Hue Jackson wants to be involved in G.M. search


With a day to cool off, Raiders coach Hue Jackson was a lot more calm Monday than he was following Oakland’s season-ending loss.

His message, however, didn’t really change. Changes seem likely to happen to Oakland’s defensive staff. And Jackson wants a big say in the future of the franchise, including the hiring of the next general manager.

“I would hope that as the head coach of this football team I would hope that the organization understands that I have a pretty good idea of where we need to go. Because if not, then I shouldn’t be where I’m sitting,” Jackson said via the Oakland Tribune.

Pressed on the subject, Jackson made it clear he didn’t actually know if he would be in the hiring of the team’s next G.M.

“I don’t know that. I mean, [owner Mark Davis] will let me know that as we move forward,” Jackson said.

It’s a tricky situation. It’s my opinion that finding the right general manager is a far more important hire than finding the right head coach. The G.M. needs the flexibility to set the course for all aspects of the franchise.

Finding a personnel guy that meshes well with Jackson would be a nice bonus, but it shouldn’t be a prerequisite.

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  1. This guy thinks they got the biggest trade steal in NFL History by getting Palmer? Meanwhile, Cincinnati is in the playoffs and has 2 1st round picks. I think it’d be nice if we didn’t hear Hue Jackson open his mouth until July, at least if you’re a Raiders fan, since he doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about.

  2. Yeah, well so do I!
    Thanks for your input Hue. We’ll let you know who your new boss will be soon enough. Either that or the door if you don’t know your place.

  3. wow this guy is a joke lol.. he hasnt done anything in the NFL except overpay for a washed up QB and lose.. and now he thinks he should have power over who is the GM?? smh… yikes raiders fans better be scared lol…

  4. What a self-serving blowhard.

    EVERBODY has a pretty good idea of where the Raiders need to go — the PLAYOFFS — but Jackson couldn’t get them there so he probably shouldn’t be sitting where he is.

    Letting Jackson hire the GM would be like letting Rex Ryan design the Super Bowl rings for the Saints, Packers and whoever wins it this year.

  5. What experience does Jackson have to have a say in determining the new GM ?? I mean what has he done period? Worry about producing a “winning record” and leave upper management to their own designs. Heck, the new GM might not even want Jackson. Talk about a power trip…….

  6. I watched him say as much yesterday, in his press conference.

    I don’t understand how he’ll be involved, all I can figure is that he wants to be the GM as well, and that’s not going to happen.

  7. And what exactly has Hue Jackson done to justify making these demands/requests?
    Hue Jackson just made his last statement as an employee of the LA/Oakland Raiders if I were the owner. The organization doesnt need a power trippin guy like that.

  8. After giving up the farm for a washed up has been as Palmer I think Coach Jackson should be kept far far away from important decisions such as these.

    This isn’t Bill Cowher or some other established entity. Its a career assistant who finally got the top job and hasn’t earned the clout he thinks he deserves.

  9. Ruh roh. As soon as he started taking pot shots at Tom Cable, you couldn’t help but wonder if the power would go to Hue’s head.

    Maybe Shane Lechler was right.

  10. This is be interesting to watch. I think Hue should stay, but they need to find a GM that is a football guy and can work with Hue. I don’t like the idea of GM’s bringing in their own coaches just to have “their guy” in the building.

  11. Coach Pumpkin Head is getting too big for his britches. Doesn’t matter though, it’ the Raidahs we’re talking about. This team has been garbage for a decade, and it’s not gonna change any time soon.

  12. We don’t need Jackson meddling..all we need is a guy that is a “yes man” to Jackson…we need a guy who isn’t gonna roll over…why do we need a Gm who is going to do what hue says anyway?

  13. I’ll give it to Hue. He knows just what to do to become a 2nd year head coach in the league and that is hire someone he is in good with.

    If (HUGE if) Raider’s ownership is smart (yes I said that), they’ll do their homework and not give a rat’s @ss what Hue wants. He has already overpaid for Palmer and that trade will hurt this team for years to come since the youngsters they already have except Moore haven’t panned out.

  14. Huey Jackson is already in over his head. He’s a blowhard who isn’t qualified. His d-coordinator is a complete joke. I’d clean house and start all over, run the team like a real NFL organization.

