Carl Peterson involved in Dolphins interview with Jeff Fisher

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The Dolphins pulled out all the stops for their interview Tuesday with Jeff Fisher, taking him to and from the facility in a helicopter. Because helicopter rides are cool.

The most notable part of the interview was that former Chiefs football czar “King” Carl Peterson was in the room for the meeting, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The Dolphins and Peterson previously denied reports that Peterson was taking a Parcells-like role in the organization. But his presence in this meeting, along with his close friendship and business relationship with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, shows that Peterson is very much a factor inside the Dolphins building.

Jeff Ireland remains the Dolphins general manager, but we’d expect Peterson to be named something in the coming weeks.

Fisher is expected to interview with the Rams this week. That’s assuming the Dolphins don’t compel Fisher to take the Miami job in the meantime.

54 responses to “Carl Peterson involved in Dolphins interview with Jeff Fisher

  1. Dial….. Ring…. Ring…. Ring….
    Miami: Hey! Is this the Chiefs?
    Chiefs: Yes.
    Miami: Hey, quick question…
    Chiefs: No problem-shoot.
    Miami: How did the Peterson experiment work out with you guys. Click! Hello? Anyone there?

  2. The Harbaugh situation… reportedly offering Jon Gruden complete control with Ireland still as GM (just as he did to Sparano last year)… denying that Carl Peterson is involved with the Dolphins.

    You haven’t learned, Mr. Ross. The first thing a Jeff Fisher is going to look at is how you’ve treated your previous staff members.

    Work for this idiot? Never.

    – A Dolphins Fan

  3. Love the Jeff Daniels/Jeff Fisher pic. Still dont see the connection there. Fisher would be good for the Fins if he also retain Bowles as his DC.

  4. I have mixed feelings re Fisher being our next coach.

    If reports come out that he stays in south Fla toninght with more meetings tomorrow than a deal looks to be more likely.

  5. Why are the Dolphins playing this stupid game of not being starightforward with Petersons role with the team? Its not like anyone besides Steve Ross has a say in who he hires. Some people think it is the worst move ever and some will love it, just stop trying to gauge the fan base reaction with these dumb media leaks. It is not going to effect ticket sales, the place was so empty for Jason Taylors last game. Fire your ticket sales staff who can’t put butts in the seats for that.

  6. If this keeps up, retaining unqaulified Head Coaches or replacing good coaches with ones from the crap heeps, then the Jets will make it to the Super Bowl next year!

  7. I can’t imagine him being that interested considering he’d probably be dealing with 3 bosses instead of one or two.

    Ross is too flash in the pan while Peterson and Ireland couldn’t find their own rear if they used both hands.

  8. I just threw up in my mouth reading this. Ireland, Peterson & Ross have destroyed this franchise. I am not renewing my season tickets as long as this clown owns the team!

  9. Jesus…if there’s any bigger fraud in the NFL than Carl Peterson, I’d love to know who it is. What a great message the Dolphins are sending…screw working hard and doing a good job, just make sure your mouth fits snugly around the owner’s johnson and you’ll get a great job.

  10. In this meeting does Carl Peterson share what it takes to build a Super Bowl Champion and Jeff Fisher explains on how to win the Super Bowl based on their previous experiences in the NFL?

  11. I’m pretty sure he was also involved in the Harbaugh interviews last year as he flew out on Ross’ jet with Ireland last year and was part of the 3 man team that tried to convince Harbaugh to coach Miami. Thank GOD they failed to pull Jim away from the Niners.

  12. Yes and that means that it will be a disaster!!!!

    Carl Peterson, a man whose length of tenure in Kansas City was disproportionate to his level of mediocrity!!!! If Gunther Cunningham had to go after his tenure as Chiefs head coach Peterson should have followed!!!

    Stephen Ross will show you why hiring your friends (Carl Peterson) is always the wrong reason to make a successful business!!!!

  13. I wonder what Cowher is up to. Surely he is working some behind the scenes channels to see which team would be the best fit.

    If Cowher does not take a job soon then teams will just ignore him in the future and it will cause his price to come down. The longer he waits the more out of touch he is and the lesslikely that he’ll become the first $10 million per year coach

  14. Helicopter rides. Really? That’s some Mickey mouse crap. Did they bring him to the stadium club or the local strip bars too? Ugh.

  15. Peterson can’t be as bad as that meddling owner we have to put up with in Dallas. Danny Boy Snyder is the only person I can think of worse than Plastic SurJerry Jones.

  16. Maybe they should contact the Broncos and find out if Tim Tebow is available for- religious coordinator !!!

    They (Fins) need all the help they can get!

    My sympthathies to all Dolphines Fans!

  17. Carl Peterson’s first move as Chief’s GM was to hire Marty Schottenheimer, his second was to draft Derrick Thomas. He basically saved the franchise by doing that. However, thereafter the most notable thing he did was to sell out Arrowhead time and again, to which accomplishment he often pointed when justifying his overly long stay.
    This move by Mr. Ross, though, seems ill advised, as most of the foregoing comments seem to confirm.

