Elway says Tebow needs to pull the trigger

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Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has thrown four interceptions in the last two games after throwing only two all season before that, but that doesn’t mean the team wants him to be more careful.

Instead, Broncos Executive V.P. of Football Operations John Elway says he’s worried that Tebow started playing it too safe as the Broncos competed for a playoff berth in December.

“That’s human nature, especially when you’re young, to become more cautious,” Elway told the Denver Post. “The key thing for [Tebow] is to go out, put everything behind him, go through his progressions and pull the trigger.”

Elway, who knows a thing or two about leading a team to a playoff victory in Denver, says he has confidence in what Tebow can do on Sunday against the Steelers.

“When you get into these playoff situations, he’s a good enough athlete, you know what, to pull the trigger,” Elway said. “He’s obviously upset with last week. He’s already got an edge to him, so he’s ready to go. I like seeing the edge. Oh, yeah. I actually love it. I have full confidence he’ll bounce back and have a good week.”

Elway has never seemed to be fully on board with Tebow, a quarterback he inherited when he took over the team. Whether Tebow can pull the trigger on Sunday and lead the Broncos to a playoff upset may go a long way toward determining whether Elway can buy into Tebow pulling the trigger for the Broncos’ offense beyond this weekend.

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  1. Can’t wait for the Broncos to cut Tebow, and no team to pick him up. Maybe then we’ll stop having so much Tebow coverage. I feel bad for the kid, as it is not his fault that the media gets off to talking about him 24/7.

  2. Agree with Elway 100% here. Tebow has become too cautious and it’s what is making him look bad right now.
    Paralysis by analysis. Just go out there and play football man…

  3. Timmy, talk to Bert Favre, he’s a guy who can give you advice on not being afraid to pull the trigger. Double , triple, no matter what the coverage, just fling it in there. See, you have God on your side, and you always will as long as you don’t send out any pictures of your junk to young women.

  4. Elway’s right…he’s not going to earn himself the position long term by hitting the 3-iron off the tee every time. Bring out the big dog and let it eat…if it doesn’t pan out, at least you went out swinging.

  5. I think it’s clear that Elway has no intention of keeping Tebow as a long term answer.

    Some team will want him (Jax?) if not just for his huge fan base/following.

    I can’t see him as a long term success in the NFL. To be a successful quarterback in the NFL you have to throw the ball and he just can’t succeed in that area of his game.

  6. Elway is in a win/win situation. If the Broncos lose then Tebow can be cut while Elway saves face.

    If Tebow wins then Elway can keep him around since they’re still in the play-offs.

    Win Win.

  7. Tim Tebow vs. the old, slow and banged-up Pittsburgh Steelers?

    I’ll put my money on Tebow and the Denver defense…

  8. pittsburgh was number 1 against the pass this year. please throw more tebow…let us get out of denver quickly and get ready for new england

  9. Elway’s got to be hoping that Tebow tanks this week. He knows that Tebow is no good, but if Timmy pulls of another fluky performance Elway has to stick with him for another offseason/season.

  10. I re-watched the KC vs Denver game last night and noticed three things:
    1. Tebow is gun shy and needs to let it rip, but the fumbles are what is killing this team.
    2. Offensive play calling sucks (it’s way too predictable)!
    3. The Broncos Defense is scary good when it wants to be!!

    Stop fumbling, mix in more passes on early downs (slants, screens, hitches) and Denver can beat the Steelers!

  11. The problem is John, as I am sure you are well aware.
    The kid is not football smart enough to read the defense and figure out what his progressions are.
    Couple that with his horrible accuracy and wanting him to pull the trigger more?
    Or maybe you want him pulling the trigger more on national TV to show the tebowmaniacs what a horrible qb this guy really is.

  12. Remember back when they played the Lions, and they got depantsed? And then Fox changed things to the run/option based offense, and they won six straight? Good times, man. Good times.

    So, ah, why exactly are we focusing on throwing the ball so much and moving away from the concepts that produced that winning streak in the first place, exactly? Did I miss something?

    Do one thing, do it well. Throwing ain’t it, boys.

  13. Regardless the outcome on Saturday, the Denver Broncos went from worst to first. Elway took over a dismantled 4-12 team and they are now sitting at the top of their division, doubling their total wins from last season.

    Personally, I was skeptical when Elway was brought in – but after a solid draft class (Von Miller, Orlando Franklin, Q. Carter and Chris Harris), wise FA signings (Willis McGahee, Champ Bailey) – the Broncos are in pretty good shape heading into the off-season.

    The Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers have more depth and are better position by position – but one more solid draft and key FA signings and the Broncos are in good shape, regardless of the QB situation (which will play itself out).

