Jets plan to bring back Schottenheimer, Santonio

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Sunday’s meltdown in Miami hasn’t changed how the Jets feel about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and coach Rex Ryan both said Monday they expect Schottenheimer back with the team next year, barring Schottenheimer getting a head coaching job somewhere.

“We know he’s an outstanding coach,” Ryan said.

The Jets confirmed that Schottenheimer will interview in Jacksonville. But they were resolute that he will stay with the team.

It seems that Santonio Holmes isn’t the biggest fan of Schottenheimer. Ryan supported how Schottenheimer handled benching Holmes Sunday, but also said that Holmes should be back with the team.  Florio reported earlier Monday how Holmes’ contract makes him almost impossible to coach.

Holmes was chewed out by his teammates on Sunday before he was benched. After the team, teammates said that Holmes “quit” on the team and he was a “cancer.” Holmes apparently got into it with Mark Sanchez at a meeting the quarterback called last week.

“He went back and forth with Mark at the meeting,” one source told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “He was saying stuff like, ‘What am I even here for?’ Then he blew off Mark by not even showing up the next day.”

Ryan supported how Schotteheimer benched Holmes on Sunday.  One of our predictions from Sunday was right: Santonio Holmes won’t be a captain next year.

Ryan, who has eschewed having captains in the past, said that he won’t have captains again next year.

52 responses to “Jets plan to bring back Schottenheimer, Santonio

  1. these pressers are so useless. these two clowns cant say whether or not they spoke to holmes?? give me a break.

  2. No one should be a fan of Brian Schottenheimer!!!! Santonio played on a Super Bowl team and the guy that’s holding them back the most is not considered a scapegoat by the media???

    I know Mark Sanchez has not been great this year, but isn’t the guy that’s arguably holding him back the one worth questioning???

  3. Bringing back Holmes is a mistake….Sanchez is too streaky for them to have malcontented veterans at WR

  4. As a Jets fan, I’m sick of this. Schottenheimer can’t get along with his two most important offensive players, and yet he’s coming back? Either he or Sanchez needs to go. They simply cannot coexist and win.

    And Rex, what a joke. Instead of standing up to Santonio, he rolls over and gets rid of all the captains? Pathetic.

    Two AFC Championship Games in a row was a nice accomplishment for a traditionally poor franchise, but to treat this year’s complete meltdown as business as usual just reeks of denial.

  5. Have to believe these comments are being made about Schottenheimer to boost his value to teams looking at him in the HC capacity. They love the guy, but his performance as coordinator is clearly not acceptable (and for some reason people seem to see him as a viable head coaching prospect). If they don’t see that, then both Rex and Tannenbaum should be fired.

  6. Who cares about the Jets anyway??!! They suck & their the few successes they have accomplished within the last 10 years come by the way of referee preference rather than team talent! The 11 NBC sports articles within the last 24 hours (more than any other team) written about a team that is all talk, no game is just more proof of the propaganda NY media generates.

  7. They just can’t ever get it right-bite the bullet- dump the cancer, fire the fat slob and keep Schottenheimer-he is by far the best in that short list-too bad owners can’t be fired for stupidity.

  8. Someone remind me why I’m a Jets fan? If Holmes as to be brought back because of cap issues, I can understand that. Shotty has been terrible for years. The owner is a billionaire. Write the check for shotty and let’s move on.

  9. In other words, Jets plan to go 8-8 in 2012 but that won’t stop Rex from “Guaranteeing” another Super Bowl.

  10. @dumbaseinstien

    No, it’s because people like you (read: morons) click on, read, and comment on every single article about the Jets, thereby increasing ad revenue and thereby spawning future non-stories. If you don’t give them attention, the articles go away.

  11. This is pointless. Really? You’re going to sit there and give lip service and do nothing?!?!

    I love me some Rex and Mike T. But if this is the truth (and they aren’t just hoping Schotty gets hired somewhere), then CLEAN HOUSE.

    Don’t say Sanchez is the starter next year. MAKE HIM PROVE IT TO EVERYONE!

    Why do you think Mark loves Brunell so much? Because he’s NO competition for the starting spot.

    I’m disgusted as a Jets fan.

  12. Sounds like when a guy disrespects the team, the coaches and the QB he has a serious attitude problem that effects the whole team.

    Want to fix it? Get rid of the guy.

  13. Being a jets fan i pray this article is inaccurate, what holmes did on the sideline wouldnt be accepted on championship winning organizations (Pitt,Pats,packers, ect.) he should be cut/traded ASAP. Also Schottenheimer needs to follow suit, its not a big secret that our offense is below average at best and has been for years, the offensive coordinator needs to be held responsible for them not preforming. This is just ridiculous repeating the same mistakes year in and year out, at this rate ill never see a championship!!

  14. schotty wont be back. the jets owe him a significant amount of money that they won’t have to pay him if he accepts a head coaching job. they’ll wait to see if he gets hired by another organization before they fire him and eat that money. they have to say they want him back or it would hurt his value in trying to get another position

  15. The news keeps on getting better. Good thing Rex figured out that having Captains (named by Rex,not voted on by players) was part of the problem this season.

