Jets have a tough decision to make on Holmes


It’s getting uglier by the minute for Santonio Holmes in New York.  But unless the Jets want to pay him not to work, they’re stuck with him for at least another year — and maybe two.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Holmes is due to receive a guaranteed base salary of $7.75 million in 2012.  It’s fully guaranteed, for injury, skill, and salary cap.

And here’s where the decision gets even thornier.  If he’s on the roster on the second day of the 2012 league year, $7.5 million of his $11 million base salary in 2013 becomes fully guaranteed, too.

And so the Jets have to decide whether to cut him loose and owe him only $7.75 million, or whether to keep him and owe him a fully guaranteed $7.75 million for 2012 and a fully guaranteed $7.5 million for 2013.

Meanwhile, the storm clouds are gathering for Holmes.  An unnamed Jets player told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that Holmes is a “cancer,” and that playing with Holmes is “like dealing with a 10 [year] old.”

It sounds like Holmes is one of many 10 year olds in New York, and it would be wise for Woody Johnson or someone else to act like a grown up, soon.

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  1. Sounds like Santonio misses Ben more than Ben misses him?

    I hope the Jets wait until after the Super Bowl to release him if that’s what they do.

    He’s the clutch receiver the Steelers are missing. Speedy GonWallace is a stud and Brown is emerging, but Tonio has those clutch hands Ben misses when everything is on the line.

  2. At least he isn’t a morbidly obese lap band-wrecking, foot fantasizing, loudmouth 10 year old… Right?

  3. Just like his coach…a Big baby! Promises and performance….neither were achieved. Get rid of both him and Ryan

  4. If SH was the only “cancer” it would be easy to admit a mistake, take your lumps, and move on. But what about Plaxico, Sanchez, and the rest of the punks that have issues? As a Pats fan I couldn’t be happier.

  5. @larrydavid815

    Chris Johnson
    6-year $53.5 million
    2008 1,228 yards second in AP rookie of the year
    2009 2,006 yards one of only six player in NFL history
    2010 1364 yards

    Chris Johnson is Proven talent and has earned every penny he’s been paid. One bad season and now he’s a bum? He will be back to pro bowl form next season.

  6. He needs to be cut. The jets need to take control of their franchise and the best way to start is by dumping him

  7. the jets need to cut him and eat next years salary….its really a very simple decision. obviously if they could SOMEHOW work out a trade in the offseason that would make the most sense….but of course that isnt happening.

  8. I’m torn on this one. It’s a patently stupid organizational move to accumulate Steelers rejects as receivers—I mean, what kind of personnel strategy is that? Then again, who can tell what kind of stats Holmes or Burress might have put up if they had a competent QB throwing the ball? Maybe Holmes wouldn’t act like such an ass if he had a few decent spirals coming his way more than fifteen yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

  9. Hines Ward, P Burress, S Holmes, M Wallace, A. Brown, E Sanders
    Those Steelers scouts can really pick WR talent, but alas, CHARACTER basically impossible to measure in a 40 yard dash or a hands drill…

  10. Wouldn’t be a tuff decision for me after seeing him pout on the bench with playoffs on the line. He didn’t even care enough to see what was happening in the game.
    It is worth the 7 mil to get him out of there.
    Look what happened when the Bengals got rid of their Divas.

  11. sanchez isnt a cancer…..the kid is still young and his line was garbage….he’s shell-shocked right now.
    improve the line and give him one more year; his two playoff runs merit one more season to get it right.

  12. I would try to trade him first, but it’s gonna be hard to find a team that wants him since he’s now the new T.O. of the league. If no one accepts a trade, then cut him.

  13. Ryan was last seen pounding the table to get the guy under contract. That’s the problem w to many Ryan guys, they’re not team guys and they fizzle out fast.

