Despite Ryan’s denial, Manning is on Jets’ radar

Our good friend Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News took a break from rehabbing a torn ACL on Tuesday to join PFT Live to discuss the current state of the New York Jets.

Among other things, Manish believes that the Jets have an interest in Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, if/when Manning becomes available in the offseason.

This conflicts with Rex Ryan’s recent denial of interest in Manning.  Then again, Ryan can’t say he’s interested in Manning, or Ryan will be facing tampering charges.

In 2008, the Jets aggressively pursued Brett Favre.  Though at the time the goal in part was to sell tickets and PSLs to a soon-to-be-opening stadium, Manning’s arrival would help wash away a thick and sudden sense of dysfunction so bad that it could make Dolphins fans say, “Wow, and we thought our team was screwed up.”

It also would make the team a lot better at the quarterback position, if Peyton is healthy.

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105 responses to “Despite Ryan’s denial, Manning is on Jets’ radar

  1. Was something to be expected.

    Peyton has a 4-5 year window to win if he’s healthy. Can’t see Luck willing to sit that long. So if Peyton is set loose, then he sure isn’t going to a rebuilding team. He’d want to go to an under performing team.

    The Jets and Cowboys head the list.

    Going to be a very interesting 4 months up until the draft.

  2. It will never happen. Peyton Manning wants to win and would not put up with the shennigans from Santonio, Ryan, and company.

  3. nobody ever believed ryan when he said manning wasnt on jets radar. no comparison to sanchez and manning

  4. The Jets would still need to get a helluva lot better on the offensive line right away. Which I don’t see happening, especially if they tie up new money in Manning. Ducasse isn’t turning into a starter overnight and Hunter has been proven to only be good enough for a backup role, given his performance this season. Sanchez could run for his life and possibly get a good play, but FrankenManning and his neck bolts would be in serious trouble half the time.

  5. Why are people even sugarcoating it?

    Sanchez is a bottom five NFL QB.

    I’d legitimately rather have Greg McElroy as my starter. Not joking.

  6. Just because one writer believes it, he is “on the Jets radar??? Thats pretty weak. that being said, I’m the biggest believer that Sanchez is the most overrated palyer in the NFL. So I would be interested as well if I were Rex Ryan.

  7. Manning can be considered nothing more that a big question mark at this point. Nobody knows about that neck. He may never play again.

  8. If jets get manning these problems (holmes,offensive coordinator, and the right side of the O-line) will magically go away over night. That is of course if manning comes back playing like he did to the years before his neck injury. if you have a chance to get one of the best QB’s in league history, you get him if you have a mediocre QB that isnt progressing.

  9. if payton is healthy and indi decides to let him go… there would be 20 other teams who would be interested in him…

    although i cant imagine indi cutting him if he is even remotely healthy… they might just trade that no. 1 pick and get ricky williams sort of value here…

    we are talking about payton manning here… he was hands down the best QB in the league till last year…

  10. You have to remember, with Rex it’s always opposites. If he says they aren’t interested in Manning they’ll probably get him,

    On the other hand, if he guarantees that they’ll get Manning, there’s no chance it’ll happen

  11. This would be a good move by the Jets. Manning makes the players around him better. Sanchez has had his chance.

  12. With Jim Irsay firing the Polian’s (the guy who made the decision to draft Manning over Leaf) yesterday it makes it a lot easier for the new GM to trade Peyton Manning. I really think Andrew Luck will be the starting QB for the Colts next year and Peyton Manning being the starting QB for another team.

    However, I’m not 100% sold on him going to the Jets.

  13. Assuming Manning has lots of say where he goes, do Jets really make sense? Who knows, but seems unlikely he’d want to end career with Cartoon Show of Rex, Santonio et. al. Doubt Cowboys either, Romo really isn’t close to their biggest problem, he barely missed Pro Bowl.

    Not sure Ravens ready to move on from Flacco, he’s not horrible, but he’s not that good either and they’re very good at everything else. Or how about Dolphins? Peyton could probably pick his coach now if he wants.

  14. Does Maning reallywant to follow Favre to the Jets?

    Would he have to sext pictures of his business?

  15. You can’t believe anything Ryan says. Didn’t he say his team would be in the Super Bowl too?

  16. And exactly how do you pay manning and the money owed to sanchise and still make the rest of the team better. You do know about the salary cap don’t you ??Manning has this little 28 million dollar signing option in feb. I think…..
    I know a guy who had the same operation with a cadaver fusion(suposed to be better than peytons surgery) and he has trouble doing minor labor, paytons career is over I believe………………..

