Jeff Fisher wants to coach: Rams, Chargers, Bucs, Colts possible


After a year off, Jeff Fisher is ready to coach again.

Multiple reports on this Black Monday in the NFL say that Fisher, who coached the Titans from 1995 (when they were the Houston Oilers) until 2010, wants back in the business. And, no surprise, the reports say Fisher wants to coach a team with a stable quarterback situation. (In other words, he doesn’t want another Vince Young.)

Where the reports differ is in which teams interest Fisher most. Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Fisher is expected to have the Rams and Chargers at the top of his list, assuming Norv Turner joins Steve Spagnuolo on the unemployment line. Mike Freeman of CBS reports that Fisher likes the Bucs and the Colts, assuming Jim Caldwell gets fired along with Raheem Morris.

So Fisher apparently likes the idea of coaching Sam Bradford or Philip Rivers or Josh Freeman or Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck. It seems likely that at least one of the teams with a vacancy would be interested in a proven coach like Fisher, and that he’ll be back on the sidelines in 2012.

51 responses to “Jeff Fisher wants to coach: Rams, Chargers, Bucs, Colts possible

  1. Fisher is expected to have the Rams and Chargers at the top of his list


    In other words, Fisher wants to coach in L.A.

  2. SD has a ton of talent, plays in a weak division that is ripe for the taking, and is a nice place to live if you happen to make a lot of money.
    Sounds like a fit.

  3. Fischer should reunite with Washburn as the new Defensive Coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles and be Head Coach in waiting there.

  4. What about Fisher to the Chiefs and keep Romeo as the DC???? The Chiefs have a great young core group of players. A great place to be if you want to build a championship team. The only thing lacking really is a elite QB.

  5. “A proven Coach” Most overrated coach in Nfl who is he going to blame after he flames out. The VY excuse is getting old, its not like he never had another quality QB like Steve Mcnair. Fisher is only good in leaking stuff to the press thats where all the lovefest he gets comes from.

  6. Hopefully some team other than the Bucs lands this guy.
    I really don’t see why he gets all they hype.
    Only 6 playoff trips in 17 years is a poor job by a head coach, it’s a wonder he lasted as long as he did.

  7. I hate the Colts almost as much as I hate Vick, but Jeff Fisher would be exactly what Indy needs.

  8. Wasn’t there some sort of coaching code of honor when coaches wouldn’t speculate about jobs that weren’t vacant? Seems a little cavalier to apply for jobs that aren’t even open yet, even if it is through “reports”

  9. I think he’s a good coach but he’s been to one super bowl in 15 years. News alert. The best coaches have the best quarterback. Steve McNair…… remember him?

    If you really want to judge a coach, look at the one’s who have won consistently without a pro bowl QB. The Great Belichick didn’t become great until he had Brady. What would Belichick’s record be without videotapes and Brady?

  10. “brutus9448 says:
    Jan 2, 2012 1:48 PM
    he had 15 years to win a superbowl. What do these teams think it’ll be different now?”

    For 15 years he kept a pathetic franchise respectable, kind of like Peyton Manning has…

    By all means, Rams hire Fisher, a USC grad., and come home to LA, where you belong and were before that evil witch Georgia moved you east!!!

  11. It would be interesting to see what he could do with the talent in San Diego.

    I thought Norv could do better, but obviously it wasn’t just bad timing in D. C. and Oakland. He really does stink.

  12. Another retread that hasn’t won anything. Time for Teams to look for the next Sean Peyton or Mike McCarthy .

  13. Mike Freeman is also reporting that he brings crap up out of thin air!!!

    He won’t coach either team that Freeman is reporting about!!!

  14. “What would Belichick’s record be without videotapes and Brady?”

    Well he did go 11-5 with Matt Cassel

  15. chuckxx says:
    Jan 2, 2012 1:57 PM
    What about Fisher to the Chiefs and keep Romeo as the DC???? The Chiefs have a great young core group of players. A great place to be if you want to build a championship team. The only thing lacking really is a elite QB.
    Fisher is a defensive coach. The Chiefs would have a solid D and no offense with both butting heads trying to call the defensive plays. Keep Romeo. He at least has a ring.

  16. These teams have to look for a guy who brings the most out of their team. An average coach would be given an 8-8 level roster and end up with an 8-8 level team… But to evaluate who is a “good coach” vs. a “bad coach” you have to look at what they did with what they were given.

