Saturday’s playoff games will make history, in two ways

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Once again, we’re not contractually obligated to promote the sporting events broadcast by NBC.  But, once again, we’ll do it anyway.

As our pal Joe Gesue from NBC’s Football Night In America production team points out, Saturday’s wild-card doubleheader on NBC involves a pair of history-making matchups.

In the opener between the Bengals and the Texans, two rookie quarterbacks will square off for the first time ever in a playoff game:  T.J. Yates and Andy Dalton.

The second game of the doubleheader will feature, for the first time ever in any setting, two quarterbacks who have thrown for 5,000 or more yards:  Drew Brees and Matthew Stafford.

The fact that only four guys have ever thrown for 5,000 yards — with that club expanding by two in the past three days — makes that one a little less shocking.  Still, it’ll be the first time two 5,000-yard passers have ever gotten together, and whether or not it’s on NBC, it’ll be the game to watch this weekend.

37 responses to “Saturday’s playoff games will make history, in two ways

  1. That’s some shameful promotion right there. There is no need to advertise NBC as much as you did in this article. It could have been written differently very easily. Just saying.

  2. It wouldn’t be a day on pft without some Lions bashing. Thanks for keeping the streak alive!

  3. 5000+ yards is only going to get easier and easier to obtain since most rules now favour offenses. I’m not taking anything away from Brees about Marino’s achievement is far more impressive considering he did it when qb’s could actually be touched.

  4. Yates is also the first rookie QB drafted in round five or later during the modern draft era (since 1967) to start a playoff game

  5. regelswritings says:
    Jan 4, 2012 8:54 AM
    and Tim Tebow will make history on Sunday against the Steeklers with the first ever negative quarterback rating

    It is actually impossible to have a negative QB rating, even if you are playing the mighty Steeklers defense. Zero is the lowest possible rating.

  6. I’m as critical of PFT’s Lions coverage as anybody, but I’m not quite sure this post qualifies as Lions “bashing.”

  7. Chin35char says:
    Jan 4, 2012 8:51 AM

    That’s some shameful promotion right there. There is no need to advertise NBC as much as you did in this article. It could have been written differently very easily. Just saying.

    How is it shameful for PFT to pimp a broadcast of which PFT will be a part?

    Just sayin’.

  8. Two blowout games are something to get excited about? Texans are done for the year and the Lions will once again let their immaturity doom them….imo

  9. The lions v. Saints game should be a good one… long as the refs call a fair game. But like most Lions fans, judging by last weeks debacle, I fear the fix is in.

  10. habsman says:
    Jan 4, 2012 9:50 AM
    What time is the Jets game?

    Right after the Saints-Lions game!
    It will be broadcasted live with no tape delay!

    Kickoff iss scheduled for 12:30 AM

  11. @ pavelfitzgerald January 4, 2012, 10:08 AM EST

    Shouldn’t it be “the club has expanded by 3″ as Brady also threw for over 5, 000 yards this year?

    No because Brees was already in the 5000 club and this yr Brady n stafford did it.

  12. pavelfitzgerald says:
    Jan 4, 2012 10:08 AM
    Shouldn’t it be “the club has expanded by 3″ as Brady also threw for over 5, 000 yards this year?


    No it expanded by two, as in Brady & Stafford have been added to the club this year. Brees already threw over 5000 yards last year.

  13. Upset. Lions win 37-28. Here’s why:

    1. Lions have had their B secondary on the field since halftime on Thanksgiving (having kept Rodgers to 7 points in that half). They’ll all be back in this game.

    2. Fairley owned Brees for the limited time he played in the last game. Suh will, at least, do the same. The intimidation factor will be high. Brees will be off.

    3. The Lions D (especially the B secondary) gave 50% effort against GB and Flynn thinking it wouldn’t need more. There was minimal gain to win. They let the offenses work it out. This will not be a factor against the Stains. The D will be out to kill or be killed.

