First NFL awards show coming the night before Super Bowl XLVI


When the league decided last year to make the unofficial Associated Press postseason awards quasi-official by announcing each of them on NFL Network during the week before the Super Bowl, we reported that a full-blown awards should could be coming, and we predicted that said show would indeed happen.

A year later, it is.

The league has announced that Alec Baldwin will host the inaugural NFL Honors on the evening before the Super Bowl, from the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis.  The event will be televised by NBC on February 4, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Produced by NFL Network, the show will announce the winners of the seven AP awards (MVP, offensive player of the year, defensive player of the year, comeback player of the year, coach of the year, offensive rookie of the year, and defensive rookie of the year), along with the Pepsi rookie of the year,’s fantasy player of the year, the Madden most valuable protectors award, the Don Shula NFL high school coach of the year, the Walter Payton NFL man of the year, the “fantastic finish of the year,” the play of the year, and a salute to service award.

The non-AP awards typically were distributed via a series of press conferences throughout the week of the Super Bowl.  The Walter Payton NFL man of the year had been announced on the field before the start of the Super Bowl.

Now, all of the awards will be consolidated and unveiled in one two-hour block.

But the delaying of the announcement of the awards until February 4 highlights the problem with voting on the awards on January 2 based on the regular season and handing them out on the eve of the climax to the postseason.  Last year, when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was named league MVP nearly three weeks after a one-and-out postseason performance, some fans scratched their heads.  This year, if the Packers should lose in the division round and Brady’s Pats and the Saints and Drew Brees are preparing to play in the Super Bowl, it will seem strange, to say the least, for Rodgers to be hoisting the MVP hardware the night before the game.

Assuming Rodgers would even show up for the event, what would his acceptance speech be?  “Thanks for the honor.  I’d trade 20 of these to be at the team hotel tonight.”

And so if the awards are going to be distributed the night before the last game of the season, the awards need to take into account everything that happened up to that point.  Otherwise, the casual fans that the league hopes to attract by televising the game on broadcast TV will be confused, to say the least.

32 responses to “First NFL awards show coming the night before Super Bowl XLVI

  1. If they were smart, they would hold it a couple of weeks AFTER the superbowl, not the night before. It’s bad enough that superbowl players don’t play in the pro bowl, now they won’t be able to show up for the award show either.

  2. Wait, I thought MVP was for the QB who performed well throughtout the season. So what if his team didn’t fare well in the play-offs. The official season was where he and his team did well. Everyone knows the play-off is a one and done senerio. You either win or go home.

    You folks really need to stop always feeling the need to second guess everything. Could you imagine if every award was handed out on terms of second guessing?

  3. The NFL really needs to come up with their own awards and voters for the hall of fame… Writers are too emotional and want to vote for the best story or the guy who gives the best interview… that is not what these awards are about…

  4. Wonder how many Peyton Manning will win?

    After all his teams decision to “suck for luck” somehow shows he’s better than Tom Brady, right?

  5. If everyone thinks that Pro Bowl voting and the Pro Bowl game are lame and moot, what will people think of these awards?

    Goodell is truly oversaturating America with the NFL. Games on Thur, Sat, Sun & Mon…Now a lame cash grab award show??

    Instead of weak awards how about interesting awards like, BEST HIT, BEST BLOW OUT, WORST OWNER etc etc.

    Didn’t he make enough money by creating a TV time out with all of the Touchbacks?

    For those who didn’t know, moving the kickoff to the 35 was not for “player safety” but a cash-grab tactic to generate more revenue via commericals during every single touchback.

  6. Oh is Aldon Smith and J Harbaugh gonna accept there awards from the super bowl?

  7. Rex Ryan won’t have anything to do that night so he should be able to host instead of Alec Baldwin. Perhaps Rex could even convince Buddy to make a special appearance to present the Coach of the Year award.

  8. @beastofeden
    Ummmm……they go to commercial wether it’s a touchback or a kick return touchdown.

  9. So, if any players of the two teams that are in the SB win any awards are they required to attend? Even though they have a very important game to play the next day. That doesn’t seem fair.

  10. Memo to Roger: Make sure that Alec is in Indianapolis at least two days before the show, especially with his history with issues with pilots.

  11. C’mon, folks…it coulda been BILLY Baldwin!

    If Tebow wins anything they have to replace
    Alec with STEPHEN Baldwin

  12. Not even I want to watch that and thats saying A LOT!!! I say we boycott it so its a 1 n done thing. Its bad enough the NFLNetwork still employs the AWFUL Marshall Faulk who doesn’t even know what players play on what team. This is taking the NFL specials into a level of complete boredom. I read who got what award one time normally laughing because they went to the most popular guy instead of the most deserving n thats it. I move on. I’d rather read the mock drafts for the 20th time than read that twice let alone watch a 2 hr special on it n have to throw up everytime i hear Faulk open his mouth n spout out gibberish a 10yr old fan would laugh at. I’m as die hard n NFL fan you’ll ever meet but “C’mon man!”

  13. yevrag3535 says:
    Jan 3, 2012 11:10 PM
    Alec Baldwin, I’ll skip it.
    This. I loathe him.

    And yeah the timing of the show stinks as well. D’OH.

  14. I agree. The awards show and the Pro Bowl should be AFTER the Super Bowl. What kind of All Star Game excludes the two best teams?

  15. Why don’t they just have drew brees host it. We all know he ain’t winning anything and rodgers will be too busy resting up for the super bowl.

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