Reggie McKenzie to interview with Raiders Wednesday


There was a power vacuum in Oakland’s personnel department during the season following the death of owner Al Davis.

With the regular season over, Raiders ownership is moving quickly to fill a general manager position.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie will interview for the G.M. job on Wednesday.

This is a move that former Packers G.M. Ron Wolf has been pushing for a while. Florio delved deeply into the issue this morning in a post everyone should read. (If you are into this sort of thing. Which you should be if you made it this far.)

It’s a fascinating dynamic. Raiders coach Hue Jackson may not be entirely comfortable with the direction that this G.M. search is heading, especially if McKenzie brings along Wolf’s son Eliot Wolf.

Jackson wants to be involved with the G.M. search, but his role in the process remains unclear.  (Like a lot of things in Oakland.)

Post-season hiring drama is nothing new with the Raiders. Hiring guys like McKenzie and Wolf, who come from the Packers organization, could help them avoid so much drama in the future.

63 responses to “Reggie McKenzie to interview with Raiders Wednesday

  1. He’s this era’s Jack Vainisi to the Packers. I for one will really dislike seeing him leave, but he’s a budding star who will be a huge success as a GM. I think this search is over, just going through the hiring motions.

  2. This is the right move to make, and if Hue doesn’t like it, he can find another job. His attempt to control everything is going to set the Raiders back another ten years. GMs manage, Coaches coach. Hue needs to quit campaining and start coaching. The greatest leaders know how to delegate.

  3. I still don’t see how McKenzie could just drag along Elliot Wolf if he wanted to. Wolf is still under contract with the Packers and will be for a couple more years. Presumably GB would promote Wolf and deny him the opportunity to go elsewhere, unless he’s too low on the GB totem pole for those rules to apply.

  4. I really hope this happens. Oakland needs a new direction, and that kind of involvement would get this team moving the right way, and hopefully calm Hue down a bit. He has the potential to be a good coach, but his attempt at GM has been somewhere between the dirt & a fresh steamer.

  5. Hue needs to realize…..and realize very quickly, that he has not accomplished anything in the NFL yet. therefore, he is absolutely no position whatsoever to request, dictate, or demand anything from an owner.

    Hue Jackson isn’t even a good coach and should be grateful he even got the opportunity to coach, much less still has a job. If I am the owner, Mouthy Jackson is gone as soon as i hire a GM

  6. God I hope this happens, McKenzie sounds like the man for the job. Former Raider and he has helped build a powerhouse in GB.
    Hue went 8-8, same as Cable. Davis, Madden, Wolf, and Trask might ask his opinion to be nice but they will make the final decision.

  7. Since I am no expert by any stretch, I go with my “gut.” And mine has screamed all along that Hue Jackson is just wrong for the Raiders. And when he tossed the entire team under the bus after they failed to make the playoffs, I was convinced my ol’ gut was right again. This man is not even good at what he is “supposed” to be an O Coord. He’s a power hungry little twerp that should be home helping do the dishes or something. And take that D Coord to help dry.

  8. This makes me sad. Reggie has been responsible for bringing in several top shelf Packer players. Ted Thompson’s job will get much much harder without Reggie on his staff. If he does go I hope it’s the Raiders and not the Bears.

  9. This could be very good for the Raiders. Hue couldn’t deliver the playoffs. If he did he’d have more clout. I could see a new experienced HC, Hue back as OC.A Defense-minded coach.

  10. I’d like to take this moment, on behalf of the entire Raider Nation to thank the football gods for news like this. Only took a couple of years, but the billboard worked (that’s my story & I’m sticking to it).

    Ever since Ron Wolf left the Raiders, they’ve been very up and down, to say the least in the personnel department. Wolf’s last draft with the Raiders netted the team Tim Brown, Terry McDaniel and Scott Davis. Not too shabby. Wolf saw Brett Favre as the top QB prospect the year Al Davis signed Marinovich. Can you imagine how that selection would’ve altered the course of the Raiders’ future?

    Wolf basically turned the Packers into what the Raiders used to be, and his work has laid the groundwork for success for years to come. In the meantime, there’s been a whole lot of gnashing of teeth for us in the Raider Nation. One head scratching decision after another.

