Raheem Morris out in Tampa


Last year, the Buccaneers won 10 games.  This year, they finished with 10 straight losses.

And so Raheem Morris, as widely expected, has lost his job.

The Buccaneers have announced that Morris has been fired.  He had one year left on his contract.

To no surprise, Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the rest of the coaching staff will be fired, too.

Unlike Rams G.M. Billy Devaney, who was fired along with coach Steve Spagnuolo, G.M. Mark Dominik is expected to stay.  Dominik received a new contract after the season.

“We want to thank Coach Morris for all his hard work and dedication as head coach of the Buccaneers,” Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer said in a team-issued release.

“I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the passion Coach Morris gave to our football team, but this change is one we felt was necessary,” Dominik said.

Morris coached the team for three seasons.  He got the job only weeks after being promoted to the position of defensive coordinator after Monte Kiffin left to join his son, Lane, at Tennessee.

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  1. There can’t be a football fan in America who didn’t see this coming. If there’ s any surprise, it’s that they waited until today instead of pulling the trigger sooner.

  2. Finally, I’m almost as happy as when we won the Super Bowl.
    It’s not nice that anyone has to lose their job but for as good a person as Morris is (based on recent comments even that is in question) he may well have been the worst head coach I’ve seen.

  3. Definitely not all his fault, but he didn’t do much to stop it. I suspect this team will look quite a bit different next year, not only in the coaching offices but also on the roster. More than half the guys on this team QUIT on their coach and their teammates. It’s been absolutely painful to watch.

  4. Here’s hoping Lovie Smith and his merry band of idiots meet the same fate. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the McCasket family have the brains or the guts to do the right thing…

  5. Kellen Winslow said this would ruin the Bucs. I guess the Glazers should just disband now.

    A lot of people believed Morris cut Jon Gruden’s throat. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll, Raheem. And, with the stellar record performance of the defense, don’t expect a big job any time soon. Your an eager fella, I just hope you learned something from the way you muscled yourself in.

    But, the comedy in all of this is: Dominik stays? The Derrick-Brooks-cutting, Kellen-Winslow-signing, Quincy-Black-re-signing all star of GMs? Maybe he can extend Trueblood and E.J. Biggers.

  6. Wasn’t ready – not the right guy for the job.

    Fair job as D-backs coach, but under his watch, the D went from #2 in 07, #9 in 08 to 27-17-30 in the last three years.

    Let’s face it – When Monte Kiffin left, the Bucs crumbled.

    Raheem was in over his head

  7. This is a mistake.

    By firing the coach (previously coach of the year nominee), you’re saying everything was in place for the team to win but the game plan wasn’t there.

    Bad move. They clearly were missing some pieces here. Sometimes you have to weather out the storm.

  8. Raheem Morris = Sacrificial Lamb for the Rebuilding Plan. I feel like a huge sucker for not seeing this coming three years ago.

    From a business/Glazer perspective I get it: Fire Gruden, cut the high priced vets, go cheap and draft heavy for 3 years and get a big-name coach to come in and take hold of a franchise that’s a few pieces from contending for NFCS championships.

  9. I wonder if Fisher would work with Dominik. I could see him making the Bucs a perennial playoff contender.

  10. I only caught a little bit of the Falcons-Bucs game but I couldn’t believe how poorly disciplined that Tampa team was. That starts at the top. Guys gloating down by 20 pts. Constant trash talking. Holy cow, what a mess. That roster needs another overhaul. At least there’s a QB to work with.

  11. Bubbybrister2: Mistake? The mistake was firing Gruden after consecutive 9-7 seasons. As for weathering the storm, what do you think would have happened to the season ticket base next year if the Glazers kept Raheem? As Morris Day said in Purple Rain, “It’s not about hurting anybody. This is business. We can use the exposure.”

  12. @tampajoey:

    Cowher doesn’t want to coach next year and possibly ever again, and even if he did, it’d be a pipe dream to get him in Tampa.

  13. FINALLY!!!!!!!!! 3 years is plenty long enough to go through such a nightmare…. Making someone HC that has NOT earned it just ruins teams…. Now if only the Bucs will get a HC that has earned a rep for himself to be a legitimate NFL HC the Bucs will be a fun team to follow again!!!!

  14. bubbybrister2 says:
    Jan 2, 2012 12:11 PM
    This is a mistake.

    No, the mistake was hiring two people (Dominik, too) who were not ready and in way over their head’s. Not keeping around any veteran leadship besides Ronde and Faine were huge mistakes, too. At least the next coach won’t go through some of the B.S. Raheem did, having an OC and DC forced on him and having to call the GM for permission to put Freeman in in the Patriots game.

  15. modhairken says:
    Jan 2, 2012 12:10 PM

    A lot of people believed Morris cut Jon Gruden’s throat.