  14. I can name plenty other teams who wouldnt mind scooping up tebow. He played a major role in getting Denver to the playoffs. Is that a bad thing people? people these days are so closed minded… And he is a QB. Deal with it…

  15. @ redrew

    Talk to the press? Do you mean talk to Woody Paige? The guy who has been writing for the Denver Post since the 70’s?

    Elway is a local guy – and only talks to a few writers in Denver and a handful of radio people in the area.

  16. In the beginning….Tebow couldn’t
    1) Take a snap from center
    2) Read a defense
    3) Throw accurately to an open receiver

    Tebow could
    1) Look great in an underwear commercial
    2) Look really good in a college offense where his team was so superior to the opposition he only needed to read one receiver per play and run if he wasn’t open.
    3) Look really good with his shirt off and scripture eye-black on.
    4) Lead a group of doe-eyed, no-brain religious people.
    5) Abstain from sex, discriminate against gay people
    6) Run like a full-back
    7) Read a bible better than a playbook
    8) Claim to work harder than the other people around him without them resenting him.
    9) Look at Favre’s turnover record and say, “Game On”.


  17. everone “knows” that pitt will crush denver. that is why denver will win. sports is like that. not where every underdog wins, but the one everybody is adamant about. everybody wants tebow to fail, and thar is why football gods- not biblical gods- will allow denver to win.
    whether its ben going down early, or ridiculous spec teams turnovers, and silly tipped and bobbled ints, denver will win this game. they woul win 10 out of 100 games against pitt, and this will be one of them

  18. I’m still pondering who to pull for in this game. I hate the Broncos more than I hate the Steelers, but only by a thin margin. I guess it comes down to this.

    Seeing the big headed Steeler fans crying over being Tebowed by a high school offense and losing to the worst playoff team of all time would be priceless.

    Seeing the worst team ever to make the post season lose would be a releaf, as Tebow mania would finally be over and done with.

    It’s a win, win situation, but I’m leaning more towards the sheer entertainment of witnessing the melt down Steeler fans would have if Tebow eliminated their tired old boring team from the post season. Gotta have some sort of fun since my teams blows chunks sideways.

  19. Is Elway VP of operations or their QB coach…. Every week he seems to be commenting on the guy. My guess there is no other VP of Operations that comment on their QB as much as Elway… Unless Jerry Jones is their VP of operations and then that ain’t very good company

  20. Elway needs to pull the trigger and send Tebow packing. Or at least to a different position.

    You are the boss Elway. Do what is best for your team.

    If Belichick were up to the challenge, it would be a good move for Denver to offer Tebow for Mallett. He’s a kid much in the opposite mold of Tebow. Sketchy decisions off the field (allegedly) but he has the arm that is needed to compete in the NFL. Do this or offer every dollar you can to Peyton when he is released.

  21. Can’t stop laughing at the “if Tebow loses, they can cut him” comments. Yeah, good call on that guys, I’m sure they’d rather have A.) Brady Quinn B.) Some random veteran throwaway C.) A rookie that has to grow into the system.

    Just keep in mind the 2007 Wild Card game in which the Steelers got beat at home by the Jags. This Denver team bears some similarities to Jacksonville that year, and Pittsburgh is fighting off injuries. Ryan Clark being out is huge, as it completely changes how Polamalu plays.

  22. People need to wake up to reality. The only reason Tebow had any success this year whatsoever was because of the team’s defense and a string of games against struggling, non-playoff teams. In Tebow’s starts this year he faced a grand total of 2 playoff teams and the Broncos were thoroughly destroyed in both of those games. Tebow-time seems to work quite well when the QB on the other team is Caleb Hanie or Tyler Palco or some other scrub but everytime the Broncos face even moderately good competition they are going to get blasted.

  23. The people claiming “let Tebow throw more” are funny. Don’t you think that John Fox would do that if it gave Denver the best chance to win? Despite what people insist on believing, Fox allowed Jake Delhomme to throw the ball PLENTY in Carolina. Delhomme had more than 450 attempts every year that he was healthy in Carolina, and one year he had over 533 attempts for 3886 yards. And this is JAKE DELHOMME, people.

    So, if Fox thought that he could win with Tebow throwing the ball, he’d do it. You think that Fox WANTED to lose 3 games in a row and back into the playoffs at 8-3, including a 7-3 loss to the guy that he cut and allowed to go to a division rival?

    If it were anyone else other than Tebow, no one would claim that the guy can play. I am not saying that Tebow won’t EVER be able to play, but no one would claim that Tebow should be playing NOW. The best thing for Tebow would have been to sit on the bench early in his career like Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien and a bunch of other Super Bowl winning QBs did. Either that or start out in another league like Warren Moon, Joe Theismann, Jim Kelly, Steve Young (again) and Kurt Warner did.

