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The NFL hasn’t announced anything officially yet about the 2012 NFL Draft order, but a number of places have done the math and figured out the order for them.

So we’re going to trust the fine folks at’s Stats and Information and use their updated order of the top 20 picks in this year’s draft.  Note that a coin flip will determine a few ties.

Expect to see the first few meaningless Mock Drafts with the updated order before I finish typing this post.

1. Indianapolis Colts

2. St. Louis Rams

3. Minnesota Vikings

4. Cleveland Browns

5. Tampa Bay Buccanneers

6. Washington Redskins

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

8/9. Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers

10. Buffalo Bills

11/12. Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks

13. Arizona Cardinals

14. Dallas Cowboys

15. Philadelphia Eagles

16. New York Jets

17. Oakland Raiders (Traded to Cincinnati)

18. San Diego Chargers

19. Chicago Bears

20. Tennessee Titans

Picks 21-32 are determined largely on playoff results.

58 responses to “Your 2012 draft order

  1. We’re no. 1. We’re no. 1. HAH. My beloved Colts are at the top, right where they deserve to be, given the bungling of the QB situation. GO HORSE.

  2. Jets draft a real QB
    how???? my early mock is 1) Colts get Luck….2) Rams get Matt Kalil….3) Vikings get Morris Claiborne……4) Browns get Justin Blackmon…..5) Bucs get Trent Richardson and 6) Redskins get RG3, now i wont be shocked if the Browns get RG3, but if Blackmon is there, i think he should be the pick because McCoy can play and i think (if they get RG3 and McCoy is cut) that he’s signed quickly.

  3. What’s more meaningless, mock drafts the day after the regular season ends, or presidential campaigns 11 months before the actual election?

    Here’s what they have in common: the media loves to fixate on them. Because they give them something to write about. No matter how irrelevant they are in reality.

  4. Unless the Blackmon goes #1, the Rams without any doubt will grab him. The 1 and 2 picks this year are the easiest in a long time.

  5. I wish my team would’ve traded a 1st and 2nd round pick so they could guaranty themselves a playoff spot. Just like the raiders…

    Hue Jackson is a moron!

  6. The better the Lions get the harder it gets to draft a top 5 wide receiver every year. How are we going to get to Justin Blackmon if we’re in the playoffs?

  7. pdxbolt says:
    Jan 2, 2012 10:14 AM
    @ooginator…….please tell me you’re joking.


    Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

  8. Redskins.. here’s your chance at a real qb in Flynn. Give the Packers your 1st, Packers would give you their #32 pick and Flynn. Then the Packers can slide Woodson into Safety and bring in the Honey Badger!

  9. canjura says:
    Jan 2, 2012 9:40 AM
    And with the second overall draft pick, the St. Louis Rams take Matt Kalil, Left Tackle USC.
    So the Rams are going to take an OT in the first 2 rounds of the last 3 out of 4 drafts? That’s ineptitude on a GRAND scale.

    – OT Jason Smith, 1st round (2nd overall) in 2009
    – OT Rodger Saffold at the top of the 2nd round in the 2010 draft.

    I say the Rams defy expectations and take a WR.

  10. Holmgren, pay the king’s ransom for Luck.

    Trade the 4th overall pick, next year’s 1st round, next year’s 3rd round, and the second of this year’s two 4th rounds, plus, if need be, Colt McCoy (Indy could use him behind Manning).

    Take Luck at 1, a WR in the 20s from Atlanta, an OT in the 2nd round, a DE/OLB in the 3rd. Go get a vet WR and a CB to compliment Haden in the FA market. Resign Hillis.

    Get that done and we make a playoff run in 2014.

  11. The Vikings may be able to leverage their #3 pick with Cleveland, Miami, or Washington so any of those can move up and take RG3. The Vikings need a lot of help and would benefit from multiple picks.