  15. What happened? This used to be a stable franchise. Remember the good ol’ days in Oakland when the Cryptkeeper was holding 6 hour press conferences complete with visuals and coaches just walked around beating people up? Seems so long ago………

  16. Looks like Senile Al is still running the Raidahs from the grave based on how much chaos is going on in the organization.

    The Raidahs continue to be a joke of an organization. 6 playoff appearance in the last 25 years, Raidah fans.

  17. “I would hope that as the head coach of this football team I would hope that the organization understands that I have a pretty good idea of where we need to go. Because if not, then I shouldn’t be where I’m sitting.”

    Just because the bosses are nodding their heads in agreement with your statement doesn’t necessarily mean they think you should be where you’re sitting. Careful what you suggest, Hue.

  18. This can’t happen. In fact what should happen is that Hue and his entire staff should be fired. Hire a GM type and this person should hire a new head coach etc…..come on Mark Davis…..this is your chance to do the right thing for the raiders.

  19. I hope Mark Davis has the sense to listen to someone with some sense because power-trippin’ Hue has run amok.

    Iceberg straight ahead……

  20. So let’s see, the coach wants a say in who will be his boss so that means, in effect, he won’t have a boss. Right. Sounds like the passing of Davis has caused Jackson to go on a power trip and it’s gone to his head. Would like to see a new GM hired, then get rid of Jackson just to prove a point.

  21. jackson correctly senses a leadership void as Mark Davis really wasn’t groomed to take over the team by his dad. but there are cooler heads in the mix, Amy Trask has run the business side, and John Madden always enjoyed the complete respect of the Davis family. these two will take charge, hire a competent GM, and I wouldnt be surprised if Hue is shown the door.

  22. It’s ridiculous to expect that anyone should be involved in the hiring of his own boss.
    The new GM has to have the freedom to evaluate the staff and roster and make changes. Including the head coach position.
    Hue just absolutely doesn’t have the resume to expect to be an equal to the GM.

    Sorry, Hue…. I’m not behind you on this one.

  23. Raider fans who say Hue needs to go are probably the same people who were saying this organization isn’t gonna do anything until Al Davis goes ( God rest his soul ). Looking for immediate satisfaction is not going to happen, this process takes time.
    Hue is doing a good job for a 1st year head coach and changes do need to happen, but not with him.

  24. A Head Coach with just 2 years exp who has never seen the playoffs, never had a winning record, and spends more time publicy blaming his players while lobbying for more power? Seems he better suited for ther unemployment line – then hiring his next boss.

  25. He must be nuts. He has done nothing to prove he should have more control. Just the opposite, he’s proven that he’s a barely capable of coaching the team, let alone have more input into personnel decisions.

  26. If Hue Jax is going to be around for awhile then I think he should be the one to hire a GM. He is not on a power trip, He just wants what is best for the Football team. He loves being a Raider and he just wants what is best for the Raiders. Mr Davis hired Chuck B cause chuck would do anything Al wanted. He was a yes man. Hue wants a guy who will not call a Tampa 2 on a 3rd and 12 with 43 seconds left and have his Middle Linebacker cover Calvin Johnson running down the field.. That should of been a DIME and Calvin Johnson would of had a CB and saftey waiting for that ball.. If that was a Dime package that ball would of been INT

  27. What has he done right yet?
    I hope they choose a GM and tell him at the press conference. Then the GM will announce that Campbell will be the QB for the 2012 season.
    Interim coach after nine games in.

  28. this guy has way too an inflated opinion about his abilities as it is. if I were the owner of the Raiders, Hue gets to put in his 2 cents and then I make the hire whether he likes it or not.

  29. Hue is using the media while he can to lobby and position himself because a lot has changed since last year. The fact they are bringing in someone to be his boss has him sweating bullets. Last season wasn’t a bullet proof vest, 8-8 got Cable fired. A lot can happen in the next few months…

  30. After trading all your picks away instead of being able to train a back up doesn’t bode well for wanting to help with the GM search.

  31. Please get rid of this clown already! I do not believe that he can lead a team to the big game let alone win consistently. Come on Mark D. It’s time to clean the house up. Get the best GM out there.

  32. Can you imagine Al Davis’s reaction if his head coach had publicly stated that he wanted to help pick the new GM?

    The times they are a changin’ in Oakland.

