Boomer Esiason sounds off on the Jets

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During the 2011 regular season, a former Jets quarterback repeatedly criticized the current edition of the team.  Now, another former Jets quarterback has joined Joe Namath with a harsh assessment of the franchise.

“I think that Rex Ryan’s ways have come back to haunt him,” Esiason told WEEI in Boston, via  “And Mike Tannenbaum . . . has a lot of responsibility in this regard, because they have put a lot of bad guys together in this locker room.  There’s a good core of players for the New York Jets.  But unfortunately, all it takes is one guy.  And Rex Ryan giving Santonio Holmes the captain’s ‘C’ on the chest was an absolute embarrassment.  It’s a slap in the face of all the good guys in that locker room.”

Esiason also took aim at quarterback Mark Sanchez, a player whom Namath recently has supported.

“If you watched Mark Sanchez the last month of the season, he was like a chihuahua standing on Madison Avenue and 36th Street entering the Midtown Tunnel, eyes bigger than you-know-what, and just so shaky,” Esiason said.

In the event the P.C. police had an issue with Esiason’s reference to a breed of dog that bears a Mexican name, given that Sanchez is Mexican-American, Rich Cimini of has cleared things up by contacting Esiason for a clarification.


“I chose a small dog that always looks shaken and has big eyes, and doesn’t like big things — a chihuahua,” Esiason said.  “It’s a skittish dog and he’s been a skittish player.”

Esiason also agrees that, despite what the Jets say publicly, they’re privately considering their options for upgrading the position.  And they’ll be interested in Peyton Manning, if he’s available.

“If Peyton is able to play and the new General Manager [in Indianapolis] and whoever they hire to run that team out there decides to go without Peyton Manning, then I’m sure that the Jets will be sniffing around,” Esiason said.  “Because that’s what the Jets do.  They’re trying to find their Tom Brady.  They’re trying to find their Aaron Rodgers.  And I don’t think, in their mind, they think that they feel like they’ve found the kid.”

Esiason is right.  And the sooner the Jets acknowledge publicly what they’re realizing privately, the closer they’ll be toward become the team they so badly want to be.

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  1. I beg to differ with Boomer.
    My chihuahua is an Alpha female, afraid of nothing.
    And she has WAY cuter eyes than Sanchez!

  2. That’s the problem with the Jets – they keep trying to find their own copy of other stars instead of looking to develop their own. They want their own Brady, Megatron, Ray Lewis, and got Sanchez, Tone, and Bart Scott instead.

  3. And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?

    That would be one more Super Bowl than Sanchez Ray Ray plus an MVP. Esiason was a much better QB than Sanchez. No question. Besides anyone can see that Sanchez sucks. Doesn’t matter if he played in Super Bowl or not.

  4. Why is it that the PC police are the ones that see all this racism? A reflection on themselves perhaps?

  5. He does look scared in the pocket. He took so many sacks without actually being hit. A d-lineman just has to run at him and he falls down. Maybe Pete Carroll was right when he said he was not NFL material. But thanks to all the espn staff he was always considered one of the better quarterbacks in the league, and they pushed the issue everyday. I just hope there not pushing the issue with andrew luck and robert griffen III.

  6. Boom actually toned it down. He started out thinking that Sanchez looked like the girl going out to work the donkey show in Tijuana.

  7. The Jets should get Manning and let him start a few years while Sanchez backs up and learns the game correctly…Sanchez was able to get to the AFC championship his two years (granted he had a lot of help from Defense) he was 5 points away from the Super Bowl last year. Imagine what he could learn from Manning.

  8. Boomer Esiason thinks Rex Ryan is a idiot who should step down until he loses 150 pounds. Looks like we will neve hear from him again. The current JETS stink.

  9. duffer58 says:
    Jan 4, 2012 11:31 PM
    Please explain why anybody gives a darn what Esiason thinks?

    Duffer- maybe you could explain since you clicked on the link and took the time to comment. The rest of us just enjoy all the well deserved Jets bashing that’s taking place right now. Cant hear enough about Holmes quitting, Rex crying, Sanchez showing his true colors – too funny!!

