Jeff Fisher to interview with Dolphins


Jeff Fisher’s dance card is quickly filling up.

He’s set up an interview with the Rams this week and he will also visit with the Dolphins, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Salguero believes Fisher is atop Miami’s wishlist of candidates. Bears special teams coach Dave Toub has already received permission to meet with the Dolphins to talk about the top spot.

Fisher reportedly wants to coach in a place with a quarterback already in place. Miami doesn’t exactly satisfy that requirement.

36 responses to “Jeff Fisher to interview with Dolphins

  1. Yeah, don’t see him choosing Miami.

    My guess is he’ll end up in St Louis. They were so bad this year that even if Fisher gets them to 8-8 next year it will be considered a huge success.

    Plus they already have Bradford in place.

  2. Mr. Ross:

    Hire this guy. I always knew that the Jags were in for two tough games a year against this coach. His teams come to play and you need a winner. I watched his team rip our heart out in our house on the way to an AFC Championship. I still think he’s a $hithead but I respect him for his ability.

  3. Err, crap. I’m pretty sure Matt Moore is preferable to Sam Bradford WHILE strapped with Josh McDaniels as your OC… Hope Fisher doesn’t want Miami.

  4. Really jeff fisher? What exactly did he do for the Titan’s that would make him the right choice for Miami? Expect more of the same i guess…….One less Dolphins fan if he becomes the next coach…Fool me once!

  5. The Dolphins truly have shown up with a knife to a gun fight.

    Why would Fisher go to Miami with an awful GM and ZERO quarterback, when he could go to St. Louis and help pick the GM he wants to work with and with Sam Bradford and the #2 pick in the draft in the fold?

    The Dolphins are perpetually hosed……

  6. If you are Jeff Fisher, there are only 32 possible jobs even out there for you of which fewer than 10 are available. You are not in a position to refuse to discuss any opening with any team regardless of the level of interest you truly have with them. Who knows, maybe Miami offers a palatable trade to Indianapolis for Andrew Luck?

    I must say I am baffled no one is ever interested in interviewing Brian Billick as he did you know actually WIN a Super Bowl. Fisher was a yard away from tying a SB once.

  7. Jeff Ireland as general manager + Jeff Fisher as head coach
    = 3 more years of chasing patriots and jets…

    Come to think of it, Jeff Ireland and anyone = chasing the patriots and jets.

    PLEASE mr. Ross, save our Dolphins and FIRE IRELAND!!!

  8. I’d rather have a no-name coach than a has-been coach. There is a reason these guys were FIRED.

  9. “I’m pretty sure Matt Moore is preferable to Sam Bradford”

    well said, be careful what you wish for

    Moore hasn’t shown that he can finish games but he has a high completion %, is althletic and has taken care of the ball. I would rather take over the Dolphins than the Rams, Bucs or Colts(without Polian who is a great FO man). The Colts with Polian and the Bolts with AJ Smith are better jobs than the Phins job

  10. Jeff Fisher was very successful in Tennessee despite the front office never really spending money. I think he would be a nice fit for my Dolphins. Having said that I would much rather have Rob Chudzinkski. Young coach who did a very good job with Cam Newton.

  11. “He’s not gonna go there as long as Jeff Ireland is there. Nor is Cowher or any good coach.”

    if I was a good coach I wouldn’t go to Miami because of how Sparano was treated. I hope Ross has been told as much by Cowher, Gruden et al

  12. Fisher basically got fired because he wanted to hire his son as a paid low level coach. His son worked for nothing the season before to prove it was a merited hiring not nepotism. Fisher is considered a good coach because even though he had only 6 winning seasons he was faced with cap issues and rebuilding efforts on a regular basis. He would have quick turn arounds and managed 8-8 seasons with mid market talent, a half crazed owner who forced VY on him, and facing tough division (AFC Central and AFC South) throughout his career.

  13. The guy the dolphins want is sitting next to Dan every sunday on CBS and he wants no part of the dolphins

  14. sam bradford is on a downslide after one good no OU quaterback has done squat in the nfl and bradford is somewhat fragile.. moore is in better playing shape than bradford at this point… all this is mute depending on wether San Diego fires norv turner..fisher would much rather coach rivers than of thothers mentioned above!

  15. Chudzinkski would be my choice.. he did real well in two stints with san diego and is a hurricane alum and won a national championship with them. chudz is a good offensive mind

  16. Miami will be a tough job. They ended the season on a pretty good note, and quite a few of the games they lost were close. Whoever steps in is going to have to turn some of those close games into wins. I wouldn’t want to step into that situation when I could go to St. Louis instead and practically fart out a better season than last year’s.

  17. Fisher, chudzinski, Grimm, jay gruden, the bears ST coach (forgot his name) and billick should all get a look. I hope they hire the best guy. The team has talent and can be disciplined most of the time. They need a hc that can manage the game better and instill a high level of accountability from the players. The dolphins need som leadership when crunch time comes around. Ross will spend money and Ireland is a better talent evaluated than fisher had in tenn. it may be a good fit if the coordinators are retained.

  18. Man, you guys are high on life if you think Jeff Fisher is not a good coach. You make me think you just started watching NFL football 5 years ago. What are you, 10? He’d be the 2nd best coach in that division for sure.
    I think he’d be a great coach for Miami. Seems to me like they aren’t so far away from being more competitive.

  19. 6 playoff appearances in 17 years.

    No championships.

    No playoff wins in 8 years.

    No ability to control the behaivor of his players. (Pacman Jones, Albert Haynesworth, Cortland Finnegan, Vince Young)

    Yet when they asked John Clayton today how many teams would want Jeff Fisher, he basically said that any team with an opening should want him and that Fisher “would decide” what opening to take.

    And just like everyone else who says this, he gave absolutely no backing argument as to why this should be so.

    I post this on every Fisher article: Someone please give me a fact backed argument as to why this guy is such a hot prospect and why he is worth what it is going to cost to get him.

  20. WOW!!!! Another over-rated recycled coach. As a Nashville Tennessee native, I can truly say this guy gets way to much credit for what limited success he has had as an NFL coach. 17 years as a head coach with just above the break even point with wins, and a far more lackluster record in the playoffs. I do not get the appeal that the national media has for this guy.

    This is what you will get with Fisher, A guy that is behind the times as far as his philosophy goes (he believes in 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense, keep games close and hope you can win with a fg at the end).

    For a guy that was on the competition committee, with all the rules being slanted towards passing and scoring, he never welcomed that approach to his coaching. Who ever gets him, get your dust masks ready.

  21. “He’d be the 2nd best coach in that division for sure.”

    Wow, that’s quite the endorsement. You sound like a real believer in Fisher. /sarcasm

  22. Remember JF only has 5 loosing seasons. Look at what BB did in Cleveland before he found Tom Brady and a team that believed in his system. JF was at the hands of an owner who forced players on him. He’s a great coach and I’d be honored to have him as the Fins coach

  23. ’94 1-5
    ’95 7-9
    ’96 8-8
    ’97 8-8
    ’98 8-8
    ’99 13-3
    ’00 13-3
    ’01 7-9
    ’02 11-5
    ’03 12-4
    ’04 5-11
    ’05 4-12
    ’06 8-8
    ’07 10-6
    ’08 13-3
    ’09 8-8
    ’10 6-10

    Each time he had to rebuild, for whatever reason, he lead them back into quality teams. That’s good coaching. Better than Gailey and Ryan – yeah, that’s right, MUCH BETTER. Better than a good many coaches in the NFL.

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