  33. Palmer just had a 400 yard game in the finale. He’s locked up for several more years and came at a reasonable price for a QB of his caliber. If we had just a bad defense instead of an atrocious one Carson Palmer would be credited with carrying us to the playoffs after coming in cold halfway through the year with no DMac and no defense.

    But in two of the three last games of the season, not only was the defense among the worst in the league, as it had been all year. But it allows drives of 99 and 99.5 yards to teams in the final minutes of key games. Get a stop on either of those and the Raiders are in the playoffs.

    The Carson Palmer trade was a GREAT trade for the Raiders. Hue Jackson is the best coach for this team. Anyone who says differently does not know what they’re talking about.

  34. realitypolice says:
    Jan 3, 2012 1:31 PM
    Can you imagine Al Davis’s reaction if his head coach had publicly stated that he wanted to help pick the new GM?

    The times they are a changin’ in Oakland.



    Because Al Davis was the GM and had no plans of ever relinquishing that role. Question makes no sense.

  35. This guy cracks me up, after that getting fleeced by Mike Brown of all people, he should get less personnel control not more.

  36. objectivenflfan says:
    Jan 3, 2012 1:06 PM
    Tom Cable > Hue Jackson


    Tom Cable: 17-27 as Raiders HC. (9-19 before Hue Jackson took over the offense and turned it from a putrid 12 ppg unit in 2009 to a 26 ppg unit in his first season.)

    Hue Jackson: 8-8 as Raiders HC. (Despite losing his starting quarterback, his best player in Darren McFadden, several other key players, his boss/mentor mid-season and having to take over as GM, and being saddled with a defense that was far, far worse under Chuck Breshnahan and without Nnamdi Asomugha than it was under John Marshall the year before).

    Tom Cable <<< Hue Jackson

  37. Hue is like a kid that you give one cookie to (Palmer) and then he wants 5 more.
    Raider fans it’s time to kill this monster before he gets too big.
    His comments are laughable and I haven’t seen his ability to be a good coach one time this year.

  38. ezdoesit209 says:
    Jan 3, 2012 1:21 PM
    I’m not even a Raiders fan but it’s clear that most of you have no clue what you’re talking about. lol smh
    Don’t pay attention to them, they’re just butthurt Bungals fans who are mad at Palmer for not wanting to play for their irrelevant, small market team with as cheap an owner as you’ll ever find and a team full of punks.

  39. In other news, the fox wants to guard the henhouse….

    Of COURSE Jackson “wants to be involved in hiring the next G.M.”, that’s going to be the guy who decides if he WANTS Hue Jackson as a head coach!!!!!

    And everyone here is right: Hue Jackson has done NOTHNG to warrant that kind of influence.

  40. Jackson’s bravado seems similar to Raheem Morris to me. His presser comments seem like they should have been in house comments aimed at a team and staff that underperformed when it counted the most. Instead those comments seemed to be a public airing of dirty laundry and throwing everyone under the bus while absolving himself of blame. (yes, i saw the token comment of self blame but it was not sincere) That’s not leadership. Leaders praise in public and criticise in private unless it is unavoidable. I think the Raiders would best be served by cleaning house (everyone, just like the bucs did). Hire a competent GM and let that person decide who stays with the team. The Raiders are at a crossroads and these decisions will matter for the next few years at least.

  41. lol@ The suggestions of firing Hue. It’s a good thing football fans don’t run football teams. Firing a head coach after one season isnt exactly the path to a Superbowl lol. It’s going to take some time to get out from under some of these contacts Al set up. Not to mention a new DC. Hue is an offensive guy and the offense was just fine. Bres needs to go obviously. Bottom line, the team was better than last year. Same record, but tougher schedule. Lost a starting QB, lost their star RB, tons of injuries to starting WRs/TE and the secondary was a complete mess with injuries. Starting CB Chris Johnson misses several games. Starting safety Huff misses several games. Starting middle linebacker injured. Etc, etc. Oh, and the iconic owner passes away midseason.

    All in all I’d say Hue did a pretty good job even having the team competing for a playoff spot and the division given the circumstances.

  42. Hue is nothing more than a wide receiver coach. (didn’t seem to cut down on all those penalties that cost the Raiders a playoff berth. Oh yeah, INT Palmer will throw at least 24 picks next year. guaranteed. Would have this year if he would have played all year.

