Locker and Hasselbeck will compete in 2012


In a year of promising rookie quarterbacks, Jake Locker was the forgotten man.

The No. 8 overall pick in the draft looked a lot further along than expected when he got a chance to play, but he didn’t get a lot of chances to play because starter Matt Hasselbeck stayed mostly healthy and effective.

Locker should have a better opportunity to see the field next season.

“It wouldn’t be fair to tell Jake Locker he wouldn’t have an opportunity to play next year, that he was going to sit for another season,” coach Mike Munchak said via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I don’t think Matt would want to hear that either. I think they are both competitive in that way.”

Munchak said the decision will play out in camp and be “obvious” by the time next season starts. But it won’t be an easy call.

Hasselbeck played well the last two games and is a team leader. Locker is likely to develop in his first full offseason.

This is what you call a good problem, especially compared to where the Titans were a year ago. Hasselbeck is only due $5.5 million next year, so the team can easily afford to keep both players.

17 responses to “Locker and Hasselbeck will compete in 2012

  1. A bit like the Drew Bledsoe- Tom Brady thing ….. except Locker is much better known than Brady was.

  2. If the Titans are smart, they start Hasselback at least the first 8 games next year. Locker’s not quite ready and the extra time to watch and learn will be huge. I think his third year will be his breakout year if he’s properly developed. But, even as a Husky fan, I don’t thing he’ll ever be great. Just good to average.

  3. Locker replaced Hasselbeck and got significant playing time in three games (vs. Falcons, Saints, Colts) and played roughly four full quarters of football.

    In those four quarters, Jake accounted for five TD’s (4 passing, 1 rushing), zero turnovers, and had a passer rating of 99.4.

    In those same games, and against the very same defenses, Matt Hasselbeck had zero TD’s, three INT’s, and a combined passer rating of 59.4.

    With all due respect to Matt, I suspect this won’t be much of a competition.

  4. I think that Locker was a steal where they got him. However I thought he was one of the best in the draft, I wanted the Redskins to take him.

    I think that not rushing him and allowing him to watch with Hasselbeck will only help both the Titans and Locker.

  5. People making judgements on a QB this early are ridiculous. Yet they do it all the time, in both directions, and never learn from the number of times they are wrong.
    People should keep track of what they say.

  6. OMG, I hate QB controversies. You can call it a competition, but all it does is divides the fans and the more experienced player makes just enough mistakes to call for his ouster and the new QB just just enough to suggest he should start, when in reality, they are both equal in performance. You can’t properly judge them in Pre-season, but that is all you are left with. Good luck Titans fans!

  7. Hardly a bad position to be in if you’re Munchak. Locker has potential to do good things. If they get Chris Johnson going again next season and get Locker another weapon to throw to this is a team that can make waves next year.

  8. I saw a lot of Locker in college, as well as Newton and Tebow. He throws as well as Newton and runs as well as Tebow. Go watch the film.

  9. Let Hass play till he gets carried off the field. Locker has GREAT potential but he still needs time to grow. either way, my Titans have a bright future.

  10. What was the old Parcell’s line? Something like ‘if you have 2 starting quarterbacks, then you don’t have any’ or something like that.

    These things are never good for teams, ever. Pick a starter and go with him, it saves drama and locker room problems.

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