Bart Scott waves goodbye with one finger

The Jets don’t win quietly. That’s why it’s not a surprise they are full meltdown mode after their late season.

Bart Scott, who will reportedly get cut during the offseason, refused to speak to the media on Monday. A photographer approached and Scott flipped him off.

“Get that out of my [bleeping] face,” Scott said.

Darrelle Revis, who is usually very cooperative with the media, refused to speak as well.

Santonio Holmes, meanwhile, is still sitting on the team’s bench in Miami, unaware the season is over.

(Note: Holmes not actually in Miami. He was “escorted” past media Monday by the team’s P.R. staff.)

90 responses to “Bart Scott waves goodbye with one finger

  1. What do you expect? He’ll be a Cowboy next year, by the way. Brooking’s gone, Ryan at DC… done deal.

  2. Now all of a sudden the Jests have nothing to say? Yeah, and then they and their fans wonder why everyone hates them.

    Big mouths and too much to say when it doesn’t matter. Closed lips and nothing to say when it does.

    Seriously. What a clueless and classless team. Grow a pair and man up!

  3. I guess he is reconsidering his “santa’s real y’all” commercial. He obviously can’t wait to get cut.

  4. I guess he is reconsidering his “santa’s real y’all” commercial. He obviously can’t wait to get cut.

  5. While definitely not ‘my team’, I have always kind of liked the Jets and even find fat Rex more entertaining than annoying. That said, the GM has certainly brought a large number of losers into the fold.

  6. No way Ravens take him back…

    First of all Harbaugh is not going to put up with him and second, McCLain is playing well and they have McClellan and Ellerbee who have both played well when they have gotten their shots.

  7. Brandon Marshall was right about Revis. There is no question he is a good corner, but if you watch replays, he gets away with murder on some of these WRs. Grabbing arms, jersey yanks and they never get called. Refs need to call a consistent game.

  8. Meltdown!!! can;t wait to hear Tannenbaum justify this team’s performance. Great trade for Holmes, hahaha

  9. does anyone think the sexy rexy head coach will work out …just like his dad talk alot win alot less and then leave and be a DC like you are meant to do ps sorry rob you have no shot thanks to rex

  10. Remember last offseason when Bart Scott said, “We better back up our talk and win the Super Bowl this year, or we’ll be the laughingstock of the league.” Yeah, Bart, you’re right. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks for the laughs!!!!!!!!!!

    You and the Eagles both!!

  11. Florham Park,NJ….. BOOM

    The implosion has begun. The Captain was doing his best Ladanian T imitation yesterday on the bench after QUITTING on his team.. Bart Scott showed what a real POS he is. The jets are going to cut BS? CANT WAIT!

    What a great Monday it is here in New England.

    And to all the 28-21 posters, how do you like your jets now?

    Let the plans for the jets 44th begin.


  12. @berniemadoffsides: So, Rex cuts him, his brother calls him up and asks his opinion, and Rex says he’s great, wish he was on my team, sign him? How does that make sense? Besides, Cowboys will have Carter starting next to Lee, I think they’re done with the “old vet” defensive philosophy.

  13. Stay classy Jets. You are every bad stereotype of NYC. You’re a bunch of big-mouthed, loud-talking, underachieving punks. You are the perfect reflection of your head coach and the crappy, sprawling, worn-out suburbs of Long Island where most of your idiot fans reside.

    The Giants are resilient, tough, business like and achieving. They are a great reflection of their coach and the Tri-State area where their fan-base resides.

    By the way, I am a fan of neither of these teams. But I do respect one of them.

    Go Pats!

  14. What a bunch of bums this whole team is…when they win they shoot their mouths off like they won the Super Bowl. Now that they’ve tanked all year they all of a sudden get quiet. The Jets are a sorry excuse for a football team and they got exactly what they had coming to them. I have no doubt that most of the NFL is laughing and would gladly give crybaby Bart Scott a finger in return.

  15. Seems like anyone/everyone who…TALKS BIG NFL, gets thrown to the dogs sooner than later.

    That encompasses the entire jets organization…so screw everyone of them..and their fans too.

    They have this coming to them..cause of their big mouths.

  16. The Jets ran though the raindrops to even make the playoffs the last two years – especially the first year with the Colts and Bengals losing on purpose to keep the Steelers out of the playoffs – but their luck ran out.

    Leinart and Sanchez are essentially the same quarterback but Sanchez has had the advantage of a defense that could drag him to the finish line.

    Roethlisberger, Flacco, Sanchez, etc. would all have terrible records if they lost games every time they didn’t score 20 points …. or for example if they had the Patriot’s defense they would go 0-16.

    So the Jets either have to get better on defense or get a quarterback who can actually win games.

