Irsay: Caldwell is “under evaluation”


It looks like Colts coach Jim Caldwell will be safe in Indianapolis, at least until owner Jim Irsay finds a new general manager.

Colts owner Jim Irsay said Monday that Caldwell is “under evaluation” and admitted that Caldwell will likely remain in the organization until Irsay hires their next personnel decision maker.

Irsay says the process to find a G.M. could take a few weeks. He stressed having “one voice” in the organization. While Irsay credited the Polians with 14 great years, he just said “it was time” to make a change in the personnel department.

Irsay says he wants the whole “organization pulling in same direction” with “great unity.”

The Polians would have likely kept their jobs if the Colts won more games this year. But they also may not have been fired if they worked better with Irsay and others inside the Colts organization.

Caldwell is respected by his players. Tony Dungy said on NBC SportsTalk Monday that he would be surprised if Caldwell is let go because the Colts won’t want to change the whole offense if they are planning to keep Peyton Manning.

If the Colts hire a G.M. from within, keeping Caldwell is easy to imagine. It would be a stranger fit if Irsay hires someone outside the organization and essentially forces them to keep Caldwell.

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  1. Who, from outside the organization, would take the job if he were forced to keep Caldwell?

    Sounds like a recipe for adding something bad to your resume for when you look for your NEXT GM job.

  2. I’d hate to be Caldwell right now. Based on Tony Dungy’s comment he only gets to keep his job if Peyton comes back. But I can’t think that having gone this far Irsay would do that. He may as well just flip a coin if he does. “TAILS! You lose Jim!”

  3. translation: nobody liked the irsays so they are easier to fire. caldwell is well liked, so he will let the new gm fire him.

  4. If you’re going to hire someone from within, the healthiest decision would be to hire Peyton Manning. He knows the organization. He loves the organization. And he’s respected not only by Jim Irsay, but the rest of the organization.

  5. Dear Mr. Irsay, let me save you some time…..Jim Caldwell is ill-qualified and ill-equipped to be an NFL Head Coach. He was 26-63 at Wake Forest, a low pressure, low expectation school.

    He was 2-14 without Peyton Manning and it was obvious to anyone who knows anything about football that Caldwell offered NOTHING in the form of coaching to that team, absolutely NOTHING!

    Caldwell may be the most under-qualified man to hold an NFL head coaching position since I’ve been following the NFL since 1973.

    Let’s be real, the only reasons Caldwell got the job in the first place were 1) He’d ley Peyton run the offense and not rock the boat 2) He was “strongly” recommended by Saint Tony Dungy and probably would not have agreed to a token Rooney Rule interview had you wanted to look elsewhere and hey, you knew it would make you publicly look bad to disagree with St. Tony on that, no win situation there. 3) He probably came cheap compared to an established coach, or “hot” coordinator.

    So there Mr. Irsay, I just saved you hours, days and weeks of agonizing and evaluation…you’re welcome!

  6. Make no mistake about it, Caldwell is gone.

    Irsay just needs a warm body in there to help move along the football operations until he finds his new GM. Once he finds that guy, then Caldwell will/ should be officially gone.

  7. I still thinks this all still smacks of an effort to avoid the appearance of a concerted “Suck for Luck” campaign this season.

    Can you imagine the mess and scandal that Goodell and Irsay would have on their hands if there were the appearance they were purposefully losing, even if it were to give the organization the best chance to win in the long term?

  8. Tony Dungy says that his friend Jim Caldwell who in 2009 was the man who tanked the perfect season and was totally out coached in the Super Bowl, the man who was out coached by Rex Ryan! in 2010 and called a time-out with 40 seconds left to let Ryan and Sanchez regroup and knock out the Colts from the playoffs is well respected by his players.

    One thing to say for Tony: he is loyal to his friends!

  9. I wonder if they’ll ask Caldwell to go back to his position of QB coach, which he seemed to do a good job of previously. Especially if they Luck coming their way.

  10. Tony Dungy said on NBC SportsTalk Monday that he would be surprised if Caldwell is let go because the Colts won’t want to change the whole offense if they are planning to keep Peyton Manning.

    Ive heard dumb things on TV before, but nothing dumber than this. Manning is the offense. Whether Caldwell stays as coach, after one of the worst jobs in football history, is irrellevent if Manning returns.

    Also Nesuperfan, above, is right on the money.

  11. Caldwell is the most UNQUALIFIED Head Coach in NFL History. He was a joke as HC at Wake Forest and has never been an NFL Coordinator. He was handed the job because he is Dungy’s buddy. Not only that but his facial expressions on the sideline make Bernie Lomax jealous.

    I actually think the Colts keeping Caldwell would be a bigger abomination than the Chargers keeping Norv. And I’ve already given up my season tix to the Chargers after Norv was kept last year.

  12. I agree with joesixpack. The fact that Orlovsky was on the roster long before they actually ditched Painter (who was shockingly bad) does make it look suspicious, and that they stuck with Painter to make sure they got the #1 pick. Granted Orlovsky wouldn’t have saved the season but they may have won a couple more games with him and he only started once the #1 pick was ‘locked up’.

  13. bigtganks said it first and best.

    I wonder, now, if they do fire Caldwell, would a big time coach want to coach in Indy? How much would Peyton listen?

  14. They should have promoted Moore instead of Caldwell. They’ve been declining since Dungy left.

  15. Tough to see the Colts returning to the top echelon of teams anytime soon.

    It’s not like because Peyton returns, it’s an automatic 13 win season and the good ol days again.

    They’re in a tough spot.

  16. I hate to see Dungy quoted. He’s always so in the bag for his friends and “protégés”.

  17. Jimmy,

    You say you like loyalty and consistantly. How about bringing back the men that were with you for years and were terminated or retired because Chris was uncomfortable woking with them. Timeline shows that your draft went south after these men were no longer part of the decision making,

    Either way thanks for making my day.

  18. Tony is not all saint. He turned a blind eye to Polian and Polian’s undisciplined ways. Watched many people get and take abuse. Very disappointed in him. Tony did not give the thumbs up to Moore because technically Tom was not one of his guys. And if I may say it Tom is also white. Yep I said it. Polian approved of Caldwell cause he knew he could puppeteer him. (nice friend of Tony to leave you in that situation).

  19. U know ur coach is bad when we say we’d rather have leslie frazier than ur abomination u call hc… And frazier is in waaaaaaaaay over his head. How do you lose the players on 3 w team? Damn dude, dont u simply say ti any dissenter… ” ive got a 3 yr contract… Zigi is a land developer not a real foot ball owner. So hes not going to pay chilli for 2 more years, pay me 2 more years AND a third hc for 2 yrs… So like ive been telling everyone who will listen, my job is safe. Thus your job is not safe beyond the end of this sentence. So i suggest that u go out and play like ur life depends on it. By the way, did i mention that unless u scream ‘crown ’em’ and punch a microphone, thats its really difficult to fire an hc like me?!”

    Seriously, the vikes will be bad for 3 more years…. Sigh…

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