    4. At a chemical level, teams still think these new Lions are the old Lions. Must be the Honolulu blue. They are underestimated. The Stains, at their core, believe they are better. Disadvantage.

    5. If the Lions “dome team” can throw for 520 yards and 5 tds in windy, cold GB, imagine what they will do in a…dome against a similar defense.

    I totally understand people don’t want to see the Lions. After all, historically, it’s still the Lions. As they become more dominant, that will change.

  14. toegoat says:
    Jan 4, 2012 10:56 AM
    @ ajtexans

    Tom Brady was a 6th round pick.


    He did not start a playoff game as a rookie. It was in his 2nd year

  15. The Jets aren’t required to play this week. They’re just waiting to see who they will play in the Super Bowl – again.

  16. Brady didn’t throw for 5000 yards when he was 23, like Stafford. This is basically Stafford’s second season, as he’s only played 16 pro games before this.

  17. ajtexans says: Jan 4, 2012 9:12 AM

    Yates is also the first rookie QB drafted in round five or later during the modern draft era (since 1967) to start a playoff game


    Dalton is the first rookie qb taken outside the first round to start all sixteen games and make the playoffs.

  18. Like a lot of people, I think the Saints have the advantage Saturday, but only because the Saints have some playoff experience and the Lions do not.

    The Lions pretty much handled the Saints in the second half of that 31-17 loss. Brees had one mega quarter with huge plays (the 2nd) and then was pretty much contained. Stafford trashed that Saints defense, even with zero running game.

    Plus, if I am the Lions, i might be happier to be playing inside a dome, facing a defense that has to blitz to bring pressure as opposed to having to play outside in NY against Tuck, Osi and JPP.

    Look at it this way, Saturday the Lions will have the best player on the field (CJ) and a stud QB. They’ll be 100% healthy on defense for the first time in 8 weeks and they are playing a team that will be feeling the pressure of expectations. Why exactly would they feel ‘outgunned or outmanned’ ?

    This will be a very interesting game.

  19. Not really fair to make the Yates-Dalton connection. Yeah, Yates is a rookie, but it’s not like he LED his team to the playoffs like other notable recent rookies (Flacco, Roethlisberger, and of course Dalton). The Texans stumbled into the playoffs, haven’t won in a month, and Yates is their 4th QB to start — they wound up with him, he didn’t get them there.

    So what you really have is one rookie playing very well, and one rookie forced to play. That’s not much of a “historic moment.”

  20. wingz101

    You make valid points that support your optimism about a Lions victory, and you may be right.

    On the Saints side, I give you the fact that they are on a mission and still smarting over the embarassment in the Seattle game, and they are 8-0 in the HomeDome this year. The defense has started playing better since Vilma is back.

    It should be an entertaining game however and by no means are we pencilling in a W. I think all the teams in the playoffs have a shot at the title.

  21. “and Tim Tebow will make history on Sunday against the [Steelers] with the first ever negative quarterback rating”

    And Denver will still have a shot at the W late in the game.

  22. As for Lions/Saints, the big thing in our favor is virtually every sports writer in America is saying it’s a foregone conclusion that the Lions will be blown out. Every day there is more bulletin board material.

    Schwartz will have the Lions going into the game with an “us vs. the world” attitude … the city of Detroit lives with that attitude every day, and the team has monstrous support. The footage of the idiotic mistakes/penalties in the last visit to the Big Easy will also help keep players focused on just one thing – winning this one game.

    I think we win, but I also think it will be a very exciting game – maybe one of the most exciting games of the playoffs.

    I feel a little bad for my friends who are Denver fans. It’s cool that their team made the playoffs, but I think they’d be more comfortable if they were talking about Tebow’s off season workout program rather than his potential for a very embarassing playoff loss.

    Go Lions!

  23. Hey xxwhodatxx-after your saints get trounced on saturday please make sure to come back here and eat your words. You’re about to get served.

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