  24. Open yor heart and find the true meaning of Tebow, For some reason i had always assumed that when Tebow wanted our attention he would do something big to bring us back to him, but i was wrong. Tebow is always speaking. We are the ones hard of hearing. Tebow is always patient, waiting for Pittsburgh to believe. Big Ben is the impatient one demanding to be convinced. The Steelers want something real, something they can touch and see to help them believe. The rocky mountains and skies arent enough. Pittsburgh needs more. And Tebow has it, all around them every day. If Pittsburgh would just take the time to listen to Tebow they would see, they could walk towards Tebow and believe, some of them will, some like me

  25. Tim Tebow is proving that he was not a first round choice. Many have said he is at his ceiling. One of the top five worst NFL QB’s that have had two years. Look, if God wanted him to play NFL QB he would have given him a throwing arm (on the RIGHT).
    If there is no change in QB’s at half of Steelers then the experiment/fad is totally over.
    Many very good off-season options. Expensive ones are Matt Flynn and Andrew Luck (Peyton Manning). Obvious are Ryan Tannehill with the 21st pick or Case Keenum with the 53rd pick.
    IMO Denver gets a QB in FA and draft.

  26. thermalito:

    Yep. And not only were the Minnesota Vikings a 2-14 team, but when Tebow played them, the Vikings were missing 3 starters in the secondary. Kind of puts those 210 yards into context.

    The Packers put Aaron Rodgers on the bench because they had to correct his delivery and mechanics, and he also had to learn their offense, which was very different from his offense at Cal. The Broncos should have been prepared to do the same, or not have drafted Tebow in the first place.

  27. I haven’t change my view of Tebow, I still believe he can succeed as a QB in the NFL, as he has shown streaks of great play. I think he has lost confidence in himself after hearing how horrible he is from just about everyone. He’ll regain his confidence this week & play better I think. Now as a true, die hard fan of the Denver Broncos, I’ll be the 1st to admit that they are one of the worst division winners I have seen in recent memory. I feel awful saying that but I refuse to lie to myself. I know in my heart they have more problems than just Tebow, because they have probably the poorest group of WR’s in the league. Thomas is ok, Decker is ok sometimes, and Royal is just ok. None of them are what anyone would consider “good”. Only because of injuries to the Steelers, do they have a slight chance, if they dont have ANY turnovers at all! Although Im not kidding myself, its gonna be a rough day…

  28. The only result of the Tebow carnival this season is that his transition to becoming a top H-Back of the Aaron Hernandez caliber has been delayed one year.

  29. Chris Carter says:

    Can’t wait for James Harrison to lay him out and “Tebow” over his no talent body.
    Congrats. In a sea of crazy comments, yours actually stood out.

    Love my Steelers, and Harrison may lay Tebow out–if he can catch him. But Tebow’s no Colt McCoy. Like Ben, he’ll get up, muddy and bloody, and keep going. I watched my Crimson Tide defense wipe the floor with him but he never quit. And Tebow has a lot of talent–it just doesn’t include making multiple reads of NFL defenses and having a quick release in his throwing motion.

    The guy is a heckuva football player, but he lacks some of the fundamental skills needed for a modern-day NFL quarterback. If he’d been drafted in the third or fourth round as he should have been and given proper time to develop, he could have learned to read a defense and maybe even adjusted his throwing motion. But no one will ever teach more skilled quarterbacks to have his size, strength, and heart.

    Tebow gets too much publicity for the wrong reasons, and I want my Steelers to end his season. But you’ve got to respect a guy who leaves it all on the field the way he does.

  30. Bottom line is this: Tebow, yes can be incerdibly innacurate. But its not like he’s standing in the pocket waiting to make a throw. If they let him wing it, he’ll be throwing on the run. He does have an arm, and all I’m saying is for a corner and safety, thats a tougher out because you have to follow the QB as well. And then he still has the threat of running it while he creates time. It could be miserable for the Broncos for sure. But If they actually let him just air it out, dont be shocked if another outcome develops, especially with no Ryan Clark.

  31. Remember, Elway said Tebow would be on the team next year, but he didn’t necessarily say he’d be a quarterback. I’m just sayin’. Personally, I think he’d make a great possession receiver over the middle or a pass catching tight end.

    We all know his tenure at qb is about to come to and end, so all this advice about being more daring, confident, etc. is wasted. People have to understand that he IS doing the best he can and it’s not nearly enough.

  32. I had taco bell today and my farts stink about as bas as tebow does at passing. They are long and drawn out kind of like his delivery!

  33. I thought the steelers may struggle with this game due to Ben’s ankle and being overwhelming favorite.

    however, if Broncos are dumb enough to throw the ball a lot with Tebow this game is over. Tebow, who is a pretty good football player and can be successful, can’t throw accurately.

    maybe Elway wants him to blow up. then he can say, ‘i gave him a chance and he lost the playoff game for us.’