  17. Potential for Brady vs Manning 2x a year makes this incredibly attractive….plus the Jets might actually have a threatening offense for once.

  18. Those that say Manning wouldn’t want to play with Holmes, etc. are missing the point.

    Peyton shows up…Holmes shuts up and plays (he’s a 80 catches, 1000 yd, 8-12 td guy with a good QB).

    He will make Greene (or a RB we pick up) better, as we have a legit passing game.

    The Defense will be able to REST during games and have confidence that their Offense can actually score.

    I don’t think many people realize the negative effect Sanchez had on the D this year. Once they got off the field, Sanchez put them right back on constantly. Plus, he doesn’t get respected.

    Manning would change the entire team for the better just as they are not. And if they’re able to get Manning AND add some pieces, look out NFL!

    Only if Manning is healthy of course.

  19. NakedCowboy! says:
    Jan 3, 2012 8:17 PM
    if payton is healthy and indi decides to let him go… there would be 20 other teams who would be interested in him…

    although i cant imagine indi cutting him if he is even remotely healthy… they might just trade that no. 1 pick and get ricky williams sort of value here…

    we are talking about payton manning here… he was hands down the best QB in the league till last year…



  20. The AFC East would be all wrapped up should Manning get to NY. No offense to Tom Brady, but with that defense behind him, Manning could get to the next 4 AFC Championships without breaking a sweat.

    Colts should deal him to the NFC, if at all. I wouldn’t. He’s the best head coach in the league.

  21. If Peyton goes anywhere, it likely is through being cut. Folks don’t seem to remember the contract realities that were discussed last time this popped up.

    If you’re going to be armchair GMs, at least do a minute’s worth of research.

  22. Yeah, I’m sure that with their QB problems the Jets would love to have Peyton. But why on earth would a class act like Peyton want to play for a blowhard like Rex, with a-holes like Santurdio and inept OC like Schottenheimer? No way, no how…

  23. I seriously doubt Manning would play for a team that does as much talking at the Jets.

    Manning gets mad when people report on him wearing a new hat, let alone how they are going to win the Super Bowl.

  24. Not trying to take too much away from Manning’s legacy…..

    But he’s got the injury history, is aging fast, and has spent his entire career in a dome.

    Not to mention usually being surrounded by better skill position players than the Jets sport.

    May as well bring back Favre.

  25. Jim Irsay isn’t gonna let Manning walk. Manning himself stated a few weeks ago he wouldn’t play for anyone but Indianapolis and I have a hard time believing that isn’t the truth. Manning is a Colt for life, he means as much to that franchise as Elway means to the Broncos. Besides, I don’t see a Rex Ryan/Peyton Manning relationship being very productive regardless of who else is on that team.

  26. nfceastisbeast says: Jan 3, 2012 8:03 PM

    I’m the biggest believer that Sanchez is the most overrated palyer in the NFL.


    How can you be overrated when everybody thinks you suck?

  27. Manning really should retire. Honestly.

    Who in their right mind would take on a 36 year old QB with 3 neck surgeries in less than two years and a $28M price tag when he will be quite literally a play-by-play ‘fit for duty’ decision all year long?

    Assuming he can even come back enough to play at all, he is one dirty play away from permanent disability with his neck in the shape it is in.

    Please, go out now, while you can still go out as one of the best instead of as a guy who hung around too long and became an embarrassment to himself, his family, his team and his fans.

    Right now,he could be in very high demand for several other football related roles – coaching, management, broadcasting, public face of a franchise… Or just keep doing endorsements like so many others have long after their active playing days are over.

    I strongly believe he is in real danger of paralysis or even death if he doesn’t get out now. How many times have we seen players grab a guy by the helmet and pull his helmet right off him as they use it to twist his neck until he is forced to the ground? A move like that might just break Manning’s neck.

    He doesn’t need the money and he’s got a great legacy now. Time to retire.

  28. Manning is 36 years old, he has missed an entire season because of a neck injury, he is 36 years old, he is one big hit away from a wheelchair, he looks like the classic example of some guy who knows the clock is ticking and is terrified that his best days are fading in the rear-view mirror, he is 36 years old, and he just can’t stomach the thought that it’s over – he KNOWS that he has some gas left in the tank and he can make that one last run. He HAS to think of his family but he refuses to and he is 36 years old.