  10. @rayjayjohnsonjr

    Boomer’s been in 1 more Super Bowl than Sanchez…and was an NFL MVP

  11. Peyton Manning is going no where. His neck injury will cause him to retire.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see another team assume his contract and end up paying him all the money.

    Again, his neck injury will not allow him to come back. I had a more serious injury and had C5, C6 & C7 fused three years ago and I am much worse for the surgery.

    I would gather that Peyton is in the same boat unfortunately. Good luck and God Bless you Peyton.

  12. I am pretty sure chihuahuas are know for being unusually aggressive, not timid or shaken. Greyhounds are actually “shakey” but that is mostly because they have very little body fat and are cold. But they aren’t Mexican. Also Boomer has as many Super Bowl victories as a chihuahua and fewer playoff wins than Sanchez.

  13. Sanchez needs to go. Tannenbaum should go just for destroying one of the best offensive lines in the league. Build teams around talent, not around your mistakes. Rex….last chance…either deliver or shut the hell up.

  14. Come on! Give Sanchez a break already! He’s not Brady or Manning, but he’s not Ryan Leaf or any number of other failure either. He’s just a decent QB. He can start and even have success in the league, but he won’t win with a bad roster, he won’t carry a bad game plan into success. He is a guy who will give you what you need as long as everything else is in place – a boomer Esiason or Donavan McNabb. If they act like he sucks because he isn’t Brady, they will prevent him from ever having success. If they tell you they’d rather have Manning, that’s just obvious. But let’s be honest, Namath was an OK guy. He beat one of the greatest of all time – Unitas! The Jets history shows they can win with a decent QB who stays out of the way of a great team’s success. Sanchez’s problem isn’t that he isn’t good enough, it’s that he doesn’t have the supporting cast to succeed.

  15. He wasn’t making a comparison of himself and Sanchez was he? So why does how much he accomplished matter, I’m not a jets fan or boomer fan, but the guys just telling it how it is, if you think sanchez is the guy your just as delusional as the FO ! LOL

  16. Boomer was a very good QB that won an MVP and was about a minute away from being a Superbowl MVP. He’s also one of the better NFL analysts and seems to have a decent amount of objectivity that can not be taken for granted when discussing former NFL players that have made the switch to TV. You can disagree with his comments but to say his opinion carries no weight is just plain stupid.

  17. “And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?”

    Pretty sure he played in one with the Bengals where he lost to Joe Montana, won an NFL MVP, 4 time pro bowl and twice All Pro. What has Sanchez done again? And the playoff road wins were probably courtesy of Jets D and not Tebow’s, I mean Sanchez’s, game management.

  18. rayjayjohnsonjr says:
    Jan 4, 2012 11:30 PM
    And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?
    He’s played in one more than Sanchez has.
    You’re welcome.

    This kind of comment drives me crazy anyway. The amount of SBs a guy has played in has absolutely 0 to do with the validity of his opinion on this topic.

  19. I believe all QB’s should have at least 1 season behind a decent pro and I think Sanchez was named as a starter after a few games.

    You can not expect a kid strait out of college to lead a locker room full of millionaires with huge opinions of themselves.

    I think Mark would really benefit from a season backing up Peyton.

  20. Boomers has played in one more Super Bowl than El Chihuahua. Was that supposed to be a snarky question Ray? Or just an ignorant one?

  21. @rayjayjohnsonjr says: Jan 4, 2012 11:30 PM

    “And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?”

    One more than Sanchez, or you for that matter.

  22. It starts and ends with Rex Ryan. When the head coach of your team is more worried about getting more camera and microphone time, trying to call his shot(every year) then his players are going to act just as selfish.

    fat a$$ Ryan is a poor coach and a worse leader and that is why the Jets will never get a Super Bowl. People seem to forget that the Jets had no business even being in the playoffs those 2 seasons. It wasnt because of Rex Ryan they got in, it was a gift from other teams.

    He should stick to what he does best, film pretty feet.

  23. rayrayjohnson:

    Esiason played in one superbowl and performed much better against montana than dan marino did in his only SB.
    how many sb’s has Sancheese been in or will be in?

    people care what Esiason says because he’s one of the most intelligent former QB’s who comment on the game. he’s far more relevant than Young, Bradshaw, Simms, Aikman, Marino, and Theismann put together!