  34. Elways smarter than he looks. We all know that Tebow has been throwing more lately and thats why he is failing. He is already throwing way more than he did all season. Elway knows Tebow isnt capable of pulling the trigger in the NFL and thats why he is asking him to. Its like your kid being the starting qb for his pop warner football team and getting hurt. Your going to take him to the games to watch his team mates play and when the back up qb does good, your going to play the part and clap but really deep down inside, you dont want him to do too good. Thats how Elway is. He knows Tebow isnt the long term answer but when he does good, he claps and pretends like hes happy for him. But really deep down, he wants him to fail so he can draft or trade for a real qb. Poor analogy but you get where im coming from

  35. Elway is trying to take some pressure off the guy. His most supportive comments in the press since the work it over this summer comments.

    What Tebow needs is for Fox to come with a better game plan for the Steelers. As expected, teams have made adjustments to contain the kid. Fox needs to open the playbook, if there is one, get creative on Tebow touches. He can’t stand in the pocket.

    If Bradford took the Rams to the playoffs in his second year he would be anointed the future of the league.

  36. A lot of you are so ridiculos. The Broncos haven’t been to the playoffs in 6 years! So a young Quarterback (only 14 starts) has done something that Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton couldnt manage to do in a combined 71 games and he has no business being a starting Quarterback. It is a really good thing that 99% of young QB’s aren’t graded like this. Most of them don’t have the wins to go along with it. Oh and please watch the games and count how many times we throw on first down, how many times we throw on 3rd and long and how many short passes we throw. WATCH THE GAMES. I cannot remember 1 pass that was shorter than 7 yards. I can only rememer 1 that was between 10 and 15. This is the same defense that played when they were 1 and 4 and the same running game that was mediocre before Tebow. I am not a Tebowmaniac, I am a Broncos fan and I know a few teams with young QB’s and similar stats (Colt Mccoy, Sam Bradford, Blaine Gabbert..to name a few) that would love to be in the playoffs. Bottom line is we were 1-4 in a 6 year playoff droubt and the only thing that changed was Tim Tebow. And for all those who think he sucked against New England, I don’t think throwing for 200 yards, running for 100 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns is that bad.

  37. we’ll trade Tebow for mallet any day. I’m a hogs fan. watched every game he played. he won’t hesitate to pull the trigger with that rocket arm he has.

  38. “I am a Broncos fan and I know a few teams with young QB’s and similar stats (Colt Mccoy, Sam Bradford, Blaine Gabbert..to name a few)”

    Tebow is dead last in the NFL in completion percentage and dead last in passing yards per game.

    He is 28th in total QB rating.

    He pretty much sucks worse than any other QB when it comes to passing.

    Good luck in the long run with QB who can’t pass at the NFL level.

  39. “So a young Quarterback (only 14 starts) has done something that Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton couldnt manage to do in a combined 71 games and he has no business being a starting Quarterback”

    I’m sorry but Tebow did exactly what Cutler and Orton did. Orton and McDaniels won the first six games of the season and lost the last three to finish 8-8. Cutler and Shanahan lost the last three games of the season to finish 8-8 and Shanahan was fired for that. Now Tebow does the same and he’s the Lone Ranger?? So Tebow MUST be responsible for the mediocrity of the AFC West.

    I’m a Bronco fan but I’m not blind.

  40. @broncoguy

    Tebow took a 1-4 team to the playoffs. He went 7-4 not 8-8, so NO, he did not do exactly what Cutler and Orton did. Tebow the Lone Ranger? Well how many of those 7 wins were 4th quarter comebacks? 6? Um Kyle Orton last year had a chance for 6 4th quarter comebacks and won 1! WOW! Oh and lost the 3, 4th quarter comebacks he had this year!


    That’s my point! We had 2 “passers” breaking records and where did that get us. Kyle Orton was flinging the ball all over the field and would wilt under pressure and led us to a dominating 3 wins out of 13 last season. What was I thinking? You want to talk about stats? Why did you leave out Touchdown to int. ratio, rushing yards, rushing TD’s and why on earth would you use the ESPN Total QBR. What’s next the Wunderlic score?

  41. Elway is dumber than he looks if he thinks this guy can become a great passer. They just re-tailored the entire offense into this option sham in order to get this whelp to touch the field, and the entire show is predicated on short passing routes for him to capitalize on overzealous linebackers and safeties who attempt to come up and meet him if he runs, thereby vacating their coverage assignment. Any throw over fifteen yards requires a windup of at least an extra second and a half (an eternity in the pass rush game of this league) to even toss it to the same area code for a receiver running a fly or corner pattern deep.

    Regarding the game, I think Pittsburgh will play smart defensively and get a couple scoring opportunities from Tebow trying to be who he isn’t; and I see Benny Roe getting the ball out quick to Ike Redman and Heath Miller.

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