Raiders defense gives fitting last performance


The Raiders aren’t going to the playoffs after losing three of their last four games.

The Broncos gave Oakland a chance to make it to the postseason, but the Raiders didn’t take it.  Some thoughts about Oakland’s 38-26 loss in the Black Hole to the Chargers:

1. It would be shocking if Raiders defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan isn’t let go after the season. Despite a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball, the Raiders entered Sunday’s game 29th in points allowed. It was an underachieving group all year and this performance was typical.

The Raiders defense gave up 520 yards to the Chargers.

2. Carson Palmer threw for more than 400 yards. Denarius Moore and Darrius Heyward-Bey each topped 100 yards. And it didn’t matter. Palmer had to play flawless, and he didn’t.  Palmer finishes with 13 touchdowns and 16 picks for the year.

He did a terrible job with clock management at the end of the first half, giving up a chance for points.

3. A positive for Oakland: The Raiders won’t send a second first-round pick to Cincinnati for Palmer now. They will “only” send a first and second-round pick. We guess that’s a positive.

4. The Raiders will have to improve in free agency because they gave up picks in the first four rounds to build this 8-8 team.

5. The Chargers won four of their last five games to also finish 8-8. That’s most fitting end possible to Norv Turner’s run in San Diego possible.

60 responses to “Raiders defense gives fitting last performance

  1. I’m not going to miss those telegraphed safety blitzes when he’s 20 yards off the line of scrimmage.

  2. Chuck Bresnahan leaving is a forgone conclusion.

    Top Five things to work on in the offseason.

    1) Hire a GM (Hue’s personnel moves were BAD).

    2) Hire a legit/veteran D Coord (think Mike Nolan) and switch to the 3-4 (McClain will NEVER be a good 4-3 MLB).

    3) Make Hue Jackson give up playcalling duties (He has his hands full just being the HC).

    4) Improve roster depth (TJ Housh isn’t capable of playing in the NFL anymore)

    5) Find a legit #1 WR (there isn’t one on the roster right now).

    Horrible way to end the season, but for the first time in the decade the Raiders do have a legit NFL Franchise QB…Just need to build a complete franchise around him (Roster/Front Office/Coaching Staff).

  3. Defensive has been a liability all year. Fire the defensive coordinator, today! Has anyone ever seen Curry shed a block and make a play? Dude is lost half of the time out there. Need a big time pass rush defensive lineman and another play making linebacker. Other than that, next year Raiders should be a playoff contender.

  4. I think we all know that Bresnahan is finished but the NATION wants to know if Hue has already dismissed him. If not, when is he going to be shown the door. The sooner, the better.

  5. “Palmer had to play flawless” — um, no, he had to play the Chargers. Apparently he needed to play flawlessLY to win, but didn’t.

  6. Well I’m glad that we’ll finally be getting a GM. He needs to can Hue and Chuck. Pathetic defense all year and Hue just can’t get it done. Theres way to many lames with not enough hunger on the squad. Next year will be a good year for the Raider Nation.

  7. What a fantastic end of the season. Both the Yets and the Haiders are kicked to the side of the road, in quite embarrassing fashion, by two teams with zero to play for.

    Aren’t you supposed to under-promise, and over-deliver?

    At least the Oakland fans can enjoy the fact that their team finally broke the record for the most penalties in an entire season. Kudos, Raiders, for a job well done!

  8. The season in one play:

    On the last Chargers TD to seal the win, the two Raiders that missed tackles (Lito Sheppard and Matt Giordano) couldn’t even make the Raiders roster coming out of training camp (both cut in the final cut down).

    Any yet there was both of them on the field with the season on the line.

    BTW…The picture of Jerome Boyd (who couldn’t make the roster of any other NFL team) on the this post is a fitting image of a team with a very weak roster made up of a ton of injury prone players.