    Any team that would touch him is nuts.

    Enter the jets and cowboys

  29. based on how far the Colts sank without him.

    wouldnt Manning make any team a superbowl contender if healthy?

    Dear Ziggy, please go “all in” again.

  30. lol, Brady & Belichek will have a fit to see Rex Ryan (his mouth & his “D”) and Peyton Manning twice a year.

  31. Does anyone really think the colts are stupid enough to let Payton go to another AFC team? Get real, people…if he leaves, he’s going to the NFC

  32. Assuming the rumor about the Jet’s interest in Manning is true- would Archie allow Peyton to go to the Jets if Indy cuts him loose?

  33. Why doesn’t anyone bring up the Redskins? They jave a boat load of money and a coach who knows how to win super bowls with a hall of fame QB. Shanahan knows offense and Manning would fit in nicely there.

  34. artiesliver-

    Because it’s not 1996. Redskins suck. Shannahan is a clown. And his supporting class isn’t good. (do not tell me how good wash wrs and rbs are)

  35. Peyton would not want to play for a rinky dink organization like the Jets!!! He knows the ownership sucks, the gm sucks and the coach sucks!!!

  36. this ‘rumour’ is full of bs for a number of reasons.

    full disclosure – i’m a giants diehard and hate the jets but objectively speaking, , here are the caveats…

    – do we know for sure peyton can actually play?
    – depending if peyton is released or bought out, he can pick his next team. why would he…
    a. want to have face brady twice a year?
    b. face the potential of being on a cap-strung team that spent every potential resource in terms of picks and cap space to get him and now has none to address any holes they have?
    c. want to go to the second football team in new york where his brother is currently king and where football is second fiddle to baseball? in other words, how does he feel not being the king of the hill?
    and last but not least…go to the jets where there is already drama when he can just as easily go to the niners who have a team ready to go, with an offensive mastermind and a ridiculous defense and most of all, cap space to spare?

    the jets may very well want him but i don’t see the match here.

  37. cags777 says:
    Jan 3, 2012 7:46 PM
    It will never happen. Peyton Manning wants to win and would not put up with the shennigans from Santonio, Ryan, and company.


    I agree with that 1,000 %

  38. This would mean that Mark Sanchez the Mexican Chad Pennington … and Manning the second coming of Favre.

  39. Am I the only one amazed at how many Orthopedic Surgeons who have intimate knowledge of Peyton’s procedure, his recovery, and what the future holds on this one website?

    Some serious Hipaa violations in this thread by all you Doctors.

    Like the guy who says his buddy had a cadaver fusion which is a better procedure than the one Peyton had… PEYTON HAD A CADAVER FUSION lol

  40. If Peyton is released from Indy I truly believe the Miami Dolphins would jump right in the mix. This organization has desperately tried to find a QB ever since Dan Marino retired. After passing on both Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers I don’t think they can afford to pass on possibly the best QB to play the game.

  41. Folks, Peyton won’t be traded. If the Colts want to draft Luck and Manning doesn’t want that situation, Irsay will cut him out of respect (before any additional salary hits). Peyton will go wherever he so chooses at that point. That’s the possibility that folks are talking about, not some trade.

  42. Miami,Buffalo heck even the Patriots have a better
    chance of having Manning play for them rather
    then the Jets. LOL

  43. Oh yeah…and that $28m? No one will be locked into that if he’s waived. Sure, Peyton will want to make a truckload of money (several, actually) but that number is useless for the purposes of this discussion. Sanchez can get cut and still save some money off the cap at this point. Most of the rest of the “help” will have to be draft picks and a possible veteran willing to play on the cheap for a Jets team reloaded with Manning.

  44. Jets would be the easiest move for Manning. After they fire Schottenheimer just move Tom Moore from consultant to OC, or something along those lines.

  45. If Manning is healthy, the Cowboys should be interested. Romo has 2-4 years left. I would sayamming has about the same. If r’s healthy, sign Manning, trade Romo. It’s a risk, but, Cowboys are not winking anything with Romo.

  46. Anyone who thinks Manning will get traded has lost their mind! If he his able to play, he will be a Colt until he retires.

