Spanos will take “a couple of days” to make Turner decision

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It doesn’t sound like Norv Turner is going to be fired by the Chargers on Black Monday.

The team alerted the media that Turner will have his usual end of the season press conference Monday at 10:30 a.m. PT. Chargers owner Dean Spanos doesn’t appear to be in any rush to make a final decision.

“I’m looking at the entire organization,” Spanos said via Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I’m going to sleep on this for a couple days. . . . There are a lot of things I want to think about.”

The “entire organization” will surely start with an evaluation of Turner and Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith. It sure sounds like Spanos is conflicted. Could San Diego’s win Sunday save Turner?

“It was really exciting,” Spanos said. “I’m really proud of them. I think it really shows how resilient they are, how hard they play for this coach.”

Spanos seems to be searching for reasons for optimism, pointing out the team won four of its first five and four of its last five.

If nothing else, it sounds like Norv Turner gave his owner something to think about this week.

41 responses to “Spanos will take “a couple of days” to make Turner decision

  1. Typical Spanos indecision – aka – NO HUEVOS.

    Did the Chargers make the playoffs the past two years? How long has it been since they won more than one playoff game?

    Case closed. Norbert the Dull and The Lord of NO Rings – BEGONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would keep them. Starting over with a new regime will only set the team back. I understand that the fan base might be impatient, but they need to realize that starting from scratch means they are even further away from winning a championship.

    The Chargers have one thing that a majority of teams covet- an excellent QB. Rivers trusts in Turner and Turner is a solid offensive coach. The team was hit hard by the injury bug. Give Norv 2012 and some more defensive players and playmakers and the team can make a run.

  3. Spanos has to think about it because his family are incompetent owners. Basically he is probably considering how his decision will affect the interest of LA for his franchise.

  4. The most vocal fans against Norv Turner often know the least about football and what this Chargers team has been through this season. His players have shown fight, and they almost pulled it off.

    How high are San Diego’s expectations, really, for one game shy of the playoffs with all those injuries and turnovers to become a fireable offense?

    Listen to the locker room. Norv should stay. A.J., too. Hasn’t been perfect on draft day, but what GM has? Mathews and Butler were a nice haul in 2010. Weddle has stepped up.

    Be patient, Dean. Short-sighted fans may groan, but winning heals all wounds. Come on, 2012.

  5. Congrats to AJ Smith for shipping all the talent out of San Diego. Your ego was right there was no need for them just look at all them rings! Haha

  6. So regressing every year, win 4 of the last 5 games and come in at 8-8 a good thing to save your job? Terrible. Fire Norv. Winning percentage doesn’t mean sh#t if the team keeps regressing and the coach isn’t coaching his players to play EVERY game. Fire AJ for not being able to stock the team with quality people to fill in if injuries happen.

    So enough of my rant, at least they spoiled the Raiders playoff dreams with the loss in the last game of the year. Happy New Year.

  7. Obviously Spanos is a guy who isn’t used to decison making. Maybe something to do with that silver spoon in his ___…

  8. i can’t see him keeping norv as head coach but then again i couldn’t see him firing schottenheimer or hiring norv in the first place

    biggest mistake of the season happened long before it started when they didn’t resign darren sproles

    it’s too bad smith has a tendency to draft hall of famers like brees and tomlinson or he’d be gone too, now if only he’d find a way to keep those players

  9. If they lost he would’ve been fired tmrw. and the guy he wanted was Andy Reid and now it looks like Andy’s not going anywhere. Norv will be fired if there’s a solid replacement. He’s gonna wait and see who else might become available after black Monday. stay tuned.

  10. I still do not get Norv. A brilliant OC but he can’t put the full package together as the head coach. He has to go before the Chargers window slams shut, if it isn’t already closed.

  11. Let’s see, the Chargers couldn’t win the division when:

    The Chiefs lost their starting QB, RB, Coach, and a bunch of others;

    The Raiders lost their starting QB, RB, and brought in a new QB halfway through the season;

    The Broncos have a brand new HC and start a QB who can’t complete more than half his passes.

    And Spanos needs a few days to think about it?

  12. I’ve never liked Turner as a HC. Was very glad when he didn’t get hired in Dallas. But, I can certainly appreciate and respect an owner who doesn’t make rash decisions. Better to think it through and have no regrets later. Certainly, winning 4 0f 5 has to make you stop and think, anyone who doesn’t, it’s an idiot. That being said, Id fire Turner IF there is someone bettwr interested and available. At the moment, I don’t know who that would be. And I’m not just talking about throwing out names That sound good, it has to be seine who I’m interested AND available.