  9. 1. Get rid of Bresnahan. Call Jack Del Rio, or some other proven vet coordinator.
    2. Please find a GM that can make logical personnel moves
    3. Get rid of Dmac aka Mr Glass. The future has been compensated thanks to Airhead Palmer and the NFLs version of Brandon Roy is collecting too much cash to be constantly riding the pines.
    4. Re-sign Bush. Taiwan Jones can be the next change of pace.

    This season really just came to Hue thinking he can handle all sorts of roles when, in actuality, its not possible.

  10. That was the most poorly planned, most poorly coached and poorly played “biggest game of the season” I’ve ever witnessed.
    Down by 12 with 5 minutes left and Hue’s still pounding Bush up the middle? While players are laughing and joking on the sidelines?
    The Raiders need a complete house cleaning top to bottom.
    Rookie coach and injuries or not, this team regressed this year. The players are too comfortable. Hue is their pal.
    It’s a bunch of BS.
    And they need a running back that does more than stand on the sidelines in sweats and laugh.

  11. Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford can be stars but the Raiders need additional help at receiver. Darrius Heyward-Bey is just not a starting receiver. He can’t catch with his hands jit’s possible he can get better I doubt it. He’s not reliable and maybe a 4th or 5th receiver. Get rid of Schlesinger. Dude jumps before he catches the ball even if the ball is at waist or chest level absolutely no YAC yards because he falls after jumping and catching the ball. Murphy and Houzmanzada are too slow.

  12. @ steviekthr3e

    DMAC isn’t going anywhere (who would trade for him anyway).

    Not sold on re-signing Bush…He is a thumper who is almost 30 and couldn’t lead the Raiders to the playoffs (and can’t pass protect either).

    MAYBE a franchise tag, but that’s it…Too many 30 somethings on the roster anyway with the NFL being a young man’s game.

    Besides remember howLaMont Jordan worked out for the Raiders…Need to let Bush find his big payday elsewhere and save the money to try and fix the defense via Free Agency (mainly because all the draft picks are gone for the next two years).

  13. The Aaron Curry effect. Stubborn and or clueless Raiders fans figured they make out like bandits picking him up for little and mocked Seahawks fans for giving up on him and claimed sour grapes for Hawks fans that were cutting Curry down.

    Raiders have played like junk on defense since he arrived. Kj Wright made Hawks fans forget about Curry 1 week later.

  14. Uh the chargers gave up 520 yards to the raiders. I’m looking at the official fame stats in the press box as we speak. The raiders gave up 463…

  15. Chuck Bresnahan has got to go and fast, like right now. Don’t even wait until tomorrow, tell him before he gets to his friggin car.

    He left Lito Sheppard on Floyd all game long, even though it was clear from the onset that it was a big time physical mismatch.

    Rivers played great, he did, but he wasn’t even touched all game. Even when the Raiders blitzed, no one even got close to Rivers.

    Hue Jackson made it very, very clear after the game that Breshnahan is a gonner, too bad he wasn’t let go during the season.

  16. The clock management at the end of the first half is on Hue Jackson (not Palmer).

    No way you call ANY play that has a reciever running a route in the middle of the field.

    A sideline route or a throw in the end zone that’s it…BAD PLAYCALLING BY HUE.

  17. Some of you are confusing Aaron Curry with Rolando McClain. #55 is the MLB who can’t tackle, who shoots the wrong gaps, the one who looks lost out there on big plays, the one you see jogging rather “hunting” down runners. I clearly remember seeing several plays today where McClain was just jogging – or maybe he’s that effing slow – instead of chasing. I clearly remember a play earlier this season against the Texans where Dezmond Bryant a freaking D lineman ran down Foster near around 5-10 yard line and blew by McClain who had no chance of catching Foster. How does a lineman outrun a linebacker?! McClain is one of those guys that doesn’t hunt and needs a severe attitude adjustment.

    Bresnehan is gone.

  18. I’m proud of the players’ effort and the offensive coatings staff..Chuck Bresnahan is the reason we didn’t win the division this year.

    Players didnt execute, because players didnt fit what Chuck Bresnahan was trying to do. We need a new D Coordinator ASAP.