  18. funny how the commenters are telling Ross how to be a successful businessman…

    he doesn’t have to inform the fans about negotiations he’s got going on… it may be simply that he’s bringing in a friend with deep NFL experience to help…. or there might actually be something to it…. either way, he’s the owner and I’m sure he’ll announce a lineup soon….

    One thing: if he gets a major coach, that guy will likely get a lot of control, so Miami will never turn into Jerry Jones land… which fans should be thankful for.

  19. Giant fire in Florham Park, N.J. Reports state that the New York Jets training facility is on fire. Further reports state that Head Coach Rex Ryan passed some “gas” which ignited when Tannsnebaum delcared that the entire ’11 team will return for the ‘012 campaign!!

  20. Carl Peterson has won exactly as many playoff games as you, I, or your grandmother have won in the past 18 years. But only one of us had absolute power over an NFL franchise for 15 of them.

  21. I would be shocked if Fisher ends up there. Yes, I see him taking a horrible team like the Rams over the once-relevant Dolphins, mostly because the Ross ownership/Ireland FO situation is a mess and something Fisher (as did Harbaugh) could smell miles away.

  22. Carl Peterson actually won 3 playoff games, which is more than my grandmother. I have 2 playoff wins, both coming through fantasy football so he has me by one.

    That said, the last coach this clown hired was Herm Edwards, you know, the guy the Jets were going to fire yet Carl stepped in and saved him from the embarassment, all while giving up a draft pick I believe?

    Anyway, he ruined my Chiefs and has no business ever working in the NFL again. I think someone, preferrably my Chiefs, should get Marty Schottenheimer to be a GM, and let Bill Cowher be the HC.

  23. On behalf of Rams fans, thank you for including Carl Peterson in the process. We no longer have to compete with MIA for Jeff Fisher. This may be a race between MIA and PSU for the most rejections by head coach candidates.

  24. I think Fisher is just making the rounds to drive his price up, which is smart.

    No way he signs there with that structure in place.

    By the way, great pic of King Carl, lol.

  25. @jbaxt

    Everything you say is true, that’s why I truncated his tenure to the post-Montana years. He did win a couple then. But saying that Joe Montana was the last man to QB the Chiefs to a playoff win, 18 year ago, says all you need to about King Carl.

  26. Even though the Chiefs never won a Super Bowl during King Carl’s time they had one of the highest winning percentages in the NFL while he was there. He also wasn’t afraid to wear his leather pants around the office.

  27. Before you all rant, remember he put in place much of the Chiefs’ core that’s still there:

    Derrick Johnson
    Tamba Hali
    Brandons Carr
    Brandon Flowers
    Dwayne Bowe
    Jamaal Charles
    Branden Albert

    all cornerstones, all drafted by King Carl. Not that I’d take him back or anything. He also chose LJ over jared allen, so there’s that.

  28. “Before you all rant, remember he put in place much of the Chiefs’ core that’s still there:

    Derrick Johnson
    Tamba Hali
    Brandons Carr
    Brandon Flowers
    Dwayne Bowe
    Jamaal Charles
    Branden Albert

    all cornerstones, all drafted by King Carl. Not that I’d take him back or anything. He also chose LJ over jared allen, so there’s that.”

    Yeah, when you are drafting in the top half of each round EVERY year you are going to stumble on talent accidentally. That list has also led to how many pro bowls and championships?

  29. jbaxt says: Jan 3, 2012 5:11 PM

    Anyway, he ruined my Chiefs and has no business ever working in the NFL again. I think someone, preferrably my Chiefs, should get Marty Schottenheimer to be a GM, and let Bill Cowher be the HC.


    I agree.

    Dammit, why won’t someone just LET Bill Cowher coach, already?

  30. Hiring King Carl would be a big mistake for Miami. The man doesn’t like the pay any player that isn’t one of his “boys”, that’s why LJ got paid and Jared Allen got traded. He’ll only hire coaches that are part of his little cliche and forget about drafting and grooming a Qb. I watched him operate in KC and was amazed he kept his job as long as he did. Guess him and A. J. Smith have damn good agents!

  31. All these teams that interview Fisher may be in for a nasty surprise. The “top” coaching prospects are interviewing the team as much as the team is interviewing them. In order to lure a coach like Fisher, Cowher, Gruden, etc., they would have to tell him what their vision is. That will likely include a generic draft plan. Teams that are looking to trade up in the draft may be at a disadvantage if he goes to Indy or the Rams. Fisher may know (or at least have an idea of) what the team might be willing to trade for RG3 or Luck/Manning depending on which way they decide to go.

    That said, Peterson was in charge of the best mediocre teams I have seen. I could never understand how the Chiefs were getting to the playoffs back then. They were just good enough to break the fans’ hearts. I don’t think I want that for the Dolphins…look how bad the Jets fans are hurting nowadays 🙂

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