosh of the heat, a key part in the offense but not extremely needed in the large scheme of things. Go Steelers

  4. steelerhypocrite says:Jan 1, 2012 10:32 PM

    Considering what Matt Flynn did today, Rogers looks like a system QB and is not deserving of MVP honors…give it to Brees…
    Or maybe Matt Flynn is a good QB who played against an overrated Detroit defense with very little to play for. Rodgers is a stud.

  5. Hey steelerhypocrite, you have no clue what you are talking about!.Just because a QB has a great day, doesn’t mean that it’s the system. Have you ever heard of a great back-up QB! Plus, you need to be a great QB to make a great system work! Just leave the comments to the real fans that know football!!

  6. “Considering what Matt Flynn did today, Rogers looks like a system QB and is not deserving of MVP honors…give it to Brees…”

    Drew Brees is a system QB too, moron. Along with the other 31 starting QBs in the NFL.

  7. steelerhypocrite January 1, 2012, 9:32 PM CST

    Considering what Matt Flynn did today, Rogers looks like a system QB and is not deserving of MVP honors…


    Any argument you have about RoDgers is immediately invalid because you can’t even spell the guys name right. If you watched one Packers game you’d know (probably even one Sportscenter on a Monday too).

  8. After the pro bowl snub, I think it would be a (very modest) consolation to award Stafford the comeback player of the year award. It’s amazing he overcame the previous two years to be playing like he is now. He has some really great determination.

  9. Anyone saying Rodgers is a system QB knows absolutely nothing about football. Today was an illustration of how bad Detroit’s defense is, it was not an illustration of Rodgers being a system QB. Oh, by the way, Rodgers called the plays today for the first half and every no huddle drive. But I’m sure you already knew that considering how educated you all seem about football. Oh wait…

  10. I don’t understand people’s take saying Rodgers is a system qb yea he has weapons to help him but look at the system brees and Brady play in in 08 cassell stepped in for Brady so is he a system qb no

  11. That SB loss from last year still stings doesnt it Steeler fans. See ya in Indy for the rematch, our system quarterback will be waiting to destroy your secondary yet again.

  12. MVP – Drew Brees
    Offensive Player – Rob Gronkowski
    Defensive Player – Patrick Willis
    Coach of the Year – Jim Harbaugh
    Come Back Player – Alex Smith
    Offensive Rookie – Cam Newton
    Defensive Rookie – Von Miller

  13. Mvp: aaron rodgers
    Offensive player of the year: drew brees
    Defensive player of the year: jared allen
    Rookie of the year: cam newton
    Comeback player of the year: steve smith
    Coach of the year: jim harbaugh
    Defensive rookie of the year: aldon smith

  14. I guess Brady should be strip of his MVP awards and be look down upon and not be consider that great either since Matt cassell came in and looked good a few years ago that got him his job at kc right now.

  15. Yep and just like SB 45 that system QB will carve the Aluminum curtain up again this year…if they make it out of the first round! You guys are classic…like Brees isn’t a “system QB” or Brady or Manning…get back down in your grandma’s basement!

  16. Plax? He went from his second worse season to jail to his third worse season (not ranking in the top 50 WRs in yardage). Reggie Bush went from 150 yards to 1000+ yds rushing.

  17. you got everything right but DPOY. There’s a debate between a few players, but a guy who ALMOST beat the sack record on a 3-13 team isnt one of them. If he had gotten 23 I think you’d have no choice but to give it to him. Wins mean too much in this league though.

  18. Flynn is an offensive linemans kick return away from being 2-0 as a starter.

    Having someone come off the bench with two whole NFL starts and put 500 yards and 6 TD’s on the board is going to take a lot of luster of Rodger’s MVP, if he wins it.

    Drew Brees and Tom Brady don’t look all that bad now and no way is the guy on the bench gonna hang 45 points and 500 yards on the board.

  19. Giving what Matt Flynn did, regardless of how good or bad he is as a player, show’s that Rodgers isn’t the most valuable. They could possibly of done it without him.

    Now could the saints have done it without Drew Brees? No, and that’s what makes him the most valuable player.

  20. Anyone who says Rodgers is a system QB is an idiot. Just watch the guy throw a ball and you will find out! He would instantly make any team he played for a playoff contender.

  21. Aaron Rodgers threw for 307 yards against Detroit in his first game then his backup throws for 480 yards without the teams number one receiver in the rematch. You can’t give the MVP to the guy now. He’s just a cog on the second best offense in the NFL.

  22. Two of these comments are proof that steelers fans are not right in the head. The stupidity of you two is laughable. I suppose any back up QB that plays well for 1 game is proof that the starting QB is nothing special. Wait a minute..maybe you guys have a point…smh

  23. A teaser post is okay if you follow up with the real post ON TIME. Delaying an extra 45 minutes for a post that should have been 90% complete when the teaser was written is not acceptable.

  24. How can everyone forget Stafford for come back player of the year.Played 5 game last year and throws over 5000 yards and 41 TD’s this year.

  25. @ protegev

    Unless you’re talking about MVP and maybe Coach of the Year the teams’ wins don’t mean much when it comes to individual awards. Using that logic, Andy Dalton should win the OROY, and there’s only a small chance of that happening. It may come into effect if chosing between two player who are even.


    There are quite a few legitimate candidates for Comeback Player – Alex Smith, Steve Smith, Reggie Bush, Matthew Stafford. Anybody have any others?

  26. There is only one player who made a complete difference in the team from year to year. Stafford is the difference from 6-10 to 10-6. With 41TDs and 5000 yards passing he should be given MVP consideration.

  27. Ya know, I am sorta surprised no lunatic has come on here and said, in all seriousness, Timmy should win one of these categories.

    Of course he shouldn’t, but reality has never played much of a role in the Lunatic’s fanaticism.

    Just for fun – One more category.

    Disappointment of the Year – the player poised to do big things at season’s start but instead stunk up the joint like no one else.

  28. Everyone, well OK – Steeler fans, wishes Redgers was just a system QB. The fact is that the Lions D sucks more than we knew. Rodgers would have hung 600 yds and 7 tds on them before giving way to Flynn midway through the 3rd if he had played today.

  29. It’s amazing how many people can use a factor like backup QB, that is statistically independent from anything Rodgers does, as an argument against him winning an INDIVIDUAL award.

    It’s when people start parsing the word “valuable” that some of the most insane MVP arguments are born.

    Fact is, on any given pass attempt, Rodgers will gain more yards, have a higher chance of TD, and a lower chance of INT than any other QB in the league.

  30. Not only was Brees more valuable to his team than Rodgers but he also shattered some historical records. So if you want to say that “V” in MVP is important then it goes to Brees because of what Flynn did in an outdoor game against what Rodgers did to the SAME team in a dome without the Lions best rusher in Suh. If you want to look at it as an individual award then it goes to Brees since he’s put up yardage and completion percentage and other numbers that have never been done before. Anyone that thinks it should go to Rodgers is stuck on the fact that he won the super bowl LAST season and that his team is 15-1 this year, both of which shouldn’t hold weight when choosing the Most Valuable Player.

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