Colts announce special teams coach won’t return

The Indianapolis Colts haven’t decided whether head coach Jim Caldwell will return next year. But Caldwell has decided that one of his assistants will not return next year.

The team announced today that it will not renew the contract of special teams coordinator Ray Rychleski, and according to the official announcement that the Colts distributed to the media, that was Caldwell’s decision.

“I felt we needed to make a change and head in a new direction,” Caldwell said in a statement. “Although the special teams unit made some improvement as the season progressed, it was not enough to continue our current situation. We appreciate Ray’s service and hard work during his three seasons with the team.”

It’s a little odd that Caldwell is deciding the future of other coaches when his own future hasn’t been determined, but Rychelski might be better off getting to look for other jobs now, as it’s still entirely possible the entire coaching staff will be sent packing later.

Rychleski is the second Colts coordinator to lose his job because of the disastrous season in Indianapolis; defensive coordinator Larry Coyer was fired during the season. Bill Polian thinks he was fired because of the backup quarterback situation, but heads are rolling in Indianapolis for problems with every phase of the game.

13 responses to “Colts announce special teams coach won’t return

  1. Maybe he can interview for a head job somewhere, this site said special teams guys are in vogue now.

  2. Yeah, special teams failures are the real reason the Colts had such a dismal season. It had nothing to do with the absence of the perhaps the best QB who has ever played the game and an aging roster overall.

  3. Do you think Jim Caldwell has nightmares about sharks circling him that look like Jeff Fisher?

  4. A little tired of hearing the incorrect term “Polianoscopy,” despite how clever it admittedly is; so, in the interest of clarity:

    1. Since Polian was completely extracted it’s not a Polianoscopy, it’s a Polianectomy.

    2. Since two Polians were excised, it would be more correct to say “Bilateral Polianectomy.”

    You’re welcome.

  5. I am a huge Colts fan. After watching this season, last years loss to the Jets, and the loss in the Super Bowl 2 years ago, I wasn’t aware they had a special teams coach. Go figure…

  6. I am thinking this was already in the works, before Bill was FIRED!!! I think it was part of a master plan to get Brian Polian on as the special teams coach. Just a theory.

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