    No they don’t! Nobody believes that. SOME people think Dom had a hand in orchestrating Gruden and Allen being fired (they are stupid conspiracy theorists, but they exists) But NOBODY even remotely legitimate has ever accused Raheem of doing anything like that. Gruden had JUST promoted Raheem to DC like a week beforehand, and they are STILL friends. He didn’t “muscle his way in.”

    What an idiot comment. It’s a shame, because I agreed with the rest of your post.

  16. their talent wasnt that good, but 4-12 is a joke with what they have.

    the team quit on him. he didnt have a clue.

    they lost ten straight, several in rather embarassing fashion.

    the glazers’ mistake was hiring/promoting him in the first place.

  17. Look at the Glazers history:

    Tony Dungy was the second-place finisher in head coaching jobs for several years before the Glazers hired him. He was not young and hip. He was stable, dignified and determined. He turned around the worst franchise in the NFL, got fired for not going further in the playoffs, and turned the second-worst franchise in football into a perennial contender and Super Bowl winner. Decision to hire? Brilliant. Decision to fire? Mistake.

    Jon Gruden did every job a football coach can do before he revived Oakland. He was demanding and confident, and he knew how to squeeze the last bit out of every veteran. Decision to hire? Stole the show. Decision to fire? Colossal blunder.

    Morris was hired because he was popular with the players. Decision to hire? Grave error. Decision to fire? Smartest move in several years.

    So, the Glazers are at .667 in terms of hiring and .333 in terms of firing.

    The lesson here is hire coaches with experience and a track record, not because they listen to Hip Hop or play Yahtzee with Aqib Talib.

  18. Maybe the Bucs should hire Mike Pereira since he’s the ONLY guy on the planet that understands the new NFL wussification rules. That should at least give us an edge with his inconsistent lackey officials.

  19. That is step #1 in the right direction!
    Now…the Glazers must show that they want this team to be a winner.
    Bring in a qualified experienced coach. A young team needs a leader. Not a rookie coach learning on the job.
    The Glazers must also invest the much needed capital to make this team a winner. The new collective bargaining agreement with a cap mandate will be a big asset for those that want to win.
    The constituents of the community invested their hard-earned taxpayer dollars to help build the Buccaneer stadium. The owners owe it to the community to try and put the best team possible on the field.
    Just like the Glazers who would not invest in a losing business, the fans don’t wish to invest in a loser.
    I think coaches like, Jeff Fisher, Brian Billick, etc. should be sought after in earnest. The Buccaneers need a leader that’s a cerebral coach and also knows how to balance the X and O’s while maintaining a discipline necessary for winning on and off the field.

  20. But, but, but, boys and girls, be careful of what you wish for. It won’t be Cowher, Gruden, Jimmy John or whatever. Control your wish list, what the hell woulds you do if you woke up and saw Rob Ryan on your sideline. Barf!

  21. Glazers will hire someone they can get on the cheap. Too much Buccaneer money goes to pay the debt service on that Manchester team. They were $25 million under the cap this year yet couldn’t afford Rudd and Cadillac Williams – the veteran leadership the Buc’s needed to control the youngry ones. They cur Derrick Brooks at his prime who was drafted one year before Ray Lewis – he’s still on the team providing leadership. The Glazers suck!

  22. Brian Billick’s a proven winner, and would be an excellant move by the Glazers, in helping fill seats and win games. Seems like a no brainer with the list of available proven coaches.

  23. Perhaps he now wishes he would have done the right thing and cut Talib like any other ‘class’ organization.

    A missed opportunity to make a statement.

  24. modhairken, Firing Gruden has been the only right call made by the Glazers, besides you know, this one, the team was going nowhere with Gruden, now they screwed by hiring Morris.

  25. Glad he’s fired but the Glazers are the real problem. Don’t know why any experienced coach like Cowher or Billick would choose to coach in Tampa (lowest payroll in the league last 6-7 years) with a team whose owners are more interested in cashing in to support their soccer team.

  26. Happy day for Bucs fans. This team needs much more than a head coach. Wide receivers that can separate and get down the field. I’m tired of the the 2 yard check down passes or worst a sack while Freeman waits for receivers to get down the field

  27. Morris is a up & comer, TB gave up on him too quickly. Morris certainly didnt quit, it was the players….he went to bat for a lot of the guys that quit (Talib, Williams, etc)….if TB is going to clean house they need to look at the geeks they continue to draft

  28. .

    Totally perplexing …..going into the season the Bucs appeared to have an adequate offensive front, an adequate defensive front and quarterback with upside potential.

    What happened? They under performed in all three phases. Hard to fathom.


