Report: Norv Turner “all but certain” to be fired this week

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Chargers coach Norv Turner, as MDS pointed out earlier this morning, still enjoys the support of his players.  But Norv’s players don’t make the hiring and firing decisions, even though their collective performance is likely getting the current guy fired and a new one hired.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Turner is “all but certain” to be dumped by the Chargers this week.

“There reaches a point of no return,” a source from the organization who wants to see Turner keep his job told Acee.

The biggest surprise could be that it took the team so long to get to that point.  With annual slow starts, strong finishes, and an inability to carry that late-season success deep into January, Turner’s five-year tenure surpasses those of 21 other NFL head coaches.

And so Turner apparently will join Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips as three-time former head coaches, and Turner would likely draw immediate interest as an offensive coordinator, possibly hired to work with a young and/or underachieving quarterback.

The Chargers will inevitably look for a coach who can put butts in all of the seats.  It is widely believed in league circles that Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith floated the notion of Smith and Jon Gruden landing in St. Louis as a ploy for persuading the powers-that-be in San Diego to keep Smith and pursue Gruden, but Gruden recently has said that he’ll return to ESPN in 2012.

Regardless of the direction that the process takes, the sooner the Chargers get started, the better chance they’ll have to get the guy they want.  With three teams already firing their coaches during the season, those teams can start the search for a permanent replacement as soon as their games end on Sunday.

That’s why it wouldn’t be a shock to see Black Monday begin a few hours early, and the first bolt of lightning could strike in San Diego.

38 responses to “Report: Norv Turner “all but certain” to be fired this week

  1. Turner has certainly had plenty of time to get the job done… he hasn’t.

    Time for a change

  2. Next week all you J-E-T-S fans can welcome your new offensive coordinator, Norval Eugene Turner.

    Remember you heard here.

  3. ahahahahahahhh….no, but seriously. from all of Raidernation keep him. plllllease. Meh. or don’t and rebuild. either way u guys won’t do d!@k…ahahahah….and I’m talking to both fans:)

  4. @buzmeg

    I was thinking the same thing.

    And… sign Chad Pennington to “back-up” Sanchez.

  5. Norv deserves to be fired if not for the season for one very dumb series that led to a loss to Denver:
    You need 10 lousy yards to get in field goal range and kick winning kick and your team runs right, same play three times and loses 8 yards when one short pass up the middle would have sealed the deal?
    That series costs the team the season as they ended up in overtime and loss to Denver. That win would have turned the season around.
    By Norv. Have a good 2012

  6. It’s time for the Chargers to move on. I still think that AJ Smith doesn’t get enough of the fault there – the deterioration of the defense there has as much to do with poor personnel selections as it does with other issues. That said, Turner’s clubs there seemed to hit a wall on how good they could be.

    I would imagine that almost any team in the NFL would have an interest in Norv if there was an open OC position. For example, I could see the Bears decide that Martz isn’t worth the headache he brings and decide the Norv’s brand of power football better fits the OL talent and could help Cutler avoid his yearly beating from protection issues.

  7. honestly tho. he’s a good man. but nice guys finish last…and I’m sure the chargers kno this;)……now

  8. A few years ago, this was a talented and feared team, Super Bowl caliber.

    Today, they’re driving aimlessly in circles.

    Norv and Smith have had their chances, flush ’em both.

  9. I would like to see Turner in Dallas as, at least, the OC. I have never been a fan of Garrett, this year has confirmed that feeling, and Turner would be a good fit.

  10. why would he get fired he’s never been a good head coach and has a superbowl “talented” team that isn’t going to make the play offs. Again. The GM and idiot owner should get fired.

  11. Not to exclude Norv from blame, but look at the players the Chargers decided not to keep. Brees, Turner, Sproles, Cromartie. I mean how do you lose Sproles? Those are four prow bowl players. Look at how many pro bowlers Pittsburgh and New England have let go. I can’t think of one.

  12. I always love it when players publicly express support for a coach and complain when they lose their jobs.

    Do these people have mirrors in their homes?

  13. joe flacco and cam cammeron don’t get along very well. having norv turner as the o/c in baltimore could give their offense a real boost. here’s hoping that is what happens.

  14. some coaches are good coordinaters and are not good head coaches. norv should’ve been gone a long time ago. the gm there should be gone too. he in my opinion is the biggest problem. get rid of them both and get marty back!

  15. Norv Turner’s five year reign of failure:
    2007 playoffs: 2-1
    2008 playoffs: 1-1
    2009 playoffs: 0-1
    2010 season: Does not qualify.
    2011 season: Losing record.

  16. Dear Norv’s Next Team,

    Please be prepared to be considered “Super Bowl Contenders” for years on end, including but not exclusively resulting in having your balls washed every offseason by the grand and all-knowing mediots… only to end each season with a bald spot on your head from all the scratching and confusion.

    Fare thee well, Norv. It’s not you so much, as it is your boss, that awful “team,” and your former-Raider-fan-fans. (Who it turns out… still don’t know a damn thing about football)
    One suggestion: Get outta town quick! The mass bandwagon exit will seal the fate of the San Andreas Fault – 2012… IN EFFECT.

    The Raider Nation

  17. Marty Schottenheimer 47-33 coming off a 14-2 season. Norv Turner 48-31 coming off a 16-15 record for the past two years. How did that work for you, SD? Nothing but downhill with Norv … like Bode Miller at the Winter Olympics.

  18. Dr.seuss says:

    Oh Norv,

    Although I don’t want to sound like I hate,

    Your firing seems to be two seasons too late.

  19. I haven’t been following the Chargers (I am a Steelers’ fan), but after watching the offensive game against the Raiders (who had a playoff spot at stake), I would hire Norv Turner in a heartbeat. Everyone wants to blame the coach when the team doesn’t win, but sometimes the players and compensation of same should be looked at.

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