    So now comes news that Mark Davis and the Raiders’ tiny front office has decided to revamp the organization by bringing in a former Raider and another Ron Wolf prodigy. And also, the possibility that Eliot Wolf may be coming along as well? Awesome!

    I don’t care what HueJack thinks of this or not. If Mark Davis has to amend his contract to spell out who he reports to and Hue refuses… good bye. As much as I, along with the rest of the Nation have been critical of this team’s lack of discipline, etc., to throw them under the bus like he did after the last game of the season was craptacular. You can think whatever you want as a coach, but sound like everybody else. Even Rex Ryan, the king of all things hubris knows better than to throw his players under. And that guy is outta control.

    Of course, those pics of Hue getting a pedicure did not exactly endear him to the Raider Nation. Awkward…

  11. First order of business – fire Chuck Bresnahan and bring in a DC that can turn things around.


    First order of business – hire a GM . – Then let him hire a coach – then let him hire a defensive coordinator .

    Just create a chain of command baby .

  12. Hue Jackson should focus more on coaching ,fix the defensive problems and the penalty problems that The Raiders have Mastered for Decades rather than trying to become Al Davis Jr..
    I believe this would be a great move for the organization. This Move will help stabilitize The Raiders and give them a Respectable Name back. RAIDER NATION!

  13. Best news I’ve heard since Sunday. It will not take away the sting from the Chargers loss, but this is a start.

    And yes, I second slugdub. Fire Chuck B as soon as Reggie McKenzie becomes the GM.

  14. Hiring him would be a solid first step for Mark Davis.
    I’m glad he’s listening to the advice he’s getting.

  15. Reggie is long overdue (as is John Dorsey). Hope the Packers can keep Eliot. He’s a rising star. I remember Ron Wolf grooming him when he was in elementary school.

  16. Of course Hue wants to pick the GM…its called job security. Having a real GM from a successful organization that will hold everyone accountable will bring the Raiders back to being relevant for the 1st time in a long time. Wise move by Junior Davis if this pans out.

  17. I’ve seen it implied several times on PFT that Hue Jackson isn’t comfortable with Ron Wolf being involved with the GM search. Is there any evidence of this at all? And why would Hue especially have a problem with Elliot Wolf being brought along? If you’re just going to continue to voice opinions with no basis in fact, you should at least state that clearly in the posts about the subject. Nothing I’ve seen or heard Hue Jackson actually say would indicate that any of this is true.

  18. The Packers and Raiders are related by marriage because of the Ron Wolf link.

    But that being said, that Raiders job is not so attractive with no first round draft picks for the next few years.

    Thanks, Hue, for that.

  19. -Nine straight seasons w.o a winning record.
    -Seven straight season w at least eleven losses.
    -Second to last in points allowed on defense in 2011.
    -Currently hold second longest playoff drought in NFL.

    And they call themselves bullies!?!

  20. Great move if it goes through! Heard this would happen but not quite this soon. I bet cowboy fan’s would like to read a headline like this!

  21. lets get this done so we can take the pressure off hue, so he can do what he was hired to do……! he has had to do so many different things this year that he could not stay focused on coaching……..lets go raiders!!

  22. For everyone saying Hue Jackson wants to be Al Davis Jr. you are insulting the real Al Davis. Al dramatically turned the team around as a coach, and slowly built his empire through loyalty to the players. Hue has already shown he has no loyalty to the players and had the same record as his predecessor.

  23. I’ve seen it implied several times on PFT that Hue Jackson isn’t comfortable with Ron Wolf being involved with the GM search. Is there any evidence of this at all? And why would Hue especially have a problem with Elliot Wolf being brought along? If you’re just going to continue to voice opinions with no basis in fact, you should at least state that clearly in the posts about the subject. Nothing I’ve seen or heard Hue Jackson actually say would indicate that any of this is true.

  24. It doesn’t matter who walks through that door. The downfall of the Raiders started the day that Al Davis refused to pay Jon Gruden and he left. Biggest mistake in the history of Raidernation.

  25. Can someone tell me what Hue Jackson has done to have so much power? i had never heard of him before he became the Raiders coach. And to Packer fans: get used to your organization being raided for talent. It’s what happened in New England. Eventually it takes it’s toll.

  26. I remember reading recently that he really covets the Raiders GM job.

    I hope he gets it, it sure sounds like he will.

