PFT Live: What went wrong for the Vikings?

Mike Florio talks with the Minnesota Vikings’ new general manager Rick Spielman. Florio wants to know how much responsibility Spielman will have in his new position, and whether there will there be any coaching changes in Minnesota. Most importantly, Florio wants to know what went wrong for the Minnesota Vikings during their 3-13 season.

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4 responses to “PFT Live: What went wrong for the Vikings?

  1. Sleazeman didn’t anwer one question just kept saying that he needs to make better decesions. What a snake charmer.

  2. my favourite part was when he said Ponder played well in the beginning but then when he made some mistakes he played a little scared for a while but then played better in the last few games.

    Talk about covering your decision with bullcrap – Ponder was outrageously bad in the last games vs Det, NO, Wash and Chic. He got progressively worse as the season wore on. Webb won the Wash game and almost pulled a 4th quarter miracle against Det…and he sure as hell played better than Ponder vs Chicago.

  3. It is outrageously unfair to compare Ponder’s performance to Webb’s in this offense. Notice how Ponder “regressed” after his first hip pointer injury. That killed his mobility, and with the offensive line blocking no one, Webb was much better suited to extend the play and allow the pedestrian vikings wideouts to get open. Im not saying that Ponder is better than Webb, I just think both of them deserve a full offseason to learn and grow. It really doesn’t matter who they have at QB if no one can block.

  4. Ponder seems like a good guy and won’t get arrested anytime soon or ever. Bottom line is Ponder wasn’t worth a first round pick. Webb played better than him after practicing with the practice squad the first 7 games of the year. I don’t like playing time because of potential vs actual skill. Start Joe Webb or draft another QB.

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