Rams general manager Devaney officially out in St. Louis


The Rams are officially cleaning house.

The team announced Monday that G.M. Billy Devaney is out, in addition to coach Steve Spagnuolo.

“I would like to personally thank Steve and Billy for their dedication to the St. Louis Rams organization over the past several seasons,” said Rams owner E. Stan Kroenke in a team statement. “This was a difficult decision for many reasons. We have tremendous respect for Steve and Billy as people and football professionals.”

Unlike Jacksonville, Kansas City, and Miami, the Rams could hire a general manager before finding their next head coach. Or they could hire a head coach that essentially comes with someone who will help pick the players.

Devaney had his ups and downs in St. Louis, but ultimately he had too many misfires in the draft and free agency.

20 responses to “Rams general manager Devaney officially out in St. Louis

  1. Spags will be employed by a NFL team within a month. This clown with his talent evaluation is done. Good riddance….

  2. My first guess is Bill Cowher. They need a lot of work on the defensive side, but Lauranaitis and Long are a good start. They had a ton of injuries on D this year. I could see Cowher targeting Kevin Greene for his D coordinator.

    Bradford just needs a healthy line to continue his development. SJax is still a stud though he’s losing treat quickly. Get Bradford a stud TE and it would really help. If GB franchises Flynn I can see St. Louis making a big push for Finley.

  3. Well he did sign Jason Brown to the highest contract of any offensive linemen in the entire league…not just the highest paid center.

    I recently saw that Brown was first benched and then moved to guard

    Keep signing those Raven free agents…like Jason Brown, Dawan Landry, Gary Baxter, Edgerton Hartwell, Bart Scott, Adalius Thomas, Todd Heap, LeRon McClain, Tony Pashos, Kyle Boller, Jason Bannon, Derrick Mason, Dwan Edwards. etc.

    Ozzie knows who to keep and sign to long term deals and who to dump.

    Buyer beware of Raven free agents…they are out there for a reason.

    Ed Reed may be out there next year…just because he can’t use his arms to tackle anymore should’nt deter any team from giving him a $50 million deal for 5 years.

  4. I dunno that this is ALL Spags’ fault. His OC left to go coach the Browns and he brought in Josh McDaniels. I dunno if it was his decision or not to bring in McD, but if it was then it is his fault. McDaniels had Brady to make him look good. Just like O’Brien has Brady to make him look good. Just like Charlie Weis had Brady to make him look good. Stop hiring people that ALL TIME GREAT QBs make look like geniuses.

    As down as I am on my Eagle’s coaching staff right now, Andy Reid/Marty Mornhenwig have made EVERY QB that has played for them look at LEAST above average.

    Donovan McNabb
    AJ Feeley
    Kevin Kolb
    Mike Vick
    Jeff Garcia

    They’ve had 1 miss in Vince Young, but to be fair, Young is only 1 step above mentally retarded. They tried to remake him and he just couldn’t get it so they gave up halfway through the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Kafka ends up getting them at least a 2nd round pick in the next 2 years.

    Thats the kind of guy you want to hire. The guys that are successful no matter WHO is in the lineup, not the guys who walked into a winning situation and kept on winning. Sometimes its the coach, but a lot of times its the players.

  5. Spags/McDaniels/Bradford never had talent to work with. Good move by the org cleaning house though, let the new owner select his own guys to get the team ready for its LA debut

  6. Devaney was the same genius who drafted Ryan Leaf for the Chargers.

    That should have tipped the Rams off from the get go.

    Spags should get another shot in a few years with a team that’s not a total reclamation project.

    Until then I bet there will be a dozen teams wanting him as their DC.

  7. Devaney came across as an egotistical prick that couldn’t evaluate talent worth a damn. His presence will be missed by the 3 other NFC West teams.

  8. This isn’t very shocking…what was shocking was that the Rams announced signing DeVaney in the first place.

    Devaney’s Falcon 1st round picks
    2006-Jimmy Williams-DB-5th overall
    2007-Jamaal Anderson-DE-8th overall
    Devaney’s Ram 1st round picks
    2008-Chris Long-DE-2nd overall
    2009-Jason Smith-OT-2nd overall
    2010-Sam Bradford-QB-1st overall
    2011-Robert Quinn-DE-14th overall

    He also rode Bobby Beathard’s coattails in San Diego and Washington…

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