Add Rob Chudzinski to the Jaguars list


If you’re an offensive coordinator in the NFL looking to move up the ladder, you should probably send your resume to the Jaguars.

On the heels of news that the team wants to interview Mike Mularkey of the Falcons and Brian Schottenheimer of the Jets comes word that the Jaguars have asked for permission to interview Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. The word comes via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, who says that head coach Ron Rivera confirmed a team asked for permission without specifying which team was doing the asking. Person adds that Rivera said the team would be proactive about keeping Chudzinski, on the right in the picture above, in the fold.

The Panthers set a franchise record for yards this season, Chudzinski’s first with the team, with 6,237 yards. Much of that was due to Cam Newton, of course, but Chudzinski put him in a position to shatter every rookie quarterback record in the book. Chudzinski was with the Chargers as tight end coach in 2009 and 2010 and spent two years running a mediocre Browns offense before that.

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  1. ‘Chudz’. didn’t you learn anything in Cleveland, go to a team with actual talent. Look at how your stock has risen because of Cam. Potential (in Gabbert) will get you fired and stuck on mediocre teams

  2. If the Panthers were smart, they would up Chud’s contract to keep him. Continuity does well when it goes to providing stability and long-term success of the team. If Cam loses Chud, he could be the next Alex Smith or Jason Campbell, and no one in Carolina wants to see that after such a marked improvement this season over last. Give him 2-3 million a year to keep him in place. You have more security as a OC than a HC anyway, ask the 6+ coaches out of a job today and see that.

  3. a “mediocre” browns offense, which went 10-6 and sent Derek Anderson, Braylon and Winslow to the pro bowl. Chud is a stud at turning crap into gold… perfect fit in jax!

  4. Whoever gets the Jags gig is going to look like a a genius…..

    He will inherit the 5th ranked defense, the best RB in the league, a young smart, big armed franchise QB who had zero WRs to throw to and was getting killed every time he dropped back.

    The Jags placed 31 players on IR this year and played 7 games against playoff teams plus the Titans twice and Jets on the road early. 5-11 could have easily been 8-8, they had the bengals, browns, and panthers beaten but blew it.

    Funny how quickly Gabbert’s stock has fallen from the combine and draft – April 2011 to Fall 2011 – like he was the first high drafted rookie QB to struggle on a bad team. He just turned 22 and wasnt supposed to play this year, especially with the lockout.

    It will be amazing how quickly everyone in the national media (and some Jag fans) will jump back on his jock like they were at the combine……With an offseason, training camp, a few top free agent WRs or the top WR in the draft. Marcedes Lewis had a terrible year but went to the pro bowl last year. Last year the Jags spent 100M on the defense and went from 29th to 5th. Khan may spend more than that this year.

  5. So Gabbert needs a miracle. That’s funny. 12 games and the entire NFL world says the kid is finished. 12 games, really. This is social media and a microwave world at it’s finest. Yes, he hasn’t looked good, but there is something there. Lockout, bad coaching, no weapons. Maybe he will be a bust, maybe good, maybe great, but you damn sure need more than 12 games to prove which of the 3 you are. Stop hyperventilating and take breath.

  6. Jacksonville is a good job. No state tax, great weather year round, team with good pieces to work with. Given two years this team could be a contender. This next year with a few offensive weapons and one good offensive line man they could at the least make the playoffs.

  7. Egetto: you sir are an idiot. MJD is good, top 5, but he is not a damn hair on Adrian Peterson…I’m not even a Vikings fan…just take Mularky or Schottenheimer and quit being a sore loser. Also, tell your new owner who will likely move your team in the next 5 years that I said he has an awfully nice mustache.

    You’re welcome.

  8. Madenttewell is calls Egetto an idiot, then makes the dumbest statement made on this thread…
    You are the type of person who makes message boards lose all credibility.

    MJD “isn’t a hair on Adrian Peterson”??? Do you even follow the NFL. You can argue who is better, but to make a comment like that you must be a vikings fan, and an embarrassing one at that. He has outgained AP the last three years, and done it with injuries, coming back from surgery. While he hasn’t had as many TDs, his totals are nothing to sneeze at, and he holds this years rushing title, despite going against a minimum of 8 in the box since the team has absolutely no passing offense.

    Now run along and play your video game before you have to finish you homework and go to bed!

  9. MJD is good huh? Up against 8, or 9 in the box all season when everyone knew Jags were going to run it. Over 4 YPC, 300+ touches, and over 49% of the Jags total offense. Breaking franchise records, rushing titles….Little better then “good” to me.

  10. Lol I also said he was top 5. I’ll play my video games but I said I’m NOT a Vikings fan. Ask anyone who knows actual football, AP is better than MJD. I make people on these threads look moronic eh? Hmm…at least I can read. Also while you sit here and criticize me, you also have the same amount of credibility…so to you I say, jog the hell on…

  11. madenatewell – better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    If you know how to google, check out Shahid Khan and his promises to the fans of Jacksonville and his goal to bring a championship here. The stache joke was hillarious. Tool.

  12. I hope they stay there, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in saying that whoever goes there as head coach will get a pretty good team, they’re defense is good, I think JAX could be better than Houston if they had a better WR core. They honestly haven’t had a good WR since Jimmy Smith and Keenen McCardell (no I didn’t turn on madden ’01 to see who was good then) give Gabbert some kind of a threat and it’ll open up MJD too. The real reason I said anything is I hope my team keeps Chud, too many times a good fitted OC leaves a place with promise and everything goes to crap.

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