  19. raiderredleg says: Jan 1, 2012 8:24 PM

    Chuck Bresnahan leaving is a forgone conclusion.

    Top Five things to work on in the offseason.

    1) Hire a GM (Hue’s personnel moves were BAD).

    2) Hire a legit/veteran D Coord (think Mike Nolan) and switch to the 3-4 (McClain will NEVER be a good 4-3 MLB).

    3) Make Hue Jackson give up playcalling duties (He has his hands full just being the HC).

    4) Improve roster depth (TJ Housh isn’t capable of playing in the NFL anymore)

    5) Find a legit #1 WR (there isn’t one on the roster right now).

    Horrible way to end the season, but for the first time in the decade the Raiders do have a legit NFL Franchise QB…Just need to build a complete franchise around him (Roster/Front Office/Coaching Staff).
    ————————————————————-I agree with your five things. The RAIDERS have to learn how to win. We forget that this team has been a loser for years and we expected them to come out on this day to play one of the biggest games in years. The RAIDERS from the coach on down have to learn how to seize victory. They are still learning. This is why none of their wins were blowouts. They have to get that killer instinct.

  20. Remember when your head coach gave up a 1st and 2nd round pick for a trip to the playoffs… Oh wait… Too soon? So what’s it like losing a 1st and a 2nd for your backup QB next year?

    Look at it this way; the AFC West was way down and the faiders “finally” played right into the middle of it. It’s a good thing Denver has Tebow, the Chiefs were injured all year, and the Chargers have Norv Turner. Otherwise the faiders would’ve been 4-12. Hmm, you could’ve missed tha playoffs at 4-12, just as easily as you did at 8-8, but at least had RG3 for just 1 1st rounder and your 2nd would’ve been house money. Maybe get a LB with a head on his shoulders? Nevermind, it’s the faider way.

    What a joke of a franchise.

  21. RAIDERS- Defensively retarded and Offensively inconsistent. 2 charachteristics that lose big games.

    Next year Denver will be lost via Tebow doing more of the same, San Diego will be in the 1st year of rebuilding with a QB in the twilight of his career and K.C. will be still be rebuilding. If the Raiders have Defensive Coordinator next year that knows how to use the players they will be in the playoffs. If not, they will repeat 2011.


  22. Obviously trading a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick for Carson Palmer was a tough pill to swallow, Oakland does have a franchise QB for the next 4 seasons.

    Hue Jackson has obviously been over his head in the personnel department, but trading for Aaron Curry was a major coupe for him for a 7th round pick next season and a conditional 5th round pick in ’13. A GM will be be brought in to make all the personnel decisions and and a defensive coordinator will have free run of his defense, something no defensive coordinator had until Bresnahan had this season when Al passed away.

    No matter how you look at the Raiders, they are going to become a modern run team with men hired to do their jobs w/o micromanagement. Al Davis’s brother has probably lost his job as the person who calls in the draft picks to the commissioner at the NFL draft.

  23. I honestly can’t say a 1st and 2nd was a bad deal for Carson Palmer. Depends on how he performs next year. DMC, Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore and Palmer is a very good skilled offensive unit. IMO

  24. sjsuraider says:

    Jan 1, 2012 10:40 PM
    If the Raiders make the AFC championship next year we still send a 1st to Cin


    It’s nice to see a Raider employee or player here on PFT. I can only assume you are by saying “we.”

  25. @R8RBOB

    Agreed on the “Killer Instinct” and Coach Jackson said as much during his post game press conference.

    I am disappointed that Hue wasn’t able to instill that “Killer Instinct” down the stretch though. Sounds like he was in over his head trying to do it all this year (Head Coach/GM/Playcaller).

    Really bothered me when Gannon said during the game today that Palmer told him that he and Coach Jackson didn’t spent much time going over film…Sounds like they weren’t on the same page (and it showed on the field A LOT).

    I know Coach Saunders’ playbook is a monster, but Hue needs to step back from the offense, focus on being the head coach, and let Saunders and Palmer work one on one and develop the game plans for next year.