  43. Who is going to want to work with this guy after he stated he wants his hands in everything? If I’m interviewing for the job, it had better be clear who can fire the HC.

    I’m sure that Lovie Smith and Jim Caldwell would love to be involved in their GM searches as well.

  44. Maybe giving Hue some input would make sense if he has won a Super Bowl or you done something positive with the Raiders. Going 8-8 doesn’t mean you should have say over the personel. At most, I think a coach should say, “This is the kind of guy I need.” and then let the GM go draft, sign, etc. that kind of guy.

  45. Translation:
    Hue Jackson wants to help select a patsy/yes-man who will relinquish meaningful decision-making duties to him and basically act as a figurehead/placeholder.

  46. autumnwind999 says:
    Jan 3, 2012 1:39 PM
    realitypolice says:
    Jan 3, 2012 1:31 PM
    Can you imagine Al Davis’s reaction if his head coach had publicly stated that he wanted to help pick the new GM?

    The times they are a changin’ in Oakland.



    Because Al Davis was the GM and had no plans of ever relinquishing that role. Question makes no sense.

    OK- modify my question: Can you imagine Al Davis’s reaction if any coach had every publicly stated that he wanted input on any decision made anywhere in the organization?

    Or opened his mouth publicly about anything?

  47. What is with all the Palmer hate? The guy is clearly better than 80% of the qbs in the league right now! He played pretty dang good for coming in midseason, best player hurt rest of year, and injured wr’s in every game! Bengals fans, focus your insecurities on Ravens and Steelers, and try to tell yourself that you’d rather have Andy Dalton…….

  48. @joetoronto

    Those “butthurt” Bengals fans will be watching their team in the playoffs while your last memory of the 2011 season is Palmer throwing a pass right to Antone Cason to end your season.

    P.s. Im not a Bengals fan

  49. Ok, the first year head coach loses his starting QB, starting RB, and owner in one season, has the team a game away from the playoffs. Loses the playoffs spot by one game because of a DC he didn’t hire, but he’s done nothing? He did a tremendous job under the circumstances. Why wouldn’t the Raiders want to pair him with someone he’s comfortable with? Hue was great this year. Does he talk a little too much? That’s a matter of taste; not football skills. Did he make mistakes; you better believe he did. Should he pick the GM. No, but he should have some say.
    Just Win Baby!

  50. The guy is delusional. What’s more, what a horribly unprofessional position to which he’s put the owners of the team. On several occasions now, he’s acted as if he’s somehow entitled to to some kind of managerial decision-making. Even with someone (with two-rings) like Shanahanahanan, being a GM/coach has proven to be entirely disastrous to the franchise.

    As has been posted above, ad nauseum, what’s this guy even done? Go 8-8. More than that, when they were in a position to win the division, several times over the season, they still let it go. The horrible Palmer move is HIS destiny. Don’t talk about how good that move COULD have been. The fact is, it was a bad move because they DIDN’T make the post-season and NOW lose a big pick next year. If he was actually a good coach, then that big gamble would have paid off. He must have followed up that move with better results. Don’t blame your players, blame yourself.

  51. Well since the Raiders won’t have a draft to worry about it will make a coaching search pretty easy for a GM . Yeah Hue should want to have a say .

  52. Al Davis apparently believed in this guy. Al is dead. It’s time for the Raiders to build a legit organization.

  53. Good luck attracting candidates, with a 5+6th round pick as ammo. Also a Front Office with no direction, unproven and unknown rookie power structure. And a Head Coach who delivers nothing but empty promises.

  54. Have to hand it to Hue, he’s doing his best to take advantage of the lack of anyone above him to tell him to shut it.

    Basically challenging an already hands off Mark Davis, giving him the song and dance to give him the job because that’s what his dad hired him for/believed in him etc etc.

    Meanwhile, Al is rolling in his grave right now with the thought of anyone other than a Davis making a Raiders decision, let alone a coach sneaking his way up the chain of command.

    Huge mistake for the Raiders to give Hue that much power to hire his boss, but unless Davis or Trask has the stones (ok, not Amy) to tell Hue otherwise and take control of the situation and the club, its a tricky situation.

