DeSean Jackson apologizes, would gladly take franchise tag


After a strong finish to the season, DeSean Jackson is saying all the right things in Philadelphia. Starting with: “I’m sorry.”

“I can admit to certain things affecting me during the season. I just want to apologize,” Jackson said via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jackson’s effort and maturity were questioned at times this year, but never by his head coach publicly. Jackson admits he made mistakes.

“I probably could have handled it a little bit different, but now sitting here after the season’s over I can just say I was able to put it behind me and really just fight for my teammates, fight for my organization.

“I can’t really get frustrated over contract situations, or if I’m not paid how I think I should be, whatever the case may be. I can’t really allow that to go on as a professional.”

Jackson said he would welcome getting the franchise tag.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked.

Good question. Jackson had 961 yards and four scores this year. He’s a dynamic player, but not worth a one-year contract worth close to $10 million.

We doubt the Eagles will use the tag on Jackson, and there’s a good chance he’s played his last game with the team.

72 responses to “DeSean Jackson apologizes, would gladly take franchise tag

  1. It’s obvious Reid is one with him. Reid actually benched him, which he never does. Add that with removing all kick return duties and you have yourself a free agent.

  2. cause philly is about the only team that wont put an extremely carefully worded contract in front of him.

    another t-o style diva wideout. except it seemingly took owens a mite longer to get to this point.

  3. Dear Eagles, for the love of all that is good, do what the man says and give him the franchise tag so we can keep this circus you call a football team rolling into 2012!

  4. Move on and take the comp pick. A 3rd round pick for a glorified kick returner is a good trade. (Although the Bears rightfully would never trade Hester for a 3rd).

  5. Of course he would welcome the franchise tag… how much money does anyone think he’ll get in the post Al Davis era (too soon?)?

    Imagine what would happen to his life if he ever made the cover of Madden.

  6. He’ll be back. He knows that this is the offense for him. He may not have had the TDs this year, but he was 39 yards shy of 1000 yards this year and he missed 1 game and was virtually invisible in 3 or 4 others.

    Unless the Eagles bring in Stevie Johnson, but I’m not sure they’re prepared to deal with the headaches.

  7. Love seeing a player be humbled ……. too late.

    You blew that 10 mil, my friend, with your attitude.

    How’s that taste?

  8. Oh, so now the $10 million is ok. You could have been classy about it like Matt Forte’ in Chicago, or Ray Rice who didn’t even make his contract issue an actual, public issue but instead you had to whine, underachieve, loaf, and do your part in sinking your “super team.” Stupid is as stupid does DeSean.

  9. A good chance he’s not back with the Eagles? I really don’t see them letting him go…he adds too much to the offense.

  10. Translation: “Guys, I know I’ve been a douche all season long and really did everything to shy away from contact, I apologize.

    But now the seasons over, I hope you can just magically forget those things and burn the endless amounts of tape of my lowlights this year and pay me Larry Fitzgerald money, plus make it completely front-loaded as well with no incentives too.”

    PS: I’ll take the franchise tag too if your offering.

  11. While approaching the most important time of his career, a time in which he is trying to prove to everyone that he is worth being paid like an elite receiver in the NFL….Desean shows his true, immature self. A very timely apology, too.

    Desean is equivalent to a 16-year old girl pouting after discovering a porsche in the driveway instead of the Ferrari she demanded.

    Sound like someone you wish to employ?

  12. He’s an elite game changer/playmaker and showed it for 2 seasons. He has never been a problem until they refused to pay him. Locking him into that garbage rookie 2nd round contract. He would be signed to a longterm 60mil 6 years contract in a week if the Eagles don’t tag him.

  13. A big part of me wants this guy gone. Another part of me thinks it will be a mistake and hurt the offense. It’s true that he is a one trick pony but what he does goes unnoticed sometimes. His speed opens up the middle of the field for guys like Maclin and Avant by the defense putting a safety on top of him.

    Coming from an Eagles fan, this guy is no way near worth top WR money. He is, however, a unique weapon that I think the birds need to keep around to maintain an explosive passing attack. In my opinion, Maclin is a better all-around receiver but if Jackson is gone, Maclin’s production will likely decline.

  14. This fairy is one hit away from drooling on himself.

    Please bring him back so the NFC East Champion New York Giants can be the team to end his career next year.

  15. @larrydavid815

    Chris Johnson
    6-year $53.5 million
    2008 1,228 yards second in AP rookie of the year
    2009 2,006 yards one of only six player in NFL history
    2010 1364 yards

    Chris Johnson is Proven talent and has earned every penny he’s been paid. 1 bad season and now he’s a bum? He held out and got paid getoverit. What is the average of the other runner on the team? Look it up. Chris will be back to pro bowl form next year.

