Packers coordinator Joe Philbin to interview with Chiefs tonight

Coordinating the best offense in the NFL is a good way to get noticed for head-coaching opportunities, as Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is finding out.

Philbin is scheduled to interview with the Chiefs tonight, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. As we’ve previously noted, the Dolphins are also interested in interviewing Philbin. Whether Philbin gets an offer remains to be seen, but he’s one of the hot assistants this year.

If Philbin’s offense continues to play well in the postseason, it could actually work against his chances of getting a head-coaching job. Teams with head-coaching vacancies usually want their new coaches to get to work immediately, and so the assistant coaches who get to the Super Bowl are often at a disadvantage because impatient owners would rather hire a coach who can start now. Philbin wouldn’t be able to start until the Packers’ postseason is over.

The 50-year-old Philbin has been with the Packers since 2003 and was the offensive line coach before Mike McCarthy promoted him to offensive coordinator before the 2007 season.

Schefter reports that the Chiefs have already had several interviews, although they’re keeping the names of the other coaches they’re interviewing under wraps. Romeo Crennel, who went 2-1 as the Chiefs’ interim head coach at the end of the season, is a candidate to keep the job on a permanent basis.

35 responses to “Packers coordinator Joe Philbin to interview with Chiefs tonight

  1. I am a KC fan if no good head coach should go to KC. Clark Hunt likes to pocket the unspent cap money and he is always 30 million under. That is the reality of an owner who just wants to make money and not give a dang about putting a championship team together. Not only that, but Clark Hunt does not even live in KC. Good coaches stay away.

  2. Bears Ownership….please find a way to hire this man.

    You want to close the talent gap, here is your man. He knows how to develop players.

  3. As a huge Chiefs fan, please please please do not let this be another Brad Childress situation. I remember Chilly getting way to much credit for Philly’s offensive success when everyone knew that Andy “Tight Helmet” Reid ran the offensive show. I am not sure what Philbin’s exact gametime/weekly preparation role is, but I sure hope he doesn’t ride the A-Rodg/McCarthy offensive gravy train into a 4 year contract (see Todd Haley disaster after he got to much credit for Ken Wisinator’s offense in Arizona as well).

    Either way get the TE, Safety, RB healthy and I like the Chiefs chances next year.

  4. I think he’s just coordinator in name. McCarthy calls all offensive plays.

    That being said, the Chiefs offense was pretty offensive this year. They could hire the kid who hands towels to the Packer offensive players and see some improvement.

  5. I wrote this yesterday about a different situation, but welcome to our world – A Pats’ fan.

    When you win, it really sucks seeing your coaching staff decimated almost yearly. You lose all continuity. The Pats lost Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, and they have never been quite the same.

  6. Mike McCarthy calls the offensive plays and works with Aaron Rodgers to formulate the offensive game plan. I’m not trying to knock Joe Philbin, but do question how much of a role he has in the offenses success.

  7. I’m curious as to what exactly he does as ‘offensive coordinator.’ McCarthy calls the plays and even Aaron Rodgers has more control over the offense based on his play calling on Sunday.

  8. finally someone who knows an offense designed in the 21st century!!
    whoever KC gets as a HC, they better make the right choice for O-Coordinator. Not the Haley, then Haley/Muir uber conservative style of “run up the middle, run up the middle, swing pass on 3rd and 10, punt”.
    sick of seeing 3 man pass patterns on 3rd and long. you drafted Baldwin in the 1st round, then you make him pass-protect with L. Pope and 5 OL, leaving a max of 3 guys in a route??? and even then, couldn’t protect the QB on a 3 step drop??

    I’d love to see an aggressive offense back in KC.

  9. 24mountaincreeks, you beat me to it. Philbin’s position is largely ornamental. Do you really think the previous offensive line coach is the brains behind the Packers machine? If anything, Philbin is McCarthy’s secretary, not an OC. The Chiefs would make a big mistake signing this guy.

  10. I’m a huge Packer fan but I’ll tell you that Joe Philbin is the least know and visible person on the Packers.
    He’s obviously doing a great job but really flies under the radar.

    ps – Actually, McCarthy calls all the offensive plays so we don’t know how Philbin would do.

  11. “nflfollower says:
    Jan 4, 2012 9:26 AM
    Doesn’t McCarthy call the plays?”

    Actually, in the last game against the Lions, Aaron Rodgers called the plays for the entire first half. (Seriously).

  12. McCarthy runs that Offense …. this guy just has the title as OC. But that don’t mean nothing, McCarthy was hired by GB when he was the OC at SF and had the 31st ranked Offense.

  13. If he goes, the first guy he wants brought into town is Flynn. No sense heading to a new team without a capable QB.

  14. Please God…for the good of Packer Nation and the organization…TAKE HIM. The offense is McCarthy and Rodgers, Philbin is an overglorified O-line coach, who was marginal at best doing just that.

  15. I’d wait a couple more years and hire Peyton Manning to coach the team. Seriously who do you think was responsible for 14-2? Jim “the hologram of Forest Whitaker” Caldwell? Nope he’s the 2-14 mastermind.

  16. mikeeg says:
    Jan 4, 2012 11:13 AM
    Why cant these coaches wait till end of season( playoffs) to interview? I never understood this method
    I understand your confusion in this as it sucks for the playoff teams, but think of it from the prospective coach’s perspective.

    If you had the chance for upgrading your job, possibly making 5+ times the salary you make now, would you wait until the end of the fiscal year to interview? If they did this, they’d be steps behind the competition for the job “promotion”.

  17. chefgoldblum says: Jan 4, 2012 9:51 AM

    I’m curious as to what exactly he does as ‘offensive coordinator.

    He puts the O game plan together and runs the offensive meetings during the week.

  18. Forget Crennel, his defense was blown out of 5 games by more than 28 points.

    Think outside the box and get a real HC in here. Crennel is an adventure into the same thing the Chiefs have always done in the past and that’s take the easy way out.

  19. Does pioli. Have a problem with hiring a coach with head coaching experience? This guy sounds like Haley part 2 minus the a hole attitude. I would rather they keep crennell than hire this joker.

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