Steelers replace Mendenhall on roster with cornerback Anthony Madison


The Steelers enter the postseason with a season-ending knee injury to their top tailback, Rashard Mendenhall.

On Tuesday, the Steelers placed Mendenhall on injured reserve.  His roster spot was filled not by another running back, but by a veteran cornerback.

Anthony Madison provides depth for a secondary that will be without one of its primary safeties in Denver, Ryan Clark.  More than four years after losing his spleen, his gall bladder, and 30 pounds due to a blood reaction at altitude from a sickle-cell trait, Clark will not be playing when the Steelers return to Colorado for only the second time since then.

The Steelers currently have three running backs on the 53-man roster:  Isaac Redman, Mewelde Moore, and John Clay.  That’s as many running backs as the Steelers have on injured reserve.

19 responses to “Steelers replace Mendenhall on roster with cornerback Anthony Madison

  1. I am happy Clark won’t be playing in Denver. The long term consequences were not worth it. Kudos to Coach Tomlin for putting player safety (at least in this case) first.

    Besides, if the Steelers can’t beat the Broncos without Clark they have no business going to the second round anyways.

  2. they should give him a folding chair…. he won’t need to bother covering anybody in Denver…

  3. People on here think RB’s are “easy to replace”. It’s a myth if they’re a good/great RB. They get hurt often and careers are short but at their peak (3 to 5 years) those elite RB’s that I’ve listed are harder to replace than ALMOST anyone else on their specific team. The only time a great RB is not need to win is when you have a Franchise QB ie Rodgers, Brady, Brees and Roethlisberger sometimes Eli Manning. They talk about how many teams have won the Super Bowl without a great RB which is unfair because that label can be applied to every position on the team EXCEPT QB. The fact is 7 out of the 12 playoff teams have a good/great a RB. I’d like someone to tell me which RB’s on this list are “easy to replace”. It’s not as easy when you have to actually name them.

    Based off of my list there are close to (18) RB’s that teams would go belly up if their RB was lost or at least be dramatically less effective on offense. Great RB’s are easy to replace is nothing more than an often repeated myth.

    Arian Foster, HOU
    Frank Gore, SF
    Ray Rice, BAL
    Michael Turner, ATL
    Cedric Benson, CIN
    Rashard Mendenhall, PIT
    Darren Sproles, NO

    Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC
    Adrian Peterson, MIN
    Darren McFadden, OAK
    Matt Forte, CHI
    Fred Jackson, BUF
    Chris Johnson, TEN
    LeSean McCoy, PHI
    Marshawn Lynch, SEA
    Steven Jackson, STL
    Shonn Greene, NYJ
    DeMarco Murray, DAL

  4. RB are said to be easy to be replaced because they are. From you list….all of them

    The only one on the playoff list (which apparently means something to you) that would be a big time issue is Gore, because SF’s offense is terrible.

    The few “great” running backs in the league (AP, MJD, Forte, McCoy, Johnson, ect) will be watching the playoffs from their couch. If anything, you proved the wrong side of your argument

  5. @KIR Again!?!? lol I am now 100% convinced that you are currently being held hostage by a group of under appreciated running backs. Whatever they say or do…stay strong little fella!

  6. Yessss!!!!! I love Anthony Madison!!! Great special teams player. Has a lot of intensity. And I’m always happier when the Tide is in the house!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!

    Good news despite the loss of Rashard and what I hope will just be a bye for Ryan. Go Steelers!!! Roll Tide!!!

  7. Steelers might be better off with a couple of battering rams like Clay and Redman toting the pigskin. Mendenhall has more speed, but was a bit too much of a dancer at the line of scrimmage.

  8. @Deb

    I always liked Anthony Madison. A terror on special teams. The Tide is in the house and your team is playing for the National Championship and our Steelers are in the hunt again.
    Happy days my freind!

  9. @somekat

    The few “great” running backs in the league (AP, MJD, Forte, McCoy, Johnson, ect) will be watching the playoffs from their couch.
    I can name quite a few OL, DL, LB, CB, Stafety’s and WR’s that are going to also be watching from the couch. lol

    I’m not saying the RB is more valuable than the QB but I am saying the good/great RB’s on my list are more valuable than almost everyone else on those teams. I see you didn’t mention any specific backs on my list who are easy to replace. lol

    Ask Oakland where they’d be if they had Darren McFadden. lol You might want to go look at Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Michael Turner and Darren Sproles numbers and ask fans of those teams if they would be in the playoffs or where they would be without them. lol Ask fans of those other teams how valuable is their RB on my list.

  10. KIR know very little about RB’s I see. Foster out Houston ran with Tate who had 1,000 yds, Sproles was not even #1 RB it was Ingram #2 Thomas and Ivory, Peterson out used Gerhaeart, McFadden otu 8 games used Bush, Greene sucked so L.T. was in there and Murray did nto become starter untilinjuries and Felix Jones took over! As for Mendenhall, Big Ben will be passing all over the def in a 34-10 victory!

  11. Wow I think I speak for just about every Ravens fan when I say I just really really really hope the Bungles beat the Texans and the Steelers can manage to beat the Broncos so the Ravens get to smash you for a second time this year in Bmore. You know damn well steeler fans you are absolutely dreading coming to Bmore. Steelers = dead men walking. LOVE IT.

  12. No offense to Mendenhall, but let’s be honest – the guy hasn’t exactly lived up to his billing and draft position. He’s been ok, serviceable, but he’s no franchise back. Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise, we can finally get back to finding a GREAT RB to fill out backfield and get back to playing STEELERS FOOTBALL!!!

    Rashard, it’s been nice, but I think we’ve seen all we’re gonna see out of you.

  13. @stairwayto7

    I don’t know football? lol You RB value to QB’s which is unfair. Compare them to OL, DL, WR, LB, CB & Safeties.

    Again, my point is
    1. Elite/Good RB’s are harder to replace than almost anyone else on their team except the QB
    2. Teams w/o a franchise QB cannot win/ go to playoffs without an Elite/Good RB
    3. Elite/Good RB’s are more valuable than everyone except the QB and 1 maybe 2 players on their team.

    Sproles (Who’s more valuable on the Saints?)
    2,696 all-purpose yards, setting a new NFL RECORD! Ask the Chargers. Does anyone think the Chargers wouldn’t have made the playoffs with him? They’re sitting at home. lol Does anyone think the Saints can win the SB without Sproles? Only maybe 1 or 2 players on the Saints are more valuable.

    McFadden(What Raiders are more valuable!?!!)
    He is probably the second or third best RB in THE ENTIRE NFL. Oakland would have won AT LEAST 2 to 3 additional games easy if didn’t get hurt. ie Playoffs.

    Foster and Tate are Two very good backs.

    DeMarco Murray (Who’s more valuable than Murray?)
    When he got hurt the Cowboys chances of reaching the playoffs were greatly diminished. Again, only 2 players maybe only 1 player (Romo) on the Cowboys is more valuable than him. I believe they make the playoffs if Murray stays healthy. We saw what happened w/o him. Couch

  14. @sudz28

    Did you happen to notice that offensive line that Mendenhall has to run behind ? All season it’s been patched together. But he does dance too much at the line. Redman most of the time hits the hole and hard, he needs to hold the ball till the whistle blows. Melwelde Moore is back this Sunday , outstanding for 3rd downs, pass blocking and screen passes.

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