  16. I love this guy and the Eagles love this guy no matter what other people think. Vick wants him back, Maclin wants him back, LeSean wants him back, im sure everyone who actually knows him (not dumb @ss fans who think they do) wants him to be an Eagle. He is not a diva like TO, not even close are you kiddding me? This is a young team that has the chance to grow together and become something special. They couldn’t even beat ARIZONA without him…nuf said. He brings to much to this offense to just let him walk.

  17. I really don’t understand why everyone get so excited about this guy’s “talent”. He’s 150lbs, he can only run go routes, shy’s away from contact/going across the middle, decent returner.

    Does not warrant a lucrative contract IMO.

  18. @ravensruleandharbaughisgod

    Does that mean you’d be willing to give Matt Forte and Ray Rice a large guaranteed contract? That’s what I thought.

  19. THen how about giving some of your salary back jerk ? Philly should f’chise him again, you dont want to invest in knuckleheads like this….

  20. That said, they need to resign him and I want him back, but good lord, djax. Appreciate the apology, but OFCOURSE your teamates and fans deserve the apology. And your focus.

  21. You simply DO NOT let someone with his talent go…!! There’s a number that will make both sides happy and keep him in green. It would be a failure on the part of the front office and the folks representing Jackson if he’s not.

  22. KIR says:Jan 2, 2012 12:58 PM


    Chris Johnson
    6-year $53.5 million
    2008 1,228 yards second in AP rookie of the year
    2009 2,006 yards one of only six player in NFL history
    2010 1364 yards

    Chris Johnson is Proven talent and has earned every penny he’s been paid. 1 bad season and now he’s a bum? He held out and got paid getoverit. What is the average of the other runner on the team? Look it up. Chris will be back to pro bowl form next year.
    100% agree with your post….Johnson gave the Titans 3 years of pro bowl and all pro performance on the cheap. No one was crying about Johnson getting ripped off when the team was getting top level production from him on the cheap and no one should be crying because he had an off year while getting paid. It all balances out in the end.

    If anything the Titans shot themselves in the foot by not working out this contract situation sooner just like the Bears shot themselves in the foot by not working out Forte’s contract situation sooner. Who knows…..maybe Forte attempts to play at less than 100% after getting injured this season if his contract situation was resolved.

  23. DeSean,

    Come sit on Mr. Snyder’s lap and tell him what it will take to bring yourself to DC….We can make it work. We would welcome you to our little dysfunctional band of WRs…We need someone with talent besides Moss…Someone like yourself….How does a hous in FL sound?

  24. I bet this clown would love to be tagged. What an idiot! Like he’s worth that kind of money.

  25. Sounds like his agent figured out that is the most he could get paid. Franchise money and a big year with no issues could get him a good contract in 2013. I don’t buy his sincerity at all. This is just another “business decision” marketing ploy.

  26. Sorry Deshawn.. too little too late. Your a punk.

    On another note, the only real Vic in the nfc east is Victor Cruuuuuzzzzzzzzzz!! Thats a stand up man, not an animal torturer.

  27. In response to anyone who thinks the Eagles need him ….. they have Maclin, Cooper and Avant, as well as Celek. No need for a high priced headache. And Andy Reid doesnt need top WR talent to assemble a team, he never has. (The 2 seasons with TO aside)

    Todd Pinkston, James Thrash, Freddy Mitchell, Hank Baskett, Billy McMullen, Steve Smith, Reggie Brown, Greg Lewis, Kevein Curtis etc

    My point being they are normally lacking at the WR position and never get anywhere anywhere, so why pay 10 million to get nowhere when you can get nowhere for cheap?

  28. After all the mistakes the front office, spending 10+ on 1 year deals for overrated players who wont be back, frachising him would be money better spent. When Vick came back from the injury, this team got on a role to finish the season. If they wanna keep that momentum going, don’t have another offseason like last year with making drastic changes and keep this nucleus intact. Vick was 7-4 as a starter this year and unlike tebow can actually throw over 100 on the qb rating scale. if he can just stay healthy, this team can do it. Andy has the pieces for making another run at it.

  29. Amazing reaction! Four seasons. Two pro bowl years. All four seasons with over 900 receiving yards. Only 5 players in NFL history went over 900 receiving yards in each of their first four seasons. Desean Jackson, Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Bob Hayes, Joey Galloway. Rarified company.

    Jackson is the only player in NFL history to be a pro bowl starter at two positions in the same year.

    And now, because of one season, he’s a diva bum. The first three seasons didn’t count. Right?

    NFL fans and blog writers. Combined they have the collective IQ of a sick trout.

  30. Bye Desean. Take your act to Washington, Buffalo, Jacksonville, or another cruddy team that needs a WR. You are 170 lbs and would welcome the franchise tag? please man. Andre Johnson, Fitz, Megatron are about the only guys worth of 10 million. You desean, run your mouth, get bonehead penalties. I’ll give you 5 years 35 million. Take it or leave it buddddddy

  31. DeSean,
    I have two words for you: Tom Brady. Best way to get yourself to the Super Bowl AND into the record books. Just ask Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Rob Gronkowski about that. The Pats could use a burner like Jackson, and he can use a couple of years at Camp Belichick to rehab his name.