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am so thankful that Rex is not the coach in Baltimore. This idiotic game he plays cannot end well for anyone involved.

  18. Aren’t they going to the superbowl? Say it ain’t so Rexy! you told ’em so!

    Don’t worry Rexy, no one thinks you’re a loser, because you’re going to the superbowl next year for sure right?

  19. I don’t have any particular love for the Jets as a Patriots fan, but I do believe they have the potential to be a quality organization and Ryan can be a successful head coach.

    Look ,they made it to the AFC title game two consecutive years and did it each time with all games on the road. My Patriots couldn’t win at home with a week off. So that is saying something.

    But they all just need to shut up, and concentrate on getting the job done instead of making themselves targets for the media and the rest of the league. Eventually, running your mouth catches up with you.

  20. Hey Rob, this is Rex, we both F”ed up this year again as coaches, and are losers again. I want you to come to New York, and be my assistant head coach. Between you and I coaching this awesome team that I have here, we will win the Super Bowl for at least 5 years in a row. I know that Dad would love to see us coaching the same team together. I want to be able to slap my offense around like Dad did, and the Defense is all there for you to slap around and let them know you are the boss.

    Rex that sounds like a real good deal, and I know that you already know where all the good places to eat are located. Since you have some free time like me, why don’t you come to Dallas, I have a lot of good places to eat here and they let me bill it to Jerry’s account. Tonight I’m going to have for dinner is a lot of CROW, finished off with a few dozen HUMBLE PIES. Can you make it down for dinner, I will pick you up with the Hummer since it’s big enough for the two of us and a suit case or two.



    Eat and



  21. Overpaid punk. To think these guys make millions and can’t give a simple exit interview. He’ll probably end up making some money somewhere else, too.

  22. It’s so nice to know I don’t have to listen to Rex Ryan for the next few weeks.

    Holmes is a terrible locker room guy or he would still be with the Steelers.

    Plaxico was never that good, even in his prime.

    Derrick Mason was awful and cut.

    LT was over the hill.

    Shonn Greene is average at best.

    Sanchez is never going to be more than just an average QB.

    The Jets defense was still pretty good this year… athough they need a decent run stuffer after losing Jenkins.

    They had no offense at all. That was known before the season and it played out as expected. They didn’t under peform, they just weren’t very good.

  23. Thanks you J-e-t-s. From all of us in Cincinnati. Kudos to our good friend Carson Palmer on that 16th int of the season in just 10 games. (Dalton had 13 in 16 games.) Thanks for the #1 pick for your int qb, Raiders. He’ll have 24 next year on a full season. And last but not least, Tebow sucks. Thanks for that loss too, Denver. 6 for 22 on passing. Yeah, that will beat Pittsburgh.

  24. Just a team with no class at all….actually, an organization with no class at all. When the Jets win: they talk about how good they are. When the Jets lose: they talk about how good they are but “missed opportunities” They’re missing a lot more than that, how about a QB that is actually a leader and doesn’t make terrible throws to try to save a sack? As for some of them not talking to the media, it’s a team of babies that can’t take a loss and congratulate the other team.

  25. Amazing how a competent QB would have covered up for this whole mess. “The Sanchize” better not appear in anymore magazine spreads or TV commercials this off-season.

  26. If the Jets truly want to be taken seriously, and truly want to be “winners”, this is a turning point for the organization as a whole ….

    There isn’t a player, a coach, a member of the front office, who can’t look in the mirror and say “I need to do a BETTER job, starting TODAY”.

    There is not a man on this team or in this organization who can say “I did my job as well as could be expected”.

    With every man dedicated to making serious improvements in their execution of their jobs, this team can’t help getting better.

    Ryan needs to realize that while “bluster” gets one “attention”, it only gets one so far. I’d have a lot more respect if the man just quit boasting, and committed to building a better organization…..

    When you’re NOT a loser, Coach, you won’t have to tell us.

    We’ll be able to see for ourselves.

    Jets fans have been waiting 43 years – now to be 44 – and they deserve that much from you.

  27. I’m sure the day you find out you lost your job, you’re stopping to chat with reporters on the way out. And BTW, all these comments about Scott to the Pats, Ravens, etc etc, are silly, the guy is completely washed up. Well, maybe he can ride the bench with Shawn Ellis up in NE next year for $4 million.

  28. Add Bart Scott to the list of Bmore defenders who owe one big payday to Ray Lewis and never make it in their new city.

    Should have signed with Bmore for less and would be getting a second contract now!

  29. jets fans – you have to admit that you had this coming – when you mouth off ALL THE DAMN TIME sooner or later you’re gonna have to deliver the damn goods.

    FYI – I don’t hate the jets, but I do find them amusing at times.