    And if this powerplay backfires, Hue won’t have too many other NFL teams lining up for his services.

  55. Jackson’s stupid thinking i9s the reason Raiders missed these playoffs. He coaches a team who set a new record for most penalties ever, his in game decisions cost the Raiders at least one win or in other words he because of his limited brainpower should be the first change Raiders owner must make. That messup before halftime is typical of the genius Hue Jackson is. The man can’t even spell his own first name properly.

  56. Lets face the reality here. Hue did a decent job this year considering he was a first time head coach facing all that adversity.

    The Owner/GM/Scout dies midseason, leaving the a ownership team of his widowed wife and a self admitted finance guy in his son. Mark Davis has never part of the football part of the business. He has done a remarkable job keeping the team afloat with a free spending father and a diminished return.

    Two weeks later the Starting QB is lost for the year. He overpays for Carson Palmer, but that still keep alive until week 17. Anybody else want Kyle Boller starting at QB of your team?

    The next week he loses the running back that was leading the lead in yards at the time for the season.for the season.

    He loses key player after key player, none more costly than Matt Shannessy.

    He is left with the worst D coordinator in the league, in fact, he was not even in the NFL in 2010

    Thats alot of adversity for a rookie. He made some questionable play calls, that worked as many times as they didn’t. He could not fix the penelties, find me a raiders coach who can. His starting MLB goes all gansta on him before a key game and gets arrested.

    I think 8 and 8 is a mircle at this point.

  57. 2sloweggroll: Your points are, unfortunately, not all that powerful. All you have to do is look over to the nice side of the bay there, and see what that college coach did with essentially the same exact team as last year. I do believe those chaps had a worse record than your Raiders, last year, and have now locked up the 2nd seed. No?

    Every team loses key players. Ask Green Bay how that worked out last season. Ask the Texans how it worked out, going with their third-stringer, and getting into the playoffs. Hell, even Denver won that weak-arse AFC West, and everyone has seen what a joke of a QB Tebow really is now.

    Again, anyone and everyone ever associated with the Raiders front office for the past 20-years should be considered tainted goods. The best thing which could happen for you fans, would be for Al’s spawn-lings to sell the majority rights to that team to AEG, let them move to LA, and then hire real management to right that old pirate ship.

  58. Hue is in over his head if he really thinks he will have a say in the hiring of a GM. He is just trying to create job security for himself. He has a right to complain on Sunday about the players not coming through, but he is to be held accountable for allowing some bad play calling during the season. Does anyone remember the infamous 3rd and 3 play versus Detroit?

    He must understand he is a coach, not the owner of the franchise. He is the one to be working for the GM. Not the other way around. He has not done enough, or proven anything to merit that much clout. Mr. Jackson, please get our team to the playoffs first, before you make any further attempts to throw your weight around.

  59. dougydougdoug
    Your comparision to the Niner v Raiders and GB v The Raiders are not on par.

    The Niner have had a VERY good D in place for years and finally found the a Coach that could get something out of the QB. Gore has been a Stud for years, but they still cant score in the red-zone. What Harbaugh did with Alex Smith is nothing short of remarkable. He is the Coach of the Year in my mind and ASmith is comeback player of the year. My congrats to the Niners.

    As for GB let me Qualify ARod > JCampbell, but GB did not loose their starting QB and Starting RB in consecutive weeks. And by the way RUN DMC > Ryan Grant. GB lost a TE, a excellent LB and some supporting casts. We lost every playmaker besides DHB, who actually had a quality year.

    Hue made what I feel is agreat trade for A Curry, and a suspect one for Carson Palmer. But again, without Palmer we do not play week 17 with a shot at the west.

    This team is flawed in many many ways, but they are young and talented and I think that Hue is a Rookie and should be given some slack considering all the things that happened.

    As for taking the team Corparate? What has set the Raiders aside from every team in the NFL other then GB is they were still a family business. And that is part of the draw to them.

  60. If the Raiders are smart, and they listen to Herrock and Wolf, Hue will not be involved in picking a GM. I was in GB when Wolf turned down the job the first time because they were not offering full control. Herrock and Wolf have been advising the Raiders at the Raiders request, They should listen to these men! Jackson is a wind bag back stabber who should be gone, Soon! It will take years to fix the Carson Palmer fiasco!

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