  47. Are we going to start tracking the flight path of every private jet from Indianapolis or New Orleans to Teterboro, NJ now? I suspect I am not alone in not needing to hear months worth of Favre-esque speculation on Manning.

  48. oh and i forgot to mention in my previous post…

    – are the jets willing to restructure all those contracts, potentially give up picks, give manning his money for maybe two more years of potential productivity?

    if he bombs or gets hurt, the jets are screwed for a good long time.

  49. @iamdanabnormal: in the same breath, you acknowledge he’d be leaving the Colts through being cut and then in the other you talk about a team having to give up picks AND cap space to get him. Ummm, no. Cap space, yes. Picks? No. It’s why would make sure he didn’t put himself in a position to be traded, no matter how grateful he is to the Colts organization.

  50. manning will not play in AFC east – where he has to face brady 2 or 3 times a year, and definitely not behind the Jets o-line with that o-so-fragile neck

  51. First, I doubt he will ever play again. Smart guy, no bling, no baby mamas, just a wife. His NFL money will last his whole life and his kids will never have to work. Why risk being a cripple? Second, no chance in hell he plays for Rex. He wouldn’t put up with Rex’s mouth and Rex can’t control himself. Third, Manning demands his WRs work with him in the off season, every off season. Mr. Wake-n-bake Holmes and Plax “I’ll work out myself in Miami” Burress wouldn’t last ten minutes with Peyton. He won’t put up with their crap. Finally, the Mannings stick together. Peyton isn’t going to crowd Eli out of the NYC spotlight. This ain’t happening. Wishful thinking by Jets fans.

  52. Easy to see why they’d want Manning. Much harder to see why he’d want them. Ryan is a total joke and until he’s gone, there is no hope for the Jets winning it all. Manning must realize that.

  53. There are people here that actually think Indy would just CUT the most important player in the history of their Franchise and not receive anything in return.

    Do you at ALL understand what the season ticket holder base would think of that move?

    Lucas Oil was built based on Manning – it would become VERY empty, VERY quickly if he were just allowed to walk away scott free then end up playing for another team.

  54. 2 things:

    1) Manning would be on at least 25 teams radars.

    2) If Manning wanted to go to a contender it wouldn’t be the Jets. They’re too dysfunctional. Cowboys, 49ers, Ravens, Titans, Seahawks, Eagles, and even the Broncos have more pieces ready besides the quarterback position.

  55. make the team a lot better at the quarterback position, if Peyton is healthy.
    Im sure they’d be better off over snachez even if PM was using a cane and throwing left handed actually.

  56. Hear it first here!
    Coach moore was brought in for a reason.
    His role only got bigger as the season went on.
    Shotty’s interviewing for head coaching positions already so dont be suprised if moore is the oc and Manning is throwing to Reggie Wayne (who also wont be back to the colts) ,Santonio Holmes, and Dustin Keller.
    Plax is a goner too!

    Dont say you dont see it coming !!!!!!!

  57. This only works if Brian Schottenheimer gets fired and Tom Moore gets the gig at offensive coordinator–who was the colts offensive coordinator from the 1998 season to the end of the 2010 season. This would automatically make the Jets a super bowl favorite–Rex Ryan can focus on the defense and not even have to worry about the offense. Another thing to consider is Reggie Wayne. If Manning does indeed go to the Jets, that may lead Wayne to the Jets as well. And the Jets do have a decent running-back with Shonn Greene. Very interesting offseason!

  58. LOL !!!! All you J-E-T-S fans are way too funny. Thinking that Peyton Manning would ever set foot in the NYJ locker room with your dysfunctional coach and sorry ass team. As loud and clear as Steven Tyler sings it — DREAM ON !!!!
    But that it besides the point, because Manning is DONE !!! I think he will not play again as he will not risk being injured further which could result in permanent life style altering physical damage. So entertain us some more and keep blabbing along with chubby to keep us all LOL. BTW-Rex Ryan is the perfect NYJ Head Coach because he fits in so well with all of the rest of the talk-talk-talk, say nothing meaningful, NY faithful. Blah Blah Blah.

  59. Archie wouldn’t let it happen. He would grab peytons hand and tell him “c’mon son stop staring at the fat guy with wing sauce spraying out his mouth yelling something crazy that he s gonna win a Superbowl blah blah blah..” let s take you somewhere else where you will be appreciated. I hate to say it as a raider what if elway acquries about him?

