Redskins and Eagles didn’t save their best for last


There’s nothing at stake but draft position in Philadelphia this Sunday and both teams are playing like they can’t wait for the offseason to get here.

Philly leads 10-0 thanks to a slew of Redskins errors, including a blocked field goal and the 60th interception of Rex Grossman’s career. The Eagles did their best to help the ‘Skins get on the scoreboard when Todd Herremans whiffed on a block of Brian Orakpo to help create a strip sack of Michael Vick, but Washington couldn’t convert. They got close to the end zone, but Santana Moss got a 15-yard penalty for arguing about the lack of a flag for pass interference and the Redskins couldn’t get their field goal team on the field before time ran out.

At least there was a modicum of excitement watching the unit try to get into position in time to try the kick. There hasn’t been much else to entertain at the Linc thus far and it seems a stretch to expect the second half to be much different.