Lovie Smith non-committal on Martz’s future


When reports surfaced during the season that Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz was on his way out of Chicago after the season, Bears coach Lovie Smith said the reports were “made up.”

He never said Martz would be back.

When the issue was raised again in Week 17, Smith was upset the topic was even raised. Now that the season is over, Smith isn’t saying much of anything.

“I haven’t talked to the coaches, so I’m not going to talk to you about any of them right now, and I think you can understand that,” Smith said Monday via ESPNChicago.com. “Mike did a super job for us. He had a lot of injuries this year. I think you guys know how I feel about him. But this is a new year coming up, and we’ll see how that goes.”

Plenty of coaches came out Monday to say their coordinators would be back. The Jets did it with Brian Schottenheimer. Titans coach Mike Munchak said his coordinators would return.

“We’ll see how that goes” doesn’t sound like a great sign for Martz’s future in Chicago.

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  1. Look…Mike Martz can’t turn water into wine. Who does CHI have at WR? Jonnie Knox isn’t scaring anyone. That lets people load up on Forte and puts way too much pressure on Cutler. And that offensive line would be the worst in the NFL if not for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Put some playmakers at WR around Cutler, let Devin Hester go back to what he does best (returning kicks) and then CHI will have a chance to compete for a playoff birth next year. Otherwise, get used to another 6-10/7-9 campaign.

    Martz is the least of Chicago’s problems.

  2. Martz’ offense is a good fit for cutler and forte. Getting rid ofvolsen was dumb though. Keep Martz for one more year.

  3. Let the “mad genius” join the Jets. I want to see Sanchise even more confused…if that’s possible.

  4. I guess someone’s got to take the blame for the INEXPLICABLE decision to let Caleb Hanie (who wouldn’t even start in the Arena Football League) start 4 games for the Bears. Just because Lovie’s the HEAD coach doesn’t mean it isn’t Martz’s fault!

    Man, I love this continuing NFL trend of coordinators being the fall guys for head coaching failures. Maybe Schottenheimer, Castillo, and Martz can start group therapy.

  5. I really hope they don’t fire him, the offense seemed to be getting it together this year, and I don’t think the offence needs to go through a 3rd change at coach. Give him at least one more year with a healthy team.

  6. As much as I dislike Martz, starting over with a whole new system would be a disaster waiting to happen

  7. Seeing Martz’s offense on display here in Chicago over the last couple of years there are a few reasons why I cannot wait to see him gone:

    1) Tight Ends in today’s NFL are a vital part of an offense. He forced the trade of a very good one here in Chicago in Greg Olsen. Martz’s offense worked in this regard because he had superstar/Hall of Fame caliber receivers – the Bears might have the worst corps of receivers in the NFL.

    2) His insistence in not allowing Cutler to audible is moronic. Cutler is a veteran QB who obviously matured significantly this year.

    3) In his offense with this 7 step drops you literally can get a QB killed even behind a very good offense line. We all know how suspect that offensive line has been.

  8. You know, I really don’t care at this point. If Jerry and company don’t draft a quality left tackle or are unable to acquire a quality veteran wide out, I don’t see the need to spend the $$ on Martz. Hell, sign me for $100,000 to a one year deal and I’ll give Forte the ball 35 times and run 15 screens to him a game. I don’t need to be an offensive wizard to run that game.

  9. That’s too bad as he is similar to Sean Payton as a go for the throat offensive genius. However the Bears have the worst offensive line talent. Instead of solving that problem, I read about the possible firing of Martz. Since the end of the 1940s, the Bears have been light years behind the curb on offensive game planning and strategy, now they finally get someone and won’t commit to having the required talent. Pathetic.

    Everyone knows if the Bears had a decent offensive line, Martz system would destroy anything in its path.

    If they do ditch him, which would be to use him as a scapegoat to the actual problems in management and personnel then the Bears offense would have to start off all over with a new system that will not be able to keep up with other teams.

  10. Bears were going to be in the playoffs most likely if we did not have all those injuries to our offense. As much as I dont like Martz, he did a decent job with what he had. Any offensive coordinator will have a hard time being successful with our WR core. Dwane Bowe please come to the Chi!!!!

  11. That is a shame because I am all for Lovie being committed.

    The NyQuil commercials really explain a lot.

  12. The Bears need to get rid of Jerry Angelo and let the new GM decide the future of the coaching staff.

  13. Marts is the least of the problems with the Bears. Until Jerry Angelo is fired this team is screwed. If Bill Pollian can lose his job after an injury to Manning how in the name of God does Angelo keep his job ?Pollian was one of the most respected executive in football Jerry Angelo is an incompetent turd. He must be giving Virginia McCaskey great foot massages.

  14. well if martz keyed the decision to not get anotehr qb before week 16, sure. blame martz.

    if not, blame them all.

  15. Mr. McCaskey, if you are half the man that George Halas was you would fire Jerry Angelo asap and find the best available football mind in the business to be the new G.M. Angelo and his people who evaluate players have put the Bears in a bad way. My god look what Green Bay just did with the second sting quarterback running the offence just goes to show you how talented that team is. If Flynn were Chicago’s back up the bears would still suck. One man does not make a team but one man can sure ruin it! Fire Angelo ! Without Brian, Lance, Charles, Julius, [ who are all over thirty and within three years of being over the hill ] Jay, and Matt this team has ….well not much. I am so sick of hearing about making the playoffs. Its about winning the championship not getting to the playoffs. Chicago bear fans all over the world deserve better. This team is not and will not be a legitimate contender for winning championships yes more than one until a championship management team is put in place. It all starts at the top and rolls down hill. The Bears organization has paid millions and millions of dollars for players that have been complete busts so go ahead and bite the bullet and fire Angelo that would be a drop in the bucket compared to what has been paid to poor [ terrible @#@%#$@] draft and free agent signings. Don’t let him waste your money and our pride in another draft. If I were a season ticket holder I would be really pissed!