  26. Hue isn’t going anywhere , need to hire a GM and get rid of Chuck…do some serious reworking of the D through free agency…. Those of you who are hating on Palmer….. Are you high???? Palmer is a ligit QB who was asked to come off the street and save our season….We gave up too much for him, but he’s here now… With a full offseason with these receivers he will cut down on the picks…. Another heartbreaking season, that will sting for along time. The D let this team down along with some poor defensive schemes and some coaching mistakes…. In 2 of the last 3 games our D gave up two 99 yard drives for TD’s with under 5 minutes to go in the game…despicable…..

  27. @ jbaxt

    What? No chiefs articles to troll around right now? You were strangely absent when the chiefs got destroyed for four straight games.. Not lost.. DESTROYED.

    So your excuse is that the chiefs “were injured this year” but fail to overlook all the Raiders injuries as an excuse.. Typical.

    The “joke of a franchise” has more playoff wins, division titles, and superbowl appearances this decade than the Chiefs.. And they finished with a better record this year with more injuries than you used as an excuse.. Typical ignorant hater

  28. Poor Lito Sheppard. Rivers picked on him all game long because he’s short and he was covering 6’5 Floyd. Amazing what good protection can give your passing game…With that said Raiders need to clean house in the D. That secondary is atrocious. aside from Tyvon Branch and the occasional Routt pass break up.

  29. The Raiders couldn’t beat the Chargers, at home, with a playoff berth on the line. Some bullies…

  30. Good bye Jokeland fans. Take your meds and go nigh night. Or go slang and bang as I think the gangtas say.

  31. . It would be shocking if Raiders defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan isn’t let go after the season.
    how about 12 midnight pacific coast time?

    embarrassing…humilitating. Every team lost, and it was wide open.

    Hue Jack City gets a pass, but a GM has to come in and fix this mess, without draft less.

  32. The Raiders will have to improve in free agency because they gave up picks in the first four rounds to build this 8-8 team.

    that pretty much tells you the level of play and ability the team had prior to the deals.

    upgrades have to occur, including changing the culture – a expert GM has to come in and maybe just add a DC

    you saw what Wade Phillips did for the Texans. They may actually not be as far away from a deep run in playoffs, should they get DMC back healthy.

  33. jeremyb91,

    We’ve had all we can take of the delusional Jokeland fans. Season. Over. Bye bye. No need to analyze any longer. But don’t forget the great Jokeland war cry….. just wait ’til next year!!! Or maybe next decade. Whatever.

  34. The raiders will be fine! There are a few things that has to happen and will! New DC hopefully Spags! Lineman in the right position I.e Houston moved inside a healthy shonasty 2 key FA pickups a pass rushing End and a Corner although I think chekwa is a player! Hue should get 1 more season with play calling duties being stripped! McClain should be jettisoned hopefully someone thinks he worrth a 4th round pick Goethel will be better! With Carson having a full training camp a motivated Dmac A DC with a scheme that has better disquised blitzes and proper player positioning we will win the AFC west next year! With later picks it make the FA picking very very important but we don’t need much mainly better coaching so with that being said Hue you need to surround your self with the best available!

  35. I heard Raiders security stripped down Chuck Bresnahan and dumped him off butt naked in the middle of east Oakland with his little playbook They told him try to figure a game plan for this one bieach.

  36. I never like te idea of Bresnahan being back, and yes he need let go, the Lions game we should have never went into a predent D that the way Bresnahan has always played that old stuff, not with good QB and the receiver now days. If the Rams let their coach go the Raiders be smart to go after him he very good with the D

  37. I am disappointed! The Raiders had a golden ticket, again today, and they blew it. First, Palmer is not the one to fully blame for the mismanagement at the end of the 1st half. Just looking at the body language of the exchange between and Hue Jackson at the end of the half, while walking into the tunnel, I believe he was probably trying to tell Hue Jackson to go the field goal. Coach Jackson needs to let certain plays go, or change them with a quicker reaction. Does anyone remember the 3rd and 3 bomb that he allowed. The defense once again looked gassed out, as in years past. Whomever, is their defensive coordinator next year, might want to contract the services of a conditioning coach. Hue’s motto this season was to be the bully, and the defense was just not bullish enough in the 2nd half. This is very discouraging. Asante Samuel seems very unhappy in Philly, and we should make an attempt to go after him. But before anything else, the Raiders need to get a GM to run the show, and advise Coach Jackson to get the team’s act together. Today’s game was a make or break for the Raiders, and they clearly FAILED!