  60. gregjennings85 says:
    Jan 3, 2012 9:04 PM
    The AFC East would be all wrapped up should Manning get to NY. No offense to Tom Brady, but with that defense behind him, Manning could get to the next 4 AFC Championships without breaking a sweat.
    Hate to break it to you but the NYJ defense was actually worse than the Pats in points allowed.
    Miami has the best defense in the AFCE…by far. And one of the best in the NFL.

    PM will never EVER go to NY if he gets cut (as others pointed out a trade is impossible as things stand now). He loves being the big fish in the small pond IMO.

  61. dont think peyton would accept a trade to the jets and the colts arent gonna waive him..they will trade him but prob to the nfc!!! if he went to an afc team i could see broncos going after him..peyton is total opposite of what they have going on there in the jets org..he wouldnt wanna be a part of a circus and his father as consultant prob would veto it as well(just like he did with eli going to san diego)

  62. plus colts wont start luck right away and the peyton will prob retire..he doesnt wanna follow in unitas’s footsteps at the end of his career!!!

  63. cags777 says:
    Jan 3, 2012 7:46 PM
    It will never happen. Peyton Manning wants to win and would not put up with the shennigans from Santonio, Ryan, and company.


    Both Manning brothers in New York? Lets see, a media frenzy and continued exposure and commercial endorsements fueled by N.Y. that or spend millions with the control freak and the other wacky owner Snyder in Washington ?

    uh… when’s my flight to N.Y.?

  64. NakedCowboy! says: we are talking about payton manning here… he was hands down the best QB in the league till last year…

    The best QB’s are still balling.

  65. I bet there are plenty of QBs on the Jets radar. Rex needs a new reason to trash talk in the media. I would guess even the press is having a hard time holding back the snickers when he starts prattling on about what he sees in his crystal ball for the Jets future.

  66. The overwhelming sense of dysfunction is predictable. With guys like Rex it is never pretty when things start to go down hill. When it reaches a certain point the front office will cut ties with this guy, and so will the players, and it will be U-G-L-Y! That is just the nature of being a brash coach like Ryan. He is exactly the opposite of what Belichick is, with Rex’s very high highs and very low lows. Try being a little more even keeled and you can get some consistency out of your teams.

  67. @ damnws6:

    “Those that say Manning wouldn’t want to play with Holmes, etc. are missing the point.

    Peyton shows up…Holmes shuts up and plays (he’s a 80 catches, 1000 yd, 8-12 td guy with a good QB). ”


    Um, except last week when Holmes WOULDNT SHUT UP in the huddle and then REFUSED TO PLAY.

    Try to know what you’re talking about before you post.

  68. Non Factor, The Jets are becoming the Washington Redskins of the AFC.

    They will continue to try and buy a championship team with the same results.


  69. so glad the SAINTS have turned it around and are not dysfunctional like the Jets. I would take Sean Payton and Drew Brees over Rex Ryan or Peyton Manning anyday. Its all about the attitude! Peyton has a terrible attitude and so does Rex. I played against manning in high school and he was always a whiner, even when beating us by 40 pts!

  70. (Lions fan here… but…)

    Peyton Manning + San Francisco

    Anyone else think this wouldn’t be the perfect fit? As a fan of the Lions in the NFC, I’d rather see the Luck pick get traded to SF (which would be in line with what Harbaugh wanted all along) and Manning would stay in Indy and show how big of an impact he really is.

  71. Its all about Home Grown Talent… Just ask Green Bay… Thats why THe Jets will never win a thing!!!

  72. if healthy, Manning to the Jets would be good for the Jets and not for some of the personnel. 1-Sanchez (starter for 1st 3 years) will not want to take a back seat and will probably get traded. 2-Schottenheimer will be gone, especially since Tom Moore the “Consultant”, will now be the OC. 3-Santonio will need to get himself together or he will be gone. Bringing Manning in you will get 3 things. 1-QB; 2-OC; 3-GM (Manning will have a say on who he wants on offense

  73. Manning will be a Colt for life. If he’s not the QB, he’ll be the OC for a season, then the HC, and finally the president/GM. Or they could just skip the on-field tenure and put him immediately in the front office…

    And then he drafts Luck.

  74. khuxford says:
    Jan 3, 2012 9:10 PM
    If Peyton goes anywhere, it likely is through being cut. Folks don’t seem to remember the contract realities that were discussed last time this popped up.