  12. Do people still believe the Colts were tanking? Orlovsky leading a game winning td drive with no time outs against Houston, Antoine Bethea stonewalling MJD on the goal line on 4th and inches, Caldwell going for it on 4th and inches on the 27 yard line….etc.. Listen, Mark Schlereth has said for years that the Colts are a 3-13 team without Peyton Manning, he was just a little off. The Colts rested ZERO starters yesterday. What evidence do you have that the Colts tanked? I see a lot of jealousy at the Colts good fortune to draft Andrew Luck.

  13. The Colts are setup quite well to get Luck. They CAN win with Orlovsky, and if Manning is back, who better to teach the QB position and learn from? There’s no reason to reach at any other position. Take Luck, have him do an Aaron Rodgers will talent is acquired on defense and a solid running game, then start him in 2014.

    Then again, the guy could probably start Game 1 and be just as well.

    I love draft time.

  14. @jim5283

    You don’t think?

    TWO 1st rounds (including the #4 overall), a 3rd, a 4th, and Colt McCoy. Luck’s a great prospect but he’s still unproven. I think that trade is fair, supposing Manning is healthy, maybe minor tweaks.

  15. SKINS will get a FA QB (Flynn) WR (DeSean Jax) and use the 6 pick on the Best OT in the draft…RG 3 and Luck are going to be too sought after and we have not enough amo…

  16. waltdawg says:
    Jan 2, 2012 12:13 PM
    SKINS will get a FA QB (Flynn) WR (DeSean Jax) and use the 6 pick on the Best OT in the draft…RG 3 and Luck are going to be too sought after and we have not enough amo…
    Going to have to pony up for Flynn. Packers will franchise him. They are not going to franchise Finley. Not with the headache he will create by trying to get the WR tag. Sakpo for Flynn. Or switch places in the first round to get him.

  17. Flynn has one great game and everyone wants him. I remember scott mitchell had a decent year with miami backing up marino, so the lions overpaid him. He was a bust. Matt cassel was in the same situation now look at him. Maybe green bay is that good that you can plug any QB in and he can do the same thing.

  18. Pea brain mccaskey is probably all geeked up about that stupid meaningless, more harm than good win yesterday. Idiot! Now the Bears drop another 9 spots, and that penny pinching loser won’t have to pay for a top 10 pick! I swear this team is beyond stupid! Play and evaluate your bench in this crap game!

  19. @thegreatness34: I think McCaskey has shown an ability to shortchange the fans regardless of where they draft – if they had to pay for a top 10 pick, he would have just cut a high quality player to save money. — As a Lions fan who lived through the Millen era, I feel your pain. Please remember that ultimately, this to shall pass.

    Anyway – although the big hype is all around Luck and Griffin, the real story will be will be the number of defensive players drafted top 10, and in the first round.

  20. @7ransponder: Have you seen Jason Smith play? The guy is HORRIBLE at LT. Rams need to draft someone to protect Bradford’s blindside or else what’s the point of having a franchise QB? Saffold was solid as a rookie, not very good last year. Might as well just throw the 2012 season already if you draft a WR. I’d rather re-sign Brandon Lloyd to a 3 year deal, guy is unguardable when he tries (like he’s done since coming to St. Louis).

  21. @ mikemcdorman

    Most think it will take more than that, even to drop down just three spots.

    I see Flynn is typically being over valued by Packer fans. It’s understandable, but not based in reality. He may cash in, and the Packers may get something for him, but you’re dreaming if you think it’s going to be a big deal.

    @ canjura

    Drafting Kalil then allows them to move Saffold to RT and Smith to G, thus strengthening three spots. I agree it’s the way to go.

  22. Wouldn’t mine Vikings trade with Miami and get there #1 next year as well. Second round as well this year or next Value chart is about there…Miami would over pay a bit but then they could have their qb keep cleveland still looking….unless Cleveland yaks up a bit more #…hahaha love the speculation

  23. @indywilson40 the Colts’ game-winning drive was aided by 3 new sets of downs in the redzone by bogus calls it wasn’t the Colts that won the game it was the refs

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