  14. Pitts brass are ahead of the curve.
    Exit Santonio…enter Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown.
    Big Ben makes mistakes but they know he is too important to get rid of. Smart guys there.
    In fairness, I’m a Redskins fan so I’m not sure I’m familiar with smart mgmt and may not be qualified to discuss.

  15. I don’t think Holmes is the problem, remember how good he was at THE Ohio State and when he had a QB that could get the ball to him…Sanchez is the problem.

  16. And the acting out is surprising how? This is the reason he’s not in Pittsburgh anymore. Jets should have kept Cotchery. Say, I wonder where he is now………

  17. Honestly Santonio is in a very tough position right now.

    It’s a fact that Sanchez is atrocious and cannot play quarterback.
    His offensive coordinator is clearly incompetent with play calling and everything else his job requires of him.

    There’s nothing he can do, no one he can go to to fix the situation.
    I’ll bet when his oc is fired later today, he’ll release more emotions and comment truthfully on that.

    I’m not saying what he did was the right thing to do but he had to make a point that there are major problems with that team and is probably sick of Rex living a lie by continuing to boast consistent poor performances by his qb and oc.

    Tone sees the truth, sadly he looked like an idiot trying to prove it.

  18. Just saying, this same headline was used last week except with the name Sanchez instead of Holmes. Just goes to show you how dysfunctional this team is if you have to consider cutting your team leaders

  19. @larrydavid815

    Man, CJ must have really messed up your fantasy team. If you would actually watch Titans games, you would know that Amano and Harris are always getting pushed back and are practically in the backfield by the time CJ gets the ball. Some of it is on CJ but the O line is also at fault.

  20. larrydavid815 whats with the CJ chirps in here? the headline has nothing to do with CJ. As a Titans fan he did have a down year but he picked it up in the second half dont know if you watched any Titan games this year but I watched every game and about 7-8 games in you could tell his running style was back to where it was. He never once was in the media for a distraction, never has been suspended and is nothing even close to holmes. The one time he was in the media was for his hold out which Titans fans were 100% behind him.

  21. @pleasantsurpriselefty

    Burress, by all accounts is a changed man since prison, who spends much of his time at home with his family, reading books. Sanchez is also described as well liked and respected by his peers, and is a good locker room presence. The Jets don’t so much have a lot of cancers, as much as they lack leaders.

  22. Eh, if Sanchez was my QB, I’d probably be whining like a little girl, too.

    Bring in Peyton and you’ll have yourself one happy WR in Holmes.

  23. That 11 mill would go along way towards Santonio’s 14 kids (with different women)…everyone knew he was an idiot including their blow hard head coach when the brought him in

  24. It’s very easy to get infatuated with talent, and nobody doubts that Holmes has that in spades. But you don’t win with guys of poor character in leadership positions on your team. This is a team full of front running blowhards, and it starts with the head coach. It’s all great when things are going well, but when the train comes off the track guys like this show their true colors…this team probably has one more season to do something special or it will need to be blown up before it blows up on it’s own.

  25. If Jets owner Woody Johnson (isn’t this a redundant name?) is looking to hold somebody accountable for this outrageous contract, then Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum should also take the fall.

    Bill Belichick is looking at this and saying, “I see a team in turmoil.”

  26. jessethegreat says:Jan 2, 2012 12:56 PM

    Sounds like Santonio misses Ben more than Ben misses him?

    I hope the Jets wait until after the Super Bowl to release him if that’s what they do.

    He’s the clutch receiver the Steelers are missing. Speedy GonWallace is a stud and Brown is emerging, but Tonio has those clutch hands Ben misses when everything is on the line.

    Brown’s hands are great and he was voted by his teammates as team MVP in part because of his work ethic. Best part is the Steelers never would have drafted Brown if they still had Holmes because they would have had too many receivers.

  27. Jets and Philly should consider exchanging Holmes and Jackson. Two problem children making about same amount of money, need fresh starts.

  28. Wonder where Bozos is today, would love to get his take on the obvious superiority of the Jets over every other sports team.

