The Bucs don’t want any more London trips


Change is coming to the Buccaneers and we’re not just talking about the vacancy at head coach in the wake of Raheem Morris’ firing.

Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer said Monday that the team has told the league they aren’t interested in making any more trips to play in London. The Bucs have played games at Wembley Stadium in two of the last three seasons, a move that many believe was fueled in part by the team’s difficulty selling tickets to their games in Tampa. And the Bucs always come up when discussion of moving a team to the U.K. bubbles to the surface.

“As you know, we played this year but we spoke to the league recently and informed them that we wouldn’t want to be participating in the foreseeable future,” Glazer said, via Rick Stroud of the recently rechristened Tampa Bay Times. “I think we were helping the NFL build internationally. We believe greatly in that. But for the foreseeable future, that is something we told them, that we want to focus on building our base here. The team had a good experience there. Unfortunately, it was a loss. But it was more a direction of the team and things we want to do here in Tampa.”

By virtue of their two recent games in London, the Bucs were virtually that city’s home team and, until Monday, it seemed they’d be regular and willing participants in the future. Now the league will have to find others willing to jump the pond if they want to keep growing their profile in the United Kingdom.

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  1. THey probably think it might be difficult to rein in a quality head coach if they’re going to be playing more games in London.

  2. Que the Jaguars movement in London! New owner Khan already said he wants to become international! I don’t say this to knock the Jaguars… I am huge fan and always will be no matter where they play the game!

  3. This London garbage really pisses me off, as much as I love the NFL I hope this attempt by the league to expand internationally backfires on them and they lose a lotta money and fans in the process. F***ers.

  4. Interesting news.

    I wonder if the Glazers were reading the feedback on

    Fans over here in England thought the Bucs were pathetic both times they came over here and many had stated they would not buy tickets if the Bucs came back.

    We have rumours here that one game will be Patriots at Jaguars from Wembley Stadium.

    I am a Packers fan and I will go whomever is sent here, but I think the International Series should end.

    There is a loyal minority who love the NFL here, but a franchise will never work. (No need for any American’s to racially sterotype the average UK fan with lame reasons)

    The reasons are down to logistics, cost and the fact we wont drop the teams we support for a London team.

    Oh and we dont say cheerio and who the heck is Benny Hill??

  5. Don’t send any teams to London. It’s a sucker punch to your most loyal fans – PSL and season-ticket holders. I really hate the whole idea.

  6. That’s more than ok! As a fan in the UK I’m more than happy not to see the Sucs again. If the NFL wants to promote the game over here send us a good game, like Eagles and Giants. Oh wait, Fox would have a hissy fit!

  7. They already have their own football. It looks like the NFL is doing quite well in the United States. Its the National Football League, not International.

    Plus, who likes warm beer or baked beans for breakfast?

  8. Yeah, if the NFL wants to be international they should move the Bills to Toronto or Gnome…

  9. Season Ticket holders opinions are valid if they actually attend the games.

    Look at the Dolphins, it is safe to say many fans are constant no shows so they may as well give up one home game

  10. Can someone in the NFL please explain how a franchise in London would work logistically? You’re going to force players drafted by the team over there to become ex-pats for 5-10 years? What’s the travel schedule going to look like?

    London, Mexico City, Guam…. anything outside of the US other than Toronto is a logistical nightmare and an experiment destined to fail.

  11. As a Brit, I’ve enjoyed going to Wembley and watching the games, but any attempt to locate a team is plain dumb and will never work. But also I can see why teams that struggle to fill their stadiums want the cash.

    Given the ticket struggles I’d say it’s the Bengals turn this October.

  12. The London games make sense from the standpoint of growing a market for merchandise sales, but it’s idiotic from a football standpoint.
    The corporate NFL is now trying to outsource football fans? Enough already. Keep the games here in the USA where they belong.
    The London game is a glorified exhibition that just happens to count in the standings.
    If Goodell is dead set on it, make it a pre-season game. Nobody wants those tickets at full price anyway.

  13. Tampa Bay was 4-2 when they had to play a “home game” in London. Their season went down the tubes after that. I imagine the NFL will continue leaning on teams that have trouble selling out games to be the designated home team and lose a home game to play a neutral site contest in London.

  14. In related news, London will be sending one of its worst cricket teams to play in the U.S..

  15. It’s a big disadvantage to ask a team to fly to the UK and deal with the time change and all of that. So next year send them the Packers vs the Bears.

  16. “uh oh!” – carl lewis!
    “ill make up for it!” – also carl lewis..,

    So here we go. It is soooooo obvious that the nfl bedt chance at international play is canada and mexico… Ive been there with crazy rabid nfl fabs many times!!! Its just that south of the border is dangerous (they kidnap soccer ball players for ransom) and england is one of the richest/best economies in the world so they keep goung after the euro. Also europe has better corporate tax rates… Honestly, i swear, although up for debate…. China has a better chance of supporting an nfl franchise.

  17. Interesting to see the American point of view on the International Series. As a British NFL fan, I think its fantastic but I would question whether sending a pre season game over would be as popular or that a UK based franchise would work. Not sure where the games would be played, because there’s no way the FA would let it happen every other week at Wembley, and the tickets wouldn’t sell either. Keep it to one, maybe two games a year which is enough to get the fans over here interested but not so much that they get fed up with it. I paid around £70 for my ticket this year and while i’m happy to do that as a one off, its far too much to be spending every other week

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