  13. This team is loaded with talent, they just need a HC that can get them to perform earlier in the season and build off early wins. I thought he should have been fired 2 years ago.

  14. SD Chargers=Zero Super Bowls Ever, but NFL Network and ESPN will hype these guys all year long.

  15. Only quality win was against Baltimore…lost to NE, Green Bay, Jets, Detroit, and Bears. They are who they are 8-8 . Can beat the garbage but not the cream. Not good enough. Clean house…

  16. I have to say, anyone who says that the Chargers got off to a quick start didn’t actually watch those games. Yes, the got some wins, but the play in most of them was as ugly as it was in that string of losses. The only difference was that they were going up against some really bad teams that were even more determined to lose than the Chargers were at the time. Yes, wins is what matters, but the level of performance also matters when you’re trying to evaluate the job done by the players and coaching staff over the entire season. This team is simply not as talented as it once was. Yes, they still have Rivers and (for now at least) Jackson and Floyd, but the running game isn’t what it once was, and Gates’ body seems to be breaking down on him. He’s slower, in worse shape, and often injured. There are serious questions on the O-line, and if Hardwick retires a big problem could quickly turn into a disaster. They also have some noticeable holes on defense. That’s on the G.M., and the H.C. to the degree that he has influence over personnel decisions. Both need to go. They’re running the team that Marty Schottenheimer put together into the ground.

  17. And as one of the local radio announcers said – about Nick Hardwick: If you are even talking about retirement – you are done.

    Typical of the soft mentality of the Charger teams. Marty had them tighten down the chinstraps – but as one of the players said last yer about Norv: Sometimes you forget he is in the room. Geesh – great presence for a “head” coach, eh?

  18. Charger fans: do you really see Norv leading you to a Super Bowl? Who cares if the players like him. As a Lions fan I remember when the Lions players “liked” good ‘ol Wayne Fontes, who never got it done with a pretty decent roster. The upside to the Chargers is they have a good QB. But Spanos seems to want to keep his buddies around (ala W.C.Ford) instead of fielding a winner.

  19. Has anyone ever watched the Chargers under Norv and came away thinking, “Hey, that’s a well-coached team”? I know I haven’t….

  20. As a Saints’ fan, I’d like to thank the Chargers organization for giving up on Drew Brees and Darren Sproles! We are very happy to have them here in New Orleans. I think the bigger problem in San Diego is the GM, not the coach!

  21. Baltimore didn’t take time to regroup when they fired Billick. 49ers didn’t take time to regroup when they fired Singletary. Harbaugh brothers are 5-0 with playoff appearances. Darn…no more Harbaughs left. I bet there will be some 0-5 Ryans available.

  22. Turner is a coordinator, not a Head Coach. His record speaks for itself.
    Get rid of him, Dean.

  23. How come KC, Miami, and now StL can make a decision and fire the coach, but SD plays the waiting game? Another season of Norv only means more disappointment and more suffering for Chargers fans (and haven’t they suffered enough???). C’mon Deano, make a move, now! The longer you sit on your hands, the less SD is likely to land a quality coach. Do you like falling short of expectations every year?

  24. If Norv does get fired, watch him go back to the cowboys as the OC. He runs the same system the Cowboys do, Jones would bring him back in a heartbeat.

  25. Norv Turner has an overly conservative approach not conducive to going to the playoffs or winning a Super Bowl. It certainly doesn’t allow a QB like Rivers to strut his stuff. He and Smith should both go!

  26. To: swagger52 says:
    Jan 2, 2012 11:03 AM

    Baltimore didn’t take time to regroup when they fired Billick. 49ers didn’t take time to regroup when they fired Singletary. Harbaugh brothers are 5-0 with playoff appearances. Darn…no more Harbaughs left. I bet there will be some 0-5 Ryans available.

    5-0 with Playoff apperances? Excuse Me! You do remember last year don’t you? Or do you just like making up your own facts that suits your opinion?

  27. Fire AJ Smith. He’s mismanaged the team badly over the last few years– high on his own hype after making some good moves early in the decade, perhaps.

    Fire Norv Turner. Whatever the reason, he can’t consistently get his guys ready to play. He turned a 14-2 team into an 8-8 team– unacceptable.

    Fire Greg Manusky. Maybe his scheme would’ve worked under slightly different circumstances (injuries took their toll), but it was his refusal to adjust that led to poor defensive performances.

    And while we’re talking of injuries, fire Jeff Hurd. Hurd is the strength and conditioning coach. It’s his job to oversee the training staff and make sure the guys are in proper game shape. The Chargers have suffered an unusual rash of injuries over the last several seasons, and it makes one wonder what the hell the team’s medical staff is doing…

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