  38. At least I was 8-0 in the divison when I coached the Rayda’s!


    Tom Cable

    try 6-0 there super dooocher…faiders suck!!!!! and are not in the playoffs…. again

  39. Raider fans are funny and ignorant. Get rid of Dmac and resign Bush one guy says? Umm you just gave Dmac 60 million over 6 yrs, you can’t resign Bush. Face the facts you kept him this yr, but can’t pull it off again. He is going to be one of the sought after FA RB. Also thinking Palmer is elite is a joke. He threw picks all game long in Cincy, and in Oaktown it’s been more of the same.

    Now they have very little to work with in the draft, very little money to spend in FA, and a horrid coaching staff. Throw in a green owner and a FO with no one to lead it, and you get the new Raiders.

  40. Damn those coaches and trainers. Now all those raider superstars will be available for the Pro Bowl. Can’t believe they didn’t get Taiwan Jones into the game.

  41. Poor Raider guy. You finally have a full season of sellouts(*) in 17 years and all for nothing. It’s just sad……. literally.

  42. The Raider lost a playoff spot, and the “Loser relocate to LA” Bowl. Chargers stay, Raiders go…

  43. Season certainly was a “changing of the guard” with the passing of Al Davis.

    Hopefully Mark Davis and Amy Trask are up to the challenge going forward.

    The “let’s win one for Al” attitude is all fine and good, but for 2012 (and beyond) in order for this team to get better than 8-8 and return to past glory you simply can’t trade Al Davis’ level of control with Hue Jackson’s desire to run everything (which Coach Jackson had after Al Davis’ death and again claimed he wanted in the post game press conference yesterday).

    Bring in a top flight GM, hire a good Defensive Coordinator, and start gutting the roster. The peices are there, but the organization can’t be run like it was under Al Davis.

    Let’s be honest the ONLY reason Chuck Bresnahan was brought in again was because he was the only D Coord who would let Al Davis pick his defensive players and tell him how to run the defense (Remember when Chuck Pango said HECK NO when asked if he wanted to leave the Ravens to be the Raiders D Coord).

    That kind of micromanagement (either by Al Davis or Coach Jackson) has no place in the NFL anymore. The game did pass Al Davis by in that respect. Reference all the years of horrible defense performances while stubbornly sticking to the belief you could play man on man, 4-3 vanilla-like defense ONLY and just assume your players could beat the other team’s one on one consistantly.

    You can’t reward the fans committment to sellout the stadium on a consistant basis this year with the level of performace you saw yesterday. It is obvious that there are several players on the roster that don’t have the “eternal burning desire to win” and are just there merely to earn a paycheck. That type of attitude needs to be purged from the organization.


  44. Some bullies! Ha! The Chargers abused that defense and never had to punt!

    How hilarious was it to see the thousands of Oakland bandwagoners leaving their stadium with time still on the clock?

    Talk all the smack about SD’s empty trophy case and their own fairweathet fans, but know this (joetoronto), your raiduhs were denied the playoffs by the Chargers. Ha!

  45. 7pints..

    Go away. Your team has hardly been relevant the last 15 years. I would hardly call playing the Seahawks, rams, and cards twice a year and still being anonymous something to talk crap about.. You’ve been a nothing fan for the past few years with the occassional Michael Crabtree apologist appearance. So you have one division title during that stretch.. Good luck losing to GB or NO or even the Giants with your game manager QB.. Then I’m going to dump on you, but you’ll be missing from PFT unless there is a Raider article.. GFY troll

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