  29. A true dark horse candidate for this job who would do a great job is Seahawks OC, Darrell Bevel.

  30. larryed says: Jan 2, 2012 12:46 PM
    They cur Derrick Brooks at his prime

    Talk about rewriting history or plain not knowing what you are talking about.
    If a player that was as great as #55 was cut in the prime of his career don’t you think he would have been starting for years after the Bucs let him go?
    Remind us all again who signed this in prime future HoF player, oh that’s right, NOBODY because he was done and it was time to move on.
    The real mistake wasn’t cutting him, it was not having a guy ready to replace him.

    As far as modhairken goes…
    Dungy turned the 2nd worst franchise in football around?
    Who else did he coach after the Bucs because you can’t mean the Colts.
    I’m fairly sure that a team with a Super Bowl in their past and 2 10+ win seasons out of the previous 3 (while having one of the best QBs in history entering his prime) is not even close to being the 2nd worst franchise in the league.
    Decision to fire Dungy – Great, we’d still be making the playoffs every second year and getting knocked out after scoring just 3 FGs if he were still around, a change was needed then just like a change was needed when Gruden & Morris were fired.
    Hires – .667
    Fires – 1.000 (altough they came seasons too late on 2 of them)

  31. @dbal514,,,wwhhhaaaattt ? Lovie is a great coach. The Bears do nothing but win (with Cutler) despite having little talent. Angelo needs to go, you are lucky to have Lovie,,,he won the NFC once with Rex Grossman dude…..

  32. He needs to learn that coaching is a business, and mentoring troubled players is not part of it. You get rid of talib, and don’t pickup that fat Albert guy, you at least are than respectable. Horrible decisions there. And if barber retires, who really cares. Respecting your franchise and it’s decisions is part of the game. You don’t like it see ya. You ain’t that good anymore dude. I know your probably flabbergasted right?

  33. Why do people keep saying firing Derick Brooks was the wrong thing to do? And that he was still in his prime? If he was in his prime he would be on someones team, not trying to be an analyst on on ESPN2.

    I liked Raheem, but he was too young and inexperienced. They need to bring in an established coach for the players to listen to, and to put the fans in the seats.

  34. Relieved! Glad this experiment is over with. Morris was NEVER a popular HC hire according the fanbase. Raheem’s defense was terrible no matter what players he was dealt with. Hopefully, this is a wake up call to The Glazers on a phone that’s been ringing for the past 3 seasons. Give the fans a quality proven Head Coach and veterans to lead and the fans will flow through the gates. The idea to build young on the cheap from scratch was idiotic while the rest of the NFC South stacked veterans, signed lots of free agents, and made quality draft picks. Can’t wait for next season.

  35. He was a bit green for the job, but he’s a good coach. That team overachieved last year, and Buc fans are delusional thinking that they were actually that good. However, his firing was the only outcome because the team quit on him.

    Dominic’s “talent” is the bigger problem there though, and I’d be surprised if the Buc fall isn’t continuous for years to come. Welcome back Yucaneers.

  36. The only reason he made it out of the stadium before getting fired is because they managed to score some points in the second half. If not, he’d have been asked for his clipboard as soon as he entered the locker room.

  37. I’m surprised they didn’t can him last night. That was just a terrible display. I’m not so sure about Dominic. Think he should have gotten the ax as well, but we shall see. They better draft good because the Glaziers aren’t going to spend any money in Free Agency, again. What a joke. I don’t think Fisher would be too bad of a choice but don’t think we could get him either. They need to shore up offensive line, a speedy running back, a true no. 1 deep threat receiver, linebackers and secondary help. I think we need a great offensive and defensive coordinator, period.

  38. Dr Mr Morris. first you inherited a pretty dam good football team when you took over. A very solid team that was ready to turn the corner.
    The ball was in your court and it didn’t happen. Don’t feel bad, there are some white coaches that will be fired too and you all have something in common: you didn’t get the job done. Nothing more.

  39. Raheem was over-influenced by Joe Maddon likewise with the Glazers over-influenced by Andrew Freidman/Stu Sternberg. They wanted to go younger (except the Glazers had the money to spend on exp. talent but are were more concerned with ManU) and prayed that like in baseball you can win with less experiance and more importantly less money. It is equally as much Raheem’s fault for his ignorance of the team he was supposed to be coaching (Let’s be honest half of the team has an attitude problem and come out of the locker room to the field with their uniform not even tucked in.) as it is the Glazer’s for poor decision making and tight spending. So now what we have is a Top 5 draft spot with guys like Luck, Griffin, Mathieu. It’s not all that bad, but also hard to care about at all.

  40. @Derty Ernie

    “first you inherited a pretty dam good football team when you took over.”


    *catches breath*


    That sentence pretty much renders your other ridiculous assertions completely irrelevant. You have ZERO clue what you’re talking about.

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