    Now with the 43rd Anniversary team in the books, time to begin planning what looks like a guarantee jets fans will be celebrating their 44th next January !

  16. Why shouldn’t they come back? They’re working on a Super Bowl ThreePeat over there in Jersey. What time is kickoff for this weekends game? What’s that…they’re not playing? Oh, Rex and his “Guaranteeing Super Bowl Champions” must have earned a bye.

  17. Beginning of the end for this New York Jets team. Revis wont wanna stay, and neither will any of the defensive players that want to win a championship. Lucky for you fools in New York you have two squads.

  18. Whew! I was afraid they were going to get smart and get rid of the both of them. I’m sure that Santonio will turn over a new leaf and become a team player. NOT. Looks like another Patriots year on top.

  19. It’s not the patch, stupid…It’s the leader. Next time don’t make a captain out of a guy whose atitude is Me-first, You-not.

  20. On behalf of the Bills, Dolphins, and Patriots: YES!!!

    Thank you NY Jet management, you just guaranteed that 2012 AFC East will again be won by New England.

  21. Santonio has a right to want the ball but as a teammate, especially as a team captain, he needs to be a team player. Check your ego at the door and do what is right for the team. Complaining, quitting, pouting on the sideline and ignoring the team in the midst of the most important drive of the season with the playoffs on the line is not acceptable.

  22. Schotty didn’t tell him because Rex wouldn’t have supported it.

    Pretty bad when the HC admits he doesn’t know what’s going on in the locker room.

    Rex has to be nearing the end.

    It’s either Holmes or Sanchez/Schotty. He can’t get along with the OC and QB.

  23. rajbais says:Jan 2, 2012 3:49 PM

    No one should be a fan of Brian Schottenheimer!!!!

    I am a HUGE fan, but then again, I root for the Pats. Coincidentally, I am also a big fan of Sanchez and Holmes.

  24. Why didn’t Ryan bench Holmes? That should be coming from the head coach. Ryan isn’t the tough guy he potrays himself to be.
    Hell, Belichick would not only have benched him, he probably would have cut him…but then again that’s why the Pats are where they are, and the Jets are home watching.

  25. If no one from the group of Schotty, Holmes and Sanchez are gone before the start of next season, I certainly will be.

  26. Thats the Rex we know…only opinion that matters in NFL is his.

    Teams will line up to play jets as the free fall has begun….Pay sanchez, pay Holmes, pay revis,,,and all the other dead weight they have…..and 8-8 looks like a great year.

    jets had weakest schedule in AFC this year….9 teams w/losing records…and were very lucky [ Dallas game anyone?] to hit 500.

    Thank you rexy….and enjoy your offseason…I bet you love those 5″ open toed sandals…esp when Sanchez wearing them.

  27. Santonio dropped numerous passes against the eagles, fumbled and took a dumb penalty when they were down by 21 points. The guy needs to look in the mirror and re-evaluate what it means to be a team player

  28. I think I’m gonna start rootin for the Steelers. Stand up organization. calm, effective HC. solid, quality players. I’m tired of the Jets

  29. It’s just Santonio Holmes showing his true colors. The Stealers let him go for reason because he is otherwise and extremely talented receiver. The reason is that he has always been a selfish punk. It’s bad enough to have a low-character player like him on your team to begin with… but to name him a Captain??? It’s beyond stupid.

  30. This Jet team isn’t that much worse than the Jet teams of the 2 previous seasons. People seem to forget that they barely made the playoffs each of the previous 2 seasons.

  31. Bring them both back! Awesome! The great news for Patriots fans continues! Get the gang back together for another Super Bowl run! 2 AFC Championship games in 3 years! Sanchez only getting better! Plax and Holmes top tier locker room talents! Scott holding down the middle of the field! Do it, gang green!

  32. Ok everyone, I’ll translate this press conference for you since you don’t seem to get it: they want to get rid of Schottenheimer but don’t want to pay him next year since they just renewed his contract, so they talk him up and say that he’ll *definitely* be the Jets OC next year (unless he’s offered a head coaching position—which, unfortunately for their plan, has about 0% probability), say how he’s going to be interviewed by the Jaguars, etc.

  33. I don’t follow the jets so much but I do like Ryan and I like his brash talk. However in watching the game against the eagles and giants I have to say I don’t think bill Walsh could make Sanchez any good. Perhaps mr Holmes is right ( I am no fan of his but atleast he has proved his talent ) Sanchez can’t throw the ball more than 8 yards. The only play the guy throws well is the corner fade in the end zone. I mean this guy single handily let the giants win that game. Over and over they had open wr and the guy just holds the ball. I get the eagles game, the birds dominated the jets, but the giants were terrible and Sanchez just flat out sucked. If I were the jets I would keep everyone, get rid of Sanchez and offer the colts 2 firsts for manning. With a decent qb and perhaps one one more pass rusher the jets could be the best team in the afc.

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