    For example, Caldwell was given a Colts roster that should have been a 5-11 or 6-10 team without Manning, and he ended up at 2-14… that is unnacceptable.

    Jim Harbaugh was handed a 6-10ish level roster, and made it a 13-3 team.

    These owners and GM’s have to decide if any of the candidates can extract more wins out of their roster than an “average” coach would.

    This is not easy to do, or easy to find. I believe the NFL is filled with “average” coaches who will produce with what they are given… There are only a select few that are able to extract wins above and beyond their teams talent level (i.e. Jim Harbaugh).

  17. At least he’d bring respectability, hope, and discipline to Tampa. All three attributes needed!

  18. Polians out in Indy. First pick. Offer Fisher complete control of personnel decisions. AFC South. Familiar territory. Make perfect sense. Fisher to Indy.

  19. I live in Nashville, TN…. I am a Bucs fan, even after this year, as I support them no matter what their record is.

    I was happy to see Morris go, and although Fisher is a HUGE improvement from Morris, I do not want to see him in Tampa. Fisher is an average coach, and gets a lot more hype than he deserves.

    Outside looking in, he’s a perfect fit in Tampa. He is a boring on offense, and he is good on defense. What the Bucs have done for years. The Bucs have a lot of Young players (like no one knows that) and I think Fisher would do good with him.

    The Bucs would make a HUGE mistake hiring an un proven coach again like they did with Morris. The chance is 50/50 if the coach would be good, but, in the chance that they hire a bad, un experienced coach, the fan base for the Bucs would go away.

    Hire Cower, or even Gruden back…. I would love to see Dungy on the sideline, however, whoever the Bucs get, please, for the love of God, make it someone that already has respect, and is known in the NFL… That’s what they need.

  20. If the Colts don’t draft Luck, opting instead to take their chances with Manning, a guy that shouldn’t play another down of football, they are idiots. Supposedly, the firing of the Polians is over a dispute with the owner over Manning. With Manning, the Colts could have another disasterous season, and have nothing to show for it if/when Manning retires for health reasons after next season.

  21. As long as you don’t care about things like winning Super Bowls or going to the playoffs that often or keeping control of your locker room, Jeff Fisher is the guy for you.

  22. heeeeelzfan says:
    Jan 2, 2012 2:59 PM
    Polians out in Indy. First pick. Offer Fisher complete control of personnel decisions. AFC South. Familiar territory. Make perfect sense. Fisher to Indy.
    It actually makes no sense at all. When has Fisher proven he has the chops to be a GM?

    How often has having a single coach/GM worked in general?

    Bellichick is the exception that proves the rule, and even he has had some bad drafts lately.

    Fisher is Shanahan without the rings. Still living off the glow of a single moment of glory that happened a long time ago and didn’t even result in a championship.

    Fisher is a media creation. Always good for a sound bite, always acting all tough and coachey, while meanwhile regularly losing control of people in his own locker room (Pacman Jones, Albert Haynesworth, Vince Young, Cortland Finnegan).

    Seriously, the guy’s reputation is so outsized compared to his resume it’s ridiculous.

  23. Except for “hanging in there forever” with his last team, exactly what did Fisher ever accomplish that earned him the title of “a good coach.” I missed that part.

  24. I would like Fisher in Tampa but don’t know. Read somewhere someone suggested Marty Schottenheimer, not sure what I feel or think about that. I definitely think they need a strong defensive minded coach over an offensive minded coach. But if they go offensive minded coach, they need to search hard for a great defensive minded coach to serve as DC. Unfortunately, not many Lebeaus, Monty Kiffins and Jim Johnson’s out there it seems…of course the league’s wussification of the sport doesn’t help any team when playing defense these days, but still, Tampa’s defense is awful. All those pics on the line and maybe Bowers and Clayborn might work out but even then, I think it is doubtful. Going to be a long off-season and might be a long time before Buccs rise back up, especially with the Panthers on the rise.

  25. This is the same coach (Fisher) that wanted to draft Matt Leinart over Vince Young, that being vince young saved his job before he was finally fired. We have seen Vince is not a franchise quarterback but still…. He couldn’t win a SB with a MVP at QB so why hire him?

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