Carl Peterson met with Gruden about Dolphins job


Jon Gruden says he’s not returning to coaching in 2012. He certainly had an opportunity.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins dispatched Carl Peterson to gauge Gruden’s interest in the job recently.

Gruden reportedly made it clear he wasn’t interested, and the Dolphins moved on.  They interviewed Jeff Fisher on Tuesday, with Peterson having a major role.

Peterson’s involvement with Gruden and Fisher shows that he has a big job with the team already. He’s essentially doing the job general manager Jeff Ireland is supposed to do.

Peterson doesn’t even have an official role with the Dolphins yet, but that should be changing. Salguero reports that Peterson will be named team president in the “coming days or weeks.”

Long live the King.

47 responses to “Carl Peterson met with Gruden about Dolphins job

  1. First of all why is every picture of King Carl from 1988? Also for Dolphins fans he’s not all bad. He stopped by our tailgate tent at Arrowhead once and shook hands with my kids..,,

  2. Carl Peterson did a good job with the Eagles when he was there with Dick Vermiel .I hope he brings in a great coach because if your going to hire an assistant coach you should have just kept Sparano because he turned the team around.

  3. No way fisher takes a job there…not w/Ireland as GM…or for that matter Ireland -Peterson combo.

    God, why doesn’t Ross bring cam Cameron back?

  4. Gruden should be interested in the Miami job….

    Don’t they already have a bunch of McCowns on the depth chart?

  5. I guess its Irelands turn to get the treatment from Ross……Sparano got it last yr with the trip to Cali…..

  6. With this screwy owner and now Peterson undermining the GM – following a year where the owner flew to the west coast and offered the head coaching job to a guy when he still had a head coach – why in the world would any quality coaching candidate (Jon Gruden does not fit here) want to go there?

    Jets, Cowboys – these dysfunctional organizations where the owner thinks his private plane gets him something.

  7. Ireland & Peterson? Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse Miami, Ross screws the franchise even more. Please sell the team Ross!

  8. Please take him and get him OFF MNF. He’s the worst commentator on TV. His Fired Football Coaches schtick is ridiculous. He wasn’t that bad at Tampa so with Raheem that prove something.

  9. Get ready for more mediocrity fins fans. Peterson ran our chiefs into the ground. He rode Marty schottenheimer’ s coattails for his reign. He is the genius that traded Jared Allen & signed Larry Johnson to a big money deal instead. He was a buffoon for the chiefs. Good luck with that

  10. Man, i hope he takes any job, so je gets out of the booth. Does this guy really think every play, player and team sre the best ever or is it kust me?

  11. I really wish Ross didn’t come off as shady as he does. The crap with Sparano/Harbaugh was a huge embarrassment. Pretending Peterson is not affiliated officially with the team and then allowing him to play an active role concerning the HC hiring will force any reputable potential coach to pass.

  12. rushbacker says:
    Jan 3, 2012 8:18 PM
    My condolences, Fins fans. Get ready for a series of “five year plans.”


    Get ready for a ring if you got the right QB and head coach. Everything is there. a top notch pass rusher in Cameron Wake, Reggie Bush turned it around, you got a no. 1 receiver (Brandon Marshall), even Carl Petersen can’t mess this up.

    Rob Chudzinski welcome back to Miami, brother.

  13. ProDolphinsTalk says:
    Jan 3, 2012 8:39 PM
    We might as well go after Ditka next! Da’ FINS!!

    Hey, Ditka may be the one guy to have the balls to trade an entire draft for Luck.

  14. The Chiefs went 13-3 three times with Carl Peterson and Marty Schottenheimer. The reason they never made it to the Super Bowl is because Marty is a great regular season coach who chokes in the playoffs.

  15. The story goes that when Parcells heard of Peterson trying to get in the building, he told Ross that either Peterson stay out, or Parcells was exercising his option to leave at full pay.

    Bill saw the writing on the wall and left a year later.

    I’d feel sorry for the Miami fans, but if there is a worst sports town in America, soeone will have to point it out.

  16. When will we ever learn! First the Tuna, who was outdated and living on past accomplishments. Now, King Carl. Another has been. He is a has been, who has the ear of a clueless owner. Fisher probably started laughing when he saw the idiots together. I have no faith in Ross. Everybody is laughing at us, won’t touch us, and no plan for a franchise QB

  17. I’d feel sorry for the Miami fans, but if there is a worst sports town in America, soeone will have to point it out.

  18. Ask any chiefs fan what they feel about King Carl. Good luck dolphins fans. Prepare to see a lot of tickets sold and no championships.

  19. To me it sounds like Cower and Gruden have both turned down the fish…I can’t believe this they have such a storied history …basically the 70’s!! They have South Beach, and don’t forget all those orange seats!

  20. .

    Wasn’t Peterson the guy who left t he Chiefs with the worst roster in the AFC, and wasn’t he interviewing the guy (gruden) who left Tampa with the worst roster in the NFC.

    Belichick will never see it coming.


  21. Ross shouldn’t be looking at big name coaches. If he wants offense, take someone from the packers coaching staff like we did. You won’t win a superbowl but you will make it to four straight afc championships.

  22. I guess Mr. Ross should hire all of theses guys who have all the answers, we would really be in great shape, Super Bowl just around the corner. Bill

  23. The fact is that Ireland has done a decent job with free agent signings and trades, but has been less successful with drafting impact players after the first round. Does he really deserve ANY respect after asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute?

  24. Was there any doubt that Peterson was the new CEO?
    I am hoping he has learned from his mistakes and becomes another Joe Thomas.

  25. The Dolphins have 23 positions that could easily have new players filling them next year. This does not count players better suited for other positions or players needing to be resigned. The draft will either be determined by a trade up for a top college prospect or a trade down if we go for a free agent QB. Either way, Jeff Ireland earns his spurs in 2012.

    Peterson must hire a new coach that can not only win but sell tickets. Assisting the new coach to assemble staff and reorganize NFL scouting will take up most of Peterson’s time. Making up the loss of revenue from the Marlins will take up Carl’s spare time.

    I wish him well and I am looking forward to another Dolphin dynasty!

  26. Jon, is doing the right thing, his knowledge of the game, the way he explains the game to new sports fans, is important to the game of football. He will draw 1000,s more as fans to our great American Game of Football. If he remains in the broadcast booth be will one day enter the hall of fame in Canton, Ohio.

  27. All these teams that interview Fisher may be in for a nasty surprise. The “top” coaching prospects are interviewing the team as much as the team is interviewing them. In order to lure a coach like Fisher, Cowher, Gruden, etc., they would have to tell him what their vision is. That will likely include a generic draft plan. Teams that are looking to trade up in the draft may be at a disadvantage if he goes to Indy or the Rams. Fisher may know (or at least have an idea of) what the team might be willing to trade for RG3 or Luck/Manning depending on which way they decide to go.

  28. Why would anybody even want Gruden? Isn’t it obvious Tampa still hasn’t recovered from the train wreck he left behind down there?

    (Nah, I can’t blame him for the Raiders. He was only a symptom of the dysfunction, not the cause.)

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