    If you’re going to be armchair GMs, at least do a minute’s worth of research.

    If Peyton is cut, the $20 million bonus that he got last season gets accelerated, moron. So the Colts take a huge cap hit no matter what how Peyton leaves. It’s actually healthier for cap purposes to have both Manning and Luck on the same team next year. What the Colts have to decide is whether or not they want to sacrifice another season for their long-term future or to gamble that Manning can still play while Luck waits like Rodgers did in Green Bay. The latter worked out pretty good for the Packers, so keeping both seems like a no-brainer at this point. Also, if Manning can’t play, it’s likely that there is insurance that will cover his contract from the Colts’ perspective.

  75. Here we go already. The Jets are the champs of the offseason and back page headlines. I know Jet fans are mostly mentally challenged, but if you actually think Peyton would come to the New York market where his brother is already entrenched as THE QB here and steal his spotlight then you people are dumber than I thought. Not to mention, the Colts would never let him go to the AFC. How do you go through life so dumb?

  76. Why would the Colts waste a draft pick on a QB when they have the greatest QB to ever play the game. Very accurate pocket passer and is second to none when it comes to reading a defense and setting them up.
    He has some good years ahead of him and after that the guy would make a great coach.

  77. A lot of you are missing the point here.

    Irsay has said that he’ll take Peyton’s wants into account. So, if they decide they need to draft Luck for the future and Peyton doesn’t want to be around for that, Manning will be given the chance to play elsewhere and pick his destination.

    Big fish in a small pond? The commercial guy? The SNL host guy? The guy who has his brother playing in NY already and would insure a Manning owns NY for the next 2-3 years?

    None of us can know what Peyton would think of playing for Rex. Might he prefer a softer spoken coach? Possible. Would he definitely prefer a coach that would have gone for the undefeated season, unlike Caldwell? Definitely. But we don’t know how much of a premium he puts on any one facet of the coach he’d want to play for.

    As has already been said: his endorsement contracts improve the second his press conference in NY concludes. If I was deciding to take the risk of playing again after 3 neck surgeries, I’d go where I had the most chance of combining winning AND improving my bank account…and that’s NY.

  78. We are heading into Wild Card weekend and you tools are banging away on your keyboards with scenarios of what Peyton Manning will be doing in in 6 months. Is it because of boredom, or needing drama in your lives?

    Here’s my two cents: WHO CARES!! A beat reporter says The Jets will do what, no doubt, 20+ other teams will do if Peyton won’t be playing in Indy next season: they will make a call and express their interest. Ooh, wow!!! You all take a thread and weave it into a sweater.

    Can we focus on the teams that are still in the hunt for the Big Game?

  79. anyone that thinks the jets will sign peyton manning is an idiot. Because peyton manning is, well, peyton manning he would cost a bunch of money that the new york jets need to invest else where. On top of that mark sanchez is still guaranteed millions of dollars next year whether they decide to trade him or have him sit on the bench. They are not gonna pay that much money for a back-up and they are also not gonna let that much money just walk out the door with their franchise quaterback. As much as all of you sanchez haters would like to think he’ll be gone before next year chances are that sanchez is going to live out his five year contract as the new york jets starting quaterback. Plus, they’re not gonna give up on sanchez who was good enough to get them to two afc championship games. He may not have been the main reason, but when it counted most they could depend on sanchez. This year the entire team has been a let down, not just sanchez. And statistically he has improved this year just like he has every other year. It may not be by leaps and bounds but he has improved. Look at Drew Brees’ stats in his third year they weren’t much different and mark has performed better then Eli did his third year and both of those quarterbacks are considered elite now. While Aaron rodgers was on the bench still his third year. Being ‘elite’ takes time and i think the main problem is that people expected him to be there in his third year

  80. While many teams would be interested in Manning if he’s available and healthy. Only a handful would be in position to negotiate a contract with him. The Redskins and Cowboys would seem like strong possibilities,but I don’t think Peyton would want to contend with Eli for the division. If the Colts do not retain Manning, he would most likely be dropped before he is due a $28 million roster bonus in March, not traded. Therefore the Colts would have no control of where he plays as he would be a freeagent. I see the Dolphins & 49ers as the most likely destinations, with the Jets a distant third. However if Flacco falters in the playoffs, look for the Ravens to also contend for Manning’s services.

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