  32. @nohopeleft

    How many times have the birds whooped your asses over the past decade? Say all u want about a lack if a super bowl, but get your facts straight when it comes time for head to head. Your team wins one out of every 6 or so. And by the way you will not make it out of round one! Let’s see what you have to say next week! You got Eli (when he is up to it) and Victor Cruz. That’s it! No defense against even the Eagles let alone an actual formiddable opponent! Get your head outta your a$$

  33. KIR says:
    Jan 2, 2012 1:08 PM

    Does that mean you’d be willing to give Matt Forte and Ray Rice a large guaranteed contract? That’s what I thought.

    Can’t speak for Forte, but for Rice – ABSOLUTELY. He’s a great player, a great teammate, and a great Raven in the community. He deserves every good thing he gets. DeSean, as a human being, can’t hold Ray Rice’s jock!

  34. Please: ANYWHERE but Philly.

    I hope Atlanta picks him up. I heard they’re just one WR away from being the best offense ever.

  35. These comments are funny. I’m going to lmao when the Eagles either franchise him or he’s signed to a 6 year 60 mil contract in a few months.

  36. I think this will all be forgotten. It’d be incredible damage to Drew Rosenhaus if another one of his clients causes a blowup in Philly. Desean is a little bit of a punk sometimes but he does put his work in. The contract obviously bothered him, especially after Dunta Robinson last year and a couple hard knocks this year. I’d prefer he signs a deal but if he wants $10M a year, he’s gonna have to go.

  37. @dontouchmyjunk. @KIR, and all the rest of you coneheads camping out with DJ… Did no one ever teach you the value of Character? Did you never learn that Character, Reliability, and Heart were traits most valued in a man? Yet you go on and on defending this useless piece of self-centered POS as if he were some team leader who actually accomplished something! What has he accomplished? “Clearing out the middle with his blazing speed?” We’ve got miles of tape of him dogging it downfield (right before he went on IR with ‘Hurt Feelings”). “Leadership”, right? No; he’s made a national ass of himself with totally unprofessional hijinks (running the length of the endline to taunt opponents). “Devastating hits/blocks”? He is a verified p*ssy; highlight after highlight of him ducking hits. What are you defending? Is this guy engaged to your sister?

    Clearly, you know football; you backed your opinions up with fact, But it would appear that you know very little about the value of Leadership, as your candidate for Eagle of the Year is about as low as a human can be and still be out of jail.

  38. eagles512 says: Jan 2, 2012 1:43 PM

    He will be better than Cruz over the next 4-5 years.

    Ya ok. Please pass whatever you’re smoking over this way, along with your crystal ball.

  39. LOL, THATYS FUNNY!!!!.. Yea I bet the little punkk would love to get the franchise tag and the 10 million that comes with it. Hes a cancer and he wont be allowed back. Hes not even worth 2 million let alone 10.

  40. Theyll be 2 jacksons cut loose very shortly. CJ1/2K and DeWine. Both are little children in a grown mans game.

  41. I don’t think Desean is worth the franchise tag but even if the team would think he is, it would be a mistake as we’ve seen how he plays when he’s looking out for his next contract.

  42. steelergold says:Jan 2, 2012 12:43 PM

    He will be headed to the Jets

    And be made a captain. 🙂

  43. @slickmarine

    …Character, Reliability, and Heart ….
    Fair enough, however DeSean has played at elite level for the first 3 of 4 years while being UNDERPAID. I’ve seen DeSean go over the middle plenty of times. How many concussions has he had? These guys careers are short. He’s earned the right to be paid like a top receiver in the NFL and some team is going to pay him.

    2008 912 rec yrds new Eagles rookie record
    2009 1,167 rec yrds Eagles’ leading rec PRO BOWL
    2010 1,056 rec yrds Eagles leading rec
    2011 961 rec yrds

  44. If they don’t won’t him in Philly, we’ll gladly take him in Chicago. He’ll give us the game breaker we need to go along with Jay Cutler…

  45. bangitfootball says:
    Jan 2, 2012 3:24 PM
    Theyll be 2 jacksons cut loose very shortly. CJ1/2K and DeWine. Both are little children in a grown mans game.


    OK, so DeSean Jackson and Chris Jackson will be cut? I’d have to agree with you on that except I don’t know a Chris Jackson with the nickname CJ2K that plays in the NFL. I heard, however, that there is talk of a Chris Johnson being cut?

  46. Desean would have been just fine if Andy, Howie and Joe passed on Steve Smith and given that money (over $2M) to Desean as a one time bonus ala McNabb.

  47. This is DeSean trying to recover some of the money he lost with his sh*tty attitude during the season.
    He is very good but he is not an elite WR. He disappears in too many games.

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