Rams request permission to interview Eric DeCosta

Widely viewed as the eventual successor to G.M. Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore, Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta has deflected past opportunities to fly the coop.

Opportunity is knocking once again.  League sources tell PFT that the Rams have requested permission from the Ravens to interview DeCosta for the vacant General Manager position in St. Louis.

DeCosta is an original member of the Ravens organization.  He served as director of college scouting before becoming director of player personnel in 2009.  In DeCosta’s first draft as director of college scouting in 2003, the Ravens picked linebacker Terrell Suggs.

DeCosta’s name has been mentioned in connection with the other G.M. vacancies, in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Oakland.  The Colts reportedly have sought permission to interview DeCosta, too.

By rule, a front-office employee under contract with one team can be hired if the candidate will have with the new team final say over the roster and the draft.  Otherwise, the current team must agree to allow the employee to leave before the expiration of the contract.

16 responses to “Rams request permission to interview Eric DeCosta

  1. DeCosta has a brilliant football mind, but it doesn’t necessarily translate well into a G.M. position.

    Ask Phil Savage and George Kokinis how it worked out for them.

  2. Bad news for ravens fans. Although as bleedpurpleenblack has correctly pointed out, Phil Savage was once thought to be the next Ozzie Newsome and you see how that ended in Cleavland.

    I’d argue though that DeCosta means more to the organization now then Savage did at the time. Some people (I think Bsun at some point last year) have reported that DeCosta already has some GM-esq responsibilities whereas Savage was merely just a scouting guru. As we’ve seen, a GM is more than just drafting players. You have to know who to sign at what price and when to let bad investments walk.

    That being said, I think it would be tough for DeCosta to leave. He’s only 40, he has a young family in area, and has a reportedly great relationship with Biscotti and Newsome. Although money does talk!

  3. He would be better off staying in Baltimore than entertaining any kind of offer from the Rams. The Colts job would be interesting though. Peyton possibly coming back and the number one pick would make that job enticing.

  4. Why would DeCosta leave Baltimore? The transition to GM from Ozzie is already in the works. His wife is a Maryland native and loves living here. Ozzie is one superbowl birth / win away from walking into the sunset. Simply put, DeCosta would have more control here as director of player personnel than he would as GM for the Rams.

  5. I think Oz is going to be GM until he’s too old to walk down to the field from the press box,which could be 1 year or 10. DeCosta will bolt for more $$ and the Ravens will just move Vince Newsome or Joe Hortiz into his spot. As long as Oz is making the picks the Ravens will continue to be competitive,past that who can say?

  6. You can stay and continue to Ozzie’s boy . Or you can go into the world and make a name for yourself .

  7. @steeltownpride – that afraid of drcosta huh? He is going nowhere. He takes over for oz in 2 or 3 years

  8. DeCosta has turned down interviews before, I think he wants to take over in B-more when Ozzie leaves to be the AD at Bama in a couple of years

  9. If He works out as a GM It figures the Browns would hire the wrong one . will he tell a fan to go elf himself during a game like Savage did ?. No wonder they finished fourth in the division . bad hires & worse drafts since 99 .

  10. I’d take that Bears job if I’m DeCosta. Same style of team, solid QB, solid RB, good D.

    Plus a cool city to live in. Also final laugh in Angelo’s face after that botched trade. Not only are you fired, we’re hiring a Raven to take your spot!

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