Matt Forte plans to play in the Pro Bowl


Bears running back Matt Forte didn’t have a chance to showcase his talents late in the regular season, or in the postseason, due to an MCL sprain that kept him from playing in the final four games of the Bears’ disappointing 8-8 campaign.

But Forte is eligible for one more game.  Unlike pretty much every other guy who has ever qualified for the Pro Bowl while injured in even the slightest degree, Forte won’t use his knee injury as a way to duck the opportunity.

“I think anybody who makes the Pro Bowl their first time would like to go out there and play,” Forte said Monday, via Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times.  “I was concerned about not being able to play in it, being that it was my first time.  But it all worked out.”

Forte plans to pass a physical in roughly three weeks, and then to play in the late-January all-star exhibition in Honolulu.

It’s a calculated risk-reward for Forte.  He could re-injure the knee, or suffer some other injury that would harm his value on the open market.  Or he could have the kind of performance that could persuade teams to make a run for him in free agency.

Unfortunately for Forte, the Bears can still choose to retain his services via the franchise tag.  With a new General Manager in the offing, it’s unknown whether and to what extent the Bears will try to retain Forte.  For now, team president Ted Phillips says that the Bears would like to keep Forte “for the long term.”

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  1. You’re going to try to impress GMs in a game where literally EVERYONE is half-assing it? I don’t think they’ll be as impressed as he wants them to be, I would take the extra week of rehab.

  2. While I understand that the pro bowl ranks somewhere between flag football and two-hand touch, that’s a pretty dumb decision if he actually goes through with it. Just rest, dude.

  3. Wait wasn’t he placed on IR? Can players placed on IR play in the Pro Bowl. I thought they don’t come off IR until the season ends (i.e. after the Super Bowl).

  4. its good for him to show suitors that his knee is fine. also, why not take a free trip to hawaii with a bunch of peers?
    everyone on here rips the game, but the experience is worth it to the players, and would be also to anyone in here who would have a similar opportunity in their line of work

  5. He’s probably just going to hang out with Tim Tebow.

    And now PFT has another Tebow mention on the site and is closer to fulfilling their daily quota!

  6. .

    The pro bowl is where all the important personnel decisions are made. Will he be suiting up for the “too drunk to block “squad, or team “too hungover to tackle ”


  7. Ya know Matt, Martin Mayhew is proven to pay guys their value…DON’T go to Honolulu, just wear it as in the blue and silver. We need a back, and you need to get paid…LET’S TALK

  8. Haha bears should gave him his money. He s not that good anyways. Usually when a RB is good for about a year its because of his line. He will be forgotten eventually. He s no Barry sanders or A.p. only in his own mind

  9. He’ll easily be 100% healthy for that game, so why not? No, he won’t get AP or CJ2K money, but who would you take above him – AP, Lesean McCoy, Arian Foster, Ray Rice (and Foster and Rice benefit from a much better line), MJD. Forte should get pretty decent money.

  10. I don’t see it as a bad idea, as long as he’s 100%. why not go show that your sprain didn’t slow you down, just keep racking up the dollar signs

  11. Nice…put him in a position to reinjure himself for a totally meaningless game. Maybe if his bonus deal requires him to play… play. Being a Packer fan, I really can’t feel too bad for this. Maybe Rodgers will send him across the middle only to be totally taken out by a linebacker.

  12. No offense Matt (I am sure you are reading these), but either you or your agent, or both, do not have a clue. You were given a substantial offer from your team. You declined it, bet on yourself, and lost. Now you are so in the hole, like a degenerate gambler, you are going to double down on your career and play in a meaningless game, and possibly re-injure or at best add a few miles to that used body.

    Did you not see Bell rack off 4.3 YPC in your absence? That is a tenth better than your career average. The point of all of this? You are replaceable. You should have taken the fair offer that was given to you when you had the chance.

    As a bears fan, I could care less if you get paid as long as there is someone to replace you. Thank you for making the Bears realize that they almost wasted money by resigning you. The league is realizing this fast and you missed your boat. Bon Voyage.

  13. Listen idc what you guys think Forte is just a guy tryin to impress his new gm so that he can earn his contract he deserves to play in the pro bowl so leave him alone because none of u know the first thing about business in football neither do i but that doesnt give you the right to ride on the decision he wants to make all of you that say dont do it forte YOUR NOT HIS BOSS

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