Rice, Polamalu and Goodman win AFC honors for Week 17

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The final week of the regular season was a good one for Ray Rice, Troy Polamalu and Richard Goodman.

Rice, the AFC Offensive Player of the Week, ran for 191 yards and two touchdowns for the Ravens in their 24-16 win over the Bengals. The victory clinched the AFC North, their first division title since 2006 and a first-round bye for the Ravens. Rice set a regular season career-best with a 71-yard touchdown run in the first quarter and added a 51-yard score in the fourth.

Polamalu spearheaded a strong defensive effort by the Steelers in their 13-9 win against the Browns. The Steelers allowed the Browns just 240 yards of offense on the day and Polamalu had an interception of Seneca Wallace. He’s the first Steeler to be named Defensive Player of the Week this season.

Goodman’s name is likely less familiar to football observers, but he earned Special Teams Player of the Week honors with the longest kickoff return in Chargers history. Goodman took a kick back 105 yards for a touchdown to help the Chargers beat the Raiders 38-26, spoiling the Raiders’ chances of winning the AFC West in the process. Goodman’s kickoff return was the third-longest in the AFC this year and topped Darren Sproles’ previous Chargers record of 103 yards.

31 responses to “Rice, Polamalu and Goodman win AFC honors for Week 17

  1. Funny how ravens fans try to say ed reed is the best safety. Yet, I never see him win def player of the week. And we wont even get into troy winning dpoy last year. Troy just smokin that fool7

  2. Ok, put your hands up if you said Troy was done after the first game of the year.


  3. So much for old and slow. Troy rocks.

    I can see a bunch of Ravens fans are getting off giving thumbs down. That is a sign of respect. When you quit hating on the Steelers I will be worried.

    Go Steelers!!!

  4. dickroy says:
    Jan 4, 2012 6:35 PM
    Good for you Troy. Show them what you can do in the playoffs!

    All other years do not matter. Only one that does is this year !

  5. Polamalu’s overrated. He got worked by Greg Jennings in the Super Bowl. For every great play Polamalu makes he has two bad plays. Nobody ever talks about those mistakes he makes though. the 1 on 1 goal line tackles missed. Biting on double moves and pump fakes all day.

  6. @jeepin08….Enjoy the game from the couch, rest up, make some wings, drink some beer…see you ratbird turds in 2 weeks.. Cant wait!

  7. I watch every single play the Steelers run every week, except when I am out of the country in places with no service. I know that Troy misses some plays, but the splash plays that he makes and the consistancy that he displays more than makes up for those.

  8. @steelersownyou

    Oddly enough, until this week Ed Reed had won the defensive player of the week award more recently than Troy. It was in week 16 of last year, also the same week he was awarded AFC defensive player of the month for December 2010…yet another reason that Troy’s dpoy over Clay Matthewa was curious. Congrats on the Steelers first dpow this year….with Ravens winning in weeks 1, 3, 4, 12, and 14 you must have been wondering when the rest of the AFC north would get sone love.

  9. Congrats, Troy!!!! Please stay healthy. Much of our success depends on Polamalu and Roethlisberger. It would be wonderful if we could get both of them healthy at the same time … sigh.

  10. @cacaw420…
    Well. Somebody has the nfl’s #1 defense (steelers) and somebody has the 6th ranked defense (ratbirds)..let me know how that 6th ranked defense and 19th ranked offense works out for you in the playoffs! Steelers vs patriots afc championship baby! Boo yaa…

  11. @cacaw420… Woodley won it twice this year idiot..he was def player of the month in november idiot!

  12. Troy may have to play a little more closer to home without Clark. They do depend on each other a lot. They know what each other are thinking in different situations, but we will be fine.

    To all of you Ravens fans…You beat us twice fair and square. Congrats! Its hard to beat us three times in one year. We will see, but right now, we are looking at to Denver, like a championship team should be.

  13. ihateyoujeff

    A) Polamalu was injured in the Super Bowl.

    B) You clearly never watch them play. He has bit on a few double moves this season. So has every other great player.

    Troy always gets compared to Ed Reed, which is a bogus comparison because they play 2 different positions.

    But let’s look at some stats. The Steelers gave up 2 pass plays of 40+ yards–best in the league. The Ravens gave up 8 plays of 40+ yards.

    That means Ed Reed (who is the best at playing in a deep zone) was burned on a few plays this season.

    Are you going to say that Ed Reed is overrated?

  14. cacaw420

    I know, especially considering how the Steelers are the number 1 defense, yet again, but they weren’t getting any love.

    Of course, no one was making any ridiculous plays, like Troy did this past week.

    Ike Taylor should have won once or twice though, considering how teams don’t even throw his way anymore. He has the worst hands in the NFL, but he was the best cover corner in the league this year.

  15. @flaccosmustache….dumb name btw .. You actually are 50% correct. You were 6th ranked defense going into last week, but managed to end up 3rd. Congrats on yet another year behind the steelers D. Just cant seem to catch up to big brother huh? You hang in there lil guy….and jason pierre paul was named defensive player of the month! Not ugly suggs! My username says all you need to know lil brother…muhahaha

  16. @flaccosmustache…ya I know that. Woodley won it in october. My point was jpp was announced I didnt hear suggs was when you posted it. But I did just hear he was dpom. See ya next week…hopefully.

  17. O….E……O….Tebow. This game is going to be a lot closer than people think. Broncos defense is pretty good. Without a mobile Ben and an awful O-Line (emphasis on awful), Elvis & Von might tee off of Ben.

    It is going to be hilarious if the Broncos win. I can see it now – If the Broncos actually take a lead, Ben will begin limping.

    By the way, did Mike Wallace enter the witness protection program half way into the season? Dude is nowhere to be found.

  18. funny how the ratbirds fans dis the Steelers… when, as we all know… Ozzie and ratbirds front office have been trying to copy the Steelers since the day they started!!!

  19. Sorry I’m late on this post, guys…

    Can we not focus on #1 Defense vs #3 Defense? Seriously…

    Ravens #1 AFC North Champs. That’s all!

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