  29. As an opposing AFCE fan, I say retain him considering you can’t shove a malignancy back into the bottle after it’s started metastasizing out in the wild.

  30. STEELERS front office looking like winners…got rid of cancer and drafted AB in the 6th round to replace him……

  31. (Insert comment about hating Jets and/or being orgasmic over their current turmoil). (Insert fat joke about Rex Ryan here). (Insert comment about making too much of AFC Championship appearances, a big mouth coach and a semi-retarded QB).

    (wait for 240+ thumbs up and 15 thumbs down)

  32. I remember back when the Jets “stole” him from the Steelers and all the Jets fans laughed about the fleecing.

    Well, whoever laughs last laughs best.

    And now you know why the Steelers let this talented headcase go for not much more than a warm sixpack of beer.


  33. Folks, I don’t get the comparison of Holmes and Brown here. They weren’t traded for each other. The Jets 5th round (little risk) didn’t net Brown. The Steelers were the ones who drafted Holmes despite warning signs back in the day, so the Brown draft pick is, at best, proof that they may have learned from their mistakes, not that they’re so much brighter.

  34. Did Holmes become a problem this year of course but after signing him last season they cannot trade or release him the cap hit would be too great. I think they bring him back if he comes back with a different attitude cool, and if not then they cut him after next season. It makes no sense to compound the error in signing (if he doesn’t shape up) by putting your team in salary cap hell. This is also a make a break year coming for Sanchez he will be in yr 4 of a 5 yr deal he will be out of excuses because B. Schott will be replaced as off cord (which I have been calling for since 09) so his accuracy and decision making must improve if he want’s to remain a starter.

  35. I’m not terribly familiar with the decisions of the Steelers’ front office. But they strike me as very timely in selling off malcontents.

  36. Keep him!!!

    There’s no other athletic guy on the offense!!!! Don’t be like Josh McDaniels by sacrificing your male private parts just to promote morality!!!

    Yes, Santonio can act stupid at times, but if we can let Favre get away with trouble 24/7 because he won a Super Bowl then at least give Santonio a break because at least he is a Super Bowl MVP!!! Desmond Howard was the Super Bowl MVP when Favre won it!!!

  37. If the jet fans haven’t figure it out by now, you are not the big dude in the New Jersey area, so come on the Dolphins blogs and tell us how great you are, got to be one jet fan who will come out and brag about the Super Bowl next year. Bill

  38. @BrooklynTay: are you paying attention? The cap hit for letting him go is nearly identical next off-season, just slightly less bonus that accelerates on to this cap year.

  39. The Jets could learn a lesson from the Bengals.

    Addition by subtraction.

    Get rid of the head cases and prima donnas — like Cincinnati did when they moved on from T.O. and Ocho Cinco — and did not play games with Carson Palmer.

    The result is a play-off team and no drama.

  40. if the patriots or steelers release somebody its probably because they are a cancer or they just plain suck.

  41. Santanio Holmes Contract.

    Year Salary Cap Number Dead Money Cap Savings if Cut
    2010 $1,400,000 $0 $1,400,000
    2011 $3,250,000 $15,000,000 ($11,750,000)
    2012 $9,250,000 $12,750,000 ($3,500,000)
    2013 $12,500,000 $3,750,000 $8,750,000
    2014 $10,750,000 $2,500,000 $8,250,000
    2015 $9,250,000 $1,250,000 $8,000,000

  42. With Mark Sanchez as QB..

    All the WRs are going to be a cancer.

    If you can’t throw to Santonio, can’t nobody throw.

    The best way to expose Sanchez is to bring in Flacco’s perennial stud receivers: Derrick Mason.

    Oh wait…the Jets did that. I didn’t see, how did that work out for you?

  43. It really is a shame. Holmes is one of the most talented, most clutch receivers in the game today. I hated when he killed the Ravens with his amazing catches. With that being said, the guy is probably one of the worst possible guys to have in your locker room. Say What you want about Ocho Cinco. The guy is a great teammate. This guy is a baby.