  27. I question how PFT fails to mention that this guy played linebacker for the Raiders from 1985-1988.

    I’d like to publicly apologize for questioning this man’s affiliation to the Raiders, my comments were ignorant and poorly thought out. Hire this man.

  28. This is very bad news for Charger fans if it happens. You mean to tell me he was available and Spanos chose to stay with AJ Smith. Disheartning. We are doomed.

  29. Reggie is way overdue for a shot at GM and I know for a fact he’d love to be the Raiders GM more than anything, but he’d be a fool to accept the job if he doesn’t have complete control over players and staff. That’s rule #1. And the Raiders ownership would be complete fools to blow a shot at getting a top notch GM over the matter of Hue Jackson’s pride.

    There needs to be a clear chain of command, and that does NOT include the coach having equal say as the GM.

  30. Let me think, AJ Smith or Reggie McKenzie, AJ Smith or Reggie McKenzie….

    I’ll stick with AJ, it saves me allot of money.

    Dean Spanos, standing beside his empty trophy case.

  31. Raiders dont have a 1st rd pick for 1 year! 2 if they make AFC championship next year! How many times do people have to tell u idiots

  32. Once a Raider always a Raider. I have read when Wolf was running Green Bay and was swinging deals he would look at those he was working with and say, this is what Al would do, lets get it done.

    So Billboard fool, I would not be going to any Home games with real Raider Fans bragging you put up a Billboard knocking Big Al, they may find you sleeping with the Fishes in the West Side of the Bay, which is where you belong.

  33. Sounds like Mark Davis is making some wise decisions for the Raiders. In an ideal world, Hue Jackson would be able to work well with the Wolfs and McKenzie. But if he can’t, Jackson hasn’t built enough cachet to merit having the upper hand in a power struggle with this management group.

  34. thetooloftools says:
    Jan 4, 2012 12:58 PM
    It doesn’t matter who walks through that door. The downfall of the Raiders started the day that Al Davis refused to pay Jon Gruden and he left. Biggest mistake in the history of Raidernation.


    You are right, but not for the reasons you stated. First and foremost, Gruden was going to walk either way.. whether to Notre Dame or elsewhere. That said, what Gruden did was build a team out of a bunch of overpriced vets all hoping they could make one more run at it, which they did without him, but unfortunately ran into him with a team that Tony Dungy had built. After that debacle, Gruden severely mishandled Keyshawn, and proceeded to bring in half those over the hill vets to Tampa which in turn just quickened their demise, which they also have never fully recovered from and are now going through the rebuilding process again. Actually trading Gruden for the picks and the money he got was in fact, a very shrewd business move by Davis. Gruden has never truly built anything. He lucked into Rich Gannon becoming what he did, moreso because Al agreed to give Rich Gannon a legitimate shot, something he hadn’t truly received anywhere prior to Oakland. It’s just too bad it was during the last 4 years of his career. Outside of that, Gruden benefited from playing his old team, who still had the exact same playbook, and the “dumbest coach in America” didn’t even bother to try to change the playcalls. Gruden faces any other team that year, and I don’t know if he is a “Superbowl winning coach”.

  35. First off- Reggie McKenzie is a former player for the Raiders. I bet many of you didn’t even realize that. He has also been with the Packers office since 1994. He’s got hardware and longevity with a team- WHICH MAKES HIM A PROVEN TALENT. Hue has none. I’m sure Reggie will let him coach for one year and dump him if he fails to produce- much like Ted Thompson did with Mike Sherman. As far as Eliot Wolf following McKenzie to Oakland- why would he want to? Move out to grundgy Oakland or stay in GB? Stay with a contender or start from scratch? The Packers promote from within… which means Thompson WILL eventually promote him. John Dorsey is next in line to take over Director of Football Operations I am guessing. But Eliot is young and the Packers will take care of him.

  36. Here is the problem almost every Raider fan was calling out al davis saying he was out of touch with reality and todays modern game. They tried to protest with billboards for al to hire a Gm a few years ago. When we had Bruce Allen he even did a good job and worked well with John Gruden they were tight and both ended up in Tampa together.

    Ron wolf gave the Raiders huge success in the 1970 we were the steelers or the patriots or the green bays of this age then.