  16. That’s pretty much the kiss of death from Lovie. I’d love to see Norv get fired out in San Diego and make his way over to Chicago.

  17. as a Bears Fan, and listening to him for the past 6 years, when Lovie is non-committal it usually isn’t good for the subject involved.

    Lats example was when he was asked about Tommy Harris. He didn’t want to discuss it, and 2 days later, Harris was gone !

  18. “Mike did a super job for us. He had a lot of injuries this year. I think you guys know how I feel about him. But this is a new year coming up, and we’ll see how that goes.”

    Lovie Smith

    “Lovie did a super job for us. He had a lot of injuries this year. I think you guys know how I feel about him. But this is a new year coming up, and we’ll see how that goes.”

    Jerry Angelo

    “Jerry did a super job for us. We had a lot of injuries this year. I think you guys know how I feel about him. But this is a new year coming up, and we’ll see how that goes.”

    Ted Phillips

    “Ted did a super job for us. We had a lot of injuries this year. I think you guys know how I feel about him. But this is a new year coming up, and we’ll see how that goes.”

    Virginia McCaskey

  19. Da Bears looked pretty darn good until Cutler went down and they put that walking corpse back there. Who was responsible for making him #2 on the depth chart???

  20. The problem is Lovie and Angelo. They both need to go!
    Even moreso though the McCaskey family would serve the fans best by selling the team to someone who is willing to spend the money to field a winner. (And bring back the Honey Bears!)

  21. Jay Culter was 6-10 his first year with the Bears. Then Martz came and they won the division, Culter looked much better, and they made the NFC Championship, which they had a good chance of winning if Culter hadn’t gone down. The Bears would have made the playoffs again if Culter didn’t get hurt. Martz is one of the best OC’s in the league.

  22. Actually thought the Bears are pretty much set. For the amount of injuries happened can’t blame coaches for that. Bears could compete with the puckers if healthy.

  23. I do not like starting over either but in this case it is for the better. the bears may not have alot of talent on offense but it is obvious what they do have does not work in his offense. it worked only when he was forced to scale it back from the pass every down he loves to call and was getting Cutler killed. for 2 years in a row the bears went on winning streaks after he was made to run the ball more and call a balanced offense. first of all the bears do not play on turf and it is not 1999 anymore and teams know how to play against that offense now. yea hanie sucks but had martz not demanded they sign collins last year who was worse and given hanie time with the first string the bears would have known that before this year. he didn’t and because of his performance in title game last year bears fans thought he deserved the backup role. because his system is so hard to learn they had no chance to sign anyone better once Cutler went down. and instead of running the version of the offense Cutler did he thought it would be a good idea to run the 7 step drop version. so yea time for him to go and bring in somebody who does not have to be told to run a balanced offense.

  24. Mike Martz was a “genius” when he had Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Ricky Proehl and Orlando Pace. I bet a lot of OCs would be “genius” with that incredible collection of talent. Once that talent degraded, Warner ended up getting shell-shocked so bad it took him a couple of years to recover. Just ask Giant fans.

    Martz’s system is a high-risk one. It gets his QB hit a lot in an effort to look downfield in the pass game. It tends to under-utilized the run game, whether the back is Faulk or Forte, two very good runners that had to chip as pass catchers to hit their full potential under Martz. The system has proven effective with an abundance of superstars at the peak of their game playing mostly in a dome. But I’m not so sure literally thousands of football coaches couldn’t have been as successful as Martz given that same talent.

    One thing I know for sure is the Bears lack the superstar talent of the “Greatest Show on Turf” era Rams. And the Bears, and their fans, take great pride in the “Monsters of the Midway” image that is really sort of the opposite of what Martz brings to the table. So I think Martz is done. But the Angelo-era Bears have demonstrated a remarkable ability to blow such decisions.

  25. Oh yeah, I forgot about Az Hakim on the “Greatest Show on Turf” Rams teams. Bruce, Holt, Proehl and Hakim on the field at once put opposing DCs into cold sweats at night. Throw in Marshall Faulk and really, you’d have to be a drooling moron to mess that up as an OC.

  26. Martz should have never been the guy to run the offense in the first place.
    His playbook has become outdated, it does not use the TE, it results in the QB getting beaten up even with a very good O line and you HAVE to have the right players to make it work at all.
    Try getting a back up QB that knows the Martz system. You end up with guys like Todd Collins and Josh McCown.
    THAT is why the season went from 7-3 to 8-8.

    Cutler is not a 7 step drop QB and he is the guy that you picked as your QB.
    You gave up two 1st round picks for him.
    You gave him a new fat contract to lock him up for years.
    You knew what kind of QB he was before pulling the trigger on the trade with Denver. (I would hope so anyway)

    Once again Jerry & Lovie are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole instead of playing to your strengths.
    Just the fact that Martz was brought in tells you all you need to know about Lovie’s thought process and it is not good.

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