Kravitz thinks Colts may have already reached out to Jeff Fisher


Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star made a return visit to PFT Live on Tuesday for part of our ongoing coverage of what I’ve dubbed, against my better judgment, the Polianoscopy in Indianapolis.

Kravitz dropped a bombshell during an intriguing 15-minute chat.  Kravitz believes that the Colts, who continue to employ Jim Caldwell as the head coach but neither Vice Chairman Bill Polian or G.M. Chris Polian, may already have reached out to Jeff Fisher.  Kravitz also thinks that Fisher would then have input on who the next G.M. would be, creating a package deal.

At a time when Jeff Fisher has been linked to pretty much every head-coaching vacancy and Fisher is believed to be looking for a place with a great quarterback, Indianapolis would seem to be at the top of his list.

It also would provide an occasion for every media outlet in America to dust off the 2009 video of Fisher, coach of the then-winless Titans, donning a Peyton Manning jersey because, as Fisher said, “I just wanted to feel like a winner.”

Right now, that’s a feeling that Colts owner Jim Irsay is trying to restore.  Maybe Fisher will be the guy to do it.

42 responses to “Kravitz thinks Colts may have already reached out to Jeff Fisher

  1. If the Colts have already reached out to Fisher it’s only because Manning has given his permission. The next coach(if Manning doesnt endorse Caldwell) and next GM will be chosen by Peyton Manning, but announced by Irsay.
    And then Manning will make a statement to the effect of ” I was completely stunned that Jim Caldwell was fired and Jeff Fisher will be the new head coach. While i respect Mr. Caldwell and consider him a dear friend I relish the opportunity to work with someone that has the credentials of Coach Fisher. I think we will be happy for 4-6 years and I welcome him to MINE and Mr. Irsays family”

  2. Fisher would be a good choice for any of the vacancies and even a fe that are not vacant yet. (colts, cowboys, raiders) Is there anyone that honestly believes caldwell will be a head coach in two weeks?

  3. It appears that Fisher is the smartest guy in the league if he is indeed going to have at least 3 teams bidding for him…

  4. I am a Jeff Fisher fan, but did not realize it until I looked it up this morning that his .542 regular season winning percentage and .455 playoff winning percentage are really very average. (By way of comparison, Mike Shanahan – even after very lousy years in Denver and Washington – is .588 and .615. Bill Cowher is .623 and .671.) Makes you wonder whether Fisher’s intelligence and force of personality hide the fact that there is less there than meets the eye.

  5. musicman495

    A factor in those percentages is Peyton Manning handed him 2 losses a year several years 🙂

    If you can’t beat em… join em? 🙂

  6. Looks like Denny Green and Art Shell will be brought to Indy for a “token” interview.

  7. I’m not sure why teams in need of a head coach are all seeking to interview Jeff Fisher. He has a marginal recored as a HC. Fisher has played and coached in the NFL since 1981 and has a 142-120 record, which includes one Super Bowl. He has only produced six winning seasons in sixteen seasons as a HC. If I were an owner I would be seeking an offensive guru for today’s NFL.

  8. @musicman495:

    You call yourself a Jeff Fisher “fan”, and you are just NOW realizing those stats?????

  9. @musicman495:

    Don’t feel bad. You’ve been sucked in by the Jeff Fisher Media Hype Machine.

    The media loves this guy because he treats them well and always has time for them. They want him back in the league because he makes their job easier.

    6 playoff appearances in 17 years should NOT get you your pick of jobs.

    I know people would think that it is crazy to think teams are influenced by the media. But riddle me this: Brian Billick has a better career winning percentage, a better playoff appearance percentage, and a Super Bowl title, yet he has to beg for work.

    Why? He had an antagonistic relationship with the media and is considered arrogant.

    No other explanation makes sense. And don’t tell me how “his players carried him”. You can make that stupid argument about any coach.

    It is simply amazing to me that not ONE single national media member has dared to even question whether the hype around Fisher is deserved.

    Not one. When does the media ever agree so completely about anything?

  10. Considering the top talent he’s had includes Eddie George, Steve McNair, and Jevon Kearse, above .500 is quite the accomplishment.

    Colts fans want him because they have seen his teams give the Colts fits with far inferior talent.

  11. I wonder if Irsay is going to set up a GM that’s on equal terms with the HC.

    The GM will be responsible for aquiring players.

    The HC will be responsible for coaching.

    Both reports to the owner, both can be hired/fired independently.

  12. But Irsay needs to interview a minority coach to prove he isn’t racist, even though he already has one.

  13. I dont understand Colts fans at all. Many of you fault Caldwell because the Colts didnt win this year as if its his fault. Nevermind the fact they had substandard qbs, average rbs, a bad o line and a terrible defense. The Colts didnt lose 14 games this year because they were constantly outcoached. They lost 14 games because they didnt have the talent in place to win. Bringing a big name coach on board isnt going to change that.

  14. Question:
    How is reaching out to a replacement while Caldwell is still the coach any less sleazy than what Ross did to Sparano with Harbaugh?

    Although it may be more discretely done, the bottom line is that it isn’t any less sleazy!

  15. nflfollower says:
    Jan 3, 2012 1:22 PM
    Fischer could do big things with a great qb, something he has never had. With all due respect to the late Steve mcnair.

    Could you provide me the complete list of coaches who COULDN’T do anything with a great QB? And you don’t get Norv Turner, that’s too obvious.

    There are plenty of coaches out there that could do big things with a great QB, and you don’t need to pay them 5-7 million per year the way you would Fisher.

  16. When learning that Irsay may have already reached out to Jeff Fisher, Tiki Barber was flabbergasted .

  17. i think Fishers winning percentage is negatively affected by the fact he took the job as head coach and the team was terrible. They built a pretty darn good team then had to gut it due to terrible cap management (not his fault). He stayed through yet another rebuilding and found ways to win with VY and Kerry Collins as his starting qbs. Honestly the guy must be a genius to have found a way over .500 with those teams.

  18. Miami will offer Fisher $10 Million to be there head coach, now we will see how much this money will made a difference. Bill

  19. So the guy who needed a really good acting job by his kicker who admitted he faked it later, and a miracle that some claim is still a forward pass to even get to a .455 playoff percentage. Without those two plays he has ONE playoff victory for his career. So as mediocre as .455 sounds it could well be .166

    Dude reeks of mediocrity. good luck with that.

  20. @realitypolice:
    Both Fisher and Billick are good. Fisher was a defensive minded coach and usually had stout defensive teams. He had shaky offensive players and was victimized by FA when his teams were good. He also had to deal with an owner that was forcing bad players on him. The issue with Billick, I think, was that he had a reputation as an offensive guy/QB guru. His defense was the best in the league and his teams won despite a horrible offense and multiple bad QBs. That said, I would take either guy as the Dolphins coach. Both would instill some professionalism, discipline, and accountability and neither would sound like a buffoon at the pressers. (I liked Sparano but those were bad) My preference would actually be Billick but I would have no issue with Fisher if Nolan is retained as DC.

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