    You guys have to remember despite the Carson trade and a few other personnel decisions this is still the team Al made for 2011 season. Now that he is gone Bless his soul for his passion but he actually was on obstacle in the way of the Raiders being under achievers. This will change now and I feel.

    Here is a thought for the day. Al Davis picked Jamarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson because at the time of the draft we needed a QB desperately. I think all the qbs In 2007 draft as for as I know didn’t pan out to well. Brady Quinn? He ended up on the Raiders roster at one point.
    So Al gave up the house for one of the biggest busters and Hugh gave up some picks on Carson Palmer so the both make me scratch my head.

    The Raiders need Carson to play a solid season and Hugh needs to get Terrelle Pryor ready for our future now. That kid is fast he can learn form Carsons veteran ship minus the picks. This team is young and they need Terrelle Pryor to grow with them IMO

  37. Hue is a offensive coordinator. He needs someone over top him manage the game and to stop him from tryin to go for fake punts and FGs all the time. Its obvious he doesnt instill no type of discipline into the Raiders (#1 in penalties). I like Hue but only as a Offensive Coordinator. He failed us Raiders as a Head Coach this and especially as a GM. Carson trade made no since and the TJ Housh signing was just plain stupid also. If we do get this guy for Gm I will respect any decision he makes on Hue but the Defensive Coordinator has got to go ASAP

  38. Hire McKenzie and let him take Wolf’s son with him. McKenzie hopefully will agree to let Hue have one more season to prove he can get the Raiders into the playoffs with a competent defensive coordinator.

  39. Wow, my comments get banned a lot. Even the comments that are calm, cool, and collected. Who is running this show? Roger Goodell’s PR firm?

  40. Hue can be a good head coach but he also needs to seek the opinions of his assistant coaches. Either he did not listen to them or the assistant were asleep. Hue is trying to do too much. You have to delegate. You are not Bill Belichick.

    -Going for two in the FIRST half at Houston down 14-12.

    -Not going for two up 12 with under 8 mins to go against the Lions

    -Not kicking a FG to make it a three score game vs Cleveland

    -Throwing the ball countless times while trying to run out the clock when the other team has no timeouts or only one.

  41. Why do readers keep saying things like, “no first round picks for the next few years”? It’s a first in 2012 and likely a 2nd in 2013. Somewhere along the way, a bunch of you will need to figure that out.

  42. It wouldn’t surprise me that if McKenzie gets hired and fires Hue Jackson, he’d be looking in the direction of Joe Philbin or Tom Clements (who are currently getting some attention). Or possibly Winston Moss. And if one of those Packer assistants get hired, I suspect that Edgar Bennett or Kevin Green could be approached for coordinator positions. Kevin Green in particular would fit the Raider mystique. JMO.

  43. First question, Mr. McKenzie: What is your stance on grown men wearing mascara and dressing up like their favorite villian?

    Second question, is it committment to:

    A) Excellence or B) Excrement

    And finally, do you think you can field a team with enough heart to actually win the home finale that can get oakland into the playoffs, or would you consider handing out tear free mascara before such a game?

  44. I have known Eliot since he was a little kid. You would be lucky to have him in your organization. I hope he stays in Green Bay.

    He will be one of the greatest GMs ever.

  45. everything in Oakland is 100% clear, it’s just they don’t share there clarity with haters

  46. sourdough says:
    Jan 4, 2012 12:35 PM
    -Nine straight seasons w.o a winning record.
    -Seven straight season w at least eleven losses.
    -Second to last in points allowed on defense in 2011.
    -Currently hold second longest playoff drought in NFL.

    And they call themselves bullies!?!

    however i still have the softest lips in the bay area

  47. souldogdave
    Hue is NOT going to move back to OC for the Raiders, No coach would ever do that.
    I think Hue did a great job this year, 95% of the Offense was out due to injury.
    How would Brady do if he did not have Brady, Wes Welker and Gronkowski?
    Hue was playing with backup WR’s a Back up RB and 2 games iwth out a 3rd string qb and the rest of the season with a guy who was sitting on his couch half of the season.. No head coach could over come those odds, most coaches would of not even won 8 games with those odds! Without the REFS RAiders would of been 10-5 easily but ofcourse the NFL hates the Raiders so they made sure that did not happen…
    I think Hue should make all the decisons and next year when Palmer has a training camp and a new DC the Raiders will go to the Superbowl

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