Likely first-round picks Jeffery, Dennard ejected for bowl game fight


NFL fans watching today’s bowl games to get a glimpse of future draft picks couldn’t have picked a better individual battle to keep an eye on than Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard covering South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffery in the Capitol One Bowl.

And it turned out to be an even more intense individual battle than anyone could have imagined.

Dennard and Jeffery, both of whom are viewed as likely first-round draft picks, were both ejected in the third quarter of the game after they got into a fight. Dennard and Jeffery jawed at each other, shoved each other and eventually punches were thrown, and both guys got the boot.

Dennard appeared to be the one who started the fight, which may have been the result of frustration because Jeffery was getting the best of him. Jeffery had four catches for 148 yards in the first half.

Both Dennard and Jeffery are among the Top 25 players in the 2012 NFL draft according to Scouts, Inc. Losing their cool with NFL scouts watching won’t help their draft prospects.

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  1. “Your right…who would want a 6’4″ 230 pound receiver who can run like the wind…”

    Run like the wind? Yeah right.

    He’s an atrocious route runner, and he’ll struggle to separate against NFL corners

    He’s got great hands and size, so he’ll probably catch on as a situational threat. Think red-zone.

  2. I hope the Buccaneers seriously consider Jeffery. Would love for them to get Blackmon but I don’t think he will be there by the time the Buccaneers pick and I don’t think they would trade up to try and get Blackmon either. I do think Jeffery will be a great receiver. Can’t wait for the draft! Bout all the excitement a buccs fan gets this year.

  3. All for sportsmanship in the NCAA, Jeffery was outstanding player award winner for game. You would think the NCAA would step up and stop all the BS by many players on the field. I’m happy for SC but all the crap going on during the game by both teams was sick. To much crap talk and pointing and standing over a player down on the field.

  4. What a sham and a sharp stick in the eye for sportsmanship to give Jeffery the MVP award in a post-game celebration after he was ejected for fighting. Bad example and wonder what that panel was thinking to give him the award?

  5. Agreed, watch the Rose Bowl. Russell Wilson easily has the skills and heart to succeed in the NFL. The dude picked up Wisconsin’s offense in less than a year and his stats back up his decision making. How the heck did Todd McShay become the NFL draft expert? Come to think of it how did Mel Kiper? He called Ray Lewis a typical undersized Miami linebacker, and Saints TE Jimmy Graham a project at best. All these underclassmen leaving early because of the Todd McShay projections…too bad.

  6. If anybody actually saw the “fight” they would’ve seen that Dennard was the instigator and was the ONLY one throwing punches (3 to be exact):

    1) Dennard started shoving AJ after the whistle, AJ wasn’t bothered at first but then pushed him back.
    2) Dennard pushed AJ in the side of the head with his open palm then AJ grabbed his facemask and pushed Dennard’s head down.
    3) Dennard then swung at AJ while his head was being pushed down and punched with his fist again while the two separated.
    4) Words were exchanged and AJ two-hand shoved Dennard’s chest.
    5) Dennard punched AJ in the face and the ref came in and broke it up.

    The only way Dennard could even defend Jeffrey was to hold him more than 5 yards down the field…guess his last resort was getting him kicked out of the game. Nebraska is a dirty squad and their coach is a blowhard and a bully.

  7. I highly doubt this incident will effect either player’s draft stock.

    Read some scouting reports guys before ripping trbowman. There are serious questions about Jeffery’s conditioning, speed and ability to seperate at the pro level. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a good pro, just that’s how he’s viewed right now.

    @ mobuccsfan

    TB picks fifth in the draft. Luck, Kalil, RGIII are for sure top three picks followed by Claiborne, Richardson & Blackmon (if they all declare as expected). Seems like there’s a good chance he’ll be there @ 5.

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