  30. For a team I use to enjoy watching play but since Ryan has arrived that has really changed. It starts with the coach, and the players are acting just as he does. I have a hard time believing Jet fans as rough and crude as they want others to see actually enjoying paying their good money to see the crap on the field and actions of coaches and players off the field. Fans are washing their cars next weekend when they should be sitting in front of the tube watching the playoffs.

  31. Per ESPN Rex was crying in the Jets’ team meeting this morning. Crying? There’s no crying in football!

  32. “anacherforester says: Jan 2, 2012 12:04 PM

    Per ESPN Rex was crying in the Jets’ team meeting this morning. Crying? There’s no crying in football!”

    Not if the meeting runs into lunch. Or if his wife wore boots that day.

  33. “I am not a loser”=”I am not a crook” RMN circa 1976. Nixon was run out of town, ergo time for Fat (not sexy) Rexxy to get the same treatment

  34. I would want scott on my team anyday! Why would you not want a guy who plays with passion and is hungry to win and prove himself?

    The Jets offense is bad. How many 3 and outs?

    Look at the colts D with a bad O..Pure suck.
    Bart Scott, Good luck dude. Im sure you will land somewhere

  35. “…and, in other news, ESPN announced today that Rex Ryan has been added to this year’s NFL Playoff broadcast team.”

  36. Their EXTREMELY OVERRATED coach and QB put them in this position. He just needs to shut his big trap. No Ryan’s in the playoffs is awesome. Neither is anything close to what their father is.

  37. thetooloftools says: Jan 2, 2012 11:10 AM

    I guess some teams can’t back up their coaches talk.

    And most coaches are smart enough not to keep their team constantly in everyone else’s cross-hairs.

  38. This is a coach, that antagonizes opponents, with his brash, bold predictions etc. This put a tremendous amount of pressure on the players, and it’s obvious they collapsed. If Rex Ryan can just shut up and let them play the game, we as NFL fans would’nt have to be as hateful toward the Jets. Everyone loves to hit the big bull’s eye if you put one up !

  39. Bengals > jets….. Wait I’m not done….. Tebow > jets…. I know that’s hard for jets fans to swallow… Wait I forgot… Dalton > Sanchez… Sit at home and enjoy the playoffs jets fans you deserve it

  40. i wonder if Bart Scott will be part of the New Defense in Oakland Next year,
    Its going to be the best Defense in the NFL.
    So far they got Jack Del Rio as the coach

  41. I’m really blessed to be a Green Bay Packers fan.

    The news coming from people who are part of the Lambeau organization isn’t uniformly heart-warming 100% of the time. But, I can testify that news never has this fan-discouraging character, thank goodness.

  42. stevincinci says: Jan 2, 2012 11:42 AM

    Thanks you J-e-t-s. From all of us in Cincinnati. Kudos to our good friend Carson Palmer on that 16th int of the season in just 10 games. (Dalton had 13 in 16 games.) Thanks for the #1 pick for your int qb, Raiders. He’ll have 24 next year on a full season. And last but not least, Tebow sucks. Thanks for that loss too, Denver. 6 for 22 on passing. Yeah, that will beat Pittsburgh.

    Are you really a Bengals fan talking smack? Really? A Bengals fan? You are 2011’s version of the Bucs. You took advantage of a weak schedule. Difference is, you made it to the playoffs and will get punked by a rookie QB and Bum’s son….go back to eating your chilimac LOSER 😉

  43. enjoy reading bengals fans pee all over a bunch of other teams. priceless and timely.

    i think balto better try and avoid playing pitt OR cincy again.

    i dont like their 3peat odds vs either.

  44. New Jersey jets are in a New Year Melt Down, don’t worry, by tomorrow they will be talking about next year Super Bowl. Bill p.s. funny that its hard to find one jet ruining his mouth on the Dolphin blogs, of course its hard to brag when you just got your butt kick.

  45. “nyjetman01 says:
    Jan 2, 2012 12:08 PM
    I love H8ters. So bored with themselves. ”

    You mean “waiting for the Winter Classic to start and laughing my ass off.”

  46. Linebacker Bart Scott : “All I know is I’ve got a guaranteed contract for $4 million,” he snarled. He then used an expletive at a photographer and stuck out his middle finger, adding: “Take a picture of this.”

    A nice snapshot of the modern pro athlete. Stick it, Scott.

  47. I’ll miss these guys..obviously the Jets have to mature and break up the team, but they got the Jets out of Pats shadow temporarily and punked them in the playoffs when it counted. Now they have to take the next step, which means more consistent play from the QB position, if not a change, and another OC.

    it was a nice run, J-E-T-S

    Can’t wait!!!!

    quote of the decade!!!

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