  44. Tough decision? How about a doorknob print on his ass as he is shown the door.

    But he is another poster child for what is wrong with professional sports. He should pay a HUGE fine to the team for the behavior, but he won’t, because the Players’ Union has ensured that players can do just about anything they want and still rake in the massive salaries.

  45. @ jessethegreat

    There is zero chance Santonio ever puts on a Steeler uniform again.

    And Brown has unbelievable hands, catches everything thrown his way.

  46. KIR says:
    Jan 2, 2012 1:03 PM

    Chris Johnson
    6-year $53.5 million
    2008 1,228 yards second in AP rookie of the year
    2009 2,006 yards one of only six player in NFL history
    2010 1364 yards

    You forgot to list his holdouts, which I believe number 3. He is going to have to think hard on a excuse to sit out training camp next year

  47. Wow that’s a pretty awesome contract for Santonio.

    My impression is that Rex really runs that organization; he is a player’s coach. He wants his players to like him and inadvertently allows them to get their way and walk all over him. He has no real control over his players. When they don’t perform or don’t behave, he stands behind them. He maybe reprimands them in private but to what gain? Does he really run and control that locker room?

    More so, I’m impressed with how the GM Mike Tannenbaum signed that contract.

    Was this a situation where Rex said “Mike, we need this guy. You gotta do whatever it takes to sign him and make him happy. If he’s happy with his contract, I’ll get him to perform.” and Mike turned over?

    Who fully guarantees including injuries for 2+ years? What a gamble to think a player may not get injured. Where is the protection for the Jets? I’d like Tannenbaum to be my boss. I bet I can finagle him for a heck of a raise.

  48. This guys’ body language was terrible all year and even with all the struggles he was not getting separation from DBs.

    It is a no brainer you have got to cut this guy but I assume Jets want to try and deal him first. If they keep him they are going to be out $15 million so cutting him is the best option. He gawn!!!!!!

  49. khuxford says: Jan 2, 2012 2:05 PM

    Folks, I don’t get the comparison of Holmes and Brown here. They weren’t traded for each other. The Jets 5th round (little risk) didn’t net Brown. The Steelers were the ones who drafted Holmes despite warning signs back in the day, so the Brown draft pick is, at best, proof that they may have learned from their mistakes, not that they’re so much brighter.


    Except that the 5th round pick the Jets traded for Tone DIRECTLY turned into Antonio Brown. Pick was 155 of the 2010 draft, traded to ARI for McFadden and a 6th round pick (#195). Picked AB with the 6th. Feels good man.


  50. the fact that some of the comments blame sanchez shows how ignorant people can be. the locker room guys like LT and this unnamed teammate are the ones calling out HOLMES, not sanchez. if you can’t take the word of the guys in the locker room, what is it going to take to convince you that holmes is a problem on this team.

  51. I think the folks blaming Sanchez are suggesting that Holmes is throwing his tantrums because his QB sucks.

  52. By the description of that contract I think Mike Tannenbum should be fired. To give a receiver with a well known and documented history of ‘negative behavioral issues’ a contract like that is really foolish. It’s just a really poor mistake in judgement.

  53. When he was a Steeler he had to work hard because Hines Ward kept him focused. When he went to the Jets he no longer had anybody with enough stones to hold him accountable for his work ethic.

  54. Plax is at it again…he affects the weak minded quickly, and you can see it happening here.

    The Steelers draft some loose cannons it would seem.

  55. It’s not just about natural talent. A true NFL professional needs to be a good teammate, a good soldier, and a good student of the game.

    I praised the Steelers for letting this problem child go…even at firesale prices. Good receiver, unreliable teammate and human being.

    The JETS make Stonio a Captain? What? Ignore his wake-n-bake tweets and police run-ins.

    You deserve what you get Jets.

    I’d cut my losses now.

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