  24. Boomer and the Bengals lost to Montana and the Niner’s in the late eighties, in a very entertaining game. Great finish for San Francisco, and a tough loss for Cincy.

    So that would be 1 more SB for Boomer than a lot of great players, not that it’s at all relevant…

  25. Why do the Jets have to acknowledge publicly what is patently obvious to all but a few of the most diehard, head in the sand types? How does public acknowledgement alter the equation to the positive for the Jets? They’ll still be in the same boat with a QB savior that is no QB savior. I realize that media outlets like to cover what is said and the Jets love to yak to the media. But that’s a big part of the problem with them…they talk way too much. How does telling the NFL world they have given up on Sanchez make it easier for them to acquire a legitimate alternative to him?

    Really, they’ll be closer to being the team they want to be if/when they actually acquire a QB that can play. Whether they acknowledge it publicly beforehand or not.

  26. I’m pretty sure that, despite the clarification attempt, Boomer will be in heat over that chihuahua remark.


  27. Jan 4, 2012, 11:29 PM EST
    Sanchez is like a chihuahua under a 16 year old girls arm…..

    Jan 4, 2012, 11:30 PM EST
    And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?
    XXIII with the Cincinnati.

  28. @rarayjohnson

    Learn your football history son – boomer took the bengals to a super bowl – put them in position to win with a late TD drive – only to have joe montana go down the field in less than 2 minutes and beat boomer’s bengals with a couple seconds left.
    Also – if you take a look at his career stats – it is ridiculous that he is not in the hall of fame – his stats dwarf those of the majority of qb’s in the hall of fame
    And BTW – i’m not a bengal or boomer fan – but i respect the way he played.

  29. Do you think Manning would play for Rex Ryan or with “those” receivers? I don’t think so and besides the Jets need to find their Bill Belichick before they find the next Tom Brady.
    Can’t run a team on hot air.

  30. I am too aware of the P.C. Police. Posted on that Harbaugh knows who the 500 lb. gorilla in front of them is, and was censored.Tried to rephrase, no avail. Seriously, that wasn’t obscene or offensive., but the censorship is.”Like a Chihuahua” speaks to me, very descriptive.Love ya, Boomer. Always tell it like it is.

  31. The Jets should line up Sanchez at wide reciever more often. he looked like a natural out there.

  32. “And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?”

    What does this have to do with anything? How many superbowls have you played in? If the answer is zero…please stop critiquing NFL teams and players.

  33. rayjayjohnsonjr says:
    Jan 4, 2012 11:30 PM
    And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?

    More than Mark Sanchez EVER will.

  34. Peyton carries a lot of baggage — like at least $28 million for 2012 only(!) — in any trade.

    How can the Jets, or any team, clear that kind of cap room?

  35. I don’t think Peyton wants to go to NY. That is his brother Eli’s city and I don’t see Peyton wanting to share the spotlight with l’il bro, who’s the much more clutch player.
    Boomer Esiason is the best interview going. Great to listen to and he never pulls any punches.
    Chihuahua reference to Mark Sanchez is perfect. That’s exactly what he looks like on the field, nervous and shakey with wide eyes.

  36. I can’t usually stand Boomer dating back to my days around Cincinnati but I have to give him credit for this one. For one thing his comments were just a more interesting version (i.e. – set off the PC police for no reason as most people probably would not make the ethnic connection without the PC police raising it) than what others have been saying. Sanchez likes the NY night life way to much from what you read up there.

  37. rayrayjr,

    it must be embarrassing enough to be a jets fan but then to compound it by uninformed dumb remarks?

  38. rayjayjohnsonjr says:
    Jan 4, 2012 11:30 PM
    And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?


    Well, you’re a moron!

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!

  39. I’m tired of seeing all the ignorant idiots chiming in about “trading” Peyton and his salary, when he’d be cut, not traded.

  40. “And the sooner the Jets acknowledge publicly what they’re realizing privately, the closer they’ll be toward become the team they so badly want to be.”

