Rams show interest in Todd Bowles


Dolphins interim head coach Todd Bowles, who received consideration for the Cowboys head coaching job this year, may wind up getting multiple head coaching interviews this year.

Bowles is under consideration in Miami and it sounds like he will also interview with the Rams.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the Rams are interested in interviewing Bowles.  Meeting with Bowles would satisify the Rooney Rule. The Rams are also expected to meet with Jeff Fisher, who sounds like the early favorite for the job.

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  1. Rooney Rule is turning out to be the most racist and condescending way of solving the issues of lack of minorities coaching.

  2. The Miami Dolphins should hire Todd Bowles as their next coach. He won 2 out of 3 and played the Patriots close. Moreover he would give that dysfunctional franchise some stability. One of the problems with the Dolphins is they bring in a big name coach Johnson, Saban and they leave the francise. Then someone else comes in and changes everything again and so the dysfunction continues……..

  3. As I recall, Bowles was one of the finalists on Martin Mayhew’s list for head coaches before Jim Schwartz was selected. Mayhew and Bowles were both with the Redskins at one time. Here’s a little excerpt of comments from Hall of Famer Darrell Green, which were published in the Palm Beach Post on December 16, 2011:

    Green said there were four teammates on those Redskins teams of the late 1980s and early ’90s whom he knew would succeed after football. One was Mark Murphy, now the president and CEO of the undefeated Green Bay Packers. Another was Detroit General Manager Martin Mayhew, who has overseen the rebirth of the Lions. A third was Kurt Gouveia, who followed up a 13-year playing career by coaching three years in NFL Europe. The fourth was Bowles.

    “He was my quarterback at the safety position for so many years,” Green said. ” ‘Murph’ and Mayhew went and got their law degrees and are now high-level management in the NFL. Todd is the equal to them at the coaching level.

  4. Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, is reporting that the Detroit Lions have contacted the Miami Dolphins about interviewing assistant head coach/secondary coach Todd Bowles, a Bill Parcells disciple.

    NFL.com, December 31: Detroit clearly is exhausing all options, and Bowles is a bonafide one. He previously has coached with the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys before moving to Miami with Parcells last winter.
    The 45-year-old Bowles has a superb reputation around the league and could draw more interest than just from Detroit.

  5. Rooney rule rears its ugly head again. I’m a Dolphins fan and I think Bowles did an admirable job. Kept the team together and had them playing hard in all 3 games coming out with wins in 2.

    However, this is clearly just a lame way for teams to be in compliance with the Rooney Rule which has turned into a complete joke at this point.

    Here’s hoping Bowles gets a shot down the line.

  6. I understand the good intentions of the Rooney Rule. However, in practice, it appears very short sighted. I’m black, and if I knew the only way a job could be filled is if a black candidate was interviewed, and that interviewee was me, I’d be kinda pissed and decline the interview, especially when it’s obvious that they already have a favorite for the job.

    The Rams want Fisher, and they should be able to go after him unimpeded. I’m a Steeler fan. I love Mike Tomlin. He’d have been hired Rooney Rule or not, based on merit and the effectiveness of his interview and resume. Leslie Frazier had previously declined to be interviewed because he knew it was only to satisfy the Rooney Rule. I would have done the same.

  7. Some of the black coaches should not take the interviews, so they can help satisfy the rule. The rule is coming off as a slight bit racist- lets bring in the black guy for lunch before we give the white guy the big contract, so we don’t get fined.

    These old owners, who grew up and lived through segregation, are getting out of the league, and a younger generation is coming up that doesn’t see color ,but the best people for the jobs.

  8. With Todd Bowles resume and reputation, I would think he would be a serious consideration for a head coaching job, whether it is with Miami or elsewhere. To impress people, he needs to go on the interview trail. That’s usually how it works for coordinators (black or white) who have not previously held head coaching jobs. I think Leslie Frazier has indicated that his prior experiences interviewing for head coaching jobs, albeit unsuccessful, helped him when he interviewed for the Vikings head coaching job.

  9. Todd Bowles is qualified, but not a likely choice for St. Louis. Fisher will get first choice, and then all the 2nd tier guys will fight for the leftovers. Guys like Malarky, Chudzinski, and even DeCamillis will get shots before Bowles. The likely reason they’re interviewing him now is to satisfy The Rooney Rule, get that requirement out of the way, and then romance the hell out of Fisher, without having to wait to sign him. All Bowles is doing is standing in for Fewell, while the Giants are in the playoffs. Just so happens he’s free at this time, while the other guy is still working.

  10. Good for him…he’s seems to be a solid coach…some issues with our CB’s playing soft but overall they are young and he kept our boys motivated…

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