    Talk about greedy, after winning the past three SBs the Jets just want more. smh

  41. I think the fact that the kid from Alabama had the stones to say something about the team is more telling than Boomer’s opinion. That kid is a back-up QB rook on IR and said the locker room was not a fun place to be. He said there are guys on the Jets that do not care about winning or losing as long as they get theirs.

    I think the kid is right. There are a bunch of guys throughout the league like that. Many receivers would rather lose with 10 catches/130 yds/1 TD than win with 2 catches/30 yds/0 TD. That is a selfish mentality in a team sport. That has to change.
    Kudos to McElroy. He has the leadership and smarts. If he has comparable physical skills he should be starting over Sanchez.

  42. As if Manning would want anything to do with big mouth Ryan. The Jets really think he would want to be part of that dysfunctional bunch of idiots ? Really ? LOL

  43. dmartin17 says:Jan 4, 2012 11:50 PM

    Why is it that the PC police are the ones that see all this racism? A reflection on themselves perhaps?

    It’s because they are miserable people. To actually think that Boomer said that in anything remotely close to a racist tone is insane. To interpret it that way means that person is just a sad miserable person that wants people to feel bad for them or just take away anything they can from those that aren’t down on their lives. I bet Boomer was blown away by having to explain that comment. I would not have been so friendly.

  44. liam1984 – you know nothing about football…..look at Matt Ryan…..Joe Flacco….Peyton Manning…..the list goes on. Sitting behind someone does nobody any good….just ask any QB. You learn some by sitting….but to learn what you truly need, you have to PLAY! Not playing delays this…..

  45. Looks like Mangini knew what he was doing when he traded the pick to the Jets. Too bad Cleveland didn’t get a better return on the picks.

  46. Boomer has great insight into the game. As has been said, he was a defensive stop from a ring against Joe Montana. That counts for something. Like Brady in SB 42, if his D can step up and make a stop, he has a ring.

    His opinion carries more weight to me than Joe Namath. Boomer was consistently good. Namath was a terrible QB. He had shining moments, but his career numbers are garbage. Sanchez is the modern day Tony Eason. He has talent and is not awful, but he doesn’t seem to take that next step to greatness. That fire doesn’t seem to be there. Plus, they both have that deer in headlights look and especially in the face of a pass rush.

  47. Look, when the Jets picked Sanchez, more than one analyst questioned his arm strength and his ability to get the job done.
    This is what his third year and he really hasn’t progressed, and actually went backwards this year in many areas.
    The whole deal with Holmes probably has to do with Sanchez not throwing the long ball to him and the big yardage plays that ain’t happening.
    Holmes doesn’t want to go over the middle for a ten yard pass and get creamed by a linebacker.
    Teams figured out the Jets and its short ball. No deep threats and easier to defend. Their season is what it is. They were easier to defeat this year.

  48. Boomer as a commentator can spout as he wishes on a team the Jets have lost control as even their own players have said. The jets fan base knows something isn’t right when they watch the QB seem to be lost in his play, watching players push each other in the huddle and see their coach act on the field and running off the field as a jerk. So running down a x football player now sport talker when the facts are out there for everyone to see. This team has to many ME ME ME guys.

  49. The lamest Sanchez defense I’ve read on here: “How many Super Bowls has Esiason won”?

    If that’s what it takes to have a valid opinion about a a guy who plays the same position Boomer played, then I guess we as fans have zero credibility and insight on the matter.

    And this is coming from someone who has never cared for Esiason.

  50. What’s with all the stupid Jets Fans-Boomer Hater comments? Geez you people are sooooo dumb. It’s no wonder everyone hates your fan base! Boomer actually went to a Super Bowl! Something only 1 QB from your crappy franchise knows anything about!

  51. It’s very telling when the image of a team is its fat, loud-mouthed coach. There is something very wrong when that happens.

  52. I haven’t seen Sanchez much, but that’s always been my impression of him as well. When he starts moving around in the pocket, he does this herky jerky start and stop thing that gives me whiplash.

  53. rayjayjohnsonjr says:
    Jan 4, 2012 11:30 PM
    And how many Super Bowls was it that Esiason won, or even play in?

     I agree Boomer talks too much but he did play in 1 more Super Bowl than Sanchez has and has 1 more MVP than he does

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